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October 29, 2020

Halloween: Partnering With Satan


Each year at this time I write about the pagan ties and rituals associated with the culturally-accepted holiday of Halloween. And each year, as the Lord reveals more of the evil that takes place on the kingdom of darkness's sacred and holy night, the more I see Halloween commercially promoted. Not just for kids anymore, adults have increasingly adopted this night for their own celebrations. And the amount of money spent on decorations for the house and yard has steadily increased to make it one of the most successful holidays for retailers. Even the professed Christian retailer Hobby Lobby isn't above cashing in on its success.

If you have been reading my blogs for awhile, then you know the different historical persepectives I've brought you regarding Halloween. If not, then you can catch up by reading here and here and here. And for those who want the short version (because it is important to know the ancient history and connections), then here is a summary: The Encyclopedia of Religion describes Halloween as this ... "Halloween is the name for the eve of Samhain [pronounced sow-en], a celebration marking the beginning of winter as well as the first day of the New Year within the ancient Celtic culture of the British Isles. The time of Samhain consisted of the eve of the feast and the day itself (October 31st and November 1st). On this occasion, it was believed that a gathering of supernatural forces occurred as during no other period of the year. The eve and day of Samhain were characterized as a time when the barriers between the human and supernatural worlds were broken. Otherworldly entities, such as the souls of the dead, were able to visit earthly inhabitants, and humans could take the opportunity to penetrate the domains of the gods and supernatural creatures. Fiery tributes and sacrifices of animals, crops, and possibly human beings were made to appease supernatural powers who controlled the fertility of the land ... Samhain acknowledged the entire spectrum of nonhuman forces that roamed the earth during the period" (pp. 176-177, 1987).

Furthermore, The Encyclopedia Brittanica says that on this holiday "huge bonfires were set on hilltops to frighten away evil spirits ... The souls of the dead were supposed to revisit their homes on this day, and the autumnal festival acquired sinister significance, with ghosts, witches, hobgoblins, black cats, fairies, and demons of all kinds said to be roaming about. It was the time to placate the supernatural powers controlling the processes of nature. In addition, Halloween was thought to be the most favorable time for divinations concerning marriage, luck, health, and death. It was the only day on which the help of the devil was invoked for such purposes" (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 15th edition, Micropaedia, Vol. 4, p. 862, "Halloween"). 

By now, I hope that you are able to let go of any deception that this holiday is nothing more than "innocent fun". And the Church trying to "Christianize" the holiday by calling it "All Saint's Day", in the guise of celebrating dead Christian martyrs, is just another case of false pretense. 

Since the Lord has opened my spiritual eyes to the increasing evil in the world and the ways that the devil has infiltrated our culture through witchcraft and the occult [in all spheres of our existence], I have been introduced to deeper and yes, disturbing, revelations about what Halloween represents. I've been able to see how the "spirit" of Halloween, so to speak, has transferred from ancient ceremonies of the Celts and Druids to modern rituals of witches and Satanists. So, as I go to a new level in my exposé on Halloween, it is especially important that Christians understand the trauma and evil that is inflicted on this night, and just how important it is that we counter it with the Light of the Lord.

To that end, I'm going to share the testimony of a woman named Beth, who used to be a witch and was a victim of this satanic ritual abuse on Halloween, and how God delivered her from that situation and healed her. Her testimony will reveal the underlying demonic foundation of Halloween and why it is such a dangerous and contemptible holiday. Here is what she had to say....

"Halloween is all about witchcraft. It is a sacred and holy night in which witches and Satanists pay tribute to the dead. It is a night of celebration; a passage into a different spiritual world. It's a night when the veil between the different world's [realms] is the thinnest and when one has access into other realms. It is the thinnest because of the amount of witchcraft that happens on that night; because of the majik, spells, and incantations that are taking place to diminish the demonic veil."

I found it interesting that she said, "Most witches don't know that what they're doing is evil. It's just a way to get something they want done. Not so, for Satanists and Luciferians -- they actually worship Satan. But it's all witchcraft ... it's all about your intent and purpose ; doing rituals and majik as you partner with the demons in you to push out into the atmosphere to affect change in people, the atmosphere, animals, and things."

She went on, "Halloween is when you have thousands upon thousands of groups of people coming together and doing witchcraft on this one night. So, people [especially Christians] need to understand that when you "trick or treat", or have a Halloween party and dress up in costumes, you are celebrating Halloween and you've made an agreement with the ancient rites! You are in agreement with a Satanic ritual holiday!"

Beth said it is important that Christians understand that "witchcraft is Satanism. Even those who align themselves with neo-paganism or earth spiritualism do not know or believe what they are doing is Satanism. There are even Satanists that are so deceived, they think Lucifer is the bearer of Light and good, and that God is bad. When they are harming people and animals in their rituals, they actually think they are doing good". At this point in her testimony, Scripture came immediately to mind: Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! (Isaiah 5:20). 

At this point her testimony became difficult to hear, but it is important that we not shy away from the truth that she is sharing... "People will actually sacrifice a baby or animal to the god Molech and tell themselves it's good. It took me years to understand that I was a victim of satanic ritual abuse on Halloween. At the age of three, I was strapped to a table and sexually abused and filled with demons; used as a sexual idol to be worshiped. The satanic rituals performed on Halloween are sexual and sacrificial. Some children are not as lucky as I was to escape the rituals; they are actually murdered as a sacrifice."

I know this is hard to read and perhaps, even harder to accept. But this is why I continually warn against aligning yourself with this evil holiday. Beth was fortunate. By His Grace, God came into the abuse during one of the rituals, because she asked Him to, and she says He took her spirit away so she wouldn't be corrupted. Eventually, she would ask Jesus into her heart where she would find freedom, redemption and healing from her pain and her own personal hell. 

But she is adamant about continuing to warn of the dangers of Halloween. "Hundreds of thousands of others are just like me, and have been subjected to torment on Halloween night. And many more will also be tortured and murdered on Halloween as every year passes. The only difference between myself and most other victims is, I chose to allow God to bring me healing and remember it. I could not have done it without Jesus. It would be impossible. He has shown me a love like I have never known before in my entire life. He has shown me that His love is something that is pure and untainted, and that I am indeed special and valuable to God. There may be evil in this world, but nothing is bigger than the power of the Almighty. The devil may have infiltrated churches, or taken over an entire night to align people unwittingly with darkness, but that can never change the truth of who God is. He is the King, and in the end He will wear the Victor’s Crown." 

So, I know I sound like a broken record, but I believe that a lot of what we are seeing happening in the world today is because Christians don't really believe in spiritual warfare. I think we just expect God to identify evil and deal with it. We're either afraid to engage with the dark side, or we're just too complacent in our security in Christ. But as long as we refuse to face the truth that Satan is looking for every advantage he can get to infiltrate people, animals, the earth and the atmosphere, we are allowing him and his demonic forces free rein to torment and kill. And by our silence and rationalization that "it doesn't mean that to me" or "this is the day the Lord has made, so I'm just going to call it good," we allow evil to continue to reign. You know, we might be able to convince ourselves that our allegiance belongs to the Lord, but we're still in agreement with darkness if we continue to participate in Halloween or refuse to renounce it. If you still need convincing, consider this quote by Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, "I'm glad Christians let their children worship the Devil at least one night out of the year".

As the Ekklesia, let us redeem the day by coming together [as thousands upon thousands] with our own celebration of the power and might of the Most High God! While that veil between realms is thin, let us bombard the next realm with prayers that sustain and empower the angelic forces of Heaven as they battle the intents and purposes of the witches and Satanists! And then let us use our power and authority to close that access into this realm, sealing it with the blood of Jesus! Let us pray that the minds and hearts of all people be awakened to the ancient darkness that has come down through the centuries to enslave people through witchcraft. Let us pray for the protection of every innocent child who is targeted for this Halloween night. Pray that plans for their torment or sacrifice are thwarted; that every animal or thing upon the earth be defended from wickedness. Let us be instruments of God to bring His Light into this dark night. And please, Lord, expand the time we have between now and Saturday night so that all these things be done in Your Holy and Precious Name! Amen!

Click here for more of Beth's testimony. Be sure and check out her blog, theothersideofdarkness.com. 

1 Corinthians 10:21   You cannot drink [both] the Lord’s cup and the cup of demons. You cannot share in both the Lord’s table and the table of demons [thereby becoming partners with them].


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