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February 8, 2024

Why The Answer to the Chaos in Society is JESUS!

Everywhere we look, we see evidence of the evil one -- crime on the rise; corruption in government and business; sexual perversion and exploitation; confusion and deception in all spheres of our society, even leading our children to abandon their gender identities. It may all look hopeless and beyond reclamation. But the story of Jesus healing the madmen in the region of Gerasenes gives us hope that even our lost nation can be redeemed.

It's such an appropriate story in the Bible because their story has been repeated in so many lives throughout history. And God inspired the writers of the Bible to give multiple accounts of this same narrative. Matthew, Mark and Luke all write about the chaos that Satan caused in these men's lives and in their communities. Matthew writes that these two men were extremely fierce and violent; everyone did what they could to avoid them. Mark and Luke apparently focus on the most disturbed of the two, choosing to concentrate on the behavior of just one of the men. Mark writes that he was always shrieking and screaming, and beating, bruising, and cutting himself with stones. Luke 's account calls him "possessed by demons". 

All three of the portrayals speak of his separation from the society of the region, and being bound in chains and fetters to protect himself and the citizens. But the demons were so strong in him that he could not be held, wrenching his chains apart and breaking them in pieces. The local citizens were terribly frightened of him, for the demons drove him to live in the tombs with the dead.

How many of our own citizens in this, the 21st Century, are living in the same chaos - homeless; disassociated from structured society; lost in immorality; deceived by ungodly influence in order to cause destruction, violence, wickedness, and death? We can no longer turn and look away. And sheltering inside our church buildings in an attempt to ignore the spiritual upheaval all around us is no way to advance the Kingdom of God against the dark kingdom of the Enemy. We, as the Ekklesia and citizens of the Kingdom on earth, must join in our spiritual power and authority to fight against the chaos and invite Jesus into a personal encounter with these lost souls.

Again, I will say that the chronicle of the Madman of Gerasenes is the perfect image of what it means to say that Jesus is the answer. This man entered into agreement with Satan about who he was, resulting in a life of torment and separation from the One who created him. And his community and fellow countrymen didn't know how to help him. Instead they shunned him and left him in his misery and isolation. Truth be known, I doubt they could've helped him, even if they wanted to. They had no knowledge of the healing power of Heaven, which is what it was going to take to free this man from the demonic prison that bound his soul and spirit.

But when the madman saw Jesus, a terrible cry escaped him, and he fell at Jesus's feet; the demons that possessed him instantly recognizing who He was. They presented a challenge to Jesus: What business do you have with us? What do we have in common? Please, don't torment us! The demons wanted to be left alone to continue their torment of the madman. But because they discerned the power of Jesus to destroy them, they asked to be allowed to leave the man and go into the herd of swine. Jesus set the man free with one word to the demons: Go! Nothing in the world could accomplish what Jesus did with that one command. And now -- just as then -- the tormented man was bound in a spiritual prison. Our society wants to solve the chaos in men's lives by building more prisons, or signing them up for rehab, or building homeless camps. But none of that has seemed to work. Prayer alone has not accomplished ridding out society of the chaos. The only answer is a real encounter with Jesus!

But what is sad to me is that our institutionalized church, in the form of "religion", is not united in believing that the marginalized in our society are capable of having -- or even want --  such an encounter. Or when they hear the testimonies of those who have, they either doubt it, belittle the experience, define it as deception, or fear it because it happens in the supernatural. Their minds cannot reconcile the radical transformation of a person from Lost to Redeemed by the power and grace of Christ. It's understandable from the secular segments of our society; but from the Church? Do they not believe the accounts in the Bible of exactly those kinds of transformation? What about Saul being radically transformed to Paul? Mary Magdalene, from a promiscuous lifestyle, to an obedient follower of Christ? Moses, from a privileged son of Egypt, to a bold leader of God's chosen people? There are so many stories in the Bible of people whose lives were radically changed, and their minds renewed, to the possibilities of God's power and grace in their life.

So, it is up to us [the true Believers who have experienced God's ability to redeem us] to do what Jesus instructed the radically transformed madman to do so long ago ... "Go home to your own family and relatives and friends, and bring back word to them of all that the Lord has done for you, and how He has had sympathy and mercy for you". So we must leave our place of comfort and go and proclaim to all of Society what Jesus has done for us. Our transformation may not be as radical as the madman from Gerasenes, but we cannot deny that we are changed, all to varying degrees. 

I can testify to the truth of how an encounter with Christ, the Messiah, can bring both His Power and Peace to a life lived in chaos. I have witnessed it through the encounters with Christ that I have seen in our ministry ... lives changed from promiscuity and bestiality to Redeemed; from addictions to drugs, alcohol and porn to Redeemed; from failed marriages to walking in unity with Christ; from defeated identities to knowing their purpose for the Kingdom. And the answer for each of these lives [in bondage to Satan] was the same ... discovering their true identity in Christ and submitting to His plan for them. 

If we, the Kingdom citizens on earth, continue to remain silent, then Society, our Culture, and our Nation will limp along until the deterioration becomes complete. Satan is playing his game; we must play our strategy as well. We can no longer afford to retreat or take shelter from the chaos. The eternal lives of so many lost souls depend on our testimonies and our spiritual power and authority -- partnering with Jesus -- to effect radical transformations and take back territory from Satan's kingdom of darkness. Yes, the chaos and lawlessness is at a crisis point, but we know the answer! Let us stand in our identity. Tell Chaos, "Go"! And then Go and share what Jesus has done for you and can do for everyone!

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Ephesians 3:20-21       Now to Him (who is able to carry out His purpose) and to do superabundantly more than we dare ask or think (infinitely beyond our greatest prayers, hopes, or dreams), according to His power at work within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations forever and ever. Amen.

April 11, 2021

How Would Our Nation Be Different If The Church Acted Like The Ekklesia?

I would like to submit to you that there is not a single citizen of our great nation who would testify that nothing has changed in our country. And in the eyes of the righteous of the nation, there are many demonic strongholds that are attacking the fundamentally Christian foundation of our homeland... and appear to be winning!

But what would it look like if the Church/Body of Christ actually followed Jesus's instructions that He gave to His disciples in Matthew 16:18-19? Before we consider how those instructions could be carried out in the 21st century, let's remember the verses and their context ... Jesus says, "on this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades (death) will not overpower itI will give you the keys (authority) of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind [forbid, declare to be improper and unlawful] on earth will  have [already] been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose [permit, declare lawful] on earth will have [already] been loosed in heaven.”  

To begin, there are a couple of ways that we can discern who or what "the rock" is that Jesus is referring to. It could be Himself, who is the foundational rock and cornerstone of the body of believers who are to become the church. Alternatively, the place they were standing [in Caesarea Philippi], was at the rocky base of Mount Hermon, the exact location where the Fallen Angels descended to corrupt humankind by mating with human women. Then there is the fact that instead of the word "church", Jesus actually used the Greek word (adopted by the Romans) of Ekklesia. Jesus very deliberately used this word, and it means “legislative assembly” or “selected ones.” This is not a religious term at all, but a political and governmental term that is used many times in classical Greek for a group of people who have been summoned and gathered together to govern the affairs of a city. For Jesus to use this term means He is giving the keys of governmental authority in his kingdom on earth to the believers who will follow His commands and His Father's form of heavenly government. 

This area [and those terms] would have made Peter and his fellow disciples very uneasy.  They knew they were standing on ground that the Nephilim had inhabited, and in Jewish theology, the spirits of these dead warrior-kings were demons.  They believed that this area, with its connection to Fallen Angels and temples dedicated to Zeus and Baal worship, was the entryway to the underworld -- the gates of Sheol, which simply means “the place of the dead” or “the place of departed souls/spirits.”  (The New Testament Greek equivalent is Hades).  In this case, with its history involving Fallen Angels, it was an area of evil departed spirits, or demons.

Therefore, Peter might have understood what Jesus was saying in this way -- that when He referred to "the rock" on which He would build His Church, He did not mean either Peter or Himself.  Peter and the other Disciples knew Jesus was talking about the very rock on which they were standing -- the foot of Mount Hermon, the demonic headquarters of the Old Testament and the Greek world. And they were to be obedient to taking back dominion and authority of the earth from the demonic influence and strongholds to which they were in bondage.  Nothing has changed in 2000 years. That was the disciples' mandate, and it's ours, too.

So, now back to my original question .... what would it look like if we were to step into that mandate as the true Ekklesia? What is our responsibility to effect change on this earth; to take back territories from the kingdom of darkness and transfer them into the jurisdiction of our Father's Kingdom in Heaven? What if the Ekklesia was to divide up into small groups of 5 or 6 and across the Southern border states, thousands of these groups met to determine the areas in their communities and counties that are under bondage to the strongholds that are orchestrating an invasion of our land ... and what if each of these groups met at a particular place on the map and prayed and confessed the sins that have been committed in and on the land, asked God for forgiveness, then prayed for reconciliation, restitution and restoration? What if tens of thousands of the Ekklesia were committed to doing that and to consecrating the land [with holy oil] to break the strongholds of Freemasonry, human trafficking, drug addiction, poverty, murder, and the breakdown of the family unit?
I know that just in the section of the Southern border where I live, the land is saturated with the influence of false gods from the generational iniquity of worshiping the pagan war gods of the Mezo-American era; it has literally been bathed in the blood of human sacrifice for centuries and generations. The Ekklesia groups in the East and the Deep South could do the same, confessing the sins over the land that were committed during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, and covering those bloody grounds with holy oil and the Blood of Jesus. And so it would go throughout our nation -- from the war-torn cities of Chicago across the plains of our nation's mid-section to the West Coast -- every person who calls themselves a Christian confessing and repenting for the state of our country due to the neglect of the Body of Christ to steward it, protect it, and repent when we have sinned. 

Take a slow, deliberate look at this oft-quoted verse in 2 Chronicles, chapter seven: [If] My people, who are called by My Name, humble themselves, and pray and seek (crave, require as a necessity) My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear [them] from heaven, and forgive their sin and heal their land. Our nation stands no chance of being healed unless we can confess our wicked ways in the here and now, and own up to our generational and historical iniquity! I've heard the excuse that the pastors are tired ... but if they are unable to lead the remnant of their flocks to be obedient to 2 Chronicles 7:14, then are they perhaps guilty of not equipping and training their church members to do the ministry of God in the world (Ephesians 4:11-12)? Shouldn't there at least be a remnant that is capable and willing to pray, confess, repent, and turn from the wicked ways of the world, and ask God to forgive us and heal the land?

We are commanded by Jesus to preach the good news of the Kingdom of God that is on earth and in heaven; to make disciples; and to baptize those who receive Christ as their Savior. That is doing the work of the ministry of the Father and Son. But when it becomes clear that our communities and cities across the nation have fallen from God's original design, and our families are in bondage to strongholds that result in addiction, persecution, murder and death, then there is no excuse for the Body of Christ failing to be the Ekklesia and governmental authority of the Kingdom of God in people's lives. If everyone who professed faith in Jesus was committed to joining with a remnant of fellow believers to confess their sins and the sins of the nation -- and then repent and ask for forgiveness -- and then bless the land and ask God to heal it, just think of the impact that would have against the kingdom of darkness!

And for all of you who are walking this out already, God bless you! Join with me to pray that this will become a wave of revival among the Body of Christ, and that we will begin to see this nation be freed from the demonic strongholds that threaten to bring us down. I believe that there are legions of Heaven's angelic army just waiting for us to ask that they be unleashed to fight in the spiritual realms. Let us partner with them, under the leadership of Jehovah Sabaoth, the Commander of this mighty heavenly army, and may we see the darkness defeated in our generation. Amen!

Hosea 14:9     Whoever is [spiritually] wise, let him understand these things; Whoever is [spiritually] discerning and understanding, let him know them. For the ways of the Lord are right, And the righteous will walk in them, But transgressors will stumble and fall in them.


June 15, 2020

Humility, Forgiveness, and Unveiling Deception

     I apologize for the length of this post. But so much is being revealed and heaped upon our nation right now, and I would not do justice to the revelation by dividing it into two parts. So I hope you are able to see what I am trying to accomplish here. There are so many layers to what we see unfolding in our country today. I  have tried to show the different facets of the Lord's heart, as well as all the tactics of the Enemy to kill the destiny of this nation. And there are layers upon layers in both the natural and spiritual realms that pertain to these two agendas. We must begin to see the truth about the intentions of both Jesus and the devil!
     Where to begin? We know that Forgiveness is one of the largest factors in defeating Satan's agenda. Jesus includes it in the Lord's Prayer. Scripture tells us that we cannot expect to be forgiven if we don't forgive our fellow man. But we must also be willing to ask for forgiveness [in humility] in order to set our brother or sister free from Satan's lies that cause division and strife.
     Here is what we see happening in the natural realm: If we call ourselves Americans, there is a truth we need to understand. We are 155 years removed from the end of slavery in this country, but we are still paying the price of the seeds of evil planted four centuries ago when the first slaves arrived on our shores in 1619. Whether our families owned slaves or not, we are suffering from the generational iniquity in our DNA as citizens of the United States of America. We cannot exempt ourselves from that identity.
     And if we call ourselves Christians, we cannot ignore our Lord's command to humble ourselves and be a servant to all (John 13), and most importantly [in this hour] to reconcile with our brother if he has something against us (Matthew 5:23-24). So, we are called to not only forgive, but to ask for forgiveness from a humble spirit; reconciling with our brother who has been hurt by past and present injustices, even if we were not participants. And that word reconcile means to transform; to change thoroughly. It will go a long way in cleansing our land of all unrighteousness, as well as building bridges towards unity and loving each other the way our Creator loves us; all of us.
     My friend Molly understands this concept of humility and repentance. She and her husband are to become the proud Godparents to twin girls who will be born to her best friend, Evette's daughter. Molly and Evette are of different races, but the moment I met them, I only saw two beautiful spirits who love the Lord, and who just happen to be clothed in different skin colors for their time on this earth. The Lord has told Molly to humble herself before Gladys, the mother-to-be, and to wash her feet, just as Jesus washed the feet of the disciples. Molly believes the foot-washing is about the mutual service of friendship, a mutual sharing of gifts that in no way implies any sort of domination. The message is not so much that the master has become the slave, but that all are on the SAME LEVEL. In the foot-washing, Jesus challenges His disciples to do the same for each other, and to see that all are EQUAL FRIENDS in the Kingdom. No one is above or below another person.
     Molly then asks the question ... How different would our churches be if we modeled Christ in a ministry of humble service on Sundays -- or at critical moments when forgiveness is demanded? I ask, "What is more critical than what is happening in our nation this very moment in time?"
     She goes on to say, "I, as a white American, cannot begin to understand the tangible spiritual oppression that was made manifest by my race over the African American community in this nation. I can't pretend that I understand what it would be like to have walked this road of oppression generation after generation. But what I can do is take a stand to help make a difference now. I can stand in the gap and repent for the crimes committed against African Americans by the hands of generations of white men. I can humbly ask for forgiveness for those who have gone before me and got it all wrong. I can do my part to make way for the generations coming after me.
     We can't rewrite history. We can't hold onto the trauma of the past because if we do it will inevitably kill this nation. My prayer [in doing the prophetic act of foot-washing] is that it will represent a washing away of the old and allowing all the trauma to be cleansed by the Living Water of Jesus Christ... That it will represent a NEW birthing and a NEW walk in this nation... That it will erase the generations of iniquity and curses that have been placed on the African American population by the white men in America... That as Gladys carries these two beautiful gifts from the Lord, that they represent the womb of change. That as Aamani and Anaya enter this world they will experience a changed world -- a reconciled world -- never trying to rewrite the past, but as they grow and mature in the Lord, seeing the beautiful picture of redemption that only God can do in this land."
     And Molly plans on speaking directly to the spirits of these unborn baby girls, saying, "I now speak to Aamani and Anaya, and I say you carry change within your wombs that many will not understand. You carry keys to unlock the mysteries to continue to heal this land. You carry wisdom beyond your years and you carry hope divinely dispersed through you from the throne room of God. You both are being born during an unprecedented time in our nation's history and I would be lying if I said it doesn't scare me [to see] the trials and tribulations your generation will endure for the Kingdom of God. But you both are being born for such a time as this, and as your Godparents, Travis and I pray for wisdom beyond our comprehension as we come in alignment with His plans and purposes for you both. May he and I yield to the Father's blueprint for your lives and not our assumptions or selfish desires for what we think you should be. It is a blessing and honor and a privilege to be part of your stories written in Heaven before the foundations of the world. I pray now that God begins to breathe on the penned words of your lives in Heaven so that we can wage effective war on your destinies. God bless you both, and to God be the glory. Amen".

     This is the heart we must have if we are to begin true reconciliation in this nation. We must have a servant's heart and a humble heart; being willing to sacrifice our pride to recognize the pain in another human being. And we have to be willing to let the Lord heal each of us where we are, no matter what our race. Repentance and forgiveness must come first. But there also needs to be recognition of the spirits of Anti-Christ and Deception that are working against any kind of reconciliation. The kingdom of darkness benefits greatly if these two evil spirits are able to thwart the efforts of Christians and good people to heal and eradicate racism.
     There is a very insightful documentary on Netflix called 13th. It explores "the intersection of race, justice, and mass incarceration in the United States." It is titled after the Thirteenth Amendment to the US Constitution, adopted in 1865, which abolished slavery throughout the United States and ended involuntary servitude except as punishment for conviction of a crime. The film purports that this clause of the amendment has been used to advance an agenda against Black Americans by a White government system that sought to unjustly incarcerate mass numbers to keep the Black population from succeeding as equal citizens.
     And believe me there is ample evidence of the injustice done! Everything from DW Griffith's monumental film "Birth of A Nation" which stereotyped the African American as someone evil and to be feared, and justified the existence of the KKK ... to showing the horrors of lynchings that occurred in the South ... to how the War on Drugs was used to disproportionately criminalize Black Americans... to the private prison corporations that make millions of dollars off of incarcerated Black men. The film pulls back the curtain to let us see just how evil men can be towards each other. BUT, it doesn't pull the curtain back far enough!
     This film tears at our hearts -- and rightly so! It focuses our hearts and minds on the injustice and the pain that our fellow humans have endured. And if you are not a Black American and haven't experienced this, you need to see it! But we also need to go beyond the gut-wrenching emotion and pull the curtain all the way back. Because if they can keep us focused on the emotion, we won't go further in pursuing the whole truth.
    While the film exposes the injustice against the Black American population, when you have spiritual eyes to see, it becomes apparent that there has been a deep deception and a more demonic agenda. Here's some of what I saw when I separated the emotions of my soul from my spirit ... DW Griffith, who made the racist film "The Birth of a Nation" was a Freemason. So he pushed the KKK message and agenda in his film. By the way, the Ku Klux Clan was a Freemason organization. And as depicted in "The Birth of a Nation", burning the cross and lynchings (think Judas) are anti-Christ rituals. It is important that we understand that at its core, Freemasonry is anti-Christ in the rituals and oaths that they take to false Egyptian, Nordic, Hindu, and Islamic deities -- yes, even to Lucifer! And Freemasonry is a lower level branch of the New World Order (NWO), a conglomeration of powerful men who will be in league with the Beast system of Revelation 17. I know that's a lot to wrap your mind around, but study the Bible and then begin to look behind the subterfuge of powerful men and institutions in this nation and the world. Ask the Holy Spirit for revelation!
    All that being said, the film shows that God sent Martin Luther King as an agent of change [and I believe to thwart the plans of the NWO to subjugate and manipulate the Black population in order to keep the roots of division and discord alive in this nation]. But King was assassinated and LBJ (a Freemason) became the hero of those who believed his War on Poverty benefited Blacks in America, when in reality it just married them to the Welfare State and we began to see the Black family unit disintegrate. He was followed by Freemason President Nixon, who began a long line of Presidents whose platforms consisted of "law and order" policies and crackdowns on illegal drugs, which further marginalized the Black race. President Reagan was not a Freemason, but his War on Drugs criminalized the easy targets -- the Black addicts and drug pushers -- when his administration should have prosecuted the corrupt CIA which introduced and flooded the poor communities with crack cocaine. This became another form of slavery for Black Americans as they became victims of the anti-Christ spirit to enslave them to addiction and the false promise of wealth and power through drugs. Additionally, there is evidence that several directors of the CIA have been known Freemasons.
     All these nefarious activities gave rise to movements like the Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa-- all groups who seek to right the injustice done toward Black America but who fail to see what's "behind the curtain". Black politicians spoke loudly in the 13th documentary about injustice and prejudice and discrimination, which are all real on the surface. But each of these politicians are members of secret societies and the NWO (Freemasons and Eliezer Society, among others). They are double-minded in their efforts, and work in partnership with a media that is run by members who owe their allegiance to the NWO. They speak loudly against the corrupt Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), which is a company that owns and operates private prisons and detention centers and operates others on a concession basis. But Thurgood Marshall, Jr. (son of Thurgood Marshall, Sr., the first Black Supreme Court Justice) is a Board member of CCA and a 33rd degree Mason, just as his father was! These are Black men making money off incarcerating fellow Black men, and under the auspices of a secret society that promises wealth, position and power! It's hypocrisy at its most damaging!
     This is what breaks my heart! It is the spirit of Deception working with the NWO and the anti-Christ spirit to crush the spirits of men, while pitting one race against the other! So, I asked my wise husband, "How do we, as both Black and White average citizens of this country, fight back against the NWO system dominated by an evil satanic principality? It feels as if we have no power in this world!" We all need to have the heart of Molly, and on a one-to-one basis, repent and ask for forgiveness, but I don't know if we have enough time to reach everyone in the time we have left, or if our hearts will be received. The deception is so pervasive!
     Mark said, "That's why, when I asked the Lord for the Truth, He asked me, 'Do you really want to know (and see) it?' " Mark then said the Lord showed him it was an overwhelming presence coming upon the earth, and the Lord said it was a curse! Instantly, the verse in Luke 21:25-26 came to mind... And there will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth distress of nations in perplexity because of the roaring of the sea and the waves, people fainting with fear and with foreboding of what is coming on the world. This brought everything into focus as I completed a word study on "sea" and "wave". In context, the Biblical meaning of "sea" is the wild and restless conditions of nations; the false thinking and twisted logic. "Wave" means the arguments that come from the false thinking and twisted logic (the sea) and attack our belief in what's true.
     You can see this unfolding before our very eyes! Our nation is in a wild and restless condition, and there is so much perverted and twisted thinking by all parties involved. Average citizens don't know what to think or how to act. The anti-Christ spirit has corrupted the minds of the NWO, who is finding success in causing arguments (waves) between Black and White, Law Enforcement and Communities, Conservative and Liberal ideologies,  Politicians and Citizens. This deceptive, destructive, and evil spirit has infiltrated the ranks of every group mentioned and each plays a part in instigating the injustice we have seen over the last few weeks. Even those involved with this film -- which make no mistake, reveals a level of the lies and deception -- are part of the deception because they are not revealing the whole truth and have sold their souls to the very system they are exposing. But we have the mind of Christ and we must remain the humble servant, even as we battle in the spirit against the anti-Christ spirit!
     Only the Lord can permanently calm the seas and the waves. We are in the middle of a storm at sea, for sure, and all we see around us are waves crashing against the foundation of our nation and lives. We must see the big picture and understand what is happening behind the veil, but it is also  imperative that we humble ourselves in our intimate relations with our fellow human beings. I pray that our hearts remain tender and we clothe ourselves in humility, just as we strengthen our spirits to face what is coming upon the earth. We must never forget that we represent Heaven and the kings of the earth will soon forfeit their power and influence when the Son of Man comes in His great power and glory!

Isaiah 40:28-31    Have you not known? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not faint or grow weary; His understanding is unsearchable. He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might He increases strength. Even youths shall faint and be weary, and young men shall fall exhausted; but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.