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April 28, 2024

Politics or Jesus? Man's Government or God's?

The other day I listened to a short 3-minute soundbite from a sermon delivered by Pastor Loran Livingston, of Charlotte, NC. Although I'm not a fan of the "hellfire and brimstone" manner of speech of some Southern preachers, I was definitely in agreement with his message. He lamented that the Church is lacking in their practice of praying and reading the Bible, which can "directly affect a believer's mindset and interaction with the world". I agree wholeheartedly! And I would like to dive into this discussion, with the understanding that I do so with a heart that has nothing but love and respect for my fellow Christians, even though we might disagree on some aspects of this conversation.

To begin, Pastor Livingston's main focus was how much faith and reliance believer's seem to be putting in politics as the answer to our country's woes. I found it interesting that he said, "Some of you bring politics into the church. You think politics is spiritual stuff. Don't be talking to me about my spiritual responsibility to vote! I don't have a spiritual responsibility to vote. I have a civic privilege"! 

What he is describing is a tension fomenting within the Body of Christ, between those believers with a particular attitude or philosophy that gives credence to the idea that if we just elect good Christian men, they will pass laws that provide for the welfare of the American citizens; and those believers who feel that politics will never be the answer to our problems precisely because it relies on men making laws to change our world.

The part of the church that believes the right men in office can turn things around also thinks that if more good Christian men and women got involved in getting these righteous people elected [by voting], then we could count on our representatives in government to stand up for our rights and do the moral and ethical thing ... i.e., stop abortion, stop human trafficking, protect parents' rights, rid our school libraries of pornographic reading material for middle schoolers, ban drag queen story time, decide how to reduce our taxes, and which wars are the justifiable and/or moral ones. Those would certainly be issues God would approve of! But have they fulfilled their oaths of office and promises to us? 

In other words, some of our fellow brethren believe that getting engaged in elections and voting is our civic duty [obligation or responsibility] -- if we call ourselves a Christian and a representative of the Kingdom of God. Perhaps they hold that position, believing that there is hope for change in the culture of a nation that has lost its way. That by electing Godly men as officials of the government, they will defend and promote Biblical truth and Christian principles and values. That would be wonderful if it was true! But sadly, I do not believe that any man or woman who goes to Washington D.C. sees themselves as the savior of the Biblical worldview and a moral culture warrior!

I believe elected officials know how the process works ... they know they will be part of the activities, actions, and policies [that men and women] use to gain and hold power in order to influence the decisions of the government/governing bodies. That in itself is not a bad thing. That is the purpose of a government in the world! But what's the first thing you see these newly elected officials do? They jockey for those coveted seats on the prestigious Committees in Congress. They know they are entering into a power struggle among men to assert rival interests. That is called "politics". And it is of this world! Yet, somehow, Christians have come to believe that by voting or getting involved in the voting process -- or championing one person running for office versus another -- we can bring God's Kingdom into that activity. Oh, how I wish that were so!

But, let me present a couple of questions. Doesn't the mere fact that these elected officials are called "representatives of the people" point to whom they serve? This governmental body openly declares that its job is to serve people. They don't say they are elected to serve God! That indicates [to me, at least] that they are laboring for things of this world. Yes, we are called to do the work of the Kingdom wherever we find ourselves in order to transform this world into Kingdom territory. But that is the job of the Church, not elected officials! 

Don't get me wrong -- I desperately want Godly men and women to serve in our government bodies. But the work they do there is work in the world. They write and pass man-made laws; they are to see to the welfare of their states and constituents; they answer to their political party; and too often, their allegiance is to themselves and the power the worldly government has given them.  The idea of Heaven's government is a totally different construct.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 16 that the form of government He brings from Heaven is called the Ekklesia, NOT the Church [which is a common mistranslation in our modern Bibles]. And listen to what He says ... On this rock [foundation and cornerstone] I will build My Ekklesia; and the gates of Hades (death) will not overpower it. I will give you the keys (authority) of the Kingdom of Heaven; and whatever you bind [forbid, declare to be improper and unlawful] on earth will have (already) been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose [permit, declare lawful] on earth will have (already) been loosed in Heaven. 

So, let's do a quick dissection of this passage ... The word EKKLESIA is translated from Greek to mean a "called out assembly"; a group separated from others, whose purpose is determined by the context in which Jesus uses it. Here, He contrasts it to GATES. The first mention of a gate in Scripture is found in Genesis 19:1. The gate was central to community action; where courts were convened; important civic business was conducted, and the governing of men decided. KEYS is used in Scripture as a symbol of authority and power; signifying the intrusting to someone with an important charge. And the charge of the Ekklesia is to "bind and loose" what has already been established in Heaven -- in other words to bind [to restrict, constrain] what is UNLAWFUL [according to Heaven's government] in the earth, and loose [release, deliver] what is LAWFUL in Heaven into the earth. If the men and women we elect would see themselves as, and act as, the representatives of Heaven, rather than of men on earth, perhaps we would have better choices to vote for.      

I pray that those with spiritual eyes to see, and ears to hear, might understand that Jesus intends us to discern that He is pointing to the affairs of men in this world, and it is "the Most High who is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to anyone He wishes". It is God who determines our leaders. YES, we have a voice in the election of our leaders, and we can [and some argue should] exercise that right by voting for those whom we think best demonstrate our Christian values. But is Jesus calling the Church [as the entire Body of Christ] to do this, or is this the commandment to the Ekklesia -- those called with this particular mission of governing?  

NOW, think on this for a moment ... Do you see anywhere in the Bible that Jesus or His disciples spend time teaching new believers how to reform the pagan world of their evil, corrupt governments? Do you see them call for what is known as "civil disobedience" towards the Roman Empire's immoral and violent rule? Certainly, there were valid reasons to do so! Instead, we read about Jesus commanding us [as He taught His disciples ] to proclaim the gospel to everyone, and to live our lives so that they are testimonies of the transforming power of God in the earth. That is the primary purpose of the entire Body of Christ [the church]!

Please hear me when I say I honor the hearts of my God-fearing Christian friends who seek to return God to our halls of government. I see the time and energy they put into this mission. The Good Lord knows we need that! And I do not question the hearts of Christian men and women in our governmental bodies who are serving the people out of hearts that love God. But ultimately, don't we have to ask the questions, Where is the fruit of that service? Have we seen government take back territory from the kingdom of darkness? Is the culture of our nation more moral than it's ever been? 

PERSONAL NOTE: As much as I hate to say it, I have seen Christians rally around elected officials who openly and dramatically espouse their faith and their intention to put that at the forefront of their time in Congress. The recent newly elected Speaker of the House is a good example. And then when the time comes to stand on that testimony for the betterment of the people they say they came to serve, they cave to the pressures of this world. I am beginning to understand why the Remnant in the body of Christ are no longer willing to put their faith in men and our current process of governing. Jesus is our only answer! 

So, I think that, as Christians, we have to offer grace to each other as to how we choose [or not] to devote our time and energy  -- whether to social reform and activism in local and national government; or to do the work that Jesus did: heal the [physically, emotionally and spiritually] sick; cast out demons; cleanse the lepers [social outcasts]; raise the dead; and spread the Good News that the Kingdom of God is reclaiming the earth! Whether you're called to one or the other [or praise God, both!] is your decision, and I honor your heart to serve others. 

For me, the bottom line is this ... We have to ask ourselves, what is God's purpose for us, as the body of believers in Jesus Christ? How do we incorporate our civic privileges and responsibilities in the world with our Heavenly mandate to bring Heaven's redemption to mankind? Our situation in this country, in this century, is no different than the history of countless nations that have come and gone since God established nations in Deuteronomy. Ungodly governments and faithless cultures have always existed among us. Yet history shows that faithful people in the One True God not only survived them, but flourished under them. And sometimes evil governments were part of God's plan to refine and cleanse a nation of its evil ways. Just a thought ... Remember how it turned out when the people of Israel decided on their own leader, rather than waiting on God to anoint him? They got Saul instead of David! 

Regardless of who we get as the next leader of our nation, we are taught by the Bible to honor, respect, obey and pray for all leaders because they are there at the discretion of God's will. It is also our instruction that they are not the source of our provision or our preservation from judgment or destruction. Only Jesus is our Deliverer!

I would like to leave you with this quote from a Christian website, called Got Questions. It is not a judgment against anyone, but a statement on which I believe the Body of Christ can find common ground ... "Political entities are not the savior of the world. The salvation for all mankind has been manifested in Jesus Christ. God knew that our world needed saving long before any national government was ever founded. He demonstrated to the world that redemption could not be accomplished through the power of man, economic strength, military might, or politics. Peace of mind, contentment, hope and joy -- and the salvation of mankind -- are provided only through Jesus's death and resurrection". 

And I would like to add to that my own postscript ... and because Jesus came to reclaim the earth for His Father's Kingdom, He not only died for my sins, but gave me the power and authority to speak into the world to change hearts; and thus, truly change the culture of our nation. Whether I choose to cast a vote or not in this world, it will not change my heavenly mandate as a citizen of Heaven to be the light of Jesus and show my true Source of hope. I am trusting in God; that His will be done on earth [in everything] as it is in Heaven! Let there be fruit in my life for Your Kingdom, Lord! 

Daniel 4:17     "This sentence is by the decree of the angelic watchers and the decision is a command of the holy ones, so that the living may know [without any doubt] that the Most High [God] rules over the kingdom of mankind and He bestows it on whomever He desires and sets over it the humblest and the lowliest of men".      



July 29, 2023

A Message To Our Politicans and Citizens: We Need A Biblical Worldview!

I don't know about you, but as we enter into the campaign season for the next Presidential election in 2024, I am weary of the empty promises we hear from the politicians. Our country is in dire straits -- morally, politically, militarily, economically, and culturally. We desperately need to invite God into our situation, and we need a leader that will listen to His counsel, instead of pursuing his own power and wealth. 

Recently, the candidates appeared at the Iowa caucuses, presenting their assurances of getting us back on track and restoring America to "its greatness", however that looks in the context of their political ideologies. It is my opinion that they need to be seeking God's ideas and ideals that will influence their political theories and policies. That's what I want to hear from them! 

And, of course, to appease their Christian audience, the candidates met with a varied group of pastors to speak to them and advise them. Granted, I know that there are still righteous men who seek political office for the Glory of God, and I know there are Pastors that sincerely want to minister to the souls and spirits of men seeking the highest office in the land, but I am praying that EVERY candidate and EVERY Pastor heard the message from Pastor Alistair Begg, senior pastor of Cleveland's Parkside Church. 

In the most straightforward and clear language possible, Pastor Begg explained to all the candidates that what they needed to know [and express to all the people of our nation] is very simple ... they need to communicate and demonstrate a Biblical worldview. That's what the people of this great nation need! I know it may sound trite and clich├ęd, but I want to convey to you the wise words of this Man of God. It applies to all of us.

Pastor Beggs noted that every candidate referred to "the crushing, catastrophic mental health problem that is pervasive in the nation". He thought it was interesting that out of all the topics presented, they all mentioned mental health. But how do we explain the fact that we have so many people in dire straits in so many areas of their lives? Pastor Beggs had an answer .. .When a nation turns its back on the living God, it's not because the people believe in nothing; in fact, they believe in all kinds of things, such as lies that have been hard-wired into the thinking of a number of our generations. And most importantly, there are lies that represent a hostility to a Biblical view of the world -- and it's a hostility towards those that want to live as Christians in a world that doesn't like what Christians believe. 

Pastor Beggs told the candidates that if they wanted to really fix the problems of America, they needed to adopt a Biblical worldview and start from there. They need to govern from a Biblical worldview and its belief system. And if they didn't understand what that means or couldn't identify what a Biblical worldview is, he could tell them in four words ... Good, Bad, New, and Perfect. And then he proceeded to explain the truths and beliefs of what a Biblical worldview endorses.

GOOD. God created the Heavens and the Earth. He created man in His image... God saw everything He had made and it was good; it was perfect. The world is a reflection of God, the Creator, and He has spoken it into existence. There is no one in the world that can ignore He has created the world. He has made it known in His creation, in our consciences, and "set eternity in the hearts of men". (Ecclesiastes). Pastor Beggs told the candidates that they needed to believe in the truth that God's invisible power and His divine authority has been clearly perceived (Romans 1). They need to believe that it is on the basis that we have been created in the image of God that we have morality, truth, and an eternity we will one day inhabit. 

He went on to explain that this is a worldview that is VASTLY different from the generations that have been brought up in our lifetime. They have been told we can't speak with any authority at all about there being a Creator God, who made us and to whom we are accountable. Instead, we are to listen to the scientists and the post-Enlightenment thinkers who want to separate the reality of our living faith from any sense of rationality at all. And they end up with nothing to say!

Stephen Hawking [the theoretical physicist whose theory of exploding black holes drew upon both relativity theory and quantum mechanics] once said that if there is no God and we've evolved by chance through millions of years, then everything that happens, good or bad, must be viewed as random and pitiless indifference. If that is true, then nothing has meaning, and everything is irrelevant. But that is where our society is headed if we don't reclaim a Biblical worldview.

BAD. Here's another truth that Pastor Beggs encouraged the candidates to consider. The world we know today is not the world as God made it. It is the world as man has spoiled it. Men listened to the lie and they doubted God's goodness. They rejected His wisdom and they rebelled against His authority. And what happened? They were banished from His presence. So now do you understand why we feel so separated and divided as a nation? Why there is such anger and animosity among the peoples? As the philosophers question, did we just invent Him as a crutch to get through life? Here's what he urged the candidates to understand ... There's an invisible boundary between us as sinners and God, who is completely holy. We can cross that boundary on our own terms or in our own time. But there is only one way there can be reconciliation, and that is if God chooses to penetrate the boundary from His side and come to meet us. 

Pastor Beggs went on to say that without a Biblical worldview there is a sense of lostness in the world; a desert wasteland that can't be rejuvenated by a few man-made theological proclamations [such as "Revival is coming"!] that try and suggest that things are better than they are. Why do we have that sense of lostness? Why are we so incredibly angry? Why is it that we, mere mortals, have decided we can enforce judgment ourselves? That we can decide who can be listened to? 

How did this happen? The pastor thinks it's partly this ... that having decided there is no God, who is the Judge of all the earth, we will become the one to execute judgment and righteousness. Since our society has no objective reality on the basis on which He might judge, then we're going to have to do it for Him [or for ourselves]. It's not that we've decided to do it by false idols; but that we will do it in His place. That leads to this situation: people are so angry about what we Christians believe, they've just decided to cancel us. "We'll punish you; we'll fix you; we'll do what your God is supposed to do". So, ultimately, how can God look upon us without displeasure, and how can we look upon Him without fear?

NEW. But here is the Good News! Into the "badness" of a world that has rejected Him, God, Himself has come! We have to be bold enough to say this out loud ... Jesus Christ is not a figment of our imagination. He made such an impact upon history -- even though it's trendy to dispense with BC and AD -- we know there was a time before Jesus, and a time after Him. The reason He came was to make all things new. The reason He came was to die for our sins. We have to be able to say to our friends that we're all made in the image of God, without exception! Every child conceived is because of the mindful purpose of God! It doesn't happen simply as a result of sex, because it doesn't happen every time, but when it does -- GOD DID IT! We have to be able to say we are all made in His image; we're all sinful before Him; and we're all in need of a salvation that can only be provided by Lord Jesus. We can be restored by the act of Jesus who died for our sins. 

But here is what a Biblical worldview understands ... to contemplate that Jesus saves us is an offense to man's pride, both intellectually (I'm too clever to believe stuff like that), and morally (I'm a good person. I don't need that). And here's where the good pastor used a sense of humor to talk to the candidate's fleshly minds. He used two Beatles songs to explain that there are two classes of people (and not Republican or Democrat). Those who say, "We Can Work It Out", and those who say, "Help". 

And then he fashioned his message to political candidates to include those who are lost and in need of a Savior. He stated that it's not that our "friends" have considered the evidence of Jesus and found it wanting -- they haven't considered the evidence at all! Belief in Jesus is historical, rational, and universal. It is recorded; you don't have to disengage your mind, and it is for everyone. It's the voice that has gone out to the very ends of the earth, not just a select few. And the application of it is personal. Yet, us Christians are considered to be engaged in superstitious beliefs from a primitive by-gone age, taking our message of mythology and bigotry to the streets.

We will hear, "I thought Jesus made you perfect, but you're not a perfect person at all". My answer is this: He declared me righteous and He's in the process of making me look perfect. And speaking of PERFECT, it's the next word we must consider in our Biblical worldview. John writes that "we are now the children of God. But we do not yet appear what we shall be, for when He appears, we will be like Him". Our leaders and the unbelievers need to understand that there's going to be a new Heaven and a new Earth. We will crumble into dust and the universe will pass away. 

And as for the hot topic of Climate Change, yes, we should take care of what we've got, but to the extremists, we say, "Relax, the Creator has this covered". So, if they believe there is no God, the extremists think there's no one to fix everything except them. That's why they're so anxious! But here's the truth [for the politicians] ... the perfection and longing of the human heart are all met in Jesus. After all, who wants to live in all this conflict, wars, and disharmony? The souls of a country are made up of the souls of individuals. And that was the goal of Woodstock in 1969 -- to change the soul of the country. But it's Jesus that provides the rest for our souls. He says, "Come to Me, take my yoke, learn from Me; I'm gentle and humble".

Then Pastor Beggs speaks directly to the political candidates: "If you're really serious about serving this country, you ought to be thinking about three things: Integrity, Bravery, and Humility. INTEGRITY: God is concerned about Truth in all the inward parts of a man or woman.  [I'm sure that not all politicians are greedy, corrupt, or liars. But we're hard-pressed these days to believe any of them -- my opinion]. Integrity is a must among those who would lead this land.

BRAVERY: What kind? The kind that's prepared to take a stand against racial prejudice [from all sides and of any kind]. The kind that is prepared to take on the educational chaos that is represented in the schools of our world. The kind that is prepared to take on the onslaught against the unborn. The truth is that there are two patients, two heartbeats, and two separate blood supplies. The Rights of the Patient [which are plastered on the walls of hospitals all over America] extend to the tiniest of patients, too. There is no freedom in this country if a woman is able to rid herself of her unborn child. You [politicians] need to be brave enough to say, "Jesus came for the margins of society. You need to affirm the immutability of biological sex ... if you were born a man, you will die as a man, no matter what you do to yourself. And you need to be brave enough to wear a T-shirt that says, "Real women aren't men".

HUMILITY: Guess what? Presidents and Prime Ministers aren't really who they think they are. They're important and God established them, but they're not the movers and shakers of the world -- God is the One who does all the moving. The prophets have said it best: "He sits above the earth,  and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers". Of course, we're not real grasshoppers because we are made in the image of God. But we need to remember this [in our humility], "Don't let the rich man boast in his riches, but let him boast in this: that he knows Me, the Living and True God".

If you're a believer, you're in Christ, living in this world as a member of another world. Candidates, it is past time to oppose the lies -- no God, no judgments, no objective truth. It's past time to oppose the lies, but at the same time showing compassion for those who have been deceived by them. It's past time to pray for a massive spiritual awakening. 

Pastor Beggs then concluded his message to the candidates by praying for them. And I would like to add my own admonition to the candidates ... If you will humble yourselves to deliver [and seek] this Biblical worldview to the citizens of this country, then God can use you to turn this country around. We need a President that represents God's heart for the people of this nation in Integrity, Bravery, and Humility. But if you are going to preach your own brand of political lies and promises, then you will deliver this nation and its peoples into bondage to the Enemy of this world. Now is the time for you to take stock of where your heart lies. I will pray for you, and pray that the people of America turn their hearts to the Lord and receive His counsel on where He wants to take this country. Thank you, Pastor Beggs, for a true Biblical worldview and your honesty with these candidates. More like you need to step up for the glory of God.

Colossians 2:8   See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception [pseudo-intellectual babble], according to the tradition [and musings] of mere men, following the elementary [material] principles of this world, rather than following [the truth—the teachings of] Christ.



December 6, 2022

Give to Caesar and Come Out of the World


There is an ongoing debate in our house (as I suspect there is in many homes in the country) as to how we are going to solve the ailments of our nation. Both my husband and I agree that America suffers from spiritual issues, and that politics will never be the answer to a spiritual problem. That being said, we are conflicted over the following scenario: how do we reconcile "Render unto Caesar, what is Caesar's" with "Come out of her, my people"?

Let me break this quandary down from our perspective ... In this world, we are subject to the laws of this nation and a constitution that was written to define the powers of government, while at the same time, protecting the rights and liberties of us, the citizens. In Matthew 22, the Pharisees seek to trap Jesus in a question that had the potential to expose Him as a fraud, depending on His answer. They asked Him, “Tell us, then, what you think. Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar, or not?” The question was designed to accuse Jesus of either disloyalty to the government of Rome, or disloyalty to the Jewish people and YHWH. Jesus asked to see a denarius, the coin used to pay taxes to the Roman government. He asked, "Whose image is on the coin"? The Pharisees answered, "Caesar's". Jesus's answer was quick, “Therefore render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” 

This answer is anything but simple. You see, the Caesar's of Rome were considered "divine" gods, and the coins that bore their images were, in all respects, a form of idolatry. They violated the Second Commandment, Thou shalt have no other gods before Me. Jesus understood that men on earth are caught in a battle between two governments -- the government of this world, and the government of Heaven. His statement to give to Caesar what is due him, and to give to God what is His due, is challenging us to know the difference. 

So, I acknowledge that being a citizen of the world, and specifically of the United States, I have certain obligations to its government, which necessarily means that politics will play a part in what those obligations will look like. I also recognize that the state of my nation, in many ways, is in spiritual decline. The unrighteous decisions and laws of my government have led to this downfall and as long as politicians continue to act unrighteously, politics will never correct our spiritual deterioration. That doesn't mean that I can't hope and pray for God to raise up righteous men and women to change the direction of our country.

And I am well aware of the warnings that God gives us in the Bible if we continue to go down the road we're on. Jeremiah lived in idolatrous Babylon and the Lord used him to warn the inhabitants of the vengeance that was His if they did not turn from their wicked ways. God used Jeremiah to issue warnings regarding the idols that Babylon worshiped; that they were false, worthless, and a work of delusion... and a time of punishment was coming in which they would be destroyed. The Word of the Lord, through Jeremiah, was "Therefore, behold, the days are coming when I will punish the images of Babylon; her whole land shall be put to shame, and all her slain shall fall in the midst of her". Then comes the plea of the Most High God: Come out of her my people! Let every one save their life from the fierce anger of the Lord!

The Lord is saying have nothing to do with the worldly Babylon and her idolatrous ways. And He tells us to do the same thing in these End Times, as stated in Revelation 18! An angel is prophesied to come down from Heaven and declare:

Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great!’
    She has become a dwelling for demons
and a haunt for every impure spirit,
    a haunt for every unclean bird,
    a haunt for every unclean and detestable animal. 

For all the nations have drunk
    the maddening wine of her adulteries.
The kings of the earth committed adultery with her,
    and the merchants of the earth grew rich from her excessive luxuries.

Come out of her, my people! 

Scripture goes on to say that Babylon's sins are piled up to Heaven, and God has remembered all her crimes. She will pay double for all she has done, and she will receive as much torment and grief as the glory and luxury she gave herself. Obviously, we as righteous Christians, will want to separate ourselves from that Babylonian system. I suggest you read all of Revelation 18 and see if you do not recognize this End Times Babylon as our own nation. And if you do, then you will recognize the tenets of the aforementioned debate in my house and among our family and friends.

If we are to come out of the destructive and anti-Christ Babylonian system, [which is of the kingdom of this world], and separate ourselves by committing our lives to the Kingdom of God, "rendering unto God what is His" [as Jesus suggested to the Pharisees], then can/should we do both? If politics is not the answer to a spiritual breakdown in this country, do we forsake politics all together for the sake of fighting the spiritual battle for the Kingdom of God? If we discern that there are righteous men among the worldly government who want to legislate for Godly justice and morality, should we not stand with them, trusting God to lift them up for His purposes? 

Of course, we must also consider that the Enemy is not going to just lay down and abdicate his throne among the halls of Congress. So have the crimes and injustice perpetrated by his minions been heaped so high that God has determined [as is stated in Revelation 18:8, that in one day her plagues will overtake her: death, mourning and famine. She will be consumed by fire, for mighty is the Lord God who judges her? Maybe it is to be our time of judgment and it is time we "come out of her". What does that look like? Let me propose this to you: we recognize that without the intervention of God who appoints righteous men to civil service, politics will never be the answer to restore our nation. So we continue to do what Jesus commanded, giving Caesar what is Caesar's -- we vote, we follow the laws, and we pay our taxes as mandated. 

Yes, we are citizens of the world in these fleshly bodies, but our citizenship in God's Kingdom is our greater commission. So we come out of the world's system as much as we can, and transfer to the spiritual kingdom of God on earth; living our lives following His statutes and committed to not sharing in the sins of this world nor receiving any of its plagues. That calls for understanding "the big picture" ... what we are to give to Caesar, even as we come out of Caesar's system. It's just the reality of our existence here on earth. We are in the world, but not of the world. Once we understand that, we do not need to become embroiled in the political arena, but enter the Kingdom of God, yoking ourselves to His righteous government. It is possible to fulfill our responsibilities as citizens of both the world and Heaven, knowing to whom our highest allegiance belongs. It is then that we can join together, declaring "Rejoice, you people of God"!

#givetocaesarwhatiscaesars #comeoutofhermypeople #endtimesjudgment #endtimesbabylon

Jeremiah 51:45-46   Go out of the midst of her, my people! Let every one save his life from the fierce anger of the Lord! Let not your heart faint, and be not fearful at the report heard in the land,