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September 7, 2016

A Personal Testimony: Jesus IS Our Deliverer!

     I decided today that I wanted to share with you a most encouraging email that I received.  Oftentimes, I receive requests asking for more information on spiritual deliverance and how healing the deep spiritual wounds in one's life is possible.  Most of the time people are open to letting me share the method that the Lord has shown me to set them on their path to being set free from satanic oppression.  Every once in awhile I will hear from someone who desperately needs to be freed, yet they cannot let go of their church doctrine and see the deeper truths in Scripture.  I get accused of seeing demons in every corner -- that's a favorite accusation of those who cling to what the Church has taught them [or in most cases, not taught them], and have trouble accepting any other viewpoint outside their experience.  But I don't let the naysayers discourage me; those with ears to hear, will hear.
     And then there are the people who have amazing testimonies; those who have been willing to let Jesus and the Holy Spirit heal those wounds.  They have come out of the darkness of their lives, into the Light that is Jesus.  Their lives are truly transformed.  And rather than hearing me give my opinion of the necessity of spiritual warfare [one more time], I thought you'd like to hear from someone who can affirm the power and authority we have in Christ.  Allow me to share some of her "before" and "after" testimony.  
     First, let me tell you that the very first email I received had one single word in the subject line ... "Help?"  And this is a little of what that first desperate cry for help sounded like ... 
     This letter has been long in coming.  It’s been in my mind for months now, but it’s taken this long to actually write it.  Part of the warfare, I’m sure.  I know that Satan does not want me to write it.  He does not want me to ask for help.  He does not want me to learn how to actively fight him.  I have been much too easy for him to manipulate and oppress...
     I have never written a letter like this to someone out in the internet, but this urge has not gone away in several months, so I am going to just go for it.  Thank you for listening.  Right now I literally have no one to listen to me, or to help. I am feeling more vulnerable and under attack than I have ever felt in my life.  It feels like it is incoming from every single direction possible.  A good description of me right at this moment would be a little girl, curled up in a ball, trying to withstand the blows and hoping they will end soon.  I honestly don’t know what has happened to me.  I am a fighter.  But the fight is taking its toll on me and I just feel like a sitting duck.  It is so bad that I don’t even know what to do or where to start.  I am tired, broken and feel like I’m hanging on by a thread.  The one thing I hang on to is my certain knowledge that my Redeemer lives.  But, I can’t get to Him. I pray and I ask and yet I still feel like I’m on the other side of soundproof glass and I can’t make contact.  I know He’s there.  I know He has the power to heal me.  I know He can demolish my foes with a single word.  And yet, I can’t get there, no matter what I do.
     I am usually an eternal optimist.  I always hang on to hope, and I believe that God uses all things for my good.  I know all that in my head, but it is not translating out into my life.  It’s getting harder and harder to hang on to the hope.  There is something blocking me from the healing power of God.  I have had so much ministry through the years.  Deliverance, healing, breaking strongholds, so much, but there is still something there that is not right.  I need help!  ...  I feel so confused….and helpless…Please, Belle….what can I do?  How do I get started?  How do I fight?  My usually happy, upbeat spirit feels crushed….I can’t stop crying….I can’t stop the pummeling…and now I am going to take a huge leap of faith, and push “send”.

     This is the email I received from her a couple of months after we did multiple sessions... and all either by phone or FaceTime!  I was concerned about how I could help her since we lived so far apart, and my wise husband said, "Don't you think God is big enough to work with her through the internet?  After all, the Enemy does!" ... Such a wise man!

     Well, what can I say???  It really does just keep getting better!  Words don't even come close!  I don't even feel like the same person....I am handling life, but more than just handling it....I am so full of joy!!  The depression is completely gone!  I haven't had a single sad moment since our very first session!  I am honestly a totally changed person!!  I am NOT exaggerating!!  I finally have that peace I have been looking for ALL of my life!!!  Things that would have normally knocked me down, are not.  The wall is down...I will never forget as long as I live the picture of Yeshua literally tearing that wall down, brick by brick, and releasing me.  I am so excited and happy!
     There are so many things I could share....so much happening...so much the Lord is showing me!  Every single day there is some new revelation about so many things.  I am getting so much understanding on so many things.  And I am learning how to do life in a completely different way.  It's almost like I'm outside of certain situations and have an understanding of what is actually happening that I've never had before.  For example, when there's a problem with a person, I'm not focused on what is happening physically, but instead, I'm aware of what is happening in the spiritual realm.  So, things that would have "pushed my buttons" before, I now can tell what the real issue is.  Does that make sense? I'm more aware of the spiritual component, which makes me handle things so much more differently.  I am just so much more loving and understanding.  Where before I would have been offended, or hurt, or reacted, I am finding that I go pretty much immediately to God, ask Him what is REALLY going on, and how I should handle it...what I should say, etc.  It's sure made for much more peaceful times.

     And this is the latest email I received, just a couple of days ago, and nearly 2 years from the first time she contacted me:     

     Just a quick note back to tell you thank you….and  STAY THE COURSE!!!  And BE ENCOURAGED!!!  You and your husband are doing such a great and needed work!!! I pray that there will be a hundred more of you!!!  I was led to you almost 2 ½ years ago and because of that one small, God-led click of a link, my whole world is changed!!!  Everything is different when seen through the eyes of healing, spiritual warfare and deliverance!!  Everything!!  Nothing is the same!!      After having Satan “mop the floor” with me, and my family, I am truly learning to stop taking it and fight back.
     What the Lord has really been impressing on me lately is how I am to be part of these Last Days battles and the need for training and practice….and the significance that it has in the heavenlies, since I have been redeemed from an  “organization” that we are fighting against!! Just being free from it all is a true blow to enemy forces!! What was meant for evil, God has used for good!!  Everywhere I turn I find “Masonic”, “Illuminati”, “Hiram Abiff”, etc.   Interesting, isn’t it, that six months ago I didn’t even KNOW how deep and satanic those Masonic ties were….and now, everywhere I look, there it is and it is a huge part of the enemy’s plans for this world!!!  I’m still so new and have so much to learn….but I see everything through a different set of eyes than I ever did before….and it all makes so much sense to me now!!  How privileged we are to be alive today!!  That doesn’t mean I’m looking forward to what’s coming…but, it does mean I’m excited to see what God is going to do!!!
     Anyway, just wanted you to know what a blessing you are to me…and so many others!!!  … If I could help even one person to step out into the great unknown and receive healing and deliverance, I would be thrilled!

     Can you see the difference between the first email and the subsequent ones?  I remember telling her when we began talking that if she would allow Jesus and the Holy Spirit into her memories, and let them heal the wounds that have been inflicted upon her throughout her life, that she would have a powerful testimony of what Jesus meant when He said, "I came to set the captives free".  And now she is glorifying Him to anyone who will listen!
     I just wanted to give you a break from hearing my voice and let you hear from someone who is speaking through experience and Truth.  Her testimony is more credible than mine ... she has lived it and is now shouting God's Truth:  Jesus Is our Rock, our Fortress, and our Deliverer!

Psalm 34:4    "I sought the Lord, and He answered me and delivered me from all my fears."



  1. What an amazing testimony and turn around! Belle, you are doing amazing work and I can see where God is trying to release his people. The main stream Church will never be on board but that doesn't mean God won't find a way to release those in captivity or in spiritual prisons. Stay the course! A.R.

    1. Yes, these people who could never bring themselves to approach the Church are stronger and bolder in their faith than many who have languished in the Church for years. These are the people Jesus needs for these times!

  2. That was a crazy transformation. God is awesome and what he is doing through you is amazing! I love these testimonies. There are so many deeply hurt people in the church and in the world who need this help. You are making a big mark for him in so many areas. Cant wait to see where you take me next.

    1. Yes, I believe the testimonies and the personal words of those who have been set free are much more valuable than anything I can say. And it is truly the Lord who is driving this train, and I can't wait to see where He takes us next, either!

  3. Darn, you are blowing my spiritual socks off! Good one!