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September 27, 2018

Calling All Prayer Warriors!

     I would like to ask each of you that faithfully reads this blog to join me in praying for one of our own. I believe that together we have formed a remnant that is very precious to God and He will honor our hearts and our prayers because we are joined in a common spirit of advancing His Kingdom.
     Karla holds a very special place in my heart. We actually have quite a history, she and I. It was several years ago, just as Mark and I were seriously engaging in our Inner Healing and Deliverance Ministry, that I received an email from Karla with a subject line that simply read Help?
     I have often wondered how many other people have begun emails like this one, but then were just too scared to send them. But my spirit heard Karla's words loud and clear. Her email began like this: The Lord led me to your blog in July of 2014 and I have been a faithful, daily reader ever since. I originally found you when I was just hearing about preparedness, and started to realize what was happening in our world and wanted to find help in learning about preparedness. At first it was all about being physically prepared, and I thought that was why God had led me to your writings. However, when you started making the shift from physical preparation, to spiritual warfare, I was there right along with you, and this is what I am writing to you about today.
     This letter has been long in coming. It's been in my mind for months now, but it's taken this long to actually write it. Part of the warfare, I'm sure. I know that Satan does not want me to write it. He does not want me to ask for help. He does not want me to learn how to actively fight him. I have been much too easy for him to manipulate and oppress. I have never written a letter like this to someone out on the internet, but this urge has not gone away in several months, so I am going to just go for it. Right now I literally have no one to listen to me, or to help. I am feeling more vulnerable and under attack than I have ever felt in my life. It feels like it is incoming from every single direction possible. A good description of me right at this moment would be a little girl, curled up in a ball, trying to withstand the blows and hoping they will end soon. I honestly don't know what has happened to me. I am a fighter. But the fight is taking its toll on me and I just feel like a sitting duck. It is so bad that I don't even know what to do or where to start. I am tired, broken, and feel like I'm hanging on by a thread. The one thing I hang on to is my certain knowledge that my Redeemer lives. But I can't get to Him. I pray and I ask and yet I still feel like I'm on the other side of soundproof glass and I can't make contact. I know He's there. I know He has the power to heal me. I know He can demolish my foes with a single word. And yet, I can't get there, no matter what I do.

      Her letter continued for quite awhile as she filled me in on all the things she had tried in order to get relief: Pastoral counseling, Bible study groups, women's church groups, friends, family, etc. But no one seemed to know how to counsel her in spiritual warfare -- if they even believed in it!
     She continued: I don't know what to do ... all I know is that I woke up with this incredible urge to write to you. That maybe somehow, someway, you could help. I know you are turning the focus of your ministry to helping people like me to break free ... and I want to break free ... so very badly ... I just don't know where to start. I look and see what has come this past year ... what is coming this next year ... and I want to be IN the fight ... I want to be used of God ... and I know He wants to use me ... but first, He needs to heal me ... and bring healing to my family ...
     I hope some of this makes sense? I feel so confused ... and helpless ... Please, what can I do? How do I get started? How do I fight? My usually happy, upbeat spirit feels crushed ... I can't stop crying ... I can't stop the pummeling...
     Thank you for listening ... thank you for all you write and share ... and now I am going to take a huge leap of faith, and push "send".

     After reading Karla's letter, I sat there in tears. Here was a woman -- a Christian woman  --- who could find no one within the Church who believed she was fighting a spiritual battle. I was so humbled that her leap of faith had led her to me, and I just prayed to God to help me help her. I remember thinking, she lives in Washington State. How can I minister to her when she's so far away? How do I conduct a healing session when I can't do it in person? Well, that's when my very smart husband asked me, "Don't you think Jesus can handle that distance? You've got the telephone and we can Skype her". Brilliant man!
     Long story short, I did just that. Karla filled out a questionnaire that I mailed her, and after discovering that Freemasonry was in her family, I had her repeat the renunciations over the phone with me. Mark and I then did an actual session with her via Skype and she had tremendous breakthrough! Just read how different she sounds in this followup letter: I am a total believer in the power of God to deliver ... and I absolutely believe in generational curses and the total evilness of Freemasonry! I have read a few testimonies online of some people who have broken the curses and their stories are very similar to mine. We experienced some of the same things, never knowing why. They also had tremendous release, simply from praying those prayers!! I am absolutely in awe of the power of God to break the power of darkness that I didn't even KNOW I had over my life!! It's just incredible!! I can't wait to do the rest of it ... if it's this good now, I want to see the next levels of freedom that are waiting for me!! I also have a hunger for the Word like I've never had before!! I cannot get enough!! Where before I was spending hours a day reading all the doom and gloom in the world, and being fearful, now all I want to do is be in the Word, and listen to teachings !! And worship!!!
     I just reread this and I know it sounds unreal!! I probably wouldn't believe it, except I am living it!!! There's even more I could say, but really, all I need to say is "Thank You, Yeshua!!!" He really, truly has become my DELIVERER!!!
     Since that time, I have seen Karla grow in her faith and her obedience to become a willing servant of God. She was instrumental in bringing a friend of hers, Jodie, to us for Deliverance, and the two of them have been a force to be reckoned with in helping others to get set free! But now Karla needs our prayers.
     Jodie sent me a text today asking for prayer for Karla. Yesterday, after suffering an excruciatingly painful headache for five hours, she went to the hospital and the doctors have told her that she has a rather large tumor in her brain, there is bleeding, and her blood pressure is really high. Her family is flying or driving in to gather around her and she is scheduled for surgery today. Jodie tells me Karla feels like this is a spiritual attack.
     So I am coming to you, my blogger family of deep Believers, asking you to join me and Jodie and Karla's family in prayer for her complete healing. Her story is that of an Overcomer and a Victor in Jesus. The Enemy would like nothing more than to remove her from God's spiritual army because her testimony is so powerful and she is such a fighter. I wrote this short prayer for her and asked Jodie to draw Karla's family around her and to say this prayer out loud, putting the spiritual realm on notice that God's people are going into battle for their fellow warrior. Would you join us in praying this out loud for Karla?

     Father God, we come before Your throne today asking for compassion and mercy for Karla, and we join Jesus and the Holy Spirit as we intercede on her behalf.
     Father, we call upon You, Jehovah Rapha, because You are Karla's healer. We know that Jesus nailed this brain tumor to the cross 2000 years ago and we declare that her physical body must line up with Your eternal Truth.
     Your Word also says that Jesus bore her infirmities and sicknesses, and that He is health unto Karla's flesh. We believe that it is Your will that she remain in health, that she prosper, and that she continue to bear fruit for Your Kingdom. Your Word also says that the prayer of faith will save the sick and the Lord will raise them up. We are holding You to that promise, Father, as we join together in faith, praying for Karla.
     Furthermore, we declare that Jesus is Lord over her body, which is His Temple. We speak to every blood vessel, neuron, cell, and the tumor in her brain, and declare that both brain and blood pressure are now coming under the redemptive power of God.
      Pain, you are destroyed in Jesus's Name! Bleeding, you will stop now, in the Mighty Name of Jesus! And tumor, you will shrink and utterly disappear by the power in the Name of Jesus!
     We speak to Karla's brain, body, and spirit ... We declare that you are supernaturally recovering RIGHT NOW in the powerful Name of Jesus Christ!
     Finally, we declare to the spiritual realm and the kingdom of darkness -- Karla is a daughter of the King of the Universe and her doctors will marvel at her miraculous recovery as she comes under the care of ministering angels and the power and glory of God Almighty! We thank for hearing our petitions for Karla, Father, and it is in the awe-inspiring Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ that we pray, trusting You for this healing outcome. Amen!

     Thank you for joining me in prayer and may God bless each of you for lifting up our Sister in Christ. May our voices join with those of the heavenly host when we celebrate Karla's victory!

Matthew 18-19   Again, I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in Heaven.


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