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January 14, 2023

The Importance Of Your Testimony of Jesus!


Have you ever thought about the power of your testimony? Or perhaps you think it is of no importance or value. But I believe it is just as important today as it was when Jesus confronted the Jewish religious skeptics and doubters after the healing of the invalid at the pool called Bethesda, in Jerusalem. You see, once again, He had done His Father's will on the Sabbath, and the Jews were harassing the healed man for picking up his palette [and walking] on the Sabbath [because it was seen as breaking the law of doing no work]. I don't know about you, but I'm thinking, "Wait! You're worried about this man picking up his mat, when you can see he is walking for the first time in 38 years"!!! Such is the blindness of people who live by religious rules [only].

When confronted with this offense to the Law, the healed man attempts to deflect blame on to Jesus -- "He told me to do it"! Under Jewish tradition regarding the Sabbath, the man could have been stoned to death for this act. Since he was unable to identify who Jesus was, we must accept that the matter was not pursued in that moment because the Bible does not reveal anymore information. But the Word does tell us that Jesus found the man in the Temple and congratulated him. “See, you are well! Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.” So, whatever reason, the healed man goes and tells the Jews who healed him [perhaps to divert attention away from himself for working on the Sabbath]. That makes sense, because the Word tells us For this reason the Jews began to persecute Jesus continually because He was doing these things on the Sabbath. [The complex Jewish restrictions regarding work on the Sabbath were man-made rules and most were not supported by OT Scripture]. But Jesus answered them, “My Father has been working until now [He has never ceased working], and I too am working.”

Jesus makes His stance regarding working on the Sabbath quite clear. Furthermore, He establishes that YHWH is His Father! And that makes Him the Son of YHWH, and the Messiah! In addition, He is announcing He is doing work, just as His Father does! You can imagine that this rendered them speechless and extremely angry! That's what we call apoplexy! The Jews misinterpret that to mean Jesus is making Himself equal to God, the Father. But Jesus explains that everything He is doing is by the will of God -- He does nothing on His own. I can do nothing on my own initiative or authority. Just as I hear, I judge; and My judgment is just (fair, righteous, unbiased), because I do not seek My own will, but only the will of Him who sent Me.

Then Jesus makes a very astute statement. If I alone testify about Myself, My testimony is not valid. [It would not be admissible in a court of law]. There is another [My Father] who testifies about Me, and I know [without any doubt] that His testimony on My behalf is true and valid. No Jew would question that God's testimony was admissible -- He is the Supreme Judge of all men. Now, this claim that God testifies to Jesus's identity is a bold statement. Jesus can't simply make it without being able to back it up. And so He proceeds to provide FOUR testimonies as to who He is. Since the Law of Moses states, "Out of the mouths of two or three witnesses let every word be established," (Deuteronomy 19:15), there should be no question about accepting Jesus's claim. Let's take a look at those testimonies...

The Testimony of John. John the Baptist testified as an eyewitness to the truth of Jesus's identity. Jesus states that men were willing, for a time, to receive John's testimony, but the Father's testimony outweighs that of a mere man. There is purpose to God's testimony about Jesus, i.e., their salvation.

The Testimony of Works. Jesus tells the Jews that the testimony He has is even greater than the testimony from John, because it attests to the works that the Father has sent Him to do. Remember, He never claims that He is doing any works other than what the Father has told Him to do, and that it is the power of the Father in Him, that is at work. And those works of miracles are proof of His Deity.

The Testimony of the Father. Again Jesus declares that His Father has testified who He is by performing His own works through His Son. And then Jesus accuses them of not having the Scriptures living in their hearts and minds, otherwise they would believe in the One whom God has sent.

The Testimony of the Scripture. Then comes the final indictment against the unbelieving Jews. They have worshiped the Scriptures, thinking that their eternal life lies in believing and following the Law as written in the Scriptures. And they missed the truth that these very Scriptures testify of Him! He doesn't seek the glory and approval of men. In fact, He tells them, I have come in My Father’s name and with His power, and you do not receive Me [because your minds are closed]; but if another comes in his own name and with no authority or power except his own, you will receive him and give your approval to an imposter. And if that's not enough, Jesus tells them that Moses, the very one who wrote the Scriptures accuses them ... he wrote about me personally; But if you do not believe his writings, how will you believe My words?

But, here's what I'm thinking ... Has anything really changed? There are still Jews who do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God, or the Messiah. And we, Christians are also guilty of seeking the testimony of other men about whether it is true that Jesus has transferred His power to us. Many do not believe the Scriptures where He says we have been given His power and authority over the Enemy. They do not believe the testimonies that we do not do anything that Jesus has not instructed us to do; that we do not testify of ourselves, but rather His power and authority [in us] to do great works through us. It is the same dynamic as Jesus experienced when He walked the earth.   

And how many of our fellow Christians will follow a man who "comes in his own name and with no authority or power except his own", and receive him and give their approval to an imposter? It is very important to Jesus whose testimony we receive and believe. Does the testimony align with Scripture? Does your spirit recognize it as truth delivered in humility for the glory of the Father and Son -- or is it given by men who seek to glorify themselves in the pursuit of power and influence? We must be earnest in identifying the veracity of testimonies about Jesus in the world. We have been given the Holy Spirit to corroborate the testimonies we hear. There are great and compelling testimonies from men and women who have experienced being used by Jesus to exhibit His power in the earth; just as there are people who have been the recipients of His overwhelming power to change their lives. Jesus said that those who believe and follow Him, will do the [miraculous] works that He has done, and even greater! Just as Jesus said nearly 2000 years ago, the Father has never ceased working, and neither has He! May He be glorified throughout all the earth by our experiential testimonies of how He has worked in our lives! Don't keep them to yourselves -- the world needs to hear them!  

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Psalm 71:18   And even when I am old and gray-headed, O God, do not abandon me, until I declare Your [mighty] strength to this generation, Your power to all who are to come. 


April 25, 2022

Why Does Paul Tell Us To Work Out Our Own Salvation? Didn't Jesus Take Care Of That?

Sometimes when studying a familiar passage in the Bible, I find that I have more questions than answers about something I thought I understood perfectly well. Such is the case with Philippians 2:12-13. Paul is writing to the Philippians to encourage them to be in unity as the Church; agreeing as servants of God for the sake of harmony and solidarity. The verses that are most widely associated with this Pauline letter are verses 12 and 13, in Chapter 2: Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.

Now, if I was not a Christian, and was a critic of Christianity, I might wonder, "Why is Paul instructing Believers to work out their own salvation? I thought Christianity taught that Jesus was the Source and Power of man's salvation. And if He is the Son of God and full of love, why would Paul say to work it [salvation] out with "fear and trembling"? I always want to be prepared to defend why I believe the Bible, and so I often find myself anticipating these kinds of questions from those who are unfamiliar with the whole counsel of God, or doubt the importance of Scripture.

So, here's what I determined when researching these verses ... Paul is speaking to New Testament Christians who have 1) been faithful Jews and have come from their Old Testament understanding of what "salvation" means, OR ...  2) his audience is new Christians who have the same question that I posed in the title of this post: Why do I need to work out my own salvation, if I am to believe that Jesus paid the price for saving me from my sins? 

The first audience [steeped in Old Testament history and theology] would have understood the word salvation to be the Hebrew word, Yeshuw'ah, meaning "deliverance". Salvation to that audience would not have been understood as a salvation from sin, but rather as a broad-spectrum deliverance from things that came against mankind, such as distress, war, servitude, or enemies. This word, which denotes "deliverance", was generally used with God as the subject. He was the One who bestowed salvation [deliverance] upon someone. He was known as the salvation of His people; the One who came to their rescue and delivered them from their oppressors. [NOTE: Obviously, this was their view of the pre-incarnate and Old Testament God who would come as His Son, Jesus, to save the world from permanent separation from God]. To this audience, the worst reproach that could be made against a person was that God did not come to his rescue. 

The second audience of recently converted New Testament Christians would have understood the word salvation to be the Greek word, soteria, meaning "the spiritual and eternal deliverance granted immediately by God to those who accept His conditions of repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus, in whom alone [salvation] is to be obtained". Since Paul has abandoned his Pharisaic persecution of Christians and is now preaching the forgiveness of sins and the promise of eternal life that Jesus's crucifixion and resurrection provided for us, I think it is safe to say that this is the understanding of the word "salvation" that Paul would be teaching. He is preaching the Good News that Jesus's death and resurrection offers us the experience of God's power [in our lives] to deliver us from the bondage of sin! Furthermore, this understanding of salvation lets Believers be assured of being delivered from the wrath of God that is destined to be executed upon the ungodly at the end of this age; i.e., those who reject Jesus. 

We can comprehend the tension that would have existed over understanding that word, salvation. Religious Jews were being asked to accept a new paradigm of understanding God -- His rescue, deliverance, and protection had a greater meaning. It was no longer just a material/physical deliverance, but now extended to a covering of sin and the promise of an afterlife. Converted pagan believers were offered the same deliverance -- and both parties were eligible to be delivered from their sin (and the wrath of God) by believing that Jesus is Lord and the Son of God, and He was raised from the dead to Life Everlasting, making a way for us to follow.

So, that brings me back to the question that I'm sure has confused many people ... why does Paul tell us to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling? Here is the simplest way I know to explain my understanding ... We must assume that all those Paul is talking to [including us] are those who have come to Christ. We know that Jesus, through obedience to the Father, has achieved the highest glory: Every spirit and knee will bow to His name, the Name above every name; Adonai, Master/Lord. And every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of the Father. 

Paul is now saying that Jesus has delivered/saved our spirits from the power of Satan; our spirits can live eternally in relationship with Jesus and the Father in Heaven. In this present age, with our power and authority of Christ in us, we must work out the deliverance/salvation of our bodies and soul [mind, free will, and emotions]. We must take hold of that power and authority [of Christ in us] to defeat all the evil ways in which the Enemy will try to destroy us in this world. Our spirits are saved for all eternity, but we still have physical lives to complete here on earth and the Enemy wants to convince us that what Jesus has done for us is a lie; that we must reject the false narrative of the Kingdom of God on earth and our identities as children of God.

We must understand the seriousness of what Satan intends to bring against this world to destroy the truth of God and to permanently establish his false and wicked design for mankind to worship him ... and with that realization, we know our spirits are secure with Jesus, but we recognize that our physical bodies and souls will be under attack; and that should make us aware [with fear and trembling] that we have a battle ahead of us. BUT, Paul doesn't leave us in that apprehensive state! 

He reminds us that because we are in Christ, we have God working in us; strengthening us, energizing us, creating supernatural abilities [and a longing in our souls] to fulfill the very purpose He sent our spirits to these earthly bodies. Satan wants to scare us and threaten us, but the power in us is greater than anything he can bring against us! Jesus has provided a way for our spirits to overcome this world and live eternally, and has left us with His power [in us] to defeat the tactics of the Enemy and achieve God's Master Plan for the Universe. So hold fast to these words of Life, and rejoice that you have been trusted to represent the Savior of this world and all worlds to come!  

1 Peter 5:8-10   Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.   Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world. And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.


December 18, 2021

How To Receive Your Power In Prayer -- It's All About Relationship!

I've got a lot of thoughts swirling around in my head and they're coming fast and strong, so I hope I'm able to adequately share what Holy Spirit is counseling me. The Bible tells us to "Pray without ceasing", and "The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working". And Jesus gave us a very specific prayer to pray ... "Our Father who art in Heaven, Hallowed be your name.Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil". Obviously, prayer is something that is valuable [and consequential] in the life of a Christian.

But there is an aspect to the practice of Prayer that I want to address today. Actually, it has become more evident to me since the Lord brought the ministry of Inner Healing to my husband and me. Let me begin by saying that it is always such a blessing to partner with Jesus and Holy Spirit to assist someone to receive Freedom from the bondage of sin in their lives -- whether the bondage originated from their sin, or the sins of others against them. It is more than I could ever express to witness the moment of realization when a Beloved understands [and sometimes for the very first time] just how much Jesus loves them; enough that He suffered the most brutal of deaths to free them from their wounds so that they could fulfill the purpose for which He sent their spirit to earth. When they are able to hear Him speak in the spirit [to their spirit] and know that they can have a real relationship with Him -- one greater than any they've ever experienced -- it's like watching the wonder that a newborn baby experiences when he or she recognizes the voice of their father for the first time! It's an emotional and spiritual connection and association that is unmatched by any other.

That relationship is at the core of our Father in Heaven's desire for us. Through a healthy and intimate relationship with Jesus, we can know the Father, and also build a relationship with the Holy Spirit who teaches us and guides us in all Their ways. And when we finish an Inner Healing Session, we always tell the Beloved that the freedom they have received has become their responsibility to maintain and continue. In other words, Jesus has shown them the truth of why they were in bondage and led them through the ways He wanted to set them free [such as forgiveness, healing in the memories, battling in the spirit, and many other spiritual tools He has shown us]. We encourage them to become proficient in those ways because they will most likely encounter the snares and traps of the Enemy again; the methods of bondage that brought them to our ministry in the first place. But they must now recognize those fiery darts and learn to not only break the habits that ensnared them, but how to bind, rebuke and renounce the lies that Jesus has revealed so that those doors are never opened again. Their freedom must not be taken for granted -- as if they can now live the rest of their lives in a magic bubble, impervious and unaffected by Satan, whom Jesus calls "the dark ruler of this world". 

In fact, we encourage each and every person who comes for Freedom to take the opportunity to expand that experience of hearing and seeing Jesus in the spirit to grow their relationship with Him. The event of their session is not meant to be a one-time, get-out-of-jail-free card. We invited Jesus and Holy Spirit to be present, not only to break the bonds of sin in their life, but for the purpose of beginning to build a powerful relationship that will bless their earthly lives on into their eternal life. That involves what I call "intentional participation" on the part of the Beloved. And the building process must include maintaining the divine connection initiated in the session; continuous interaction with Jesus to discover their purpose on earth and to hear [and see] how to overcome any obstacles; absolute trust in Jesus for all things in their journey; and finally, collaboration with Jesus, which is when the relationship is so strong that they can act without fear as they hear His voice and carry out their assignment for His Kingdom. It is at that point that the Beloved truly understands the Grace of Christ as being more than unmerited favor; it is the power of Jesus in them to do what they cannot do on their own -- which is a collaboration that can defeat any strategy of the Enemy!

And prayer is a very important part of that process. Prayer, in its simplest and most genuine form, is simply having a conversation with Jesus and our Father. And good communication is the best way to develop a healthy and productive relationship. So prayer is always encouraged as a method to continue the freedom that is received. That is the instruction that we leave with the newly freed disciple of Jesus, along with written tools they can rely on as they begin their journey to wholeness and maturity in Christ. But here is where I want to give a word of caution. The journey really is all about consistency and intentionality. We always make ourselves available whenever anyone has a question or needs further guidance or assistance. But, too often, when I receive a phone call that someone feels like the attacks are returning, they usually express something along the lines of, "I feel like I'm losing my freedom". With just a little bit of investigation, invariably they have not made a consistent effort to maintain their relationship with Jesus. It's easy to get caught up in the world again, as one is released from the chains of bondage to past sin. But that is on them! Jesus did the work on the Cross to set them free and then brought His presence into an Inner Healing Session to show them the ways the Enemy tried to block their purpose, and then gives them words of affirmation for how He sees them and resets the clock, so to speak, so they can move forward in a new identity.

Further investigation into the loss of freedom very often reveals what I believe is at the heart of many Christians becoming stalled in their journey. When I ask, "What have you done about it? Have you incorporated [and been consistent] in using the spiritual tools Jesus gave you"?, the answer I often get is, "Well, I have prayed and asked Jesus to a) help me, b) take it away, or c) show me what I'm supposed to do". Or I will get an email or text asking me to pray for deliverance from a specific attack. Once again, I want to stress that prayer is necessary and an effective tool. BUT when prayer becomes the convenient fallback plan, rather than consistent and intentional collaboration with Jesus to become an overcomer, then prayer has become a substitution for stepping into the power of a relationship with Jesus. It is not stepping into that new identity of our freedom in Christ and declaring the power of the Throne of God in our lives! 

Too often we ask others to intercede for us, when Jesus might want to see us use the power and authority He gave us to establish His Kingdom here on earth. There is nothing wrong with joining together in powerful prayer with an intercessor to see the Enemy defeated, but if we do it because we doubt Jesus will answer us, or we think we don't have the right level of faith, then there is something lacking in our relationship with Him. Prayer is not something that is to be done separate from our relationship with Father, Son, or Holy Spirit. It is the intimate communication IN those relationships, and carries the power that comes with that intimacy. We must be careful -- and intentional -- to not let Prayer become a diversion to doing the work of seeking real relationship with the One who set us free. We have been taught since children to pray to God for help in our time of need, but what would it look like if we understood that our prayers are actually extensions of the power we have been given to collaborate with Heaven to bring God's government to our lives and to the earth? That can only happen when there is a heart connection, continuity in purpose, trust, and cooperative efforts between us and our Rock, our Savior, our Deliverer. Prayer is a vital element in our relationship with Jesus. It needs to be more than methodical, routine, and lacking in the power of real communication. Prayer is all about the relationship of your heart with Jesus. It should exemplify your spiritual union with Him, and be evidence of the spiritual relationship you share. So continue to pray without ceasing, building on the continued communication between your hearts, and reaping all the benefits of that divine and powerful connection. You will not only maintain your freedom, but walk in spiritual power to overcome the world!

I Chronicles 16:11    Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His presence continually!

August 31, 2021

"Comfort My People"

I write today, knowing that many of you are tired, weary, and yes, even disheartened. I will confess that I, too, have experienced moments of overwhelming discouragement as I witness the evidence of the Enemy's plans to kill, steal, and destroy. The world has suffered through nearly two years of a pandemic that leaves us with so many questions and concerns. We have lost family members and friends to a disease that no one can really explain, and it has cost us so much -- lives, treasure, freedoms, and confidence in those who have been appointed over us. There is a real spiritual darkness associated with this phenomenon, and at times, it seems never-ending -- at least that seems to be the devil's strategy for now.

Then, to add dismay to misery, and right before our eyes, we no longer recognize our nation. Once seen as the light and hope of the world, our country now appears to have abandoned the last of its principles and righteous standing among the nations. It's no wonder we [who walk in our Kingdom power and authority] are weary! We have spent hours in fervent prayer, battling in the spiritual realms against the forces and powers of darkness who are hell-bent on carrying out Satan's hatred against mankind. We have declared the glory and majesty of our God Most High; we have warred against the wickedness we have openly seen on display. And now the spiritual warriors are hearing the cries of the people for comfort and reassurance -- "The Enemy looks like he's winning! Is revival still a possibility?" "When will God answer our prayers?" "Has the world become so wicked that the Lord's mercy and grace will now be replaced with His judgment?"

Believers and unbelievers, alike, are feeling the stress. I know I speak for so many who are standing on the wall, and who will never abandon their post or their assignment. Like the prophet Isaiah, in chapter 40, we have been given instructions by God to comfort the people; to reassure them. Indeed, that charge is doubled! Verse 1 reads, "Comfort, O comfort My people," says your God. These are words that are as necessary today as they were nearly 2700 years ago when Isaiah spoke them. Sometimes the souls of God's people are so distraught, when faced with a level of evil they've never known, that it is incumbent upon us to comfort them because it is God's will that they be comforted -- even in the worst of times. And that comfort must jointly consist of the conviction of our faith along with bold words of reassurance and encouragement.

So, forgive me if I borrow from the esteemed prophet Isaiah, as I speak to those who are weary. We need to understand that all nations will one day be judged before Almighty God, not only for how they treated His chosen people, Israel, but for how they treated their fellow man. I don't need to point out all the wicked ways of this nation. If you are a righteous follower of Jesus Christ, then you know the list is long and we deserve His discipline and punishment. But, just as YHWH showed the ancient Israelites that the sentence of "her wickedness had been taken away, and her service in warfare was finished", He will be willing to deliver us from our sins and iniquity.

It is not God's will that He remain in conflict with those He calls His children. Just as with Isaiah, we who are called to comfort the faithful [the true believers], we proclaim that the obstacles set before us will be removed and a way will be made for our God to manifest Himself in this realm ... "And the glory and majesty and splendor of the Lord will be revealed, And all humanity shall see it together". It may look like the world is on a fast pace towards ruin, but God still sits on His throne and His mercy and love for His people endures forever. We may not know how long the darkness will prevail, but we are assured that by His light we can [and will] walk through the darkness (Job 29:3).

We must come to know and believe that just as Jesus has prepared a way for us at the end of the world's wickedness, it is our duty to prepare a way for Him now! We must get in fighting shape; we must rid ourselves of our despondency and hopelessness by receiving God's divine Grace [which is His power in us to accomplish what we cannot do on our own]. We must rid ourselves of any pride or conceit regarding our own merit, and help those held captive and in bondage to prepare for their deliverance. God longs to stir up courage and determination in our hearts to break through any discouragement the Enemy is setting before our eyes. We can bring the Light of the Lord, even in the midst of despairing darkness!

The power of the Enemy, and of men, is not to be feared, nor trusted. Isaiah declares not only that, to our God, "All the nations are as nothing before Him, They are regarded by Him as less than nothing and meaningless", but also, "Listen carefully, the Lord God will come with might, And His arm will rule for Him. Most certainly His reward is with Him, And His restitution accompanies Him". When we understand that God has no rival and His Word stands forever, and is incorruptible, then His promises become our hope and our confidence that we will be delivered from our circumstances. 

God called on Isaiah to remind the people of his day that "It is [God] who reduces dignitaries to nothing, Who makes the judges (rulers) of the earth meaningless (useless)". Rulers and authorities on earth are no equal for the Might of our God. "Scarcely have they been planted, Scarcely have they been sown, Scarcely has their stock taken root in the earth, But He merely blows on them, and they wither,
And a strong wind carries them away like stubble". Then the voice of the Lord declares,
“To whom then will you compare Me, that I would be his equal?” says the Holy One. 

Rulers and authorities on the earth will come and go. Throughout the history of the world, those who have chosen to act against Him have all been humbled, and brought low by the mighty hand of God. And so it will be until the end of time when all will stand before Him for judgment. Let us give glory to His sovereignty over them!

In these days when our souls and spirits are wearied and may be burdened by what we see happening on the earth, I want to remind you of what God told Isaiah to say to the people: "Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth does not become tired or grow weary; there is no searching of His understanding. He gives strength to the weary, and to him who has no might He increases power. Even youths grow weary and tired, and vigorous young men stumble badly, but those who wait for the Lord [who expect, look for, and hope in Him] will gain new strength and renew their power; They will lift up their wings [and rise up close to God] like eagles [rising toward the sun]; They will run and not become weary, They will walk and not grow tired".

We must comfort ourselves, and each other, with the knowledge that our God is an Almighty God; an Everlasting God, whose power reigns over all. In fact, He has absolute, complete, and total power over all and that power is sufficient to see His people through all the difficulties of this life. So, don't beat up on yourselves when you have those moments of despondency... we, who point the way to Jesus, are in the cross hairs of the Enemy, and our flesh can become weary and tired. But when we know our duty to represent Him, and rely on our faith in Him, and commit ourselves to be guided by His Holy Spirit ... then our spirit will be strengthened and renewed as we declare that He will not fail us. We will press forward, in the strength of the Lord, with perseverance, and we will reap the comfort, the hope, and the victory that we long for.  

Isaiah 33:2     O Lord, be gracious to us; we have waited [expectantly] for You. Be the arm of Your servants every morning [that is, their strength and their defense], Our salvation also in the time of trouble.

May 18, 2021

Here Is Satan's Game Plan ... Get Prepared. Then Rest In Jesus's Victory!

When looking at the actions of the Anti-Christ in the world today, it's hard to find any good news. I don't see the men who have been put in charge of supporting and protecting mankind being effective against our Enemy's agenda. Now, those of us who put our faith in Jesus and the power of the Cross know that we have been given His power and authority to stand against this spirit of lawlessness. But that doesn't mean we are going to escape some hard times. Jesus never promises that. He promises He will be with us through it, and that we will triumph in ultimate victory.

Keeping that in mind, in 2015, I wrote a blog post that, in part, stated this: the Bible tells us there will be a time for revealing wickedness in preparation for the coming of the Lord Jesus as He ushers in His Millennium reign.  This 1,000 year reign will find Christ restoring the earth.  All wars and sorrows will cease, and it will be a time of rest for the earth as it returns to the state that God originally created in the Garden of Eden. Hallelujah!

But first, the inhabitants of the earth must endure the schemes of Satan to keep that restoration and reign from happening.  Jesus told His apostles (and us) that there would be significant signs that those birth pangs, or sorrows, were beginning.  We are to watch for them, so that we will know His return is imminent and we can earnestly be about our business to help the Holy Spirit save as many souls as possible.

The first thing Jesus tells them (us) is, "Be careful that no one misleads you [deceiving you and leading you into error]."  I don't know about you, but I feel as though we are seeing Deception on Steroids! There is cultural deception in sexual identity issues; economic deception in the manipulation of markets, etc.; political deception on all levels by both parties; and spiritual deception in the growth of cult religions and demonic possessions --- not to mention the scientific and technological advances that make a clone of Jesus possible, so that even the elect, if it were possible, will be deceived! [See my previous post on the very real possibility of this deception]. 

I also want to point you to "The Six Points of Satanic Synchronization", or the ways in which Satan is setting the stage for the appearance of the Anti-Christ. This is a theory put forth by Russ Dizdar, a licensed and ordained minister, who has a unique perspective on this subject because he came out of a satanic cult, and now wages spiritual war on behalf of Christ. He makes the case that the following "Points" are Satan's plan to take over the world...

Point One - Destablization of the World.  Chaos seems to happen no matter how hard we humans try to stop it; it just keeps coming.  Race relations in this country keep being pushed and prodded. Situations keep arising, as if bidden from some controlling dark force, and our society continues to fall apart, no matter how much we throw at it.  We see it happening in the situation on our Southern border; the gas pipeline being shut off in the Northeast; Russia and China chomping at the bit to bring us down; the Hamas/Israeli conflict; and of course, the Covid virus literally destabilized the entire world.

Point Two - Instigation.  This is an extension of Point One.  The purpose is to create chaos, disharmony, friction, division, and war.  We've seen that in the BLM/Antifa movements; Asian Americans being attacked; the disharmony over vaccinations and associated deaths. If it is not happening in the natural world, then spiritual forces will initiate and launch an attack on behalf of the Enemy.

Point Three - Dismantle.  The goal is to dismantle current systems -- militarily, politically and economically, and religiously; to tear them apart; to tear them down; and to replace them with satanically-influenced substitutes. We're seeing that in our military, our monetary system, our healthcare system, our education system, our churches, and the food supply chain. They are all being stripped down and demolished. 

Point Four - Crisis upon Crisis.  This tactic is like chopping down a tree... continually striking until the world system comes down; defeating it blow by blow until Point Five occurs. We see that in continually attacking our Constitution, our law enforcement, and our churches and religious institutions. 

Point Five - Weaken.  After the world suffers continual destabilization, instigation, dismantling, crisis upon crisis, it will become weakened.  All institutions will become corrupted and powerless. The will and resolve of the peoples of the world will be devastated and they will turn to drugs, alcohol, and any other method to numb the pain.  Hopelessness is the ultimate goal. We are definitely seeing the hopelessness and despair in our schools, as our kids are being dumbed down and seeing their futures disappearing. The morale among our law enforcement officers, including the Border Patrol, is the lowest it's been in decades. The dollar is weakened and on the verge of collapse. The Covid-19 pandemic saw thousands of animals slaughtered, and food destroyed because processing facilities were closed and distribution lines were down. Every facet of our everyday life has been weakened.

Point Six - The Final Result is Diminished Capacity.  With the destabilization, instigation, dismantling, crisis upon crisis, and weakening of the foundations of society, mankind will be unable to resist the onslaught of the Anti-Christ and his forces. We must come to the conclusion that we cannot, [under our own power], think or build our way out of this mess. The Savior and The Cross are the only way out. 

At this stage in world history, we are primed for the deception of the Anti-Christ. It is true, that we have witnessed human beings coming into agreement with the devil to accomplish his goals of division, chaos, and destruction on the earth. We have seen the Enemy build spiritual structures that entrap wealthy and powerful people in his false systems of ideas, philosophies, and movements in order to gain more of his promised power, money, fame, and change. He does this by sending his spirits to infiltrate educational institutions, governments, social movements, churches, and the media. These structures become strongholds that the devil owns and through which he can manipulate the masses for the purposes of his kingdom of darkness.  Unfortunately, among the culture of the United States and Western mindset, Satan has been able to build a stronghold that convinces people (whether Believers or not) that the supernatural does not exist in this Age. 

But we who are endued with the Holy Spirit know all too well that our God operates in the supernatural, and HERE'S THE GOOD NEWS ... These power structures collapse when we live our lives connected to God; when we obey Him and walk in our spiritual power and authority! We are here on this earth [at this exact time] to get in the fight and invade and conquer Satan's territory to take it back in the individual's life, in the life of communities, and in the life of our nation -- and we are to occupy that territory until He returns! 

We constantly hear talk of "a global reset". I believe God is doing His own "reset" by identifying those who have spiritual eyes to see the battle strategy of the Enemy; placing His obedient remnant in positions of spiritual power; and strengthening the prayer muscles of His intercessors. He is delegating His authority in this critical time in our history. Jesus showed us that we can speak for God and we have His permission to take the spiritually legal steps to make Earth look like Heaven. Even if the wicked of the world are able to pull off the cloning of Jesus from the divine blood of the Shroud of Turin, [as I wrote about earlier], the remnant will have such powerful discernment to see through the deception and will warn the world! 

We must walk in this Truth: We are here at this moment in history because we have been sent by God and commissioned to represent Him! We are to be the carnal representation of the One who sent us! Jesus has commissioned us, authorized us to act on His behalf, and empowered us with His Holy Spirit to accomplish our assignment. Yes, Jesus has already won the battle, but He has commissioned us to enforce the victory! Until we realize that we have an active role to play in establishing the Kingdom of God here on earth, then we will continue to lose territory to Satan in our souls, our cities, our states, our nation, and ultimately, the world. The battle is raging now -- we see it all around us. Are you ready to walk in Heavenly realms and transfer the power of Heaven to Earth? We have unlimited potential to tear down Satan's strongholds, and we must not falter! We will not be deceived and we will not be fearful! Let us join together to take Jesus's victory to the Enemy!

 2 Corinthians 2:14-15    God always makes His grace visible in Christ, who includes us as partners of His endless triumph. Through our yielded lives He spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of God everywhere we go. We have become the unmistakable aroma of the victory of the Anointed One to God—a perfume of life to those being saved and the odor of death to those who are perishing.

January 26, 2021

What Do We Do While We're Waiting On God?

Over the past couple of weeks my husband and I have had many conversations with people who are, frankly, perplexed and deeply concerned about our present circumstances. And their state of confusion is not necessarily coming as disappointment from a political or social perspective. These are people from all walks of life; all economic and social backgrounds; and they are all worried. They all recognize that we've never seen such division and discord in this nation in our lifetimes, and there is a deep sense something dark is hanging over the land.

I will be honest and tell you that for those who do not have God as their anchor, it is difficult for me to offer any solace or suggestion to ease their anxiety. There is no "quick fix" for the mess we're in, and I'm afraid their normalcy bias keeps them from seeing the truth of what our future may look like.

Even the Believers are struggling; some because they just don't have a template for what happens when God doesn't automatically restore us or rescue us from our troubles. They're beginning to get a picture that doesn't fit the narrative they've been told about our exceptionalism, or match the visions and dreams of the modern-day "prophets". There are others who have discerned [and accepted] that our disobedience and rebellion against God calls for repentance and humility and yes, even discipline. For them it is a matter of dealing with God's silence. And I will tell you that it has been somewhat comforting to know that I am not alone in my eagerness to hear from Him.

I am not fearful, nor am I deluded. I am not trying to convince myself that things will be back to normal soon, or that nothing is going to happen. I am a watchman on the wall and I see the darkness coming. But along with many others whom the Lord has designated watchmen, I have been determining what my role is while we are waiting for God to speak into this realm. I am trying to be patient as I wait on the Lord. I know that this waiting has a purpose -- to strengthen my resolve to complete my Kingdom assignment; to seek more knowledge and wisdom in Him; to seek His face and rest in Him; to focus on the hope that is in Him. So it's been mostly me talking and praying to Him in the early, early morning hours; and waiting for instructions.

Then yesterday, the Holy Spirit prompted me with His wisdom and counsel.  His advice went something like this: "You know, don't you, that even in His silence, the Father is busy and working behind the scenes in the events of the world? So, while you're waiting, you can still use your spiritual giftings and Teach, Equip, and Train, and Encourage. The Father has given you those assignments and the ability to do them, in and out of season, in good times and bad. You don't think the Enemy is going to just sit back and wait for you to hear the Father's voice, do you? While you're on that wall, you're seeing things that the Body of Christ is unprepared for. Why don't you use your gifts and your calling to help them see the things coming on the earth more clearly; then teach them the spiritual tools they will need to press into the Father; to train them to seek their own gifts; to encourage them to go to a higher level of intimacy and power with God, so that our nation does not have to descend into further darkness?  

Just because our Father is silent in this moment of time doesn't mean that I have to be -- or that you need to be! We all have been given gifts that can be used to educate, empower, and encourage ourselves [and each other] to assist God and His angels in defending His Kingdom here on earth. Those gifts work, in conjunction with the keys of the Kingdom, to make us "living stones" that are responsive and reactive to the Spirit within us to become more and more like the foundational stone of our lives, Jesus Christ. 

Jesus walked in all the gifts. He is our model, and He expects us to use our gifts in these troubled times. "As the Father has sent me, I also send you" (John 20:21). So while I am waiting on God and the Lord to reveal their next move, I will move to teach and equip and train and encourage Christians to persevere in the coming years and to walk in the power and authority as Kingdom ambassadors, citizens, and priests. I call on my brothers and sisters in Christ to join me in sharing their gifts. I ask those who have been called to intercede in prayer and fasting to teach and encourage others to follow them. I ask those who have been called to lead others to seek the Face of the Lord in intimacy and spirit  to help others experience that encounter with God. I ask those who have been called to worship to bring their talents, and change the atmosphere with voices full of joy and reverence. I ask those who have been called to give Words of Knowledge to reveal the Lord's prophecies over lives and watch as the plans of the Evil One to destroy those lives are stopped in their tracks. And I ask those who have been called to bring healing to the broken-hearted to help the wounded overcome their pain and to both give and receive forgiveness, the biggest stumbling block to our freedom in Christ.

In summary, I know many of you are also experiencing God's silence right now. You are not receiving answers to your questions or prayers. But this is where the rubber of our faith hits the proverbial road, and we must not submit to Evil, but rather stand in our identity, our assignments, and our callings. There is much we can and should and must be doing while we wait. Do not cower in fear. Do not retreat into numbness. And do not look back. We go forward in boldness and with the spiritual insight and knowledge that God goes with us. He is still a God of miracles and hope; and we steward that hope, even when things seem hopeless. So, let us engage with Him and in our gifts and callings, and let's transform lives, nations, and the world!

Psalm 37:7-9    Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; fret not yourself over the one who prospers in his way, over the man who carries out evil devices! Refrain from anger, and forsake wrath! Fret not yourself; it tends only to evil. For the evildoers shall be cut off, but those who wait for the Lord shall inherit the land.

January 3, 2021

Psalm 62:11-12 ... So Much Revealed About The God We Serve

God has spoken once,
Twice I have heard this:
That power belongs to God.

Also to You, O Lord, belong lovingkindness and compassion,
For You compensate every man according to 
his work.


I have been making it a practice to read the Psalms in the morning, limiting myself to five at a time so that I am conscientious in listening to the Spirit as I pursue understanding. And I am always delighted when a specific passage or verse catches my spiritual eye. I can ruminate on it for hours or an entire day. This time it was the above verses in Psalm 62.

Most of the Psalms were written by David and express just how much he relied on the Lord to guide him through his trials. The common themes are waiting on the Lord, seeking protection from the Lord, and praising God for being his salvation, rock, and fortress. But the underlying message of each sacred song is the existing power of God to supply all David's needs.

As I contemplate the dawning of a new year, I am under no illusion that turning a page on the calendar is going to guarantee that our personal or national trials are going to be relegated to history and everything will return to "normal". If anything, the pressure is building and even more trials and adversity are headed our way. 

A recently prepared report by the Secular Democrats of America Political Action Committee (PAC) for the incoming presidential administration, proposed a plan "to advance a secular agenda at all levels of government ... and disentangle entrenched religious interests from federal policy". Furthermore, the report warned that "the rise of white Christian nationalism is a national security threat". In my mind that kind of deliberate language intends to undermine the freedom of religious expression that is guaranteed in our First Amendment rights, as well as denounce the Christian heritage and history of this nation. Ultimately, the aim of instituting secularism through government policy amounts to authoritarianism that denies the existence of God. 

And that, my friends, is the very goal of Satan: to put believers of the Most High God under totalitarian control of the Pharaohs and Hitlers of the world; men who have been deceived into accepting the promise of the Enemy's power as their own. But YHWH's love for His creation is steadfast and enduring and He always finds men [and women] who are willing to partner with Him and His power to overcome Satan's diabolical plots to control the world. And that's what Psalm 62, verses 11 and 12 reveal to me...

Once God has spoken, and twice I have heard this ... So immutable and so unchanging is God's word that it is established forever. Once He speaks it, it is set in stone [as in the Ten Commandments. Although the first set were smashed, the commandments were established forever and are eternal]. As the esteemed theologian Charles Spurgeon explained, "God speaks once and utters eternal verities. All our speaking may yet end in sound; but He speaks, and it is done; He commands, and it stands fast". And in my opinion, our ability to hear twice references our natural ears and our spiritual ears; if we have a true spiritual relationship with God, then we hear both in the physical and in our hearts. Perhaps that is why Jesus so often repeats, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear" -- let him not only hear Jesus's voice, but hear the Father's voice in his heart and through that spiritual connection.

And what are we to hear? That power belongs to God. This is the understanding we all need to have for this day and time. Our way of life in this nation is clearly threatened, and now we are beginning to see [through the aforementioned report] that our faith may soon come under attack. Remember, Jesus prophesied that those who believe in Him will be hated by all nations because of His Name. And if we call ourselves Christians, what have we heard? That power belongs to God! The power to overcome any situation rests with God's decision to share HIS power! 

In the Old Testament, God chose who to lend His power to; it was not freely available to all. We see this concept in the experiences of the following Biblical heroes: Noah built an ark; Abraham left his ancestral lands for a land promised to his descendants; Moses answered the call of God to deliver the Israelites out of bondage; Joshua led the people in bringing down the walls of Jericho; Rahab helped the Israelite spies to escape; Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego entered a fiery furnace. They all received power from God to work on His behalf!  In these Old Testament examples, it was God taking action to work on behalf of His people by sending His Holy Spirit to specific people to accomplish His purpose. And He did it out of His steadfast love for them.

And that steadfast love continues to us, as expressed in Psalm 62, verse 12: And that to you, O Lord, belongs steadfast love. Because that love has endured since the beginning of the Creation, God so loved the world that He sent His love through His Son to save us all from eternal punishment. And with that shared love from the Father, the Son also received His Father's power.  Jesus clearly states this in Matthew 28:18, "All authority (all power of absolute rule) in heaven and on earth has been given to Me". And what is the Father's ultimate plan? To have His power transferred through Jesus to us! In Luke 10:19, Jesus tell us, "Listen carefully: I have given you authority [that you now possess] to tread on serpents and scorpions, and [the ability to exercise authority] over all the power of the enemy (Satan); and nothing will [in any way] harm you". And after His crucifixion and resurrection, the Lord appears to His disciples in the upper room, and secures His covenant with faithful followers: "I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high".

That "power from on high" is the same Holy Spirit that gave Jesus access to the Father's power, and now grants us the ability to use that power also. Whether, as in the Old Testament, God appointed His power to individuals, or under the New Testament covenant, all those who believe on the Name of Jesus, the Messiah [Yeshua Ha Mashiach] can use their free will to gain access to it, God will render to a man according to his work (Psalm 62:12). And that is vitally important that we members of Christ's Ekklesia understand that!

How will we use that divine power that is in us to overcome what we will face in 2021 and beyond? We must be witnesses of the power of God [in us] to defeat the schemes of the devil to dominate the earth. God is a jealous god who greatly values His power that has been deposited in us, and He expects us to use it wisely and judiciously. It is not to be wasted, nor is it to be inactive. As in the Parable of the Talents, He expects a return on His investment. When we exercise His divine power to overcome the kingdom of darkness in the world, He tells us if we have been faithful with a little, He will give us more... For to everyone who has, will more be given, and he will have an abundance... God will render to a man according to his work.

So, as the Ekklesia of the Lord, we have much work to do in the coming months and years, and whatever time we have left on this earth. The darkness appears to be growing, but we, who have faith in the power from on high that exists in us, know that we have all we need to defeat it and its master. Trust in the power of God that is in you! And believe that Jesus intended for God's power to be present in His disciples until He returns; to be present to nullify the power of the devil... and He intended for us to use it! 

December 20, 2020

We Will Need The Faith That Moves Mountains

I discern the Holy Spirit telling me it is time for me to be honest. I don't know how anyone, Christian or not, can see and hear what the Enemy is heaping upon our country and not be aware that we are in the fight of our lives; a spiritual war for our way of life, our freedoms, and quite possibly our very survival. I know this might seem dramatic, but if you've been able to let go of your normalcy bias and pay attention to the massive corruption going on at the highest levels of our government; the revelations of foreign spy networks in our country, and the recent cyber warfare against our national defense systems, then you must be aware that we are under demonic attack. 

This blog post is not written to send you diving under the covers or to cause you to tremble in fear. Rather it is to awaken your spirit to the power of your faith. Remember [in the previous post] what Jesus reveals after He curses the fig tree and it dies ... if we have faith, and do not doubt, we will not only be able to do what He did to the fig tree, but we could tell a mountain to be moved and thrown into the sea, and it would happen. I would say that the battles before us form a whole mountain range that we need to move with our faith!

For those of you who have found your security in your job, or your bank account, or even your family, let me suggest that those foundations could easily crumble and fall in the face of what the Enemy has planned for us. But the foundation of faith in Jesus will withstand any storm or onslaught coming from the devil and his evil forces. Sadly, I am concerned that far too many people have built their faith on a foundation of shifting sand. It is important that we remember what Jesus taught in His parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders ... Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock. And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it.”

Our "house" could be compared to the life we've built; our physical and spiritual existence. If we hear what Jesus reveals about Himself and actually believe it and apply it [without doubting], then we have a solid foundation from which to withstand anything the Enemy uses to come against us. As the Bible says, it's because we built it on "the rock". And Who is the Rock? It is Jesus! 

One of my "go to" Bible passages is Psalm 18:1-3, and this is what it says: I love you, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge; my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. I call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised, and I am saved from my enemies. This passage has calmed my fears in times of doubt and confusion; strengthened my faith when I felt weak; and emboldened me when I needed to take a stand against the forces bombarding me. The Lord strengthens me through His power that is in me. I am bonded to Him in love and all that He is becomes mine! As the Passion Translation renders this passage, Jesus becomes as real to me "as bedrock beneath my feet, like a castle on a cliff, my forever firm fortress, my mountain of hiding, my pathway of escape, and my tower of rescue where none can reach me." My spirit is freed from the deception that the Enemy whispers as he tries to drag me into bondage. No longer do I receive his lies that "the great empire of the United States is doomed to expire, as all the great empires have done when I overcame them". 

My spirit knows the truth that "the Name of the Lord is a strong tower, and the righteous runs into it and is safe".  And we must believe to the depths of our souls that this tower is one of rescue "where none can reach me". My spirit has found refuge in Him as I enter a strong tower with 6 foot thick walls of stone, where He awaits me next to a warm, blazing fire and I sit at His feet, receiving comfort and strength for the battles I will face. Outside, the forces of the Enemy storm as they rage in violent, uncontrollable anger that I am protected and safe. In those times, Jesus is my mountain that rises far above the forces of evil, and where I am able to escape and hear His strategies for victory in my life.

I write this post today because I discern that we are facing battles that we've never encountered in our lifetimes. Whether God has determined to deliver this nation or to discipline it, each one of us is still precious to Him and we have been given our free will to seek a personal relationship with Him that is separate and autonomous from the fate of the United States. That word autonomous means self-governing, self-determining, independent, and free. Now is the time to embrace the Scripture that says even though we may be walking in the valley of the shadow of death of our nation, we do not have to fear Evil. The rod and the staff that the Father has given Jesus can comfort us. We can know that the rod is His power and authority; it not only produced water from a rock, and caused the Red Sea to part, but it can become an iron rod that breaks the power of the Enemy from before us.  His staff guides us, corrects us to stay on the path, aids in defending us against predators, and helps us to stay balanced in Him.  

I also write this post because it is time that we face our reality. We are about to enter a new year, and we may not return to what "normal" used to look like. As this fact begins to dawn on people, I am seeing fear and panic rising up in my Christian community. I see them becoming paralyzed and incapable of movement. But that is the exact strategy of the Enemy: to bring not only our nation, but our very lives to a standstill by causing disruption and chaos and fear. We must stand up in our true identities! At our core, we are spirit beings, made in the image of our Creator! If we say we have faith, then we must believe that we have His power and His authority embedded in us! We must believe, without a doubt, that we can move those mountains of fear and panic, and they will be thrown into the sea. Then we can join the Heavenly Host in fighting in the spiritual realms for our nation and for our families -- for our very lives.

Do we, as a nation, and as individuals, deserve God's rod of discipline? Who can deny that? But His rod gives us wisdom (Psalm 29:15), and we need it to lift ourselves and others up out of this quagmire we find ourselves in; to be the beacon of hope and courage and strength that we find in Jesus Christ to overcome our Enemy. Although it may appear that we are facing inevitable chaos, this is a glorious opportunity to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom of God -- to share the Good News that Jesus is mankind's Savior and Deliverer, and to invite people to enter His Kingdom's government on earth and help Him rule the nations. We can demonstrate His power and authority in us to move mountains and show them what it is like to sit down to a meal where we dine on His peace and joy and comfort, even as we are sit in the midst of our enemies. We all need to have the faith to believe that those words He spoke were real and true. Our families and our communities are going to need to see our faith on display. And even if that faith is as small as a mustard seed, I believe Jesus will sustain it and grow it and strengthen it to become a resilient tree; a place of refuge for those seeking shelter.  

So, I am writing this post today to encourage you ... ask the Lord to help you face whatever may come, and you will find that He has been waiting to share His power and authority with you. He wants to equip you with the strength to endure; the wisdom to guide others; the knowledge of His winning strategies; the power to defeat the Enemy at every turn; and the ability to love others into their own glorious relationship with Him. He has known you as His created spirit being since He formed the foundations of the world, and He chose to send you to the earth for this time and in this place. We all have an assignment to complete. Will you represent Him well? Will you show the evil forces in this present darkness that our true freedom lies in who we are in Christ? Yes, in the coming days [and years] we will need the faith that moves mountains. But if we abide in the One who created the mountains, we have access to everything we need to tell those mountains to move, and they will tremble at our voices! Praise Him for He is worthy to be praised, and we will be saved from our enemies!

Revelation 2:26-27   The one who conquers and who keeps My works until the end, to him I will give authority over the nations, and he will rule them with a rod of iron, as when earthen pots are broken in pieces, even as I myself have received authority from My Father.