A Modern Woman's Perspective On The Kingdom of God on Earth

October 23, 2020

How Spiritually Prepared Are You?


"Brace Yourself" is the prophetic watchword for this specific time in our history.  This warning is coming frequently in dreams and visions and prophetic words to the people of God.  Christians at every level of service to the Body of Christ are spreading the alarm they are receiving in their spirits. If you are at all in harmony with your spirit, then you can discern that Evil is increasing on the earth -- and we can certainly see it on our streets. Men's hearts have grown cold. Lawlessness and sin abound. Love for each other is diminishing; our differences fuel the hate this is increasingly evident. The Enemy of the children of God is getting ready to mount his final campaign against us as he plots to defeat Almighty God.

We know this because the Bible tells us so. When asked by His Disciples what it would look like at the end of the age, Jesus replied, Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and put you to death, and you will be hated by all nations for my name's sake. And then many will fall away and betray one another and hate one another. And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.

This pretty much describes our relations with China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and countries around the globe. And if you are unable to see that it illustrates our national crisis, then I'm afraid you're being naive.  I know there are counter voices in the Christian culture that promote the religious message that Revival is on the way. And we should most definitely pray and intercede that recognition of God will reawaken in our land, and impassioned worship will sweep the nation. It is imperative that we do these things. But it is also wise to prepare for what Jesus most emphatically prophecies as our future. And I'm afraid "the Church" doesn't want to hear that message.

We, in America [as products of the Western/Greek mindset] rely on what I call our "religious bias". We are partial to our 21st Century theology which emphasizes God's Grace and Mercy through the sacrificial act of Jesus on the Cross. We have been saved from our sins, we tell ourselves, therefore the doom and gloom Old Testament prophecies of Isaiah and Ezekiel and Jeremiah regarding the End of the World are mitigated by the New Testament Atonement of Christ. 

And the Church points to the Book of Acts as proof of what faithful Christians on fire for the Gospel of Salvation can do in the world. Modern Christians point to the promise of eternal life in Heaven as our destination, and ignore the persecution that each of those founders of the Church suffered in their lives. The Bible tells us that we will be regarded as "sheep to be slaughtered". The early disciples certainly experienced that. They were boiled in oil, crucified upside down, beheaded, stoned and clubbed to death, burned alive, sawed in half, and suffered many other forms of cruel death. Disciples of Christ have been martyred ever since. So, I must ask the difficult question ... are you prepared to suffer such tribulation?

I get it ... none of us want to suffer. And I'm afraid that we American Christians live our lives under the comforting words of the Declaration of Independence --- that we are entitled to "Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness", as a right given to us by our Creator. But that document does not supersede either Scripture or the words of our Savior, both of whom promise that suffering is guaranteed in this fallen world; and will increase as we near Christ's return. And as we see the rebellion against God and His principles on the rise, we must expect, as His followers, that we will be treated as His Son was treated. Are you ready for that kind of persecution?

When I first began writing this blog in 2011, my spirit knew changes were coming to our country, and I felt called to warn people to prepare for the physical trouble and hardship that was coming, while clinging to Jesus and growing a deep relationship with Him. Ultimately, I warned, He will be your answer. But we needed to come out of our normalcy bias that "everything would always be okay, because we are America!" Well, here we are nine years later, and everything is not okay. In fact, we are in very real danger of losing what America has been all about. More than just lack of food and shelter, we are now facing threats to our lives because of our political alliances and the color of our skin. We are losing what this nation has always considered our "God-given rights". And we are failing to recognize that an Anti-Christ spirit is invading our land; a spirit that hates God and holds in derision all that He has created -- the unborn child, marriage, gender, race, law and order. And soon this spirit will exhibit his hate for those of us who are called by His Name.

Are you ready for the persecution that will swiftly follow? Are you ready to lose your job; be hated by your family; rejected by society; imprisoned for your faith; and yes, to be martyred? If you think it can't happen, just look at the lives of our fellow Christians around the world. Jesus, Himself, prophecies it! And I worry that far too many Christians will stumble and be unprepared to pay the cost of being a follower of Christ. We must strengthen our faith and prepare to carry our own cross, just as Jesus did. We must be prepared to lose everything!

Sadly, the Church has given lip-service to this concept and shied away from confronting believers with the hard truth that suffering and tribulation will be our temporary circumstances before Jesus's return. We have fallen for the messages of false prophets such as Darby and Scofield, who wrote Bibles promoting a Pre-Tribulation Rapture. This doctrine has certainly led people astray, and it was never spoken of by Jesus. Yet, many in the Church choose to believe this false theology, which is only 200 years old, rather than the Word of God spoken by our Lord and Savior 2000 years ago! 

I am being honest when I say that I fear for my fellow Christians. I don't want them to be surprised or in shock when the promised persecution comes. And it will be far worse than anything we have witnessed to date. I want them to be strengthened to endure and persevere during what is coming, and to keep their eyes and hearts and spirits focused on the One who will ultimately deliver us. I want them to be able to reinforce the faith of our fellow Christians who will falter during the satanic oppression, and at the same time, be prepared to share the Good News of Salvation and God's Kingdom on earth with those who have never heard. I want them to be prepared to declare Jesus Christ even when the sword is at their breast. I want their spirit to rise up in their identity as warriors for the Kingdom, even when their flesh is weak. I want them to be sure of who they are, and just how great is their God, so that even in the midst of persecution like the world has never seen, they will be known for their faith. 

I desire all this for the Body of Christ, and I desire it for myself. I have no great illusions that all Christians will meet this test. But I pray that the Remnant, however large or small it is, is even now preparing itself in all these matters. I pray they see through the dirty veil that the Enemy has placed over the physical eyes of my fellow believers, and that they see clearly [with spiritual eyes] the truth of what Jesus spoke. May God Almighty strengthen us and fortify us to meet the coming tribulation, and may we serve Him with courage and spiritual might, knowing that because we will endure, we will be saved. Thank you, Lord Jesus, that You have given us Your Word of Truth so that we might not be caught unaware; so that we might train and equip ourselves to be ready when the Evil One comes against us at the end of this age. Amen.

Luke 21:36   But keep alert at all times [be attentive and ready], praying that you may have the strength and ability [to be found worthy and] to escape all these things that are going to take place, and to stand in the presence of the Son of Man [at His coming].



October 20, 2020

Will CERN Open The Portal to "The Bottomless Pit"?


It has been five-and-a-half years since I wrote a blog post about the Large Hadron Collider (or "Super Collider") in Geneva, Switzerland. The Collider is the creation of CERN, established as the foremost world-class fundamental physics research organization in Europe. CERN [whose acronym comes from the French translation for European Organization for Nuclear Research], maintains that it is conducting research for purely scientific reasons; developing accelerators in order to "collide" fundamental particles of matter at extremely high energies, supposedly for the purpose of discovering the "God Particle" and how the universe works. These experiments produce antimatter, purportedly trying to prove how an invisible, universe-wide field gave mass to all matter right after the Big Bang. A simple definition of antimatter is this: "molecules formed by atoms consisting of antiprotons, antineutrons, and positrons. Stable antimatter does not appear to exist in our universe (Oxford Dictionary)." That alone, should tell you that the scientists and physicists at CERN are creating something that is not of this world, and certainly not from God. The next experiment to blast a beam into deep outer space is set for October 22nd, this week.

Why should this concern us? Well, for starters, since the first particle collisions were achieved in 2010, the scientists have upgraded the energy "beams" they have produced, going from 3.5 teraelectronvolts (TeV) per beam [which was four times the previous world record] to 6.5 TeV in 2013. There have been reported malfunctions with the super collider, most notably in 2015, and now repairs have been made to the machine and they are reportedly going to take it to new power levels never achieved before. Just think about that ... Scientists contend they are simply smashing particles together to unlock the secrets of the universe. But a growing number of people around the world have posited theories that the real aim of CERN is to blast open a portal to admit demons from Second Heaven!

That should be enough to get your attention! And it doesn't help to calm fears when one considers  famed scientists such as the late Stephen Hawking sounded the alarm bells; it seems somehow prophetic when he warned that the "God Particle" could destroy the universe.  Other well-respected scientists warn that CERN's Super Collider is so powerful it could produce particles of dark antimatter, the mysterious stuff whose gravity holds the galaxies together.  They warn that there is a possibility of a cataclysmic event in which CERN creates a black hole that swallows the earth ... their words, not mine. And if you want to see a vivid depiction of what this might look like, watch the 2009 movie, Angels and Demons, based on the Dan Brown novel of the same name.

So, while scientists express concern that these generated black holes could cause the decay of the universe, Christians wonder why CERN is so committed to investigating extra dimensions and parallel universes? Could it have anything to do with the presence of a statue of the Hindu goddess Shiva (shown coming through a portal) at the entrance to the facility? Shiva is known as the "goddess of destruction". Or could it be because CERN is located in a place that was once called “Appolliacum” during Roman occupation, and which was believed to be a portal to the underworld? Also,  the Greek translation is “Apollyon” and it, too, means “destruction”. 

In 2015, before the machine failed, CERN researchers boasted that they were confident they could make contact with parallel universes by producing "mini black holes". And since that failure, the level of energy they will be blasting out into our universe is exponentially more than has ever been attempted in the past; all with the hopes of opening 12 black holes/portals into other dimensions! Considering that scientists refer to black holes as "bottomless pits" of gravity, my spirit is shouting, "Revelation 9:1-3"! This prophetic passage reads like this: And the fifth angel blew his trumpet, and I saw a star fallen from heaven to earth, and he was given the key to the shaft of the bottomless pit. He opened the shaft of the bottomless pit, and from the shaft rose smoke like the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened with the smoke from the shaft. Then from the smoke came locusts on the earth, and they were given power like the power of scorpions of the earth. In that prophetic Word, did you notice that the star (angel) "fell from heaven to earth"? Can you now see why it might be beneficial to not open up portals [or black holes] from that dimension to ours?

It is not too difficult to discern that we live in spiritually dark times. I will tell you that, through our Inner Healing Ministry, Mark and I are finding that people are more forthcoming about the demonic attacks they are suffering. And we have heard testimonies from the Millennial generation of the dark entities they are encountering through astral travel, witchcraft and other occult practices. So, isn't it logical that we should be suspect of scientists that are all too eager to mess with the universe and attempt to open a portal to the unknown? As I wrote in 2015 ... Is this what Nimrod was trying to do?  If you are a student of the Bible then you know that there are levels of "heaven", and the "dark forces of the spiritual world" live in the Second Heaven.  Remember Ephesians 6:12, in which the apostle Paul tells us, "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places"?  Could these be the "exotic matter" the scientists are in search of, and that we have the potential to come in contact with through these created black holes or portals?

 Could man once again be the catalyst for another incursion of evil fallen angels that are mentioned in the Bible and ancient historical writings? The prophet Daniel mentions that there are beings called "Watchers", or holy ones, who report to God and make decrees on behalf of God.  But Watchers were also mentioned in pseudepigraphal books, such as Enoch and Jubilees, which were popular and influential in the First Century, and ranked alongside the Torah, Psalms and Isaiah in importance to Jews.  These apocryphal books were also alluded to by Peter and Jude in the New Testament, giving them at least historical credibility.  In these instances, "Watchers" were among a superior class of angels, some of whom fell from heaven, led astray by Satan.  In the 7th and 18th chapters of the Book of Enoch, some of the Watchers who fall are imprisoned in the Second Heaven, and others are cast to earth where they take human women (Enoch 7:3, 18:4) who bear giant offspring (the Nephilim mentioned in Genesis 6). Why in the world would we want to open a portal to give those imprisoned in the Second Heaven a way to gain access to the earth?

And the Bible makes it clear that Nimrod's goal in casting arrows towards Heaven was to gain access to that dimensional realm and overthrow God. Was he trying to open a portal with those arrows? The scientists at CERN may not be using arrows to create a portal to the next heaven, as Nimrod did, but wouldn't their powerful beams of atomic matter serve the same purpose? And is it possible that these CERN scientists have already opened portals with their previous attempts and are simply hoping to expand the gateways for demonic entrance into this First Heaven? It isn't hard for me to consider that possibility as I witness the increasing violence and evil that is present on the earth. It certainly has increased in the years since CERN began their experiments.

And if this isn't enough to take you to your knees in fervent prayer, The Times of Israel is reporting that "China is also joining the quest and building its own particle smasher five times more powerful than CERN’s Hadron Collider.  And as Europe and China both race in search of the "God Particle", it may not be long before the world finds out who is at the end of that quest—the Creator, or the destroyer of the universe." That is sobering, indeed!

In the end, I will admit that the science part of this story is over my head. I don't understand how the Collider works, and neither do I comprehend the mechanics of it. And all this might sound like an overrated conspiracy theory by a crazy Christian, but what is apparent to me is the obvious incorrect estimation of the Supremacy of God. What is apparent to me is the arrogance and pride of men in the 21st Century, who not unlike Satan, his Watchers, Nimrod, and countless of evil men who have followed in their footsteps, they think that they can overthrow Almighty God, the Creator of the Universe. They are trying to out-God the Most High God. It will only lead to their judgment, devastation, and God's justifiable wrath. Unfortunately, the Bible prophecies that portals will be opened and Evil will be unleashed upon the earth -- until God has had enough and sends Jesus to destroy Evil once and for all. 

How I pray that October 22nd doesn't set these prophecies in motion. I'm pretty sure that these scientists, who proclaim they are searching for the God particle, are doing so to prove that God doesn't exist and that man can control the universe.  It is mankind's selfish compulsion to rip open the veil separating this world from other worlds or dimensions, and you get the ridiculous statement by CERN's former Director General and Director of Research, Rolf Heuer:  "…When we open the door, something might come through it into our reality! Or, we might send something through it into their reality!" The question is, "What is the something that might come through from their side... and who is the they of their reality"? Pray that God will shut this down once again! 

Proverbs 8:1-5    Does not wisdom call? Does not understanding raise her voice? On the heights beside the way, at the crossroads she takes her stand; beside the gates in front of the town, at the entrance of the portals she cries aloud: “To you, O men, I call, and my cry is to the children of man. O simple ones, learn prudence; O fools, learn sense.




October 16, 2020

God, Judges and The Court

This past week, we in America have been treated to what is supposed to be a respectful meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee, conducting oversight and consideration of nominations to the Supreme Court. I'm not going to comment on the obvious political bias exhibited among the Senate members. That is not my purpose for today's blog post. What I want to discuss is the role of Judges, our Courts, and how they correlate with the Book of Judges and God's Court(s) in Heaven.

It goes without saying that God is the Righteous Judge of all the Earth (Genesis 18:25). And as Believers in Jesus Christ, we have the right and privilege to enter into the courts in Heaven through prayer and spiritual warfare. And before I continue, I want to make the comment that our legal system on earth is modeled after the court system in Heaven. Just as we are entitled to have legal representation in our earthly courts, Jesus is our Advocate and Legal Representative in the Courts of Heaven. 

And just as we have different levels and classifications of courts, there are different courts in Heaven, as well. We declare that the Cross of Christ is our justification before God, but there are times that we need to gain access to the justice system of Heaven in order to receive righteous judgment. We are able to operate in that system because of our intimate relationship with Jesus. Let's consider for a moment the different types of courts to which we have access. To begin, there is the Court of Mediation (or Reconciliation). This is in character with "settling out of court" in our earthly justice system. Just like here on earth, this should always be our preference and the first step we take. When we encounter a dispute with anyone, our legal position should be to reconcile.... But all things are from God, Who through Jesus Christ reconciled us to Himself [received us into favor, brought us into harmony with Himself] and gave to us the ministry of reconciliation [that by word and deed we might aim to bring others into harmony with Him] -- 2 Corinthians 5:18.

Then there is the Court of Petition.  Bringing our prayers before the Father, and presenting our petitions to Him, is in reality entering the Court of Petition... do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God -- Philippians 4:6. And notice, we should appear in this heavenly court with thankfulness, no matter the circumstances.

Next, we have access to God's Throne of Grace.  God holds Court while sitting on His Throne, which is where we approach Him with our prayers, and in intimacy with Him. And we must approach Him with grace and mercy -- for others, as well as ourselves. God's justice finds its origins in His love; and so should ours... Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need -- Hebrews 4:16.

At the center of God's court system is The Court of Mount Zion.  Throughout the Bible, we read of Mount Zion as God's place of justice and judgment. His Throne of Grace and the Court of Petitions are based here, and the heart of Heaven's court system is found here ... But you have come to Mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem. You have come to thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly, to the church of the firstborn, whose names are written in heaven. You have come to God, the Judge of all, to the spirits of the righteous made perfect, to Jesus the mediator of a new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel -- Hebrews 12:22-24.

The Court of the Accuser is where Satan appears to lay his case before God for his legal authority to attack us. We should not engage with this court, but rather take our case to the Court of Reconciliation or Court of Petition, where Jesus serves as our Advocate and defense lawyer, if you will. There He can testify that we have come in a spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation ... For the accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down -- Revelation 12:10.

Finally, we have The Court of The Ancient Of Days (Heaven's Supreme Court). This is the highest court in Heaven, and we cannot enter except by admission through dreams and visions. Just like our Supreme Court, it is the last court a case may be heard; there are lower courts where all legal matters should be attempted to be settled first... As I looked, “thrones were set in place, and the Ancient of Days took his seat. … The court was seated, and the books were opened -- Daniel 7:9-10. 

NOTE: These are the courts that are readily acknowledged in the Bible, but I have been shown, in my spirit, that there are lesser courts that we have access to in times of specific need. But we must always ask for permission before opening a case or entering that specific court. Our first stop in heaven's court system should always be to achieve reconciliation. I have actually heard the Father reprimand mankind; He said, "Stop clogging up My Courts with needless petitions. So many of your problems can be resolved with forgiveness and applying the grace and love I have given each of you." 

So, now I want to approach the Book of Judges in the Bible in light of the purpose of our Supreme Court and what we witnessed this last week. We can surmise from the Book of Judges that the Lord, who is Creator God, is the Judge and King of all the world; no one else holds that title. [NOTE: I approach this truth from the understanding that Jesus and the Father are One (John 10:30)]. And the plan from Genesis to Revelation is to restore man to his original purpose -- to rule the world as God's righteous representative on earth. We also recognize that God rules through His human leaders; but He is the ultimate Judge and King, and those who serve Him do so at His discretion and are supposed to rule as He would rule -- [on earth as it is in Heaven]. 

If man assumed his original purpose for being created, righteousness would reign upon the earth. But as we have seen throughout history, and most certainly today, that is not reality. Christ embodies perfect human ruling and through His crucifixion and resurrection, He sits upon His Throne in Heaven and rules and judges in perfect righteousness. And one day, He will climb down from that Throne and return to render His judgment against all the Evil in this world that has come against His creation. Until then, the idea was that our courts here on earth would be administered by sons and daughters who would share in His righteous rule and judge accordingly. That was the plan in the Book of Judges and nothing has changed [from God's perspective] in the centuries since.

Sadly, we have not experienced that in our nation. True, there have been judges who sat on the highest court in our land who took their assignment seriously. But in the decades of my life, I have seen the nomination of Supreme Court Justices made in the spirit of partisan politics and immoral agendas. This nation under God is in great need of godly leadership, in both our civic institutions and in our courts. Because we seem to have lost our way [and our purpose], Roe v. Wade is the law of our land. Same sex marriage is the law of our land. Our courts are clogged with grievances involving racial discrimination, gender discrimination, and once-guaranteed constitutional tights. Where is the desire for righteousness and  reconciliation? Why do we not see the power of our intimate prayers and petitions before God? 

The Book of Judges is a history of the rebelliousness of Israel, who demanded a human king, rather than submitting their allegiance to the King of the World. Despite the sinful decisions of Israel throughout their history, the Bible promises redemption through King Jesus who will one day be our righteous Judge. We must pray that in and through [and in spite of] the sinful judges who have seemingly destroyed God's redemptive plan, that God can and will heal our land from the rebellious and destructive decisions that our legal "leadership" have imposed upon us. 

My prayer is that Judge Amy Coney Barrett will prove to be a catalyst for that redemption. But we have been fooled in the past. I ask that you join me in prayer and petition before the righteous and rightful Courts of Heaven to deliver us once again into a nation that represents King Jesus's original design for human rule. Lord Jesus, return our nation to a land You can be proud of; one that will uphold the rule and laws of Heaven! And let it start today! Amen!

1 John 2:1    My little children, I write you these things so that you may not violate God’s law and sin. But if anyone should sin, we have an Advocate (One Who will intercede for us) with the Father—[it is] Jesus Christ [the all] righteous [upright, just, Who conforms to the Father’s will in every purpose, thought, and action].


October 13, 2020

Work Out Your Salvation With Fear and Trembling!


We live in perilous times; not only physically but spiritually. We see the violence in the streets and there is an atmosphere of anxiety and fear regarding our national future. What we are experiencing today as Americans supersedes even the trauma of 9/11. But as Christians, we are to stay firm in following the principles of the Kingdom of God and persevere through whatever is coming. The Bible is clear when it says that in the last days, perilous times will come. We are living in perilous times. This year, in addition to the Covid-19 virus, we are still engaged in never-ending wars; battling the threats of more diseases; experienced a record-breaking hurricane season; the threat of devastating earthquakes along the New Madrid fault line, civil unrest in our cities, and more. This is a dangerous world. 

But as Christians, we are to endure by following the principles set forth by our Savior.  And it is to my fellow Christians that I want to address this post; to those who have answered His call and profess faith in Him as their Savior.  Of course, we must understand that faith comes in degrees as we journey through our salvation process; not everyone is equal in living out their faith, although Jesus will accept each one of us on an equal basis -- all are welcome in His Kingdom. But we each must work out our salvation with fear and trembling, for we must one day answer our Lord for the decisions we have made. And it goes without saying that there is disparity among the faithful in how we are living out our salvation experience.

Take the Presidential election for example. There is a definite and deliberate choice between the two candidates on just the issue of abortion. How will you explain your decision to vote for a pro-abortion candidate which effects the lives of millions of unborn babies? Immediately, Matthew 7:13-14 comes to mind: Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few. Jesus is talking to everyone -- including self-professed Christians. As I see the world spiraling out of control, I sense our Lord speaking these words as a dire warning to all who would hear.

I fear that so many Christians in America dismiss this passage; thinking that it pertains to the lost. They think that Jesus is saying it is a narrow gate that leads to salvation, and only Christians will enter it.  The lost of the world will take the broad path because it is easier, more attractive and less demanding.  And in the broadest sense, they are correct.  There are only two choices:  right and wrong; good and evil; the way to heaven or the road to hell.  There is no middle ground.  You either choose Jesus or you don't.

But I believe He is telling us so much more in this discourse.  I believe He is talking directly to Christians and admonishing them to take their faith seriously.  Yes, the gate is narrow because accepting Christ as your Savior should not be taken lightly.  You must truly become a new person with a new heart and a new spirit; old desires must be purged and a new life begun. And that means your new life must be reflected in all you do and say. You cannot say that you are a follower of Christ, and support anyone, Presidential candidate or not, who agrees with abortion. That is being double-minded. And the Bible says this about that state of mind: the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind. For that person must not suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways. 

I do not believe this refers to losing one's salvation, but instead to a loss of inheritance and rewards when we stand at the Bema Seat Judgment. And I think it is fair to say that it is not easy to be a Christian. But, again, I say there is no middle ground. We must be prepared to be called extremists and religious fanatics. In fact, our very faith itself, will be a target as we are accused of being against "women's rights". But our faith is centered on maturing into the fullness of the image of Christ, and agreeing with abortion in any way or manner, would never be an acceptable choice for our King or a Kingdom citizen.

At the same time, I want to be perfectly clear that our Lord sacrificed Himself to pay for the sins of each one of us -- including those who have partaken in the act of abortion. We must never be deceived by a "religious spirit" that would have us think we have the authority to condemn anyone who made that choice. I believe it is our duty as Christians to help people see the sin in their lives and offer them a way to get right with God and be washed clean of their sins, transgressions, and iniquity. In our Inner Healing Ministry, my husband and I have personally witnessed Jesus offering forgiveness to women (and men) who have made the decision to abort a life. That act has been a stumbling block in their Christian life and a very effective tool for the devil to keep them in bondage. Mind you, Jesus will never accept or approve of their decision, but when, in the spirit, they encounter Jesus and repent for their sin, He forgives them and assures them their child is in His safe-keeping. He absolutely hates the sin, but will always accept the repentant sinner.

But I am also really confused about the whole movement among Christian Millennials, especially women, who call themselves "Christian feminists", who support legal abortion. I don't understand arguments that make abortion a "healthcare issue", or that interpret "freedom in Christ" as the freedom to make choices about their own bodies, which is expressed in the perplexing terminology, "bodily autonomy". One female pastor, who supports the right to abortion, explained it this way ... "because I value life, and I believe Jesus values life—I value the choices that give us the type of life that we need." Do you, as a Christian woman, really need an abortion? Or do you simply want one so it doesn't infringe on your independence and self-determination, which is the definition of autonomy?

This same female pastor quoted 1 Corinthians 6:19, but only partially, and said this: "When people talk about 'Our body is a temple of God, and holy,' I see that as I have the right to choices over my body, and the freedom to make the decisions that are right for me." Oh, how I wish she had read and quoted the entire passage which reads like this: "Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body." How does your decision to allow God's creation to be willfully killed glorify God in your body? [If you would like to read the entire interview with this pastor, please click here].

That type of thinking is exactly why Christians should work out their salvation with fear and trembling! Our decisions in life should never be made from how it makes us feel. What we "feel" is injustice does not give us ultimate authority in a matter. We should rule our lives in accordance to the moral laws set forth by our Father in Heaven. It is by His Will that we should live our lives... not our own. Unless this pastor is able to rightfully discern Scripture [in its fullness], she will most likely not come to a position of recognizing that she has grieved her Creator by not honoring her body, nor has she glorified His sacrifice. And she most likely will never arrive at repentance or asking for forgiveness for not only her own confusion, but leading her congregation to confusion or disobedience. She will one day stand before her Lord and have to answer for how she has represented Him. I would never question her love of the Lord. I don't know her heart. But Jesus does. Her salvation may not be in question, but her rewards and inheritance in the Kingdom of God certainly will be. 

We must pray for our nation and our fellow Christians. We must pray that the deception that has been eagerly welcomed in our universities and our churches will be exposed for the lies that they are. We were not made for our own gratification, but to glorify and hold sacred the One who created us, and honor all His ways. Each one of us will have to answer to Him, and we have a choice this election -- not only to safeguard our nation, but our eternal destinies. Pray without ceasing that Christians examine their hearts!

2 Timothy 4:3-4    For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears, they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.




October 10, 2020

Inquiring Minds Want To Know: How Far Should the Analogy Go?


I am so blessed with readers who have followed this blog long enough to feel comfortable challenging me on my theology and/or asking questions about specific Scripture. We don't always agree, and that's okay. And I don't always have the answers, and I'm not afraid to say so. But I love the discussions, and the knowledge that there are people seeking more of our God instead of being comfortable in their traditions and rituals. I love hearing from them and the connection it gives me to them.

One such reader was diving into her own thoughts on the Parable of the Ten Virgins, and here is the substance of her question ... How far should the analogy go? Her understanding is that all ten were virgins; all ten were invited to the wedding; all ten came at the right time to wait; all ten had lamps; all ten had at least some oil; but only five had ENOUGH oil and made it into the wedding feast. She was struggling to figure out who were the five virgins that weren't allowed into the wedding feast? Do they represent Christians who are in danger of being left behind at the Rapture? And, if I am understanding her confusion correctly, she was struggling with equating Christians (regardless of their measure of faith) with being called "foolish".

I will tell you that "the Church" has struggled with this parable for centuries, and I do not claim to have all the answers, by any means. I do know that for years, I have missed an important factor of this parable (and others) by not considering Jesus's qualifying statement "the kingdom of heaven will be like...". This reader rightly understands so many things about the state of Christians and the Church in these days. She perceives that modern-day Christianity has resulted in a Laodiciean Church; a lukewarm, accommodating, and compromising Church -- one that is willing to sacrifice righteousness in order to get along with the culture and society. She has a real concern that these Christians are being identified with the "foolish" virgins and they may be left behind when Jesus returns and the Church is raptured.

Let me explain my fundamental understanding of this Parable. I do not think its meaning is connected to the Rapture. And I base that on my understanding of who the principle characters are; the significance of the lack of oil; and the reference Jesus makes to the Kingdom of heaven. So, let me see if I can explain this in a manner that rightly represents where I stand today.

First, central to our understanding of this parable is knowing why Jesus says it "will be like the kingdom of heaven". I have read some commentaries that try to equate the kingdom of heaven to the Church. I patently reject that theory! The kingdom of heaven is the realm where the king lives. It is where God, the Father, rules from heaven. It is the seat of His government, and where His Love, Mercy, Grace, and Judgment abound. It is His domain, and from where He instituted man's dominion over the earth when He created us. The kingdom of heaven was the model for how man was to govern the earth on behalf of God. But that plan was re-directed when Adam and Eve gave their dominion [rulership] of the earth over to Satan in the Garden of Eden.

Also, notice that Jesus says the kingdom of heaven will be like the ten virgins. That indicates a future event; in this case not the Rapture, but it definitely has to do with His Second Coming. And it is important that we see the progression of the kingdom of heaven on earth. It was established in the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Even walked in the presence of God... remember, wherever the king is, there is his kingdom. So the earth might have been established as a "colony" of the kingdom of heaven, but it didn't regain its original identity [or purpose] until Jesus came the first time, re-inaugurating that designation when He announced, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand". 

There is a dual significance in that declaration. First, repent means more than forgiveness of sins [which is what it meant to John the Baptist]; it also meant to change the way the people of the earth were to think of themselves. They were to begin thinking from God's perspective in heaven. Jesus came to re-establish earth as an extension of heaven and to re-establish our purpose on the earth. So, again, how does the story of the ten virgins point to the kingdom of heaven and what it will be like?  

Jesus is obviously the Bridegroom. I have heard the virgins mentioned as merely church members, but I think that is too broad a representation. I believe they are more correctly, Saved Christians. I base that on the fact that they all possess oil to some degree, and oil is one of the metaphors for the Holy Spirit. We all know that when we come to faith in Jesus (or Saved), we are sealed with the Holy Spirit. He is an indicator of our salvation. Oil as a metaphor of the Holy Spirit’s presence [and action in our lives] is clear in the ritual of anointing prophets, priests, and kings.

So all ten virgins possess the oil of anointing of the Holy Spirit. For me, the big question is what is the significance of five of the virgins having extra flasks of oil with them, and five not making that preparation? They all have full lamps, right? And why do the foolish virgins' lamps run out of oil? I want you to see that this parable has both a physical and spiritual application; both to the Jew and the Gentile. Let's begin with the Jews ... To gain a fuller understanding of what is going on here, we need to comprehend this passage's correspondence to a typical orthodox Jewish wedding. We need to look at it from this physical perspective because Jesus is a Jew, speaking to Jews and this message is for them. See it in both a practical application and how it points to the Father's plan of redemption.

The parable is of a typical Jewish wedding. After the betrothal the groom goes back to his family estate and prepares rooms for his bride and himself to live in after their wedding, if necessary building on to or up from existing dwellings, if not constructing a new one. No one can predict how long that will take. When all is ready, he and his attendants travel to the bride's place, often a great distance, and usually a shofar is blown to announce their arrival and a shout will go up to alert the bride's household and party. The bride and her attendants [the virgins] are expected to be ready for this, having purchased beforehand all that is necessary. ("In my Father's house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also. And you know the way to where I am going.”) Do you see the connection?

In the parable, the wise virgins refuse to share their oil because then none of them will have enough and the celebrations will be adversely affected. The wise virgins, these ladies in waiting who attend the bride, are simply fulfulling their duty to wait on the bride. They took the pains to make sure they had extra oil in case the bridegroom was delayed. So they will tell the foolish virgins to go buy more olive oil from whomever has some to sell. Any Jew with an olive tree and an olive press would most likely have some on hand, and some might actually be in the business of supplying olive oil. 

But because the foolish virgins didn't go the extra mile to make sure they wouldn't be caught without enough oil, they miss out on the festivities of the wedding between the bridegroom and the bride, and the groom doesn't know who they are when they show up banging on the door to be let in.

So, let's transition to the spiritual side of this parable; what the kingdom of heaven will look like when the bridegroom returns. Time and time again, Jesus warns His disciples [and those who flock to his teachings] to be ready.... "Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect" (Matthew 24:44); "Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour" (Matthew 25:13). Stay awake; be watchful are warnings throughout the New Testament. To me, it is obvious that the wise virgins made sure they would be ready and prepared, and had plenty of oil to last, no matter how long it took the bridegroom to return. The foolish virgins were content to rely on only what was required, and did not store up for the future.

So, is there anything else I see in this parable? Because Jesus makes it clear that this parable is what it will be like in the kingdom of heaven, I surmise He is referring to when He returns at His Second Coming, when the kingdom of heaven will be fully established on earth at His presence in the Millennial Kingdom. We are not to just inhabit the earth until His return; we are to take back territory from the kingdom of darkness, thereby expanding the kingdom on earth. And what effect does that have for us in eternity, when we will be where He is?

When He returns, we will be called before Him at the Bema Seat judgment to report what we did for His kingdom during His sojourn to His Father's House. The extra oil that the wise virgins have with them represents what they accomplished for the Kingdom, and they will receive crowns and rewards. The foolish virgins, while Saved, will inherit their salvation, but no rewards or crowns. The wedding feast is for those who diligently attended the bride and walked in their kingdom power and authority, working with Jesus to accomplish the Father's will; often at great sacrifice and risk. Jesus will know them! Those who carried the title of bridal attendants, but rested on that privilege, without a personal experience in working with Jesus will go unrecognized. 

The rewards we earn cannot be borrowed from another, and cannot be sold to another. When Jesus returns, all those who are Saved will enter Heaven, and that includes all ten virgins. But there will be a wedding between Jesus, the Messiah/Bridegroom and His Bride (a union between a restored Israel and Jesus's Ekklesia). There will also be a wedding feast to celebrate this union and covenant ordained by God. Not everyone is invited to the feast. Only those whom Jesus intimately knows. And I think it goes without saying, that the foolish virgins will lament the time wasted and the inheritance/rewards lost.

I want to finish this post by saying that this parable has a depth that is almost unfathomable. By no means, do I have it all figured out, or all the puzzle pieces in the right places. My understanding is a work in progress. But I hope with the questions my reader asked, and my attempt to explain my current understanding, it will encourage and excite you to dive in with us. There is no more satisfaction than that which comes from getting closer to your Savior and the Father, when you study and receive the guidance and counsel of the Holy Spirit in the process. And be prepared for your opinions to change and your knowledge to grow. This journey with God is never stagnant! We are to grow from glory to glory, and it's all His Glory! Join us!

Matthew 16:27  For the Son of Man is going to come in the glory (majesty, splendor) of His Father with His angels, and then He will render account and reward every man in accordance with what he has done.

October 7, 2020

Understanding The "Hosts" of God


I wanted to take a slight detour today to shine a light on a subject that needs some clarification. Unless you're one who delights [as I do] in studying the etymology of the Bible, then what I'm writing about today may have escaped you. I love researching the origin of words in the Bible and the historical understanding of them. As happens quite often, I have found that our 21st Century Greek mindset can sometimes assign a broad definition to a word, when in fact, taken in context, the word can render a completely different awareness of the nature of God. So forgive me if I take you on what is a typical journey for me. 

I started my research while preparing for a Bible study lesson with my mother-in-law. We are in the Book of Matthew, and what I think is probably one of the most fascinating and difficult parables is the Parable of the Wedding [or Marriage] Feast. Jesus begins by saying, “The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a king who gave a wedding feast for his son, and sent his servants to call those who were invited to the wedding feast, but they would not come. Again he sent other servants, saying, ‘Tell those who are invited, “See, I have prepared my dinner, my oxen and my fat calves have been slaughtered, and everything is ready. Come to the wedding feast.”’ But they paid no attention and went off, one to his farm, another to his business, while the rest seized his servants, treated them shamefully, and killed them. The king was angry, and he sent his troops and destroyed those murderers and burned their city.

It is not too difficult to discern that "the king" in the parable is God, the Father, who is giving a wedding feast for His "son" (Jesus), and sends His "servants" (the prophets) to call "those who were invited" (the Jews) to the feast. But when they refused the invitation and then mistreated and killed His prophets, God became angry, and the Bible says "He sent His troops and destroyed those murderers and burned their city". 

Now, I know that is a difficult passage to accept ... God sends His "troops" to murder and burn the city of the Jews, which must rightfully be interpreted as Jerusalem. Can this be true? Does God send "troops" against His own people? We know that the parable goes on to tell us that God then sends more prophets to invite guests who had not been previously invited, which would be the Gentiles [and includes us]. But I want to concentrate on that image of an angry God who sent His "troops" against His own. Is it just a story, or is it found in history? And does God have an army other than the Heavenly Host of angels that we are familiar with?

First of all, I looked at various versions of this parable and found that the word "troops" is used here in the English Standard Version (ESV); "soldiers" is used in the Amplified Version (AMP); and "armies" is used in the King James Version (KJV). So, obviously this is a military image Jesus is painting for us, and He doesn't hide the fact that the Father was angry. And we can't ignore that this picture is being presented in the New Testament, where the usual interpretation of God's army is the "Heavenly Host"; an army of angels. Now, can we also agree that this angelic army [or "host"] does the Father's bidding and is organized for war? But our typical comprehension is that God's host goes to war against Satan and his army. So, again, is this parable of God bringing an army against His own people borne out in history? 

Well, in 721 BC, God used the Assyrians to destroy the northern kingdom of Israel and took all the tribes into captivity, except for the southern kingdom of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. In 586 BC, God used Nebuchadnezzar to destroy the Temple in Jerusalem and take Judah into captivity in Babylon. They are in captivity for 70 years in Babylon until King Cyrus lets them return to Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple. And after the Jews reject Jesus as their Messiah and He is crucified, God sends the Roman troops to Jerusalem, once again destroying and burning the Temple in 70 AD.


The parable represents a disobedient and rebellious people who time and again turn their backs on God, and it results in a severe reprimand. God is obviously using nations as His disciplinarian "army". Is this a theme found only in the Old Testament and do we find any evidence that God can [and still will] choose this form of disciplining His sons and daughters? We can certainly find several such warnings in the Old Testament before God sent His Son to deliver us. In Deuteronomy 28:47-48, God shares what the curses for disobedience can look like: Because you did not serve the Lord your God with joyfulness and gladness of heart, because of the abundance of all things [He has given you], therefore you shall serve your enemies whom the Lord will send against you, in hunger and thirst, in nakedness, and lacking everything. And he will put a yoke of iron on your neck until he has destroyed you. 


In Jeremiah 30:8, we find God promising restoration from His discipline: And it shall come to pass in that day, declares the Lord of hosts, that I will break his yoke from off your neck, and I will burst your bonds, and foreigners shall no more make a servant of him. Yet, in verse 11, He still makes it clear that disobedience comes with a price: For I am with you to save you, declares the Lord; I will make a full end of all the nations among whom I scattered you, but of you I will not make a full end. I will discipline you in just measure, and I will by no means leave you unpunished.

I don't know about you, but both those passages read as if they could have been spoken over our nation. And here's where it gets really interesting ... Joel, Chapter 2, is well-known as "The Day of the Lord", and it tells of a mighty army who charges and scales walls. They do not swerve from their paths; they burst through the weapons and are not halted. I have heard modern-day Christians described as this "Joel 2 Army", and that they represent a return to the Lord, walking out the lifestyle portrayed in Joel 2:12–17 of fasting and praying. But I believe that is a misunderstanding of the overall context of the entire chapter. I believe this Chapter again portrays the nature of God to destroy [in His sovereignty].


Joel 2:11 tells us that He will come with His heavenly army to once and for all destroy the nations loyal to Satan's evil agenda: The Lord utters His voice before His army, for His camp is exceedingly great; He who executes His word is powerful. For the day of the Lord is great and very awesome; who can endure it? And then, in verse 25, He makes a promise to the children of Zion, while letting them know He was the source of their discipline:  "I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the hopper, the destroyer, and the cutter, My great army, which I sent among you."


So, we have plenty of examples of God using nations as His disciplinary troops against a rebellious member of His family. And lest you think all that discipline is only reserved for the Old Testament or the end of the Great Tribulation, let's take a look at another familiar passage, but from the perspective of the Father's discipline. In Roman's 13:1-4, Paul reminds us that God is still able to send "rulers" and "authorities" to avenge His demand for obedience and righteousness. And, as history shows us, these authorities don't necessarily represent Godliness. They might be set over us to discipline us for our rebellious ways. [That should make every one of us get on our knees and pray!] Here is Paul's warning:  Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, for he is God's servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God's wrath on the wrongdoer.


We would do well to remind ourselves that God is Immutable; unchanging over time, or unable to change. He is the same God [with the same nature] as presented in the parable of the Wedding Feast; in Deuteronomy; in Jeremiah, and in Joel. Mind you, this is not His full nature, but one that has been "shoved out of sight", if you will, in what the Church likes to call this "Age of Grace". If we are going to see Him in His fullness, then we need to see all that He is ... a God who is jealous of those He has called and is not afraid to discipline them when necessary; and a God who will soon settle scores -- inflicting His wrath on the Evil in the world by telling His Son to "mount up" with all of His Heavenly army and deliver His Justice. As we come ever nearer to our national election, who will God assign to rule over us? Are we deserving of a righteous ruler? Will God's servant be for our good, or to avenge God for our rebelliousness? Will He restore us, or send us into destruction and captivity? Pray like you've never prayed before and join me in crying, "Come, Lord Jesus, Come!"


Revelation 3:19    As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.



October 4, 2020

End Times Revival: Does The Bible Prophecy It?


I must admit I have wrestled with this question for quite awhile. And what I am going to present to you is my evolving position on this subject. This is where I am today. I am well aware of the modern-day "prophets" who preach that an awakening in the spirits of men will lead to a worldwide revival before the awesome Day of the Lord. I never want to discourage anyone or be perceived as against a revival, but I honestly do not see a Biblical interpretation of an End Times Revival.

And please hear me .... that is not to say that revival isn't real or does not happen. I do not have any authority to declare that. Throughout history, Revivals have occurred in times of need -- the Protestant Reformation in the 17th Century; the 18th Century Revivals led by John Wesley and George Whitefield; the three Great Awakenings in America (18th-19th Centuries); and the Asuza Street Revival and the Toronto Blessing in the 20th Century, to name a few. And I know the heart of "the Church" is to see Revival. But it doesn't take a very discerning spirit to recognize that there has been no revival in the Church that has defeated the wickedness in the world. In fact, the Church that resides in the building has been more about maintaining their position of compromise and accommodation in order to try and remain relevant to modern society [and to keep their status within man's law]. But this position has only seen wickedness and lawlessness rise while abdicating any power and authority they might once have held to change the world. That has left the Body of Christ sitting on the fence in a Laodicean, lukewarm posture.

That being said, I do see revival in the midst of small groups who recognize that the Holy Spirit has left the Church building, and who are willing to be true Disciples of the Lord and take His Gospel of the Kingdom outside the building, wherever they are led. This Body is the Ekklesia, the representatives of God's government on earth; those willing to go on the offensive and take God's Truth of who we were created to be, in spite of opposition, whether from unbelievers or believers. And when discerning that Truth [in all things, including today's prophecies of a worldwide revival], I go to the Bible to see what Jesus prophesied.

Nowhere do I see Jesus telling us to look for such a revival before the end of the Church Age. In Matthew 24, His Disciples ask Him for signs that will signify the end of this Age and His Coming. He warns not to be lead astray by those saying they are coming in His Name. That includes false prophets and teachers, which are not necessarily men who are seeking to deceive others, but may be deceived themselves into thinking they are hearing from God. Jesus goes on to say that we will hear of wars and rumors of wars; nations and kingdoms rising up against each other; famines and earthquakes. Then comes tribulation and martyrdom; being hated by all those who hate Him. Then a great falling away will occur, meaning there will be those who stumble in their faith and will betray their fellow believers in order to save themselves from persecution. The lawlessness will cause hearts to grow cold, and love will escape them. Jesus says the one who endures [and perseveres in their faith to survive the persecution] will be saved [delivered; rescued]. 

Jesus doesn't sugarcoat it. It's going to be difficult to live on this earth as we get closer to His Return. Nowhere do I see Him say that we can expect a Revival to ease our suffering and usher Him in. In fact, rebellion comes first, which results in the falling away and hearts growing cold. Again, I pray for revival and rejuvenation and renewed strength among those who are willing to contend in fervent prayer [as the Ekklesia] in order to hold up the appearance of the Man of Lawlessness, who will set things in motion for Jesus's eventual Return. I recognize the purpose of the cycle of Revival throughout the history of the world because it snatches victory out of the hands of the Enemy every time someone repents and receives Christ as their Savior. Revivals please the Lord because the Father doesn't want to lose even one of His creation. Revivals are real and we can most definitely pray for them to happen because that is how the Gospel of Salvation has advanced across the globe. And now I see the revival in the Ekklesia advancing the Gospel of the Kingdom, which is what Jesus came preaching, and what I think is spurring the Enemy to advance his kingdom of wickedness and lawlessness.  

Even as the Church grows "cold", there will always be pockets of Believers who remain "hot" to share the Gospel of the Kingdom; leading people to repentance, then salvation, and on towards entering the Kingdom of God on earth. And I believe the number of people who exemplify that kind of "revival" will be relatively small in number. You see, those I hear prophesying today of a great worldwide revival resulting in millions of people becoming part of "the Church" doesn't seem to correspond to Scripture. If that were so, wouldn't the Bible reveal an expanding and extension of the Church Age instead of it growing cold? I don't see the Word telling us that the Church will be purified in the Last Days. Instead it will "fall away".

I hear modern-day prophets using Scripture such as Psalm 22:27-28 to justify that this worldwide Revival is going to happen: All the ends of the earth shall remember and return to the Lord, and all the families of the nations shall worship before You. For kingship belongs to the Lord, and He rules over the nations. But when read in context, I believe this is referring to the Millennial Kingdom, the 1000-year reign of Christ after His return. And I also witness many today who like to take such snippets of Scripture as Joel 2:23 to point to a Revival in our time: Be glad, O children of Zion, and rejoice in the Lord your God, for he has given the early rain for your vindication; he has poured down for you abundant rain, the early and the latter rain, as before. I, too hope for vindication as we pray that Father God will forgive our complacency, our contentment, and our self-satisfaction in our selfish deeds. 

I know the American Church sincerely desires a Great Revival because we can no longer ignore the immoral state of our nation. We are awakened to how we have failed as the Church in living up to the covenant made with God when those first faithful servants stepped foot on this ground. We've always been a prosperous and blessed nation, and we see that identity in jeopardy. We're more divided than ever along racial lines; the Freedoms enshrined in our Constitution seem to be slipping away; and more people are leaving the Church building because they are not being fed in the Word. They intuitively know that there is more to walking in the footsteps of the Lord than church attendance, and their spirits are hungry for a true encounter with Jesus to discover their purpose on this earth. 

These are the people seeking personal revival and they will be the ones who advance the Kingdom of God -- right up until the moment of the corporate revival of the Jews. This is the promise of Revival in the Bible! This was made so clear to me some years ago when a dear friend opened up the Lord's revelation through Romans 11. For the first time, I saw that the Remnant of Israel [those who choose to call on the Name of the Lord], will receive their salvation and reclaim their original status as the nation who will lead the world to the knowledge of God. And the fullness of saved Israel will bring about the Glory of God on the earth, as Jesus returns and defeats Evil. Then all those who are saved will enter into the Millennial Kingdom. 

So, we can take heart that revival is real! It will happen as it has always happened -- in small pockets and in cycles. And we should pray for those revivals, because as Gentiles grafted into the cultivated olive tree that is God's Chosen People, it is our faithfulness to expand the Gospel of Christ [in both Salvation and Kingdom messages] that will provoke Israel to jealousy in the coming End Times, and they will want the security we have in Christ. While revival might not look like what we hear being prophesied throughout the modern Church, it will look like whatever God intends to use to redeem the world. Pray about what your part in that revival looks like, and how you can become part of God's Promise to Israel and the world!

Jeremiah 30:17     For I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal, declares the Lord, because they have called you an outcast: ‘It is Zion, for whom no one cares!’


October 1, 2020

How I Am Praying For Our Nation

All of us who believe in the power of prayer can have a tremendous impact on the spiritual war being waged against America. It has become very clear that our country is under demonic opposition and attack.  The deterioration of our society is ample evidence of the Enemy's influence through the assignments given to Satan's provocateurs and generals.  However, if you have read my previous posts on Warfare in the Spiritual Realms, then you know that I have also come to know the importance of Prayer and the Word of God as powerful weapons in our battle to destroy Satan's strongholds.

I offer no formula or precise way to pray; just my sincere thoughts as to how we might join together to defeat The Enemy and those in agreement with his lies. So, what I offer are some tactics that I hope you would consider in your own prayer time with the Father. Meditate on these ideas in your spirit and then pray as you are led. Here are some strategies to take into consideration:

• We can humbly, yet boldly, approach God's throne as part of the privilege we have as His child. His Word tells us in Hebrews 4:16, that we can "approach the throne of grace [that is, the throne of God’s gracious favor and power] with confidence and without fear, so that our nation may receive mercy [for our failures] and find [His amazing] grace to help in this desperate time of our great need. Not since the Civil War of 1860, has our nation been so polarized, and it is going to take God's intervention to keep us from repeating that destruction.

• We can bow down at YHWH's throne, and ask that He consider our request as He did the requests of Moses when he pleaded on behalf of the rebellious Israelites. Over and over again, when they turned their backs on Him, He forgave them and restored them to His favor.  We must confess that we have turned away from Him and opened spiritual doors for Evil to transform this nation in ways that dishonor Him. It is imperative that we repent of the sins of this nation, ask for forgiveness, and humbly request that God send His warring angels on our behalf. We cannot turn this nation around without His help!

• We can specifically ask that we be made into a strong, bold, spiritual army.  We can speak His Word into the spiritual realms: "We are human, but we don't wage war as humans do. We use the mighty weapons of the Lord, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments. We destroy every proud obstacle that keeps people from knowing the Lord!  We capture their rebellious thoughts and teach them to obey Christ". (2 Corinthians 10:3-5). 

• In the name of Jesus, we can renounce the spirit of Anti-Christ and the demonic spirits of anger, hatred, racism, tyranny, anarchy, and murder that have overwhelmed our country in recent days. We can renounce, in the mighty name of Jesus, the demonic spirits of division and discord that feed upon our sins, and pray that the Heavenly Host would be put on assignment to place every spirit of disharmony and disunity under the authority of Jesus. We can invite Lord Jesus to take the throne of the realm of this nation, and rule over this territory with His rod of iron. In His mighty Name, we can bind all of Satan's gatekeepers and place each and every portal access point belonging to him and his followers under the authority and jurisdiction of the Kingdom of God.

• We can place the blood of Jesus upon every portal access point and open door of evil and seal them with the Holy Spirit. We can take the sword of the Spirit and the Word of God, which are the strongest weapons we have, and cut this nation free from Satan's realm and his promised inheritance. We can appeal to the Father's righteous justice, and declare that as a man sows, so shall he reap. Therefore, we can pray that Satan and his prince of America would now reap a hundred-fold return for all of the evil sown against us individually, and as a nation.

• We can, in the name of Jesus, take authority over every demon that has been operating under the authority of Satan and the rulers of Marxism, Communism, and Socialism that have been assigned to the United States, and we can declare that they are discovered, apprehended, bound, pierced through, and thrust out of our country for judgment. We can declare that these demonic spirits will be sent to wherever the Lord Jesus sends them. And we can place the Cross between them and this nation, so that they may never return.

• We can proclaim Psalm 18:2-3: "The Lord God is our Rock, and our Fortress, and our Deliverer. He is our strength, and our God in whom we trust.  He is our Shield, and the power and strength behind our salvation, and He is our tower of refuge.  We will praise the Lord, for He is worthy to be praised, and we will be saved from our enemies".  And we can declare Ephesians 3:20-21:  "Now, to Him, whose Power is at work in us; who is able to carry out His purpose (in our lives and in the world), and to do it more abundantly than we could ever dare to ask or think; to Him be the Glory in His Ekklesia, in Jesus, our Savior, and to all the generations to come". We can declare, "So be it!"

• And not least of all, we can put on the armor of God; the complete armor He provides us in these days of battle ... we can put on the belt of Truth, which is His Truth -- not the truth of the world, not our own truth, not the truth of the media or the political parties, nor the truth of the Enemy. It is the truth of His character and His promises; it is the truth that is the foundation of our life. Next, we can put on the breastplate of righteousness, which protects our hearts, where His laws have been written.  It is a free-will choice that we make to put that breastplate on and to determine to walk in the footsteps of Christ.  And in the midst of heated battle, that breastplate is also a symbol to those in the spiritual realm -- they recognize which side we belong to, and Whom we obey.  We can also strap on the sandals of the peace of the Gospel; the Good News that Jesus has returned the dominion of the earth to His followers, and we are Kingdom ambassadors. We can shout, "He who began a good work in me will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus"! We can also embrace the peace that comes from knowing Jesus is forever with us; He will never leave us nor forsake us. We can then pick up the shield of Faith, which is our trust and confidence in Jesus Christ as our Savior.  It is also the faithfulness of our Father, in protecting us from the fiery darts of the Enemy. We can praise Him for the countless times we have been protected and shielded without even knowing it. And lastly, we can wield the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, who is Jesus, our Savior, and the Lord and Master of our soul. When we speak the Word of God out loud in this physical realm, it is a mighty weapon to defeat any spirit that might come against us. When our spirits speak the Word into the spirit realm, it may not be heard in this world, but it destroys strongholds in the spiritual world.

So, these are some of the tactics that we can employ in the momentous days to come. There has been a battle in the spiritual realm over ownership of this earth since the Garden. And it is our time in history to join that battle as part of the Lord's earthly army. We fight alongside the angelic army in the Second Heaven, and our prayers have consequences in both this heaven and the next. We must stand up and be counted as we join our voices in forceful and urgent prayer! We must drown out the voices of those who call for division, destruction, and ruination of our country. 

As you contemplate these battle plans, I want to share what might seem like a trivial comment, but it is the farewell message of the Ambassador from the Philippines, General Romulo, as he returned to his home after 17 years in diplomatic service in the United States: "Never forget, Americans, that yours is a spiritual country. Yes, I know you're a practical people. Like others, I've marveled at your factories, your skyscrapers, and your arsenals. But underlying everything else is the fact that America began as a God-loving, God-fearing, God-worshiping people, knowing that there is a spark of the Divine in each one of us. It is this respect for the dignity of the human spirit which keeps America invincible. May you always endure and, as I say again in parting, thank you, America, and farewell. May God keep you always, and may you always keep God." 

That statement was made 58 years ago. Does his description of our country still apply? Did we keep God? Are we still a nation that loves and fears God; are we still a nation that worships the Most High God? Or have we allowed the Anti-Christ spirit to invade our land and sow the seeds of Marxism and rebellion? Do we still respect the dignity of the human spirit, and believe there is a spark of the Divine in each one of us, or have we abolished that notion through our worship of abortion? If so, then perhaps we are no longer the invincible nation we once were. Perhaps we better declare that our failures have made us vulnerable to the lies of the Enemy and that our youth are drinking from the cup of our disobedience and rebellion. Are we, the Ekklesia, joined with the true followers of Christ, enough in number to forestall the discipline and judgment that we are due? Can we avoid captivity and enslavement to unjust forces, and can we hold on to our freedoms? 

Our Father in Heaven is not insensitive to our needs. I believe He hears our cries. But I know that His Word says there comes a time when the powers of darkness begin to take over the governments of the world, and the voices of the righteous [in Jesus] will be suppressed. I don't claim to know where we are on that timeline, but my spirit senses the birth pangs of that reality. This nation's Declaration of Independence says that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of our rights to pursue Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government. In this election cycle, we can see the unrest and rebellion against our foundational principles of government and a desire to institute a "new" government. And it is not hard to see that it is not a God-loving, God-fearing, or God-worshiping style of governing system. 

So, are we at a point of no return? Nothing is impossible when we side with God! Please join me in praying that He is not through with America; that we can still be His instrument of righteousness and justice in the world. Take these strategies of prayer that I have presented and add to them as the Holy Spirit guides you. Trust in the Lord to deliver us; and if we are to go into captivity, trust Him to use you to put His Light upon a stand, so that all may see it and come to it. Be the one who lifts that Light on high, and announces that the darkness can never extinguish it!

Matthew 6:13     And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Yours is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory forever. Amen!