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January 24, 2023

Will The Next Generations Truly Know Christ In Truth and Spirit?

I ask this serious question, because I have been sincerely contemplating the state of our Christian faith in America, including my own journey. First, let me say, that I am not questioning the love that my fellow Christians have for Jesus Christ. I believe that this love is real and comes from hearts truly seeking Him. But my spirit is concerned that we do not know Him as we should. We live in a world that makes it difficult to take our focus off of it [the world]; to set it aside for a time in order to pursue the person of Jesus.

What does it mean to really know a person? Of course, it includes the "facts" of who they are -- what they look like; what they've done and what they're known for; and how they are perceived by others. But that's all pretty superficial ... and subjective; what you think about them versus the true nature of a person. But truly knowing Jesus comes from shared experiences with Him; recognizing how He uniquely expresses His love for you. And through those encounters with Him, knowing what disappoints Him, what He expects of you, and anticipating His will for you, and you alone. Truly knowing Jesus is feeling so confident in His love that you are vulnerable enough to let Him see your flaws and failures, because your relationship is so secure, you know who you are in Him, and He in you. 

And here's another way you can be confident that you know someone in the deepest sense -- you are comfortable in the silence. And with Jesus, that silence accompanied by solitude, is a blessed time to rest in Him, just listening for His voice, and in turn, praising Him for His friendship and presence in your life. And, for me, the beauty of knowing Jesus is the complexity of our relationship ... it's our intimacy, and feeling interconnected with Him at the very core of my heart and mind. It's what defines and drives my relationship with my own husband because I know how much Jesus, our Bridegroom, loves us both. Ultimately, truly knowing someone is loving them unconditionally, with all your being, until the two of you are virtually inseparable. 

But here's where my concern for future generations is being raised... Our Western world has increasingly isolated us. We are not only identified [and divided] by our race, gender, age, social status, and political persuasion, but we are limiting the possibility to know each other to 30-second sound bites, a social media image, or a few sentences and an emoji or two on our phones. We are tuned out from real face-to-face, flesh and blood interactions, and settling for distant, detached, and dispassionate associations. You will never know Christ following that agenda! And we will never experience what God has in mind for the "brotherhood of man". In fact, I don't know if you have perceived this truth or not, but our younger generations don't like to talk on their phones. They prefer only texting. So the desire to hear each other's voices is also being lost. Their time is spent constantly "plugged in" to technology and all its "noise". Where is there room for Jesus, or the ability to hear His voice in that world dynamic?

The truth is that at the heart of every human being is the desire to know others in intimate relationships and to be known themselves, for who they are. And Jesus wants to know us and to be known by us. We can all agree that it is our sinfulness that gets in the way of that intimacy. But now we've allowed technology to expand the gulf, not only between each other, but with our Creator. I am reminded of the story in the Bible of the woman at the well (John 4:6-30). The Bible teaches us that the object of this story is to let this woman know that Jesus knows everything about her sinful life, but still offers Himself as the Living Water that will quench her thirst to know all things about the Messiah. And He tells her that the Father is looking for those who will worship Him "in spirit and truth".

Can we even agree among ourselves what that means, let alone explain and encourage the younger generations how important it is? God is Spirit and we are made in His image, but I fear that too many are only interested in the image they project to the world through social media. And God wants us to worship and experience Him in Truth; those who like the woman at the well, are seeking Him honestly [and earnestly] without pretense or guile [cunning, fraudulent agendas, or deceptive goals]. Jesus isn't worried about His image or how many likes or comments He has. But He is interested in gaining followers who want to exchange this world for eternal life with Him. 

In conclusion, I know that there is an undercurrent of beautiful, powerful, and Godly faith rising up in the next generation. God always has His remnant and I am encouraged by the boldness of those I see resisting the temptation of the Enemy to invest in the false image he offers so many of their peers. It is the commission of our older generations, in the time we have left, to be bold as well. To swim against the current of society, and raise up our children and grandchildren in the way they should go. God has not yet lifted the Restrainer's Hand, and He can expand the time we have to sow into them [for after all, He created time]. Let us join together and see personal revival come to individual lives who want to truly know Jesus! Lord, let us see those numbers grow until the Spirit of Revival, Restoration, and Rejuvenation return to this land. We rededicate our lives and our relationships with You to see that happen before we leave this earth!

#thenextgenerationforgod #millennialgenerationforgod 

Psalm 145:18-19    The Lord is near to all who call on Him,
To all who call on Him in truth (without guile).
He will fulfill the desire of those who fear and worship Him [with awe-inspired reverence and obedience]; He also will hear their cry and will save them.


August 23, 2022

It's Always Been About A "Seed War" ... And It Still Is!

The title of this blog is an often spoken concept of my husband's as we meet with a faithful remnant in our Home. "Seed War" may be a familiar term to you, or it may be a new theory that I will attempt to explain as part of my Biblical worldview. 

As I see God moving among His remnant, and see the Gospel of the Kingdom being rediscovered among Christ's followers, I hear the Holy Spirit and our Lord warning me not to become so immersed in teaching the Good News of the Kingdom that I am unaware of what the Enemy is doing in response to our obedience. They are saying "Don't stay focused on the world, but be mindful of [and informed about] what is going on. That is the duty of a 'watcher on the wall'. And when necessary, give My Sheep the knowledge to overcome". And that is the purpose of today's post.

Those of us who have ears to hear, and eyes to see will know what I am implying by the title of this post. It's as if, in recent years, God has removed the mystery of Genesis 6:4 to modern-day Christians. Where once, we just read this passage ("there were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them") as meaning earthly kings married women against their will and produced giants, we are now open to receiving this Scripture in Spirit and Truth.

But as our desire to understand the Hebrew origins and words of the Bible has intensified, we have come to understand that the Hebrew word translated as "giants" in the King James Bible, is actually the word "Nephilim", which in the Hebrew means "to fall; fallen; cast down." So are you beginning to see where I'm headed? These "men" who bore children with  earthly women were part of Satan's contingent of fallen angels, and part of the spiritual battle to corrupt the DNA of God's creation.  If Satan could pollute man's holy genetic code, (which produces a body worthy of housing a spirit made in the image of God), then he could prevent God's Son (who is perfect) from being born and becoming King of this world; which in turn made it possible for the Kingdom of God to be reinstated upon the earth, thereby defeating Satan's kingdom of darkness.  

And if you need more proof that this "Seed War" is real, consider Genesis 3:15 ... And I will put enmity (open hostility/war) Between you and the woman, And between your seed (offspring) and her Seed; He shall [fatally] bruise your head, And you shall [only] bruise His heel.  This verse makes it very clear that the Messiah (Christ), through His death on the cross and resurrection, will ultimately defeat Satan, the power behind the serpent, with a death blow. But until then, Satan has always sought ways to infiltrate or invade our sacred genetic code in order to destroy our ability to belong to God as His children; to change the way Jesus created us and to impede our ability to connect to Him through the Holy Spirit. He knows he has limited time to accomplish this, and wants to prohibit as many people on earth as he can from being adopted into the family of God. The bottom line is this: we are made in the image of Christ. Satan seeks to replicate beings that are made in his image. Sadly, those that belong to Satan will not be able to be redeemed by the Blood of the Cross. 

Satan failed in that original Genesis 6 plot, and throughout the centuries of trying to pollute the human race. King Jesus was not only born, but He has commissioned us as His ambassadors to overcome the ruler [and god] of this dark world, and to reclaim our dominion over the earth on behalf of our Creator, restoring His will "on earth, as it is in Heaven". But Satan has never abandoned the "Seed War" strategy. History has recorded that he attempted it through his human agents as recently as the last 90 years or so. In fact, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that Adolph Hitler was interested in the occult, magic, and the paganism of his Germanic roots.  He is said to have marked extensive passages in a 1923 book, titled Magic: History, Theory, and Practice, including one that reads, "He who does not have the demonic seed within himself will never give birth to a magical world". Can you see the same ideology as Genesis 6:4 and beyond? And in case you've forgotten, a sensational headline from just three years ago read, Jeffrey Epstein Hoped To Seed The Human Race With His DNA. Is there any doubt that Satan's agents on earth are still trying to carry out his plan?

Put simply, our DNA is a highly prized target of the Enemy. It plays a critical role in controlling how cells, organs and other tissues behave. When writing this blog eight years ago, I ran across an article in which scientists claimed that beginning 5 to 20 years ago, our DNA began changing. Supposedly, the scientific explanation was this: "It is a mutation of our species into something for which the end result is not yet known."  One doctor reported that "people are changing at the cellular level." And now we have spent the last two plus years with our bodies fighting a spike protein that has killed millions of people worldwide. Our children are being indoctrinated to question their bodies at the chromosomal level and to freely change the very essence of who Jesus created them to be. At every stage of our existence, Satan is trying to find a way to make us unrecognizable to our Lord and Creator. From the Garden of Eden to this very day in 2022, he is attempting to destroy God's plan of reconciliation with mankind. 

New technology, such as Elon Musk's Neurolink, has as its goal to "begin outfitting human brains with faster input and output", all done with a chip to "achieve a sort of symbiosis with artificial intelligence". But Satan isn't only relying on new technology to change our DNA. He is still willing to engage in his old plan of a "seed war", as exemplified by the above reference to Jeffrey Epstein's diabolical story. As The New York Times article alleges, "Mr. Epstein, over the years, confided to scientist and others about his scheme ... [his] vision reflected his longstanding fascination with what has become known as transhumanism: the science of improving the human population through technologies like genetic engineering and artificial intelligence. Critics likened transhumanism to a modern-day version of eugenics; the discredited field of improving the human race through controled breeding." But breeding with whom? Or what? Certainly, Genesis 6:4 shows us one view of demonic breeders; Hitler had another plan with his perversion of eugenics; and apparently science now has ways to alter or mutate our DNA through genetic engineering, possibly with artificial intelligence or how about through a vaccine?

All these efforts to defeat man's design are part of Satan's schemes, and they are all in vain.  All the answers to life are found in God. Those in opposition to the Holy Spirit and spiritual men will only find that which is futile and temporary; all this has been tried before -- there is truly nothing new under the sun. What has been tried in ages past, will be tried again ... and God will always be Sovereign. But it is incumbent upon us to remember, and watch, and warn. Keep your spiritual eyes open!

#spiritualwarfare #seedwar #markofthebeast #genesis6-4 #geneticengineering

Revelation 12:17   So the dragon was enraged with the woman, and he went off to wage war on the rest of her children (seed), those who keep and obey the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus [holding firmly to it and bearing witness to Him]. 

October 31, 2021

How Great Is Our God!


Recently, I saw a meme featuring a lunchroom with tables marked, Moses and Aaron, Noah, Abraham, David, Mary and Joseph, Elijah and Elisha, Paul and Timothy, The Disciples, Peter, and finally, Adam and Eve. The title of the meme asked the question, "If you have 30 minutes for lunch, who are you going to choose to sit with?" Think about it. That's a pretty intriguing question. And so were the answers. To be honest, it's hard to pick just one, but if I'm forced to just choose, I think I'd like to spend 30 minutes with Adam and Eve and find out what it was like when they had dominion on the earth and were in intimate relationship with God. What was it like to be a spirit being, walking with Him and having access to His Presence? What did the Father impart to them about His purpose for their lives; what was His original plan for mankind? And because they knew the rules of the Garden -- that on the very day that they disobeyed God and chose to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they would die (Genesis 2:17) -- what about Satan's deceptive invitation convinced them it was worth the cost?  

Obviously, 30 minutes isn't enough time to get all those answers. But that simple little meme has me meditating on greater questions and truths. To begin, I know that the Bible is all about God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. But everything I want to know about my relationship with them is not spelled out within the 1545 pages of this Holy Book. As I mature into the fullness of the understanding of my faith, I am relying on Holy Spirit to reveal more and more about the significance of the Word for my life... and yours. I can only describe what I have discerned as both magnificent and deeply concerning.

It is magnificent because I have seen the extravagant love that both the Father and Jesus have for us, and am so thankful that the Holy Spirit is the conduit for re-establishing our kinship and connections with the Godhead. It is deeply concerning because while I believe I gain a greater understanding [every day] of just how big God is (in all His manifestations), I know that I only discern in part. But my spirit is recognizing [and worried] that far too many of my Christian brethren are unenlightened as to their true identity and are at risk in these tumultuous times to falling prey to the spirits of fear, deception, doubt and unbelief. I daresay we all are aware that Evil is on the rise. It cannot be denied. 

Yet I see faithful, God-loving Christians unable to face any concept of what the Bible tells us we should expect to see in these days. There seems to be a desire to "soften" or "ease" the message of the Bible to include only those verses that speak of revival, restoration, and our final victory. Make no mistake ... that message is true and glorious and worthy of repeating! But it is a disservice to our faith to turn a blind eye to what the Bible clearly says we will have to endure! And what does this diluting of the Word say about our ability to be effective and impactful in the world? How are we to encourage others in times of struggle, if we only want to concentrate on the joyful verses? And if we are willing to look at the portions of Scripture that are scary, it doesn't mean we are denying the goodness of God! Do Christians even understand who they are and their status in today's world?

I know I keep pounding home my message of Identity, but I think it is one of the most important aspects of our faith. Do you know that our God is so big that even while having foreknowledge [from the beginning of the world] that His creation would be tempted to go astray, He wrote in His Book of Life what His purpose was for each one of us? We each have a page [or a scroll, if you will] that details all He planned for us to accomplish in this short time on earth in this host body. But in His humility, God didn't force us to obey Him. He gave us free will to choose who we would follow, and that gift of freedom leads either to glorifying God or rebelling against Him.

But the foremost aspect of God's Nature is His love for us, and He demonstrates that by showing us that even though He knew we would lose our authority over the earth, and that these dark days would happen, He planned on sending Jesus to provide a way for us to reconcile with Him and restore our identity [made in His image] and our dominion [authority in the earth]. Yet, why don't Christians wake up to the truth of this amazing identity? Why do we still "play it safe" and make decisions based on fear? Why do we not step out in the knowledge that our power and authority to act in this world is greater than Satan's or any of his demonic partners? Why do we allow the Father of Lies to whisper that we are too small or too insignificant; that our position on the earth is inadequate to stand against his schemes to keep us in bondage to plagues, poverty, tyrants, or sin of any kind?

We must not cower from our responsibility to walk in that identity. If we know who we are and are unafraid to speak in bold truth, there is nothing the Enemy can bring against us that will defeat us. We must know that the love of God has transferred not only His power to us, but His authority to take rulership over all circumstances in our lives, in our culture, in the laws of this nation, and in our faith. We must not "soft sell" this power or the Truth that stands behind it. We must be bold in our declarations, even if we find ourselves on the fringes of "accepted" doctrine or Christian theology. God did not design and create us to be "comfortable" in our faith. We have a formidable Enemy and if we are to fulfill the reason for which we were created, we need to become willing to take risks to fulfill our destiny in the Kingdom of God on earth -- even unto death. We must not be afraid! For fear will inevitably lead to doubt and a desire for self-protection.

I was greatly disheartened to read an article on the Charisma News website titled, "How Halloween is a Catalytic Day for Reformation, Revival and Destiny." It exhorted readers to become free from a religious spirit that foments fear regarding this holiday, and rejoice in the rich history of all that has happened on this date in years past -- Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses on the Wittenberg Church door on October 31, 1517; and the Welsh Revival was begun on October 31, 1904 that resulted in 80,000 people choosing Christ as their Savior! I wholeheartedly applaud these accomplishments for the Christian faith, but my spirit was disappointed that the article didn't tell the whole truth. The fact that Halloween is the height of the Satanic Holy Days, and more children go missing during this week of demonic blood rituals than any other time of the year was never mentioned -- merely that Halloween has its roots in an obscure ancient Celtic pagan festival called Samhain. To obscure the depth of evil that is Halloween in today's world is to give Satan and his legions of followers full reign to carry out their heinous rituals. 

I will tell you, Satan loves it when Christians are unwilling to tell the full truth about the evil that happens, and they are satisfied to ignore the wicked ways of Satanists, while declaring that Halloween is "pregnant with potential" to become a powerful day of reformation and revival. Meanwhile, Christians wait in the hopes that revival will take place, and Satanists continue unopposed in their diabolical practices. Yes, we Christians have the potential to partner with God to redeem the world. And I praise our Great God every time I see His presence in the life of one who has chosen to receive His love and is willing to obey Him at all costs. Every victory is precious and God rejoices! But I pray that the Body of Christ will rise to their full potential and fulfill what is written on their page in God's Book of Life. In today's world, we don't have the luxury of playing it safe, or being comfortable in our faith. Satan is trying to use his old playbook of Death to scare us into submission and laying down our calling and inheritance. If we truly desire to mature into the fullness of Christ, we must be ready and willing to walk in His shoes and pay the ultimate price. Our Great God deserves nothing less.

Psalm 27:1     Yahweh is my revelation-light and the source of my salvation. I fear no one! I’ll never turn back and run for you, Yahweh, surround and protect me.


December 5, 2020

The Fruit Of God's Training

I love the quiet times of reflection with my husband. We often look back over our unscripted lives together and see all the paths God led us down -- even when we were unaware He was lighting the way. Because I can tell you that left to ourselves, we would not have ended up where we are. And so I am thankful that we both were willing to let our spirits be shepherded. There were critical points along the way at which a crucial decision had to be made that would have far-reaching consequences. I am grateful that we didn't stumble in making those decisions. 

And here is something that I believe with all my heart: God's purpose for each of us here on earth is written next to our names in the Book of Life. But that doesn't mean we always adhere to God's will for us, and both Mark and I can be stubborn and rebellious. So, I'm here to testify of the goodness of God in our lives; to use both His rod and His staff to guide us.

There have been many pivotal crossroads in our history, but I think the one that has yielded the most benefit to us [and fruit for God], was when we took the leap of faith to trust that we could make a living by means of Mark's God-given artistic talent. It has been just over 25 years since we made that momentous decision to trust in the Lord to provide for us in everything we needed in this world. We decided that we were tired of the rat race and the focus our lives had on our jobs and how society defined success. But this blog post isn't about just financial provision. I want to be clear -- we are not rich, never have been, and there are still month's when we are on our knees reminding God that He said if we were faithful to Him, He would be faithful to us. It's been about believing in that promise.

And I know there are not many of our friends or family who understand how rich that has made us. We don't take lavish vacations; have never been to Europe [which astounds some of our contemporaries]; we work through the holidays; don't dine at fancy restaurants, and don't indulge in lavish gifts at Christmas, birthdays, or anniversaries. But, as so many Americans are awakening to the possibility that our future [and prosperity] as a nation is in jeopardy, we are blessed with a sense of calm because God has trained us up for "a time such as this".

For 25 years, we have not had "company benefits".  There has been no company-provided health insurance or 401k to ease us into retirement. In fact, we have laughingly stated that we've been retired for 25 years! The fact that the safety nets which the world offers have not been part of our experience, has given us the opportunity to learn to rely solely on God. I can't tell you how many times that we stared hardship and lack square in the face, and had no where to turn but God. And He never let us down! We've learned to live on a fraction of what most households do. And as we've gotten older, we've observed that people who climb the corporate ladder, or pursue high-paying careers, have not enjoyed the free, easy, and contented life we have. Don't get me wrong, we work more hours in the day than we ever did in our "before" life. But it is so much more satisfying at the end of the day than the stress of those jobs and careers. 

Maybe you identify with us, and remember those years that you felt a prompting to store a little extra food, or you spent the time to learn how to defend yourself in the case of a national crisis. Maybe you, too, were looked upon as "conspiracy nuts" or suffered those smirks and rolled eyes. You were told that your concerns were unnecessary because "nothing can happen; we're the United States of America and the greatest country on earth". Or, maybe like us, your Christian friends kept trying to convince you that the faithful didn't have to worry -- Jesus has already won the victory, and where was our trust in Him that He would never leave us nor abandon us. But let me ask you this ... are those same friends (both believers and non-believers) now coming to you and asking, "How do I ____?", or "Where can I get ____?" or "Do you think Jesus is coming back soon?"

It's not that we were prophets or anyone special. It was just part of the journey that God was taking us on. In fact, my logical-thinking husband recently told me that he has realized that God has been training us up for this very time. Our Father knows the beginning from the end, and knew that we would one day face the very real possibility of a collapsing economy, with a shrinking dollar, food shortages, loss of jobs, a pandemic, etc. etc. He knew the people who would be trainable and willing to consider preparing by learning to plant a garden, store a little extra food, learn how to can, and learn how to live without. 

For those who struggled with accepting or pursuing those considerations, life went on as usual. But you can see what our American lifestyle has done to the souls of so many. Broken marriages, children who feel ignored, and health issues abound in our populace. People have been so busy living "the American dream", that they are frightened at the prospect that that dream may disappear. I'm not trying to be a doomsday prophet, but I don't believe anyone has an excuse for not seeing the warnings that we have discerned along our journey.

And now it is time for us to lift our fellow Americans up and encourage them, because what we see happening applies to all of us, both believer and non-believer alike. The Christian community is looking for God to rescue them because He's already won the victory, right? And those who don't know Jesus are going to come to the realization that what they've achieved in their comfortable lives is not giving them the security they thought it would provide. Both groups are going to need encouragement to rely on Him; only Him. They are going to need to hear from those of us who have experience and a history of being trained up by God for this very time in our history. 

We must be honest about the earthly difficulties we face, and share our wealth of practical knowledge and skills. But most importantly, we must approach them as servants of the Kingdom of God. We must share the fruit of God's training in our lives; how we've learned to endure, persevere, and trust in Jesus; and how our relationship with Jesus has taken on a depth that we never would have encountered if we had not decided to be "trainable" and open to submitting our will to His. There is so much fruit to be had! And it's found in a freedom from societal norms, a deeper understanding of our purpose on earth, a supernatural connection to the Holy Spirit and being aligned with our own spirit [which is seated in Heaven with Jesus] -- it has all led to an indescribable partnership with our Creator and a life that is full beyond anything the world would measure it by.

So, if our journey mirrors yours, then join us in being prepared to share it with all those who will need to know they can make it through whatever is coming our way. And if you are among my fellow human beings who are just not willing to stare reality in the face, let me give you hope ... you have been created to thrive in this season of your life. You are made in the image of God, and if you don't know Him, then I urge you to ask Him to come into your life. He's waiting to respond to your request. Your life will never be the same again, and I promise you that He is exactly what you are going to need as we face an uncertain future. Let my story become yours. I have overcome the fear and the worries that the world tried to convince me were mine, and I walk in the strength and power and security of belonging to the Lord -- no matter what comes! And it is my hopeful prayer that each of you can know the magnitude of His presence in your life. Let His fruit abound in you! Bless you and God bless America!

Isaiah 40:31    But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

October 27, 2018

Jesus Is Truly Our Hope

     I don't know of any better way to express the hope that Jesus represents for mankind than to share testimonies from the Ministry to which He has called me. To begin, I was pretty amazed at how quickly the calls started coming in when we returned from our vacation. It's so easy, when you're distracted with traveling and out of your routine, to become casual about the spiritual battle that is waging in people's lives. And it certainly seemed as if God has broadened our territory while we were gone!
     But these are a couple of stories that remind me that no matter whether you are dealing with people you know, or strangers you've never met, Satan repeats the same lying messages, just using different methods. Let me expand on that premise...
     I will call this man Benny; a middle-aged man who has been lost in the depths of hopelessness that comes with years of drug abuse -- methamphetamines, to be exact. In case you didn't know it, meth use has become an epidemic in this country, destroying the lives of countless individuals and families. It doesn't care what ethnicity you are; if you're rich or poor; young or old. Highly addictive, meth burns up the body’s resources, creating a devastating dependence that can only be relieved by taking more of the drug, leading to serious health conditions, including memory loss, aggression, psychotic behavior and potential heart and brain damage.
     It creates a false sense of happiness and well-being; creating counterfeit confidence in a life that has been decimated. Such was the case with Benny. He had mistreated his body for so many years, and nearly lost his family. When we were called to his older brother's home to assist in Benny's deliverance, we met his wife, who is an intelligent woman, very faithful, but firm in her stand that he could not come back into their home [with their two young daughters] until he dealt with his drug problems. Of course, Mark and I knew that at the root of this self-destruction was a spiritual issue from which Benny needed to receive divine healing.
      From the moment we met him, we could see his gentleness and his loving heart. He knew Jesus and believed in Him. But we could also sense the deep torment that was keeping him in bondage to the drugs. He gave us a short recap of what had brought him to this point... Nights of being tormented by a demon who was in his room, sitting on his chest, and then harassing him with taunts and accusations, inches from his face. When he decided to accept his brother's invitation for deliverance, he got in his truck to drive to his brother's residence. On the way, the demon tried to pull his hands off the steering wheel, started beating him about his head, and pulling his hair. By the time we arrived, he was nursing a bloody nose from the beating. His brother and wife were at the table and we let him talk for a few minutes to see if we could determine if he was really ready to let Jesus work in his life to set him free.
     It was obvious that he was suffering and did not want to continue this lifestyle, but the Enemy had such a strong hold on him through this drug. We had to discover what was at the root of it all. So we asked him when his life began spiraling out of control? What was the heaviest thing in his spiritual backpack that he'd been carrying around his whole life? Not surprisingly, he was at first reluctant to share anything that the devil had wrapped up in layers of guilt and shame, and after some prompting, he broke down and admitted he had been sexually molested as a teenager. How Jesus hates this sin! And it is so prevalent in our culture! I'm beginning to think that it is committed against our boys at a greater rate than our girls, and I strongly believe that this horrendous sin is what Jesus is referring to when he says, "If anyone causes one of these little ones [who believe in Me] to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea".
    This sexual molestation was the impetus for Benny's false belief system about himself; that he was worthless, dirty, no good, unworthy of love, condemned. It set the course of his life that led to bad decisions encouraged by the lies of the devil. But when we were able to help Benny forgive his molester and others who had harmed him; to break the ungodly soul and spirit ties with these individuals and the drug dealers who had helped him disguise the pain, then he was ready to hear how precious he was to Jesus. He experienced Jesus coming into that molestation event, walking him out of that memory, and disintegrating where it took place.
     We spoke life into a man who learned that he was so deeply loved by His Heavenly Father that he was worth the sacrifice of His own Son. Benny felt the power of the Holy Spirit when we laid hands on him and prayed. He heard the life-giving words that God had a purpose for his life and that his testimony could help set others free!
     Benny hung his head and wept, repeating "Thank you, Jesus!" several times. He now understood that Jesus died to give him victory over the drugs, and it is time to walk in that freedom and change his life. His wife reiterated that the victory was his and up to him to develop that relationship with Jesus and walk forward in freedom. It has been a week since we ministered to him, but we have received a report that Benny is calling family and friends and telling them, "Jesus set me free!!!" Hallelujah!
     The other story I want to share is of a woman I will call Karen. Karen was referred to us by a good friend; she was despondent and beaten down by her life circumstances. When I initially talked to her, I told her that we were not life counselors, and that we worked with Jesus to help people heal their inner wounds so that they could move forward in fulfilling the purposes of their lives. She was clearly unsaved and stated she wasn't against Jesus, but just wanted to try and get some "clarity about her life".
     I will be honest, I wasn't too sure we were the right people for the stage Karen was at in her life, but I always know that Jesus is the answer for everything, so we were willing to meet with her. We listened to her explain the deterioration of her life, her utter feelings of desolation, loneliness, and abandonment. Then we explained that Jesus wanted to set her free from all that "baggage" she was carrying around, but she had to desire a relationship with Him.
     Karen said she was interested in knowing more about Jesus but the idea of "church" was not inviting because the Christians she had met did not invoke the sense of "community" she was seeking. Mark and I were encouraged when she told us that she had once had a dream when Jesus came to her. She couldn't remember what He said to her, but she remembered the deep feeling of peace! I told her that's the Jesus we serve.  What's more, her story is not unique. Her circumstances describe nearly everyone we see... there are always incidents in people's lives that Satan uses to keep them in bondage to his lies.  Therefore, the advice we offered her is fitting for everyone to follow.
    We explained that our ministry is centered on a relationship with Jesus and He is the answer. We listened to her questions about the validity of other religions and explained that those gods are very real, but are lesser and inferior gods to the Most High God of the Bible; the One True [big "G"] God. We also explained that the spirit realm is very real, and there are real spirits of depression and abandonment that are trying to keep her separated from the love of Jesus [and that peace she felt in the dream]; they want to keep her from seeking the life He offers. We asked if she wanted to begin a relationship with Jesus and she said yes, so we led her in a prayer in which she asked Jesus to forgive her of her sin and to come into her heart to become her Savior. We explained the importance of Forgiveness and we recited the Lord's Prayer together. Karen then forgave those who have hurt and abandoned her, releasing them to Jesus. We prayed over her and she wept, repeating, "Help me, Jesus". I prayed that He would visit her again in a dream and give her new words to remember; that she would be in His Presence and know He is real. I told her this was the first step in her relationship with Him and it is a journey for the rest of her life. When she left our home she said she felt lighter, and that it felt like she had "come home". Nothing represents the calling of Jesus on one's life any better than that!
     I know that both Benny and Karen will be visiting us again. They both have made dramatic changes in their spiritual lives and the Enemy will try to lure them back in to bondage. I explained to both of them that they are a prize in a spiritual battle, and they can expect to encounter some of the same tactics of the devil. But they know Jesus is with them; they know the lies the devil uses and that they must fight to stay free. But, as always, it is a tremendous blessing to begin a session without hope, and then see the Beloved go home full of joy, with a new sense of their worth as a child of God. It is extremely humbling, and an honor and privilege to be considered worthy of being Jesus's ambassador. It is His power and authority, on loan to us, that allows us to hear the Holy Spirit's words of counsel as we guide people, one by one, into the Kingdom of God on earth. Thank you, Jesus! There is no greater work on this earth for me to do. I pray that mine and Mark's obedience and service continues to be pleasing in Your sight!

2 Corinthians 5:20    "We are ambassadors of the Anointed One who carry the message of Christ to the world, as though God were tenderly pleading with them directly through our lips. So we tenderly plead with you on Christ’s behalf, “Turn back to God and be reconciled to Him".

October 24, 2018

Satan's Focus: The Family

     There are days when the tactics of Satan to absolutely destroy God's divine design for the family are hard to ignore. The other day I clearly saw it on Facebook. Now, I don't spend a lot of time on social media because I don't want to become addicted or obsessed with it, but I do enjoy the spiritual encouragement that many of my friends display on the site, so I will periodically check to see what they are saying. But on this particular day, I came across a post by someone who was lamenting their status as an only child.
     This person was making a statement that "the older they got, the weirder they felt about not having siblings". What complicates this person's social position is that they are in their mid-30's, an only child who is contemplating growing older, with aging parents, and living as a transgender individual. I felt his sadness and yes, a sense of questioning, in his statement. What would his life had been like if he had had brothers or sisters? Our parents inevitably pass away and we are left without their guidance and support. Would siblings have understood his decision to become transgender, and would they have continued supporting him, or is he destined to traverse the remainder of his life alone in uncertain and controversial circumstances?
     First of all, I admit that I cannot comprehend the lies that a person hears from the devil to convince them that they should go through painful and complicated surgeries to change the sex they were born to. I keep going back to the Scripture that says, Should the thing that was created say to the One who created it, "Why have you made me like this? (Romans 9:20). Yet I know that Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy, and that can happen within the womb. I will tell you that, in our Inner Healing Ministry, we have heard more than one testimony of a Beloved who felt rejected in the womb. Although the conception of a child is a miracle from God, is Satan able to influence the self-identity of a fetus through deception and lies stemming from rejection and unwantedness? We know that whatever the Enemy means for evil, God can use for good. If we know our identity as a child of God, there is no confusion. But we also know that our human pride, arrogance, and rebellion will fight against God's perfect will for our lives and cause doubt, uncertainty, and most undoubtedly, confusion. So, it was with immense sadness that I sensed some regret and actual fear as this person faced a future that might find him without any family.
     But my feelings didn't stop there. I was actually shocked at the responses that his post inspired. The overwhelming consensus was that no one felt they were blessed by having siblings! The comments ranged from "It's not really that special [having siblings]" to "I feel bad for my spawn as they lose each other to age. That sounds worse than being an 'only'. Less sadness behind me". Still others commented, "No siblings are better than lousy ones. My sister is bi-polar and my brother is a Republican. I'm not sure which is worse", and "The only thing I have in common with my siblings is our parents. I know we wouldn't be friends or like each other if we weren't family". Finally, one of the biggest concerns among all of the respondents was the fear that they would be left to take care of an aging parent or a disabled sibling when the parents died. The lack of compassion and mercy was regrettable and shameful. At the same time, I understood that most of these remarks were coming from a community of people who identified with his gender confusion and had no relationship with their Creator.
     What has happened to the familial bonds that God established? It is with profound heartache that I read these comments from people who will obviously never know the benefits of family -- the loyalty, the dependability, the devotion of people who share your heritage, memories, and if you are lucky enough to have faithful parents, the spiritual instruction to last a lifetime.
     It further saddens me that so many families have been limited by abortion; a definite satanic stronghold in our culture. But I find hope and optimism as I witness the Christian families around me who have multiple children and are raising them as a picture of the divine family of God. They exemplify the joining together of humans to honor and worship the Lord; ministering to each others' needs and encouraging each other to be all they can be for Christ.
     Satan has successfully corrupted our culture and society, and I'm afraid the loneliness portrayed on Facebook will only increase if we do not humble ourselves, confess our sins, repent and turn back to fulfilling God's purposes for us here on the earth. He established marriage, and the family unit helps to secure the marriage relationship, the Godly covenant that Satan hopes to destroy. As the oldest of five siblings, I can see that we are all different; our interests, politics and levels of faith are all different. We live hundreds of miles from each other, but we are making an effort to stay connected now that our parents are gone. I may not agree with them about everything, but I love them. We are supporting each other in our aging years and there is just something about being connected to someone who shares your memories and experiences. It is a bond that we are carefully nurturing and will not abandon.
     But is family limited to those who share your DNA? The answer for me is an unequivocal, "No". Mark and I are blessed with varied "families" with whom we are united in life experiences, and those with whom we share a sure and proven faith. These relationships are honored, reliable, unfailing and founded in mutual love and trust. Our "families" -- both genetic and chosen -- are valued and respected. They are gifts from God and not to be destroyed by Satan's lies, deception, or corruption. May we become culturally sensitive to the fading family unit. May we become spiritually convicted to re-establish what God intended among the peoples of the earth. And may we recognize the loneliness of those who don't know their Father God; praying that they will be drawn to Him and His desire to receive them into His divine family; knowing He is the Source of their existence.

Ephesians 3:14-15    "So I kneel humbly in awe before the Father of our Lord Jesus, the Messiah, the perfect Father of every father and child in heaven and on the earth".

September 27, 2018

Calling All Prayer Warriors!

     I would like to ask each of you that faithfully reads this blog to join me in praying for one of our own. I believe that together we have formed a remnant that is very precious to God and He will honor our hearts and our prayers because we are joined in a common spirit of advancing His Kingdom.
     Karla holds a very special place in my heart. We actually have quite a history, she and I. It was several years ago, just as Mark and I were seriously engaging in our Inner Healing and Deliverance Ministry, that I received an email from Karla with a subject line that simply read Help?
     I have often wondered how many other people have begun emails like this one, but then were just too scared to send them. But my spirit heard Karla's words loud and clear. Her email began like this: The Lord led me to your blog in July of 2014 and I have been a faithful, daily reader ever since. I originally found you when I was just hearing about preparedness, and started to realize what was happening in our world and wanted to find help in learning about preparedness. At first it was all about being physically prepared, and I thought that was why God had led me to your writings. However, when you started making the shift from physical preparation, to spiritual warfare, I was there right along with you, and this is what I am writing to you about today.
     This letter has been long in coming. It's been in my mind for months now, but it's taken this long to actually write it. Part of the warfare, I'm sure. I know that Satan does not want me to write it. He does not want me to ask for help. He does not want me to learn how to actively fight him. I have been much too easy for him to manipulate and oppress. I have never written a letter like this to someone out on the internet, but this urge has not gone away in several months, so I am going to just go for it. Right now I literally have no one to listen to me, or to help. I am feeling more vulnerable and under attack than I have ever felt in my life. It feels like it is incoming from every single direction possible. A good description of me right at this moment would be a little girl, curled up in a ball, trying to withstand the blows and hoping they will end soon. I honestly don't know what has happened to me. I am a fighter. But the fight is taking its toll on me and I just feel like a sitting duck. It is so bad that I don't even know what to do or where to start. I am tired, broken, and feel like I'm hanging on by a thread. The one thing I hang on to is my certain knowledge that my Redeemer lives. But I can't get to Him. I pray and I ask and yet I still feel like I'm on the other side of soundproof glass and I can't make contact. I know He's there. I know He has the power to heal me. I know He can demolish my foes with a single word. And yet, I can't get there, no matter what I do.

      Her letter continued for quite awhile as she filled me in on all the things she had tried in order to get relief: Pastoral counseling, Bible study groups, women's church groups, friends, family, etc. But no one seemed to know how to counsel her in spiritual warfare -- if they even believed in it!
     She continued: I don't know what to do ... all I know is that I woke up with this incredible urge to write to you. That maybe somehow, someway, you could help. I know you are turning the focus of your ministry to helping people like me to break free ... and I want to break free ... so very badly ... I just don't know where to start. I look and see what has come this past year ... what is coming this next year ... and I want to be IN the fight ... I want to be used of God ... and I know He wants to use me ... but first, He needs to heal me ... and bring healing to my family ...
     I hope some of this makes sense? I feel so confused ... and helpless ... Please, what can I do? How do I get started? How do I fight? My usually happy, upbeat spirit feels crushed ... I can't stop crying ... I can't stop the pummeling...
     Thank you for listening ... thank you for all you write and share ... and now I am going to take a huge leap of faith, and push "send".

     After reading Karla's letter, I sat there in tears. Here was a woman -- a Christian woman  --- who could find no one within the Church who believed she was fighting a spiritual battle. I was so humbled that her leap of faith had led her to me, and I just prayed to God to help me help her. I remember thinking, she lives in Washington State. How can I minister to her when she's so far away? How do I conduct a healing session when I can't do it in person? Well, that's when my very smart husband asked me, "Don't you think Jesus can handle that distance? You've got the telephone and we can Skype her". Brilliant man!
     Long story short, I did just that. Karla filled out a questionnaire that I mailed her, and after discovering that Freemasonry was in her family, I had her repeat the renunciations over the phone with me. Mark and I then did an actual session with her via Skype and she had tremendous breakthrough! Just read how different she sounds in this followup letter: I am a total believer in the power of God to deliver ... and I absolutely believe in generational curses and the total evilness of Freemasonry! I have read a few testimonies online of some people who have broken the curses and their stories are very similar to mine. We experienced some of the same things, never knowing why. They also had tremendous release, simply from praying those prayers!! I am absolutely in awe of the power of God to break the power of darkness that I didn't even KNOW I had over my life!! It's just incredible!! I can't wait to do the rest of it ... if it's this good now, I want to see the next levels of freedom that are waiting for me!! I also have a hunger for the Word like I've never had before!! I cannot get enough!! Where before I was spending hours a day reading all the doom and gloom in the world, and being fearful, now all I want to do is be in the Word, and listen to teachings !! And worship!!!
     I just reread this and I know it sounds unreal!! I probably wouldn't believe it, except I am living it!!! There's even more I could say, but really, all I need to say is "Thank You, Yeshua!!!" He really, truly has become my DELIVERER!!!
     Since that time, I have seen Karla grow in her faith and her obedience to become a willing servant of God. She was instrumental in bringing a friend of hers, Jodie, to us for Deliverance, and the two of them have been a force to be reckoned with in helping others to get set free! But now Karla needs our prayers.
     Jodie sent me a text today asking for prayer for Karla. Yesterday, after suffering an excruciatingly painful headache for five hours, she went to the hospital and the doctors have told her that she has a rather large tumor in her brain, there is bleeding, and her blood pressure is really high. Her family is flying or driving in to gather around her and she is scheduled for surgery today. Jodie tells me Karla feels like this is a spiritual attack.
     So I am coming to you, my blogger family of deep Believers, asking you to join me and Jodie and Karla's family in prayer for her complete healing. Her story is that of an Overcomer and a Victor in Jesus. The Enemy would like nothing more than to remove her from God's spiritual army because her testimony is so powerful and she is such a fighter. I wrote this short prayer for her and asked Jodie to draw Karla's family around her and to say this prayer out loud, putting the spiritual realm on notice that God's people are going into battle for their fellow warrior. Would you join us in praying this out loud for Karla?

     Father God, we come before Your throne today asking for compassion and mercy for Karla, and we join Jesus and the Holy Spirit as we intercede on her behalf.
     Father, we call upon You, Jehovah Rapha, because You are Karla's healer. We know that Jesus nailed this brain tumor to the cross 2000 years ago and we declare that her physical body must line up with Your eternal Truth.
     Your Word also says that Jesus bore her infirmities and sicknesses, and that He is health unto Karla's flesh. We believe that it is Your will that she remain in health, that she prosper, and that she continue to bear fruit for Your Kingdom. Your Word also says that the prayer of faith will save the sick and the Lord will raise them up. We are holding You to that promise, Father, as we join together in faith, praying for Karla.
     Furthermore, we declare that Jesus is Lord over her body, which is His Temple. We speak to every blood vessel, neuron, cell, and the tumor in her brain, and declare that both brain and blood pressure are now coming under the redemptive power of God.
      Pain, you are destroyed in Jesus's Name! Bleeding, you will stop now, in the Mighty Name of Jesus! And tumor, you will shrink and utterly disappear by the power in the Name of Jesus!
     We speak to Karla's brain, body, and spirit ... We declare that you are supernaturally recovering RIGHT NOW in the powerful Name of Jesus Christ!
     Finally, we declare to the spiritual realm and the kingdom of darkness -- Karla is a daughter of the King of the Universe and her doctors will marvel at her miraculous recovery as she comes under the care of ministering angels and the power and glory of God Almighty! We thank for hearing our petitions for Karla, Father, and it is in the awe-inspiring Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ that we pray, trusting You for this healing outcome. Amen!

     Thank you for joining me in prayer and may God bless each of you for lifting up our Sister in Christ. May our voices join with those of the heavenly host when we celebrate Karla's victory!

Matthew 18-19   Again, I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in Heaven.


August 21, 2018

God Never Loses Sight Of Us!

     God is SO good! His ways never cease to amaze me! Do you remember my testimony around last Christmas about the woman I met in the Walmart parking lot? If you've heard the story, I hope you will take the time to read it again. You can never hear about the Goodness of God too many times. Here's a quick synopsis....
     As Mark and I approached the exit of a crowded Walmart at Christmastime, there was a woman ahead of me, obviously in pain, and moving very slowly. Although we were ready to get out of the rush, I got a clear prompting from the Holy Spirit ... "You are not going to walk past this woman."  We waited for her to clear the final door, and once in the parking lot, I approached her and asked if she was having trouble walking because of knee pain.  She told us that her right knee was swollen because she'd recently had that hip replaced. She was supposed to have the left hip replaced, too, but Hurricane Harvey caused a delay, and now she is displaced, waiting for her house to be repaired so she can move back in.  I asked her if we could pray for her knee pain, and she was enthusiastic in her approval, "Yes! I would love that!"
      I laid hands on her knee, prayed and asked if the pain was gone.  She said it was better, and we said, "Then, let's go after it again!" We continued to pray, laying hands on her, and releasing the power of the Holy Spirit against the spirit of pain in her knee.  We looked up and tears were running down her face.  Mark asked her why she was crying, and if those were tears of pain or joy.  She said, "Who are you people?"  We said, "Just followers of Jesus, doing what He has asked us to do, and what we are called to do".  She replied, "I have felt so distant from God for too long.  And He has sent me several people this week to remind me that He is still present in my life".  And the tears began flowing even more steadily.
     Mark asked her why she felt God was so far away, and she replied that she was the one who had pulled away.  So we held her hands and prayed that her relationship with Jesus would be restored and she would know how much He loves her and desires to rekindle the fire that once invaded her heart.  We asked her if she had received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and she said she had; that she had received the gift of tongues, but had lost it. We asked if she wanted it back, and she said, "Oh, God, yes!" So Mark prayed over her, calling for more of the Holy Spirit, and she prayed along with us, but nothing happened.  We reassured her that if she wanted it, all she had to do was keep on asking for it.  It is the Father's desire to restore her to fullness.  She said, "I know this, y'all! I know this!  My daddy was a Pentecostal preacher and I should know this!"
     We asked what happened to her that she had abandoned her faith.  She struggled for an answer, finally saying that things had just happened in her life.  We asked who she needed to forgive, and the answer finally came out ... herself.  So we led her in a prayer asking Jesus to help her forgive herself, as He has forgiven her.
      That woman's name was Tracy and I have often thought about her, prayed for her, and shared her story as part of my testimony of how God can use us to reach others for His Kingdom. She has never been far from my heart. And then just this past Sunday, Mark and I were exiting that same Walmart and there she was! Only this time she wasn't just limping in pain. She was unable to walk because of  severe pain and was riding in a cart. Mark recognized her first and then she realized who we were. She was surprised that I remembered her name, and proceeded to tell us that she and her husband were still displaced from their home and she still needed the hip replacement surgery.
     I will tell you that it was evident that she is of an economic class that will probably never recover from that devastating hurricane, and will find it difficult to get established anywhere so she can qualify for that second hip replacement. But she was just as enthusiastic for prayer as when we first met her! But this time, she asked if we would pray for her husband who has been diagnosed with a thyroid condition, and his medications are not stabilizing him. She led us to their car and we laid hands on him and prayed. They were the most precious couple who just needed to know that God is still near, even though the outward signs were telling them otherwise.
     We explained that we did more than minister for physical pain, but worked with Jesus to heal emotional and spiritual pain, too. Then Mark turned to Tracy and said, "We all carry things around in a spiritual backpack; those things that we keep tucked away, hoping that no one sees them, and by keeping them out of sight, praying that we can control how they affect us. What is the one thing that weighs the heaviest in your backpack"? Tracy blinked a couple of times, and you could see something crossing her face. She stammered around, and finally Mark asked her, ""Is it a molestation as a child"? Her eyes opened wide and she just shook her head, "Yes".
     We explained that this is a recurring sin perpetrated against those who show up at our ministry table. And we emphasized that it both saddened and angered the Lord. I truly believe this is the impetus for Jesus's statement in Matthew 18:6, But if anyone abuses [scandalizes, puts a stumbling block, offends, or causes to sin] these little ones who believe in Me, it would be better for him to have a heavy boulder tied around his neck and be hurled into the deepest sea than to face the punishment he deserves!
     But we invited her and her husband to come see us and let us minister to their spiritual and physical needs/healing. And as we prayed for her to be set free from the memories of the past and her current physical infirmities, I saw Jesus [in my spirit] whispering to tell her that the fact that we ran into her a second time was proof of how important she was to Him -- that He had never taken His eyes off her and never would! It was a powerful affirmation that He had neither abandoned her nor forgotten about her. And He has the same message for each one of us!
     I don't know the end of Tracy's story, or even if she will find the way to come to us for ministry. But I do know this... we are each precious in His sight, and the words of Psalm 139 make that very clear:  Lord, You know everything there is to know about me ... It's impossible to disappear from You ... Every single moment, You are thinking of me! 
     I have a feeling that our paths are going to continue to cross with Tracy's until she is able to step into His embrace. And it would be our humble honor to be the ones He uses to bring her back home. This story isn't over!

Psalm 139:24     "See if there is any path of pain I’m walking on, and lead me back to Your glorious, everlasting ways—the path that brings me back to You".  

July 2, 2018

Her Children Rise Up And Call Her Blessed

    Today, I just want to give a testimony about a beautiful thing I have been privileged to witness in the Body of Christ. Among Christian women, I am seeing a turning away from all that the secular world has tempted us with in the last 50 years or more. This is not going to be a rant against "feminism", but rather, a word of support and appreciation for women who are embracing their Biblical roles as Mothers and Wives.
     Yes, it is good that around the turn of the 20th Century, women were given the right to vote and the ability to own property. Any restrictions in those areas in the Bible seem to be more about the historical Middle Eastern culture than God specifically forbidding it. But, I daresay that within my lifetime the battle for sexual and reproductive rights, and equal opportunity in education and the workplace, have resulted in millions of babies being denied the life that God created, and millions more who have been denied the nurturing presence of their mothers during their formative years.
     I am not trying to repudiate the working mother. I know it is a tough decision to make in these economic times. But child psychologists have noted the positive results [in children] when mothers have sacrificed their personal goals to be present in their child's early years. The bond between a mother and child in those first years will influence the emotional stability of the adult. A mother is the best example of trust and security, sensitivity, and how to be kind and loving that a child will ever receive. Of course, these are all important attributes of a healthy child growing into a healthy adult. But what more does a Christian mother bring to the table in raising a thriving child?
     I can tell you that I am extremely encouraged by what I have been witnessing within my circle of mothers with young children. Mind you, I am able to witness and discern the advantages these children will have from a "seasoned" perspective. I come from the Baby Boomer generation -- the generation who was tempted to abandon the traditional roles of mother and wife. The women I have observed are representative of Generations X, Y, and Z, and for the most part, have swum against the tide when it comes to rearing their children.
     The results?  I am seeing children who are happy and creative; children who are allowed to develop their own unique personalities [instead of having to suppress their individuality in the rigid settings of daycare centers or after-school programs]. But even more, I am seeing small children being taught to hear from God through their imaginations, and children who know how to apply Scripture to specific situations -- not because they have been taught to memorize the Bible or are pretending to communicate with God, but because they actually believe that prayer works. These are children, who in the innocence of their faith, simply believe that God wants to talk to them because He loves them, and so it is easy for them to hear Him! These are children, whose mothers model what it is to sing praises to the Lord.... who pray openly in their "special prayer language", encouraging their children to develop their own ....  mothers who take their children to the bedsides of sick relatives to lay hands on them and pray for healing ... who never miss an opportunity to model Kingdom living in this fallen world.
     I have to tell you that there is a Light in these children that is noticeable. It is a Light that I pray will never be extinguished by the Spirits of Doubt or Unbelief that have smothered so many adult Christians. What would it be like if we could raise a generation of children who simply trusted God and His Word, without question? Children who walked in a supernatural identity? Who weren't swayed by the desire of material possessions, or defeated by their "lack", and instead knew they possessed the "riches" of the grace of God and the "riches" of their inheritance in His glory?
      What if we raised children who, when asked where they'd like to meet with God, could answer, "The Eiffel Tower" and actually understood that to be a real possibility for their spirit? Or kids, when asked what God had shown them in the spirit, answered "An open door, with a bright light shining through"? What effect would that have on the Kingdom of Darkness? Do you think Satan would find that generation to be easily tormented or afflicted? Do you think they could mount up on eagles, run and not grow weary, walk and not grow faint? Do you think they would expect miracles rather than disasters? See possibility where others see hopelessness? Assume their position of Authority and exercise the Power of God?
     Just think what the world would look like if it was populated with children raised in that kind of atmosphere! As they grow into adulthood, we actually might see the end of drug addiction, child pornography, sex trafficking, and all of the Enemy's weapons to kill, steal, and destroy our bodies, souls, and spirits. I truly believe there is an army of children being raised to do spiritual battle for the Kingdom of God, and I see it before my eyes. It's my prayer that these faithful mothers, who have been transformed by the power of God in their own lives, will be fortified and strengthened to equip their amazing children to walk as giants of faith. I thank You, Father, for allowing me to witness the rise of Spirit-filled children.  And I praise You, Father, for Your mighty work in their devoted mothers!

Proverbs 31:25-29          Bold power and glorious majesty are wrapped around her as she laughs with joy over the latter days. Her teachings are filled with wisdom and kindness as loving instruction pours from her lips. She watches over the ways of her household and meets every need they have. Her sons and daughters arise in one accord to extol her virtues, and her husband arises to speak of her in glowing terms. “There are many valiant and noble ones, but you have ascended above them all!”