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September 24, 2015

What Is The Purpose Of The Pope's Visit?

     I need to begin this blog by making it clear that it is not my intention to offend or wound those of the Catholic faith.  Indeed, I am not questioning your faith or belief in God... that is something that we share.  But if you read this blog with any amount of regularity, then you know that I am disparaged of the shape that Jesus's Church is in ... and that includes all churches, including the Catholic Church.  And not being a Catholic, I do not invest allegiance or loyalty to the Pope as my intercessor.  I do not judge those who do; I simply follow a different path.  I choose to adhere to the commands and voice of my Lord through His Holy Word in the Bible.
     Now, that I've made my position clear, I want to address my initial opinion of this Pope's historic visit to the U.S.  Pope Francis, perhaps far more than any of his predecessors, is seen as "the people's Pope".  He seems to have a foot in both worlds; gently admonishing the Church to not be silent in the face of humanity's issues, such as hunger, poverty, terrorism, abortion, and the immigrants that he refers to as "pilgrims".  In fact, he has made economic justice and social equality a hallmark of his Papacy, as well as climate change.  He has also stood strong for the institutions of family and marriage, along with calls for tolerance and non-discrimination.
     But here is what concerns me... Those throughout our cultural and social fabric are looking to him to help solidify their political agendas.  Forgive me for being so bold but, to me, it cheapens one's declared faith in God.  While announcing that Francis's visit is calling attention to, and unifying the faithful throughout this nation and the world, from what I've seen so far, the Elite are using the Pope's visit to further their own political and social motives.
    It was quite obvious in the President's welcoming address; he correctly lavished praise on the Pope for the excitement that 70 million Catholics in this nation are experiencing due to his visit.  But if you read the transcript of his speech, you can see religious homilies like mercy, grace and compassion used to subtly inject his political agenda on immigration; racial discrimination; diplomacy versus war; Christians versus Muslims; saving our planet; and of course, his ever-present campaign slogan of hope.
     The Pope, himself, did not shy away from interjecting his own worldly motives for this trip; among them "building a just and vastly ordered society" and "sustainable and integrated development".  He also found it encouraging that the President is proposing an initiative for reducing air pollution.  Isn't this a rather odd testimony for a Pope?  Does anyone else think that the Pope sounds like a representative for the United Nations and Agenda 21?
     But perhaps it was the political pundits on the news outlets that were the most astonishing, among them, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who best exemplified the real and underlying message from this historic visit.  RFK was particularly proud that he shares the name of Francis with the Pope (as did his father), because the historic Saint Francis broke with the Church hierarchy over their fixation on orthodoxy and ideology.  He was quick to point out that this resulted in a creed that "all of us have access to God, particularly the poor".
     He went on to say, "This Pope has taken the focus away from the orthodoxy and ideology, and from the narrow concern of personal morality, and opened it up to say the Church must become more concerned with these larger issues -- war and peace, poverty, inequalities in our economic order and above all, with pollution -- and that is the sin that we need to focus on today."
     WOW!  Did you get that?  Pollution is now a sin?!? Have you read that anywhere in the Bible?  Oh, I forgot ... It is quite obvious to me that it is the "orthodoxy and ideology" of the Bible that RFK wishes this Francis to break.  But to me and millions of Christians worldwide, that "orthodoxy" is God's Truth.
      It is also apparent that the Elite find those who look to the "orthodoxy" of the Bible for their moral views to be narrow-minded and intolerant.  All I can think of is Jesus's admonition in Matthew 7:13-14:  Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad and easy to travel is the path that leads the way to destruction and eternal loss, and there are many who enter through it.  But small is the gate and narrow and difficult to travel is the path that leads the way to [everlasting] life, and there are few who find it.
     So, now personal morality is to be seen as narrow-minded and of less concern than climate change?  Apparently so, if you consider RFK's next statement:  "I hope that the Pope will emphasize global climate change as a moral issue; as a sin.  It is our obligation to future generations, and to put moral parameters on our behavior [regarding how we treat the planet]".  Excuse me?!?  Climate change as a moral issue?  Moral parameters on how we treat the planet?  How about abortion and transgenderism and pedophilia among the priesthood as moral issues; and shouldn't we be setting moral parameters on that behavior???
     It is obvious from comments by Kennedy and others that there is hope the Pope will influence public policy in our country during his visit.  Here's one statement to prove this point:  "Should the Pope influence policy -- after all, he speaks for 70 million Catholics in this country -- he will be a good role model.  The U.S. is the most powerful nation in the world, and we have a special obligation to the rest of the world to treat people fairly and model behaviors that are moral behaviors, like forcing the economy to serve humanity."  (Oops! There's re-distribution of wealth!) Once again I'd like to point out that our behavior regarding abortion, the destruction of the Biblical family, the criticism of Biblical marriage, and the promotion of transgenderism have been far from moral, although these Elite have championed them all.
     I heard statements such as this, regarding the Pope's visit and his address to Congress: that we should "focus on global warming to the welfare of all human beings on the planet."  What about the welfare of the 55 million babies we are responsible for aborting?  Shouldn't we address that issue before tackling global warming?  And, then there is the controversial decision by the Pope to give priests the discretion to grant absolution to women who have had an abortion.   I realize that this is an issue that will naturally put me at odds with Catholics... but I believe that a woman will have to go to God to receive forgiveness for the murder of God's creation; no man can do that in His place.  So I sincerely believe that any attempt to connect this Papal decision to God's Jubilee Year and the forgiveness of debts is misguided; and me and my faithful Catholic friends will just have to agree to disagree.
    Finally, I think it was Robert F. Kennedy's final words that struck me as so paradoxical.  He said we should "quit looking at those things that divide us and look at what unifies us".  I suspect that he was suggesting that we should just compromise on the moral issues that are dividing the Church and society in America --- issues like same-sex marriage; and the ability to choose your own sexual identity; and even the issue of whether radical Islam is a threat to humanity -- give up the narrow way and get on the bandwagon with a global and ecumenical movement.  Except, this is how I see it:  it is precisely because we did quit looking at these things [that divided us and separated us from God] that we are in the mess we're in.
       I'm sorry, but I am not looking to any man -- and that includes the Pope -- to give me counsel or hope in my eternal future.  And when I see religious world leaders aligning themselves with political world leaders and organizations, it only confirms what the Holy Spirit reveals to me [in my spirit] and through the Bible... the time is nearing when men's hearts will fail them because false prophets and leaders have deceived them and led the world astray.  Now is the time to know what you believe and in Whom you believe.  Be careful to choose your path wisely ... do not enter the wide gate of worldly tolerance and compromise.  Yes, it's true that the narrow path and gate are more difficult to enter -- and the world will condemn you for the stand you take -- but your eternal rewards will surpass any and all benefits that the New World Order promises from unity with their "ordered society".  It will be interesting to see what transpires from this historic Papal visit, and how it aligns with a Biblical worldview.  May God continue to stand with the faithful and give us courage and strength to endure!

1 John 5:4    "For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith."


February 25, 2015

In Defiance of the Culture

     It is becoming increasingly difficult to write about any advancement in the state of human affairs.  Every report, or announcement, or news item sounds as if mankind, those ruling over them, and the very planet itself have become disconnected from reality.  You have stories of giant sinkholes appearing around the globe; strange "booming sounds" being heard across the country; economic meltdowns forecast in Ukraine, Greece, Europe, and right here at home.
     Christians are being tortured, burned and crucified in the Middle East -- the very birthplace of our faith.  The fate of 90 more are in the balance after being abducted by ISIS fighters in northern Syria.  Historic Middle Eastern books, numbering over 8,000, have been burned in Mosul, Iraq in barbaric acts that have seen shrines, tombs, books, and ancient manuscripts destroyed in the effort to establish an Islamic caliphate.
     The very freedom of ideas is at stake as we await the ruling on net neutrality.  And the very existence of the world is at risk as nations are rightfully concerned about the terms of the Iran nuclear talks.  Will Iran be limited in their pursuit of nuclear capabilities?  At the same time, what does it mean that Russia’s state-owned defense conglomerate Rostec has offered to sell advanced anti-aircraft missiles to Iran?
     The freedom of speech and religion are under attack when a 70-year-old women can be threatened with the loss of her business, home, and personal assets for refusing to compromise her faith and sell flowers for a same-sex wedding.  At the same time Oklahoma law allows for religious statues as long as they are paid for with private donations.  So that's why The Satanic Temple intends to plant the goat god, Baphomet, on the lawn of the Oklahoma state Capitol, alongside a monument of the Ten Commandments.  This statue of Baphomet portrays him as a horned, winged, sexually ambiguous, goat-like deity, with a goat's body and cloven hooves; with a smooth and muscular chest, thin shapely lips and rectangular pupils.  A flame protrudes from the top of his head, and from his lap a staff with two snakes wrapped around it: a caduceus. When the piece is completed, Baphomet will be seated on a throne underneath an inverted pentagram. On either side of him, two children — a boy and a girl — will gaze up adoringly.  So I guess it depends on which religion you promote, whether you are free to express it, right?
     Let's not forget "designer babies", and babies born with three or more parents.  Nothing is impossible or forbidden!  And this is just scratching the surface!  What has happened to logic and order and morality?  What has happened to standards of decency and the recognition that "moral relevancy" is out of control -- that mankind is incapable of judging the right and wrong of his own selfish and depraved desires?
     I'm not saying that there is no good left in the world.  There will always be those who shine God's light into this dark world; and those who rise above humanity's baser tendencies.  God will see to that.  But I fear that rarely has history seen such a confluence of man's authority on this earth in such rapid decline -- whether it pertains to such spheres as societies, governments, political systems, militaries, religions, educational systems, scientific advancements, technological developments, medical imperatives, or how he perceives himself in relation to his Creator ... it all speaks to man's inability to look beyond his own narrow existence.  We have become products of our own self-centeredness, and our high opinions of ourselves.
    But the good news is that there is a noticeable shift and a rising up of people who are willing to become "counter culturalists" as author Joe Battaglia calls them.  There is a courage and a sense of power and strength in standing for one's holy convictions.  We are tired of the intellectual dishonesty, the unbridled pride of men, the overwhelming presence of unbelief ... and we are more than willing to speak in absolutes; categorical, unconditional, and incontrovertible truths.  We are not willing to compromise our words or morals to please the majority or a vocal minority.  I know that it is an unpopular stance in this day of "tolerance" and "equality".  And we can expect to be ostracized, excluded, shouted down, and eventually persecuted.  But there's one thing the Enemy can count on: we will be unmoved in our purpose and our intention.  We were created for this time, and no amount of deception will discourage us.

Matthew 24:45    "Who then is the faithful, thoughtful, and wise servant, whom his master has put in charge of his household to give to the others the food and supplies at the proper time?"



February 12, 2015

First, The Bees. Now, the Butterflies!

     In the past, you might have read my post on the disappearance of Bees and the effect it will have on our ecosystem.  Now, it seems that the Monarch Butterfly is also in danger of becoming a victim of our old friend, Monsanto and its product, Roundup.  
     I will confess that we here in Texas have suffered from the massive swarms of Monarchs as they migrate to Mexico each winter.  We would literally drive into what seemed like walls of Monarchs that not only impaired your vision, but left your vehicle covered in hundreds of dead butterflies.  Not so much, anymore.  The last couple of winters have seen a significant decline in the migration, and the beautiful butterflies are becoming a rarity in these parts.
     In fact, in an article by The Washington Post, it is reported that "The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service summed it up in just one grim statistic: Since 1990, about 970 million [Monarch butterflies] have vanished."  The cause?  It can be traced to the eradication of milkweed, their primary food source and habitat.  This plant is the only upon which they lay eggs and their larvae feed.  Why is the milkweed being destroyed?  According to PNAS, (the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences), "In the US Corn Belt, a recent doubling in commodity prices has created incentives for landowners to convert grassland to corn and soybean cropping."   
     As Newsweek Magazine was careful to point out, "the cultivation of 1 million new acres of land in recent years -- driven by higher corn and soybean prices -- has destroyed milkweed crops, and greatly hurt monarchs."  Add to this, "the introduction of genetically-modified crops like Roundup-ready corn and soybeans that are resistant to traditional herbicides, [which means] farmers have begun to spray more and more Roundup—the Monsanto-made chemical—over wider and wider areas", further destroying the natural habitat of Monarchs ... the milkweed plant.
     Oh, what a wicked web that Monsanto is weaving!  By developing food products that are unnatural (GMOs), and spraying them with poisonous herbicides (containing Glyphosate), they are destroying anything natural and organic, including various species of insects and their habitats.
     But it is not just the push for more and more GMO food products that have endangered the Monarch population.  The Clean Energy Act of 2007, frequently referred to as the ethanol mandate, changed how we fueled our cars and it became evident that there would be an increase in the demand for, and price of corn.  That, along with the over-development of our cities and municipalities, has nearly guaranteed the destruction of the Monarch's natural habitat.
     So, why should we care about the possible extinction of the Monarch butterfly?  Butterfly-Conservation.org will give you a long list of reasons that these beautifies are important to save; including their aesthetic value, their educational value, and their scientific value.  I prefer to consider them as a creation of God, which means they play a part in the interwoven pattern of life that He constructed on this planet.  Besides the fact that they, along with their cousins the moth, are an important element of the food chain and are prey for birds, bats and other insectivorous animals, they provide a touch of delicate beauty in this ugly world.  For that alone they are worthy of being conserved.
     But let's not forget the bigger picture ... elements of our existence are being modified, destroyed and poisoned before our very eyes.  How natural is it for bees and butterflies to disappear?  And what makes us think that the Elite will find us indispensable or necessary to the cycle of life on this planet?  It seems to me that no regard is being given to the natural order of things or to God's creation.  Our food supply is being manipulated and controlled, while our ability to adapt to (or deflect) orchestrated change to our own life cycle is lessened.   How long, like the butterflies and the bees, until our numbers start to decline?

 Psalm 24:1    "The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it;"