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March 15, 2023

Don't Let Religion Limit the Freedom That Is Available in "Deliverance Ministries"

This is a very delicate subject, and I am going to try to be very careful as to how I express my opinion. I know that the use of a wrong word, or my failure to fully explain my experiences, or what I believe regarding Scripture can further the misunderstanding and debate over Deliverance Ministries. And it is very easy for the Body of Christ to become religious and divided over the terminology. I'd like to share what I find in the Bible on this subject, and to give a testament of my experiences in this realm of Christian ministry.

First of all, I want to say that there is so much opinion as to what constitutes "Deliverance." [I will speak to the controversy as to whether it is a biblical ministry in a moment]. The word Deliverance has different meanings to different people, and it can actually look and be understood differently, even by those who serve in this manner. Of course, it is probably most identified with casting demons or spirits out of a person, such as Jesus did with the Gadarene madman/demoniac. Let me be clear by saying that sanctified Christians will not be "possessed" by demons who have taken over their bodies -- unless they fall away from their faith and agree to that possession. Unsaved people can certainly become possessed, and are in need of having demons cast out, which can be an effective way to introduce them to the power of Jesus [in us] to set them free. Notice I said it is Jesus's power in us! I do not claim that any man can do it on his own.

But deliverance can also look like the tearing down of strongholds in one's life [or the demolishing of  deceptive thoughts/arguments/practices that the devil has convinced us to receive through our own sin, or through the sins committed against us]. In this case, we can partner with Jesus and the Holy Spirit to help and aid [minister to] the person to have an encounter with Jesus to refute those lies [that keep them "oppressed"] and hear His truth about who we are in Him. Once those strongholds are torn down and Jesus's Light can pour into the darkness we've been carrying around in our minds and souls, then we can cast out spirits of anger, shame, guilt, unworthiness etc. that we've been holding on to. These are very real low-level spirits/demons who are weakened when Jesus defeats the devil in our lives. This form of deliverance ministry is more often known as Inner Healing, and is what the Lord has so graciously given me and my husband as an assignment to serve His Kingdom. We are able to bring a fuller measure of freedom by destroying the strongholds, and then casting out the demons whose ability to oppress the person has been greatly reduced. 

So, I hope you can see just how confusing the term "Deliverance Ministry" can be, even within the ranks of those who have been called to serve in this manner. And I hope I've made it clear that there is a very distinctive difference between being "possessed" and being "oppressed". Now I want to address the Christians who will say that the use of the term "Deliverance Ministry" is not biblical. They will claim that Ephesians 4:11 gives a clear description of the ministries of the Church; namely, apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. Period. But that is not exactly what the Bible says. That is only part of a long sentence in which Paul teaches a bigger concept that we need to know regarding our service to our King. 

Paul relates that Jesus ascended into Heaven so that His Presence might fill the whole universe with the knowledge of Him. Then Paul talks about the purpose of the various offices [apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers] ... "to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ, until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to mature manhood, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ, so that we may no longer be children, tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes". [Boldface emphasis is obviously mine]. The fullness of the purposes of those offices actually covers Ephesians 4:11-14! I believe it is deceptive to limit this important concept to just one verse.

I hope you will consider this thought: the Amplified version of Scripture actually tells us that it is Jesus, Himself, who "appoints" these important offices [or assignments] within the Body of Christ, and He has done so with a specific purpose: that they might "equip the saints for the work of ministry". After looking up the origins of the words "equip" and "ministry", this is what I am discerning ... Jesus places a calling on one's life in one of those five positions. Then the job of those offices is to equip [or perfect a person fully] to minister [or do works of service; to administer works of relief or aid in service to the Body of Christ]. So, the idea that Deliverance Ministry is not mentioned as a Jesus-appointed office does not negate the concept that we are all to become fully perfected [made complete] to provide relief or aid to our fellow Christians [and nonbelievers, too] from the spiritual attacks of the Enemy [or the "craftiness in deceitful schemes" that the devil loves to employ]. 

Furthermore, Jesus lists the casting out of demons as part of His Great Commission in Matthew 28. He tells the disciples to "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you". And what did He command them to do? In Matthew 10, He says, "As you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons". Jesus clearly states in John 14:12, "I assure you and most solemnly say to you, anyone who believes in Me [as Savior] will also do the things that I do; and he will do even greater things than these [in extent and outreach], because I am going to the Father". I believe that Jesus intends us to do the works of ministry that He did. And it is the assignment of those He has appointed within the Body of Christ to equip all saints to the ministry of these works. 

I would like to close this expository with the conclusion about Deliverance Ministry that was written on the Crosswalk website. The writer ended their article with this summation: "Are deliverance ministries biblical? I believe they are not. I do believe that we are in a spiritual battle daily, but there is no ministry or person who can “cure” us. Christians have the spirit of God in them, which leaves no room for demons to take up residence. God’s Word specifically tells us that He alone can save us from our sins. When we accept Him, we are free from our sin. Our sin may haunt us, but it can never control us because we are children of God".  

Let me respond to this opinion [which the writer is entitled to]. I consider my husband and myself to be "Inner Healing" ministers, which I would say is a form of Deliverance ministry. We would never say we could "cure" anyone of the spiritual issues that are part of their daily walk. And as previously stated in this post, if someone has received Jesus as their Savior, then they are sanctified by the Holy Spirit, and they cannot be "possessed", which is what I think the writer means when she says, there is "no room for demons to take up residence". But people can be "oppressed", or tormented by the lies, thoughts, and accusations [they hear in their minds] that the devil will try to get them to receive as their identity. We make it clear that we are not their Savior. Jesus is! 

But what we can do is help them to know who they are in Christ by inviting Jesus and Holy Spirit to be present and counter those lies with the truth about who Jesus says they are. I have been blessed to witness -- countless times -- the presence of Jesus who appears to a person's spirit to wash the effects of sin from their mind and emotions, and they hear [in their innermost parts] His voice tell them they are "loved", or call them "my Son or Daughter", or "you are clean"... any number of personal encounters with the only One who can set them free. We ALWAYS make it clear that it is His power that accomplishes their freedom from oppression. We are just His obedient servants to work with Him to make it possible for someone to walk away from their bondage.

Lastly, I want to address the comment, "When we accept Him, we are free from our sins. Our sin may haunt us, but it can never control us because we are children of God". How many wonderfully saved Christians are filling the Church pews, but are struggling with spiritual oppression? How many come to Church on Sunday filled with guilt or shame or anger because they are not living in freedom from molestation, adultery, pornography, addiction? Yes, they are haunted, but I also have seen many who are controlled by such spiritual attacks through their anger, bitterness, self-rejection and fear. 

Just because we have accepted Jesus as our Savior does not mean we are necessarily free of the oppression from the lies that Satan continues to whisper, and which steal our joy and peace He died to bring us. I believe Jesus wants us all, as His disciples, to be equipped to minister to our fellow Christians. And, just as He did, we can reach nonbelievers when we can introduce them to the healing power of Jesus that is in us. We just have to be willing to say, "Yes" to His invitation to minister as He did. As He said in John 14:12, we can do the things He did precisely because we have the same power in us that He did -- the Holy Spirit! And since He has gone to the Father, He is no longer here on the earth to do these freeing acts of service, so He needs us to work with Him [from Heaven] just as He worked with His Father [who was in Heaven].

I believe Jesus wants [and needs] us to fulfill this ministry as we get closer to His return. Satan and his demons know their time is short, and as many Christians as he can sideline and get off the battlefield, the more chance he has to cause destruction and chaos in the lives of Believers and nonbelievers, alike. Jesus died to set us free and give us life abundantly. Far too many people are open to oppression and torment as the days get darker. If we can become equipped by men and women whom Jesus has appointed to help us attain the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ, then why would we deny this much-needed ministry to those who need it? Aren't we to grow up "in every way in Him"? 

I am so encouraged by the spiritual awakening and spirit of revival that is beginning to be manifested in the world. But I believe that Deliverance is an important adjunct to receiving the fullness of revival. When revival comes, the demons may rise up in opposition at the command of their leader to squelch the movement. It has been so since the beginning of time. Deliverance by qualified servants of Christ -- who have been trained and equipped for just such an assignment -- will allow the power of revival to flow unhindered and unrestrained; allowing it to reach its full potential. 

Without the option to receive Deliverance [if needed], the spiritual high of revival might become diminished by the spirit of bondage that still remains at the core of the person. As Pastor Greg Locke is quoted as saying on The Christian Post, "If you think back, every type of revival we had except one, there's never been a revival of deliverance," he continued. "As a matter of fact, you look at Azusa Street, the birthplace of the Pentecostal movement, it stopped, historically, because when deliverance began to break out, people didn't understand it. So they shut it down. You look at the Jesus Revolution, you look at Lonnie Frisbee, they didn't want to go into deliverance, and so [they] shut it down. It allowed him not to be able to fight his own demons and then not be able to move into deliverance."

Let us, as the Body of Christ, be willing to cast off the cloak of Religion and the spirit of fear to understand that whether Jesus was casting out a powerful demon in Gadara, or ministering to the woman at the well, the blind or the lame, He was portraying His ministry of Deliverance from the bondage of Satan. I want to do the things that He did! I want to work with Him to bring freedom to the lives of those who love Him! Let us not diminish His work in these times. We need His ministry in its fullness ... now more than ever! 

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Psalm 34:4  I sought the Lord [on the authority of His word], and He answered me, And delivered me from all my fears.


April 25, 2022

Why Does Paul Tell Us To Work Out Our Own Salvation? Didn't Jesus Take Care Of That?

Sometimes when studying a familiar passage in the Bible, I find that I have more questions than answers about something I thought I understood perfectly well. Such is the case with Philippians 2:12-13. Paul is writing to the Philippians to encourage them to be in unity as the Church; agreeing as servants of God for the sake of harmony and solidarity. The verses that are most widely associated with this Pauline letter are verses 12 and 13, in Chapter 2: Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.

Now, if I was not a Christian, and was a critic of Christianity, I might wonder, "Why is Paul instructing Believers to work out their own salvation? I thought Christianity taught that Jesus was the Source and Power of man's salvation. And if He is the Son of God and full of love, why would Paul say to work it [salvation] out with "fear and trembling"? I always want to be prepared to defend why I believe the Bible, and so I often find myself anticipating these kinds of questions from those who are unfamiliar with the whole counsel of God, or doubt the importance of Scripture.

So, here's what I determined when researching these verses ... Paul is speaking to New Testament Christians who have 1) been faithful Jews and have come from their Old Testament understanding of what "salvation" means, OR ...  2) his audience is new Christians who have the same question that I posed in the title of this post: Why do I need to work out my own salvation, if I am to believe that Jesus paid the price for saving me from my sins? 

The first audience [steeped in Old Testament history and theology] would have understood the word salvation to be the Hebrew word, Yeshuw'ah, meaning "deliverance". Salvation to that audience would not have been understood as a salvation from sin, but rather as a broad-spectrum deliverance from things that came against mankind, such as distress, war, servitude, or enemies. This word, which denotes "deliverance", was generally used with God as the subject. He was the One who bestowed salvation [deliverance] upon someone. He was known as the salvation of His people; the One who came to their rescue and delivered them from their oppressors. [NOTE: Obviously, this was their view of the pre-incarnate and Old Testament God who would come as His Son, Jesus, to save the world from permanent separation from God]. To this audience, the worst reproach that could be made against a person was that God did not come to his rescue. 

The second audience of recently converted New Testament Christians would have understood the word salvation to be the Greek word, soteria, meaning "the spiritual and eternal deliverance granted immediately by God to those who accept His conditions of repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus, in whom alone [salvation] is to be obtained". Since Paul has abandoned his Pharisaic persecution of Christians and is now preaching the forgiveness of sins and the promise of eternal life that Jesus's crucifixion and resurrection provided for us, I think it is safe to say that this is the understanding of the word "salvation" that Paul would be teaching. He is preaching the Good News that Jesus's death and resurrection offers us the experience of God's power [in our lives] to deliver us from the bondage of sin! Furthermore, this understanding of salvation lets Believers be assured of being delivered from the wrath of God that is destined to be executed upon the ungodly at the end of this age; i.e., those who reject Jesus. 

We can comprehend the tension that would have existed over understanding that word, salvation. Religious Jews were being asked to accept a new paradigm of understanding God -- His rescue, deliverance, and protection had a greater meaning. It was no longer just a material/physical deliverance, but now extended to a covering of sin and the promise of an afterlife. Converted pagan believers were offered the same deliverance -- and both parties were eligible to be delivered from their sin (and the wrath of God) by believing that Jesus is Lord and the Son of God, and He was raised from the dead to Life Everlasting, making a way for us to follow.

So, that brings me back to the question that I'm sure has confused many people ... why does Paul tell us to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling? Here is the simplest way I know to explain my understanding ... We must assume that all those Paul is talking to [including us] are those who have come to Christ. We know that Jesus, through obedience to the Father, has achieved the highest glory: Every spirit and knee will bow to His name, the Name above every name; Adonai, Master/Lord. And every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of the Father. 

Paul is now saying that Jesus has delivered/saved our spirits from the power of Satan; our spirits can live eternally in relationship with Jesus and the Father in Heaven. In this present age, with our power and authority of Christ in us, we must work out the deliverance/salvation of our bodies and soul [mind, free will, and emotions]. We must take hold of that power and authority [of Christ in us] to defeat all the evil ways in which the Enemy will try to destroy us in this world. Our spirits are saved for all eternity, but we still have physical lives to complete here on earth and the Enemy wants to convince us that what Jesus has done for us is a lie; that we must reject the false narrative of the Kingdom of God on earth and our identities as children of God.

We must understand the seriousness of what Satan intends to bring against this world to destroy the truth of God and to permanently establish his false and wicked design for mankind to worship him ... and with that realization, we know our spirits are secure with Jesus, but we recognize that our physical bodies and souls will be under attack; and that should make us aware [with fear and trembling] that we have a battle ahead of us. BUT, Paul doesn't leave us in that apprehensive state! 

He reminds us that because we are in Christ, we have God working in us; strengthening us, energizing us, creating supernatural abilities [and a longing in our souls] to fulfill the very purpose He sent our spirits to these earthly bodies. Satan wants to scare us and threaten us, but the power in us is greater than anything he can bring against us! Jesus has provided a way for our spirits to overcome this world and live eternally, and has left us with His power [in us] to defeat the tactics of the Enemy and achieve God's Master Plan for the Universe. So hold fast to these words of Life, and rejoice that you have been trusted to represent the Savior of this world and all worlds to come!  

1 Peter 5:8-10   Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.   Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world. And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.


March 14, 2021

Release the Artificial Dam and Let the Blessings Flow!

This post is going to fall into the category of personal, but I believe it is meant to bring freedom to so many other people. This is my story alone, but I have no doubt that many of you will identify with it. For some time now, I have been crying out and seeking for more intimacy with my Father in Heaven. And to be honest, I couldn't quite describe what I was lacking, I just discerned my relationship with Him wasn't all I wanted or needed it to be. Something was missing and it was coming from me, not Him.

I thought I was in a real relationship with Him -- I was able to talk to Abba Father about all He was doing in mine and Mark's ministry and praise Him for allowing us to work with Him to help others. And I had no problem praying for others, or asking for blessings in their lives, or for resources they needed to move into the greater purpose of who they were created to be. I was able to partner with Jesus to see them receive a level of intimacy with their Savior that they had never experienced before, and I often found myself in tears of joy and awe as I watched it transform their lives. 

I did know a level of intimacy that was way more than before I asked Jesus to be my Savior. Yet, why couldn't I experience the full measure of intimacy that I knew was just out of reach? God began to unravel my confusion in a series of "reveals" that began as I took part in a study on the portions of our spirit (see email link at the end of this post to embark on your own "Spirit Bootcamp"). My spirit recognized and was in harmony with the portions Prophet, Servant, Exhorter, and Teacher. But when we got to Giver, I struggled with understanding how it related to the others and to God. When I learned it is the portion of my spirit that grants access to God, I knew I was going to need to deal with this question of intimacy. After all, if there was something hindering access to Father, how could I expect to experience intimacy? Then I also discovered that it also is involved in releasing the Father's blessings on others while receiving the blessings and resources He has for us. Ouch! That hit a tender spot in my spirit. But why?

I then embarked on some deep conversations with my spirit, requiring it to be vulnerable and honest with how I relate to my Heavenly Father. Of course, that took me to a place where I had to open the spiritual vaults to my relationship with my earthly father, which was more complicated than I wanted to admit. As a little girl, I remember a warm and loving daddy, who was nurturing, supportive, affectionate, had no problem saying he loved me, and championed all my activities in school. He was strict but never abusive. As the oldest and a girl, I realized as I grew older, that my brothers garnered more of his time and enjoyed more freedom. He was protective of his daughters as was usual for that time growing up in the 60's and 70's. But our relationship changed as I went off to college and became my own person, with my own ideas and dreams, which didn't always meet with the support I had known as a little girl. He still easily told me he loved me, but my spirit began to acknowledge the times I expressed my dreams and goals and was met with a dismissal or disapproval ... girls couldn't possibly travel the world like Hemingway and be a writer; how would you pay your bills? You need to get "a real job". All I wanted was acknowledgment that he approved of my passion to write, and believed in me as a writer. Subsequently, it would be 36 years before I gave myself permission to write just for the joy of it. I don't want to list a litany of the wounds that my spirit shared with me because I don't want to dishonor the memory of my father. But this was my spirit sharing memories from its perspective, so that gave them some credibility. 

So, as I wept before the Lord that I had been unaware that my spirit had been hurting from the words and actions of my earthly father, I forgave my dad again because I knew he didn't deliberately cause me pain. And I asked my Heavenly Father to forgive me for transferring my image of my earthly father onto Him. After all, I was well aware that this is a common deception that the devil whispers to us humans (both men and women alike), and I intellectually rejected that possibility for myself -- I knew the love of the Father and didn't compare it to my dad's ... or did I? And then I remembered what I had learned about the Giver portion of my spirit ... it is responsible for granting access to Father God and receiving the blessings and resources that He has destined for me! Here I was fervently praying for intimacy and all the resources I knew were mine and asking God to reveal what was blocking them so I could partner with Him in the Spirit to see them released --- and it was looking like I was the one blocking access! 

When my dad could not [or would not; for whatever reason] give me his blessings that I longed for, I was subconsciously applying that denial to Father God. My hopes and desires for blessings and resources had been dammed up by my dad's refusal and I couldn't separate that from my Father's heart. I didn't need to do anything to win His approval or change what I was asking for (feeling as if maybe I wasn't somehow worthy); I just needed to open myself to receive what He has had predestined for me from the foundations of the world and that are written in my Book of Life! That dam holding back access and blessings had been erected over years in my childhood and young adulthood, and I had failed to recognize that it didn't exist in my Father's heavenly realm. It was an unnatural, artificial spiritual dam that I had allowed to exist, keeping me from accepting and receiving all that Father God wanted to give me! The problem was, I had been asking with the wrong heart and eventually hesitated to even ask, feeling somehow guilty for asking. After all, didn't the Bible tell me I was supposed to be content in whatever situation I found myself? It was now time to deal with this once and for all. So, I submitted everything to my Abba Father, and allowed Him to heal me.

I experienced such a profound emotional connection between my spirit and my Heavenly Father, casting off the rejection my spirit had been feeling [and I was unaware of]. I knew the blessings and resources were real and they could now be released in the spiritual realms and manifest in the natural! They are real and they are mine and they are on their way! I hadn't realized that my spirit was keeping me distanced from the love, affection and intimacy with Father God because it was afraid of being disappointed. But now I know that it is His heart to give His children all that is good... Do you know of any parent who would give his hungry child, who asked for food, a plate of rocks instead? Or when asked for a piece of fish, what parent would offer his child a snake instead?  If you, imperfect as you are, know how to lovingly take care of your children and give them what’s best, how much more ready is your heavenly Father to give wonderful gifts to those who ask Him?” (Matthew 7:9-11).

I now am able to give myself what I have partnered with Jesus to give to others. I no longer dwell on past experiences or allow the Enemy to start building another spiritual dam to stop the flow of blessings and resources. I am no longer tentative about approaching Father with my joys, my sorrows, my desires or disappointments. I know He desires me to be all He made me to be; never holding back His blessings, or denying me the resources that He has stored up for me in Heaven. As I've told so many who have come to our table for ministry... this journey to wholeness is a process. And I'm not too proud to admit that I'm still in the midst of my own sanctifying process. I am thankful for the letting go, and I rejoice in the receiving.  I rush into my Abba's arms, sharing my dreams and goals and needs and He listens! If what I ask for does not align with His will, He makes my spirit aware that He has something better in mind; there's no judgment or condemnation... and nothing hurts. 

So, here's the good news ... because I am confident in my intimacy with Him, I have been able to share my healing with other women, who are reporting that they are dealing with this same issue and He is healing us all! As one good friend related, the Lord told her, "You know me as God, but I've been hindered as [your] Father". How many of us --  whether men or women -- have subconsciously colored our vision of Abba with our memories of our fathers [even though we know better]? How many of us have allowed Satan to hand us the bricks that we've then used to build our own dam to hold back intimacy and blessings? Join with me and let's tear those obstructions down! And then let's run into the arms of Father God who delights in us and our dreams and desires! He is removing all obstacles as He prepares to take us into a demanding, arduous [yet fruitful] season of defending the Kingdom. We thank you, Father, for your faithfulness to perfect us in Your image. And we bless You, the One from whom all blessings flow! Amen!

Contact Sharonvanhorn@gmail.com to receive information about the next opportunity to partake in a "Spirit Bootcamp". 

1 John 5:14-15   This is the [remarkable degree of] confidence which we [as believers are entitled to] have before Him: that if we ask anything according to His will, [that is, consistent with His plan and purpose] He hears us. And if we know [for a fact, as indeed we do] that He hears and listens to us in whatever we ask, we [also] know [with settled and absolute knowledge] that we have [granted to us] the requests which we have asked from Him.

February 13, 2021

Prayer For Winter Storm 2021

Our nation is in the grips of an unprecedented winter storm that will break decades-old records. I'm pretty secure in saying that we are all going to be challenged during the next few days in caring for our homes, family members, pets, livestock, and all the things the Lord has put under our stewardship. And I would ask you to pray for our police officers, firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, doctors, nurses, Electric workers, City workers, Postal workers, hospital and emergency personnel, National guardsmen and anyone else I may not have mentioned. 

I  have already been personally touched by this storm as temperatures plummeted here in Southeast Texas and I found myself driving Mark to the emergency room after a fall on the ice in which he thought he might have broken his wrist. So, I was awakened in the early morning hours with a deep desire to pray and seek the face of my Lord. But for a few minutes I struggled with all that was surging through my mind, and then the words began to flow, and I knew they were being guided by the Holy Spirit and could possibly be important for other people to pray for their situations. I immediately got out of bed and transcribed the following prayer that poured out from the Spirit to my spirit in about 5 minutes.

This is a prayer that Holy Spirit counseled for me and my circumstances. But if you or a family member have need of healing [as Mark does] you can adapt this prayer to speak into your particular needs. And I reminded the Lord of our petition to protect [in the Spirit] the boundaries of our property by establishing a wall of fire around, above and below the physical land. You, too, can adapt this prayer to a personal petition of how you see your property protected in the Spirit. But I want to invite you to feel free to repeat this prayer or adapt it to your specific needs and petitions. The Lord will hear you and respond; I am sure of it! 

Father God, I begin by praising Your Name which is above all Names, our Great God who is our provider and protector. I praise you for assigning Your angels to protect Mark yesterday from his icy fall. Father, I praise you for delivering him from a broken wrist and more serious injuries. I ask You, Jehovah Rapha, to accelerate his healing and bring all ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones into alignment supernaturally and immediately. I praise You that he has no injuries in Heaven, where his spirit is seated with Christ, and I ask that we see that manifested in him here on the earth. And I thank you, Lord Jesus, that he is healed even now, by the stripes You suffered on his behalf. Thank You, Father, for what You are doing, even now, to restore him to full health.


And, Father, we thank you for trusting this piece of property … Your land … into our care. We thank you for establishing it as Your Open Heaven and sanctifying it [and us] under Your Name of El Shaddai. Father, we ask that You assign ministering angels to keep stoking the fiery boundaries we called into exsistence to surround and protect this property --- both above and below the ground into all the dimensions of Heaven and Earth. We declare and decree that these fires will warm this earthly atmosphere [and ground] to keep our pipes from bursting and we will suffer no damage from this winter storm. Furthermore, we declare and decree that these blessings will overflow from us to cover the homes of our families here in Texas and Illinois. Thank you, Father!


And, Father, we also declare that this property is the Land of Goshen, where we reside in peace and comfort and safety, protected from the plans and schemes of the Enemy. Just as the Israelites were delivered from the famine in Egypt, we will be delivered from any harm or lack during this winter storm. We will live safely and securely in Your holy abundance and by Your Grace.


And finally, we ask that this property and the nation be delivered from the curse spoken by government officials that we would enter into a dark and bleak winter. We join with Your Heavenly host in shattering the altars built to that curse, and we declare blessings upon this property and our country, which are now being transferred into Your supernatural Kingdom realm. We declare to [and in] all the spiritual dimensions, both on earth and in the heavens, that we dwell in the shelter of the Most High, where we will remain secure and rest in the shadow of the Almighty, the One True God, whose power no enemy can withstand.


You are our refuge and our fortress and You are our strength; our God in whom we trust. You are our stronghold and we praise You, for You are worthy to be praised! Your enduring and everlasting faithfulness is both a shield and a wall that protects and surrounds us. We will not fear as we go forth through these next few days and into the future, for we dwell in You and with You. We thank You for all You have done in our lives and we trust You to protect, defend, and provide for us. In awe of Your Holiness, we declare that You are our God and we belong to You. We declare that we are Your obedient servants, sent here to take back and expand the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. We will not falter in our assignment! Lastly, we declare that we are in agreement over these declarations and petitions, all of which are made in the Mighty and Powerful Name of our Savior, Yeshua HaMashiach. AMEN! 

Psalm 91:1-2: When you sit enthroned under the shadow of Shaddai, you are hidden in the strength of God Most High. He’s the hope that holds me and the Stronghold to shelter me, the only God for me, and my great confidence. (The Passion Translation)



February 16, 2020

We All Have A Purpose .... So Does Satan!

     I want to expand on my last post in which I stated, "We can no longer afford to stick our heads in the sand and think we can avoid our scriptural mandate to be conquerors and over-comers... We have all been given a purpose and a race to run. It is a race to the finish line, and Satan is counting on us Christians sitting out the race we've been called to." So, I want to take a step back and look at this from a little broader perspective.
     As Mark and I have continued to work with Jesus and Holy Spirit to set people free from the spiritual torment that has hindered their walk with Christ, I would venture to say that most Christians are blinded to the fact that there is a purpose behind the torment and the trauma they've suffered. And it is not the theologically incorrect teaching that God allows us to suffer so that we can identify with Christ's suffering. There are a quite a few verses in the Bible that people use to present this argument, but I think the most common one I've heard is Philippians 1:29, For to you it has been granted for Christ’s sake, not only to believe in Him, but also to suffer for His sake...
     But before I go on to the juxtaposition of our purpose versus Satan's purpose, let me show you how this verse has been taken out of context. Let us look at the entire passage of 1 Philippians 1:21-30. Paul has been imprisoned and is writing to the faithful who have been praying for him. He wants to make it clear that, even though imprisoned, he is still advancing the Gospel of the Kingdom, and intends to exalt Christ whether he lives or dies. He then makes this statement: For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. 22 But if I am to live on in the flesh, this will mean fruitful labor for me; and I do not know which to choose. 23 But I am hard-pressed from both directions, having the desire to depart and be with Christ, for that is very much better; 24 yet to remain on in the flesh is more necessary for your sake. 25 Convinced of this, I know that I will remain and continue with you all for your progress and joy in the faith, 26 so that your proud confidence in me may abound in Christ Jesus through my coming to you again.
     27 Only conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ, so that whether I come and see you or remain absent, I will hear of you that you are standing firm in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel; 28 in no way alarmed by your opponents—which is a sign of destruction for them, but of salvation for you, and that too, from God. 29 For to you it has been granted for Christ’s sake, not only to believe in Him, but also to suffer for His sake, 30 experiencing the same conflict which you saw in me, and now hear to be in me.
     Can you discern that the suffering Paul experienced was the conflict of whether he would rather remain in the flesh, promoting the Gospel of the Kingdom for Christ's sake, or have his spirit depart the flesh to be with Christ in the heavenly realm because "that is very much better" (verse 23)? He is not saying that we have to suffer torment to identify with Him!
     But notice that Paul also encourages the church of Philippi to not be alarmed by their opponents (verse 28) "which is a sign of destruction for them". When you read that verse, how do you interpret "opponents"? Do you see them as human persecutors, or can you perceive that they can also be spiritual tormentors? Remember, it is Paul who says, For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.  
     Second Heaven is where the spiritual battle rages between the spirits of wickedness loyal to Satan, and the Heavenly Host whose allegiance belongs to Jesus and the Father. And it is where Satan hatches his plans to derail the purpose of  our lives in the First Heaven; to make sure that we do not step into the Kingdom assignments that were designed for us since before the foundations of the earth (Ephesians 1:4).
     And that is the greatest joy that I receive from an Inner Healing session! After partnering with Jesus to liberate a person from the spirit of Fear or Anger or Unworthiness -- and helping them to experience the encounter with Jesus as He defeats those "opponents" in the person's life -- it is my privilege to get to speak into them of their purpose for the Kingdom. When, during a session, they hear Jesus tell them [for example] they are His own, and call them strong and capable and loved and bold, then the false identities from the devil no longer apply. And when Mark and I are able to show them that Satan saw them as worthy of his best efforts in order to try to impede their assignment for the Kingdom, they no longer see themselves through the devil's dirty veil, and see that it was all a plot by Satan to keep them tied to those false identities so they couldn't walk in their purpose. 
     When we ask them, "Can you see all that Satan brought against you because he knew that you were destined to be powerful for the Kingdom of God and he had to shut you down?", well, you can see the light bulb go off! Perhaps for the first time, they no longer cling to those lies the devil has been whispering of how unfit they are as a Christian, and begin to see new purpose and plans for their lives... the very purpose they were created for. And now they have the confidence and the identity to fulfill that purpose! 
     Whereas, before they couldn't comprehend that battle in the Second Heaven over them and their purpose, they can now look back and see Satan's plans to destroy God's perfect will for their life. Now, I tell them, when you hear that familiar scripture, "The thief [Satan] comes only to steal and kill and destroy", you will recognize that it is your purpose he came to steal, kill, or destroy. And then maybe they will remember the second half of the verse ...  "I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly". In other words, Jesus came -- in His first Coming, and in their session -- so that the abundance of their purpose would be fulfilled in this life. 
     Every single person born on this earth was a pre-existent spirit being, created before the foundations of the world. We are all sent to earth to live in this host body, with the plan that we will reconnect with our Creator, declare our allegiance to His kingdom, receive His Spirit, and begin to carry out our assignment to advance the Kingdom of God, thereby defeating all the works and plans of Satan; defeating his dark kingdom as we deed those territories back to the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of God. That, in essence is what is accomplished in an Inner Healing session. It is incumbent upon each person who is freed from his bondage to Satan to help liberate the next person. And as our numbers grow, we can expect Satan to increase the efforts of his purpose -- to stop us from walking out our holy purpose. We must be vigilant. We must be intentional in our efforts to bring freedom to the Body of Christ. And we must then take our plans and purpose to the nations; advancing the Kingdom and taking back spiritual and physical territory with each personal victory. 
     It is time the traditional Church adds this course of action to their mission statement and by-laws. Until then, individual sons and daughters of God will continue to walk this path, strengthened and emboldened with His wisdom to carry out their assignments ... one life at a time. May God provide us with divine protection and His Holy guidance. Amen!

Psalm 37:12-13    The wicked plot against the godly; they snarl at them in defiance. But the Lord just laughs, for He sees their day of judgment coming.   

November 23, 2019

"The Veils" Of Our Existence

     Since I began this blog, I have periodically run this post that I originally wrote in 2012, shortly after I launched this site. The post was based on a theory proposed by the late Don Harkin, former Editor of The Idaho Observer.  Mr. Harkin suggested the existence of a world system of Power-Elites that the masses don't comprehend because these Power-Elites have cleverly developed a virtual pasture so green that few people seldom, if ever, bother to look up from where they are grazing to notice that they are being led over the cliff. It was Mr. Harkin's conjecture that there were at least 8 veils of understanding that a person needed to penetrate in order to see the real purpose of our existence.
     From that first posting in 2012 to the second posting in 2016, my understanding that each level of these "veils" included spiritual battles had increased exponentially, and I added a "new perspective" to my original perception. I still think each of these stages exists and is valid, and in order to progress to a higher understanding of just how we are to maneuver through this existence called life, we must be able to pierce each successive veil and move to the next level.  It is part of our human journey on this earth... only now, I see this journey with the added benefit of spiritual eyes. So, now that we are approaching 2020, it's time to revisit this interesting speculation, and see if we grasp any new revelations that we can add to Mr. Harkins' original conjecture.  If this is not the first time you've read this post on my blog, I'm also interested to know how many of you have grown in your understanding, as well.
     The First Veil (2012) = Politics. There are over 7 billion+ people on the planet.  Most of them will live and die without seriously thinking about anything other than what it takes to live and breathe for one more day.  That means that 90% of all humanity will live behind this first veil and never pierce it.  That leaves 10% of us who will vote, be active in our societies and have an opinion.  Our opinions are often shaped by government officials, the Mainstream Media, or other "experts" who claim to be voices of authority.  But of those with an opinion, 90% will never really think for themselves and will adopt the opinion of others, while 10% will pierce the second veil and move forward in their thinking.
     My 2016 Perspective:  All this remains true, but now I see that there are spiritual forces behind those involved in the government, Mainstream Media, and "experts", or voices of authority.  Of those of us within the 10% who form their own opinion, how many understand that politics is not the answer -- that our power will not come from our affiliation with whomever wins elections, but from Jesus Christ?  And what small percentage of that 10% realizes that our time on this earth should not be spent supporting man-made power structures, but using our power from Christ to "do the things He has done, only greater"? (John 14:12).
     My 2020 Perspective: In the last four years I have grown from an understanding that I have spiritual power and authority transferred from my Savior, Jesus Christ, to a revelation that I am a citizen of Heaven and an Ambassador for the Kingdom of God and His government here on earth. I am to be a member of Christ's Ecclesia (governing body of Christians who implement God's laws/government in our culture and nation). I now understand that our 21st Century model of a Church building full of Christians has not accomplished what Christ intended when He trained and equipped His disciples to go into the world and heal the sick, cast out demons, cleanse the spiritually unclean, raise the dead, and spread the Gospel of the Kingdom.

    The Second Veil (2012) = History.  Once we've pierced the first veil, there will be 10% of us who will explore the world of history, the relationship between man and government, which will then lead to the meaning of self-government through constitutional and common law.  Ninety percent of this group will live and die without going on to pierce the third veil.
     My 2016 Perspective:  T
he Constitution is no longer my route to real freedom.  Man's laws and self-government will only get me so far.  My true freedom lies in letting Jesus heal my spiritual wounds, and recognizing that I don't have to suffer the "fiery darts" of the Enemy.  The history that consumes me now are the experiences of those -- both from the ancient world, and the modern -- who have learned what it means to transcend the tyranny and oppression from the spiritual realm to walk in the footsteps of Jesus.  That is true freedom.
     My 2020 Perspective: The Constitution is being undermined and usurped as Evil begins to come out from behind the veil and boldly reveal itself. Man-made laws that have governed in times past are ignored and I now understand that if we Christians do not stand up and govern as an Ecclesia, then someone else will write our laws. We can see that in the Colorado law that does not require gender specification on a birth certificate. We are in new [and increasingly terrifying] territory when it comes to what history has shown to be traditional forms of law and government. The gloves are coming off.

     The Third Veil (2012) = Resources of the World.  Of the group that pierces this veil, 10% of us will come to realize that the masses are controlled by extremely wealthy and powerful families whose old world assets have been manipulated to become the foundation upon which the world's economy is currently indebted.  (Think Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, the Royal Monarchs).  But sadly, 90% of this group will never pierce the fourth veil.
     My 2016 Perspective:  Yes, the masses are controlled by these extremely wealthy and powerful families; and behind them are the spiritual forces of wickedness and evil.  I believe that they have sold their souls for earthly wealth and power that will prove false when the Day of Judgment comes.
     My 2020 Perspective: Those that have held this control are feeling threatened as Jesus's Remnant is awakening to the truth of their power and is fighting back spiritually. Therefore, the Wicked are accelerating their evil through sex trafficking, child sacrifice, and sex rituals, as well as reallocating resources of rare earth minerals to their advantage.
     The Fourth Veil (2012) = The Illuminati, Freemasonry and other secret societies.  There are 10% of us that recognize these societies use symbols and perform ceremonies that transfer mysterious knowledge that is used to keep us ordinary people in political, economic and spiritual bondage to the oldest bloodlines on earth.  This has been seen frequently at Super Bowl halftime shows (Beyonce flashing "the Rockefeller" sign; Madonna sporting symbols of the occult) and during the Grammy's (Nikki Minaj's ode to "Roman", the demon whom she says possesses her).  Just check out the Youtube videos for each of these demonstrations!  But once again, 90% of those who have reached this level of understanding will never pierce the fifth veil.
     My 2016 Perspective:  Boy, has my understanding of this grown in the last few years!  The Lord has shown me just how much devastation has been sown on families steeped in these secret societies.  The oaths and curses taken during secret ritual ceremonies have resulted in great oppression among many Christians, who don't even know these secret societies have permeated their families or their Churches!  And the evidence that these societies have infiltrated our entertainment industry is overwhelming.  I am literally seeing the signs and symbols everywhere I look throughout our culture.  Sadly, I believe that our country is steeped in the occult mysticism associated with these groups, and they are influencing every area of our lives.
     My 2020 Perspecrtive:  These last years have seen Mark and I grow in our ministry of Inner Healing and we certainly have seen an increase in the iniquity in family lines that demonstrate the characteristics of demonic oppression. And it is so much more in the open! People are now willing to reveal the torment they are under and are desperate for a solution. So many people are suffering that it is almost becoming mainstream among our society. So, now we are no longer able to ignore the evil permeating our homes and families. What are we going to do about it? Is the Church willing to finally get on board with the knowledge that evil exists, spiritual warfare is real, and we have to fight back?

     The Fifth Veil (2012) = Technological advances by these Secret Societies. I may lose some of you at this point, but I urge you to do your own research and study the Bible in depth.  There are hints of the knowledge behind this fifth veil, but you have to be willing to connect the dots.  There are 10% who make it this far in their understanding who learn that the secret societies are so far advanced technologically that they are able to do things that were considered science fiction just decades ago.  The inventions of Ray Kurzweil and his prediction of "man's singularity with computers" is an example of such advanced technology.  But what's interesting is that this technology is actually ancient, and compares to what Nimrod was trying to accomplish at the Tower of Babel; namely to become like God. Are we getting dangerously close to that concept again?  Nearly 90% will never get beyond this understanding to the sixth veil.
     My 2016 Perspective:  To say that technology has surpassed science fiction is putting it mildly.  Human-animal hybrids are being created in Great Britain, and a surgeon plans to reanimate human corpses.  Books are being written that tell us immortality is accessible to everyone, outside of any religious worldview.  Inventors and artists openly admit that they are "channeling" spiritual sources of knowledge.  All this is being downloaded from entities in the spiritual realm to control and deceive the human race.  We better understand who we're dealing with.
     My 2020 Perspective: It's just more of the same and at a faster pace. Pedophilia and child pornography rings use technology to spread their evil; people are so intrigued with getting their technology "fix" quicker and easier, that we have gone from cell phones to watches and implants can't be far behind. There is still talk of moving our brains to "the Cloud", and Siri and Alexa know everything we say and do. How long until we're dealing with the real-life scenario portrayed in 1984's Terminator movie?

     The Sixth Veil (2012) = Aliens and Monsters may be real.  It is going to take a huge leap for the 10% who get to this level of understanding.  But if you study your Bible closely, you will see mention of fallen angels mating with earthly women to give birth to Nephalim (Giants) (Genesis 6:4 and 2 Samuel 21:20, for example).  There are many modern-day Biblical scholars who are prepared to say that the minotaurs of old and the UFO and alien sightings of today are evidence of these fallen angels.
     My 2016 Perspective:  My, how far we've come in these last three-and-a-half years!  The growth of the remnant of the Church who understands the truth of Genesis 6 has been astounding!  I know that there are "spiritual monsters" and they are called demons.  I have encountered them in deliverance sessions, and seen them stare out of the eyes of people who had no idea they were being oppressed by them.  Savage and brutal and bizarre attacks upon people are increasing and are evidence that the Enemy is bringing the spiritual battle to our physical world.  Although, yes, these demons are real, we should have no fear because He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world.
     My 2020 Perspective: I think perhaps the most surprising new revelation I have received in the last nearly four years is the cooperation between evil men and Satan's demonic forces. TV shows like Stranger Things may appear to be a form of conspiracy entertainment, but it is based on real-life government experiments in the so-called Montauk Project, involving space, time, and opening portals into other dimensions -- which, naturally leads to the question of what is coming through those portals and are Christians awake and prepared to do battle in these spiritual realms?

     The Seventh Veil (2012) = Peace of the Lord.  If you have made it this far and can conceive of the concepts behind the sixth veil, then perhaps you can see that what waits for us behind the seventh.  It's hard to imagine, but I can foresee a small group of people whose soul and spirit is so evolved that they can exist on this earth, yet be unafraid of the evil that abounds in this realm.  The only way I can describe it is to have such peace from God that you are unafraid of death.
     My 2016 Perspective:  Actually, my perspective has moved in a new direction on this veil.  It's not such a small group that sees the evil ascending on the earth from the second heaven, or spiritual realm.  These last few years has seen an amazing growth in this knowledge within the Body of Christ.  It's as if the Holy Spirit has done a massive data dump upon Christians!  We not only know and discern this spiritual warfare, but we also have been given the knowledge that we have the Authority of Jesus to fight [in this war] through the Power of the Holy Spirit.  And that's where our Peace comes from... knowing that we can rebuke the devil and he will flee; knowing that the Lord is our banner in this fight and goes before us; and we know that Jesus will not only never leave us nor forsake us, but He who began a good work in us will complete it.  That is called Peace!
     My 2020 Perspective: This knowledge of supernatural peace has only grown! Once again, I am seeing panic among the general public, and even among some of the "religious" Christians, as they once again sense that the noose is tightening around our comfortable way of life. But those of us who pierced the previous six veils have journeyed for awhile now in the peace that only comes from understanding [and accepting] that evil will increase before Jesus comes back to administer His swift justice. In what might be perceived as an unorthodox mindset, we actually receive the certainty of advancing evil as a sign that our Lord is near to returning. We are ready and both physically and spiritually prepared. We are no longer restive in the midst of the anticipation of evil, but are serene and calm in the certainty of our victory.

     That brings us to Harkin's Eighth veil (2012), which can only be the pure energy, authority and life force that is God.  We can only hope to tap into that Power, and I think the closest we can come to that is to seek a personal, intimate relationship with the One True God, the Ruler of the Universe and abide in Him.
     My 2016 Perspective:  Yes, a personal, intimate relationship is necessary to tap into that Power, but it is incumbent upon each of us to know that it is available to us.  We are not to be mindless robots, sitting idly by waiting for God to win this war all by Himself.  We are created in His image, exhorted to imitate Christ, and called to an inheritance in Christ.  He dwells in us!  That energy, authority and life force are not to be squandered, but used to gain ground in defeating the Enemy in our lives!
     My 2020 Perspective: The knowledge that we are to have a personal, intimate relationship with Christ is now seen through an entirely new lens. He is our King, and we serve Him in His kingdom here on earth. He is our model, and we are to hear and see His directives on managing this earth, just as He followed everything the Father showed and told Him. This picture of citizenship in the Kingdom of God on earth still includes love, compassion, mercy, and grace ... but it has expanded to taking back territory from the kingdom of darkness in people's lives. Mankind was given dominion over the earth at our creation, and it is time we step into that mandate and take up our mantle of authority, using the power of Heaven through the Holy Spirit. who resides in us.

     So, as you can see, with each veil of understanding that is pierced, the number of people "who see" gets exponentially smaller.  When I first wrote this blog post over 7 years ago, I saw mainly through "worldly" eyes.  I was focused on "the low information voter", and the gullible citizens who I saw as useful idiots and tools of the state.  I actually thought my vote really mattered and changing the politics of the nation would solve the world's problems.  I didn't see the spiritual component.
     When I reassessed my understanding three-and-a-half years ago, I can honestly say that I believed I was at that Eighth veil, and I was so grateful to my Lord and the Holy Spirit for helping me to see through the murkiness of the veils and how they obscured my vision of God's Truth.  I saw that my existence here on earth was more than just this physical realm, and my victory in this life depended on my readiness to work with Jesus and the Holy Spirit to do battle with the spiritual realm.  I truly knew that I did not battle against flesh and blood, but had the Authority and Power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit to free myself of spiritual bondage.
    Now, with an additional three-and-a-half years under my belt, I realize that my comprehension of that eighth veil was rudimentary. Yes, it was important to know the true intent of Jesus's Great Commission for us Believers. And, yes, it is not only our privilege, but our responsibility to work with Him and the Holy Spirit to "set the captives free" from their demonic bondage to Satan's lies. But we aren't to stop there. Once we are free, we are to use that energy, authority, and life force that is "God in us" to continue the purpose that Jesus came for -- to re-establish this earth and its inhabitants under the governmental authority of the Kingdom of God.
     Jesus says in Luke 4:43, I must preach the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns as well; for I was sent for this purpose. And then He says, in Matthew 24:14, And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. I now clearly see that part of my responsibility as a citizen of the Kingdom of God is to speak into people so that they achieve the entry point into the Kingdom -- which is Salvation. Then I must work with Jesus to get them free from the lies of the Enemy. And then I am to equip and train them to do the same for others, educating them about what it means to be a citizen of Heaven on earth. That is the entire Gospel of the Kingdom! And then the end of Satan's kingdom will come when the Lord returns with His righteous judgment!
    The largest part of "the Church" has stopped at Salvation! Until we can spread the good news of the Kingdom, Christ will not return. And unless you're free from Satan's lies, you cannot comprehend the Kingdom concept and your role as a citizen. Can you see it? First comes Salvation, then Freedom, then your position and responsibility in the Kingdom! 
     I will admit that it's a long road to progress through these veils, and if you are just beginning to awaken to their reality, then I hope you can see that living, breathing and thinking are just the beginning to greater understanding.  And there is nothing to fear... we know that victory is ours in the next life.  Until then, it an honor to stand for our Lord and represent Him as Kingdom citizens to all we come in contact with, and to help others to push through the veils.  As we teach them the meaning of each obstruction, and show them how to move to the next stage, it will be one less obstacle between them and God, and Christ's return.  That is a goal worthy of effort by every Christian.

2 Corinthians 3:16-17   But when one turns to the Lord, the veil is removed.  Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

November 3, 2019

It Never Gets Old!

     There are days that I am overcome with the blessings that Mark and I receive as we participate with Jesus to see those held in bondage to Satan's kingdom of darkness set free. Today is one of those days.
     The last week has been an emotional roller coaster for us, and to be honest we are tired. We have spent four days working with devoted followers of Christ to help female veterans walk in true freedom, and then another two days with a woman who overcame a lifetime of bondage and is literally a new creation in Jesus.  I will tell you, it is hard to bear witness to the pain that the devil brings into innocent lives, but the joy of watching Jesus wash away the false identities and restoring wounded souls and spirits is indescribable! We wouldn't change a minute of it, and we will never weary of our Kingdom assignment.
     And this post is not about revealing the details or information about the newly liberated, because while each story is unique and each person is deserving of mention for how Jesus healed their broken hearts, the themes of the Enemy's attacks on these precious lives runs along similar lines. It may sound trite, but when Solomon says in Ecclesiastes 1:9, "There is nothing new under the sun", it is actually true when it comes to Satan's attacks on individuals. We see the devil using the same familiar pattern to entrap and enslave both Believers and non-Believers. He certainly does not have the creative mind of Christ!
     In fact, I think we sometimes have become desensitized to the truth of familiar Bible verses, and just take them for granted, which permits these recurring attacks to be so successful. We must realize that John 10:10, 1 Peter 5:8, and John 8:44 reveal the modus operandi of our Enemy on this earth. I want you to really meditate on the following Scriptures ... The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy ... Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour ... [the devil] is a liar and the father of lies. 
     Each of these verses reveals the methodology and the spiritual blueprint of how the devil is able to impact so many lives. Yet we read them and it is as if we don't take them seriously. Quite often the wounded [and even uninformed Christians] will ask, "Why did God allow this to happen?" First of all, we simply cannot dismiss God's spiritual law, if you will, of Free Will. He established it so that our choice to become a child of God actually glorifies Him; and that is the reality of why He created us ... Bring all who claim Me as their God, for I have made them for My glory (Isaiah 43:7).  And once Free Will is established, it cannot be changed; our God's character and principles never change. And that is how the devil is able to be so effective in carrying out his attacks. Someone decides to use their free will in an ungodlike manner. And that gives Satan the legal right to open up a spiritual door and begin the attacks.  Other times, the devil is simply looking for vulnerable people to devour, and then tries to convince us that God could have stepped in and stopped it. But He didn't even stop His own Son's death on the cross, so He is uniquely familiar with the pain of unexplained and unexpected circumstances. Jesus willingly went to the Cross and suffered all the pain we might ever encounter so that He could identify with us when those unforeseen attacks of the Enemy come into our lives.
     As hard as it is to comprehend, no matter whether we meet with a Beloved who has been beaten, raped, molested, bullied, verbally and emotionally abused, abandoned, cheated on, rejected, or been subjected to some other kind of pain, the methodology of the devil is always the same. He is trying to steal their joy and peace and relationship with the Father as a child of God; destroy their self-image; or ultimately to kill their body. And he is always on the prowl, looking for someone who will assist him in his goals. And it might be our own selves, or someone else who is only too willing to use their free will to listen to his tempting voice. And that voice only speaks lies. He lies that we aren't good enough; that someone else is responsible for our unhappiness; that we are unforgiveable, unloveable, and unworthy of the love of others, especially Jesus. And then he whispers that we will never be free, and that is the most deplorable lie of all.
     Because the truth is, Mark and I have been witness to countless freedom celebrations in the spirit, as Jesus shows up to counter the lies and expose the truth of who we really are. He not only reveals that He was there through the pain, but then rewrites the story of the person's life and destroys the place, the cause, and the time that the devil orchestrated, even giving new names to the once-wounded spirit of a person .... names like capable, restored, pure, beautiful, loved, Mine. When the God of the Universe shows up, it is indescribable and life-changing!
     I just want us all to realize that no one has to live in the pain of this life or this world. But it takes a willingness to take a chance on Jesus. The devil will try to lie to you and tell you there is nothing that can take away the pain; that you deserve it. But I have many, many witnesses that nothing is further from the truth. Jesus stands at the door and knocks, and He is waiting to be invited in. When you let Him in, you can count on Him to lead you to victory in your life. Just listen to the testimony of Paige, who found her freedom just a day or two ago. She has kindly given me permission to share anything of her story, but I think this one line sums it up best ... "I have no shame weighing me down. I have no more fears. I have nothing but this light, sweet, loving feeling!" Amen! And I'll say it again ... It never gets old!

John 8:36    "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."