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November 1, 2020

If You Don't Know Who You Are ... This Is For You!


We are just days away from what I believe is perhaps the most important U.S. election in our nation's history; or at least in my lifetime. This election may very well determine whether we remain in God's favor and are able to rectify our national sins and renew the covenant made with Him through the Mayflower Compact -- or if we will continue in our moral decay and rebellion, and find this nation becoming the subject of His discipline. 

I sense the heightened state of uncertainty and concern among my Christian friends. Although they know that, no matter the outcome, we will endure through our faith in Jesus, they know the future may not be without persecution, hardship, and violence. We may be citizens of Heaven, but we still have to live in this world. This is where the rubber meets the road. They are having to dig down deep and stay focused on the Lord [in faith]. But imagine the levels of fearfulness and anxiety among those whose security does not lie in Jesus! And it is to those people that I am writing today.

I cannot tell you the number of people I see that are struggling over the precariousness of our national predicament. People that I love are suffering from anxiety attacks, migraines, and sleepless nights. They feel like they are adrift with no anchor. Everything that they thought they could count on is in danger of being taken from them... jobs, retirement, homes, health, safety. And all I have to offer them is Jesus. If only I could get them to understand that He is all they need! He is their anchor and security -- if they will only reach out for Him! 

What I hear most often is, "But, I don't know how!" And I know for a fact that the Jesus that's been presented to them by "the religious Church" seems rigid and stringent and pretty inflexible. He's not very inviting to the generations who have been spoon-fed the "life is too short not to have fun" or the "he who dies with the most toys wins" social philosophies. Religious rules and control, combined with hypocrisy makes the Christian lifestyle appear wearisome, joyless, and uninspiring. So, people look to the world, and it becomes all about presenting the image of having the perfect life -- happy personal life, accomplished career, and being exceptionally popular. The only thing is.... when you are focused on meeting those standards, you lose sight of who you were designed to be; the unique, extraordinary, one-of-a-kind human being you were created to be. And most significantly, you get so caught up in chasing after the world's acceptance, that there is no desire to meet the One who created you.

When you let the world identify you according to its standards, nothing is real. We have become a nation of people defined by who the world decides we are. Social Media determines whether you are "accepted" or "deleted". So everyone tries to present an image of themselves that will be applauded and approved -- whether it is a true representation of who you are or not. And so we fabricate a reality for ourselves that will garner the most "likes" and establish us as uniquely qualified to stand out from the crowd. But in reality, we're not standing out at all -- we are all just trying to meet the same criteria that society has determined is the ideal.

We've been conditioned to think that it matters what the crowd thinks of us. And because of that mindset, we've become so busy trying to fashion a unique personality online that we've lost sight of our true self or value. And I see this phenomenon across the spectrum of people's lives! If you're a Christian, then you've got to appear "more Christian" than others. And if you are of the world, then your accomplishments must outshine all your real, and not-so-real, "friends" on Social Media. 

When that fails to register on the self-esteem meter, then we usually find ourselves searching for a deeper meaning to life. And I think that is instinctive in all humans because there is an innate part of our makeup that knows there is something higher than ourselves. So, we go the route of self-help books, and psychology gurus who promise to guide you to "your best self", offering hidden "secrets" and "divine directions" to happiness and fulfillment. But here's the thing -- you can't do it on your own. You will never be complete or whole or content until you realize that there is something beyond this world and what it can offer you. 

If you get that far in your personal quest, then you usually begin searching for answers in various belief systems. And there are many to choose from; each with their own gods who offer you differing benefits. The Eastern religions of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam all offer varying themes of "self-improvement" through obtaining knowledge, status, or character by one's own efforts. And of course, each religion has their own gods to worship. These are not the only religions that are available by far -- whatever you are seeking, there is a religion that will promise to deliver.

There are lots of belief systems and faiths to choose from; and lots of gods who can offer you what you think you're looking for.  BUT THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD WHO IS THE MOST HIGH GOD -- THE GOD WHO CREATED YOU! There is only one God who made you in His image. He is Spirit and at your core, you are spirit. There is only one God who wrote your name down in His Book of Life with all that He created you to be and all He has planned for you in this life. Furthermore, this God has known you since He created the world, the universes, and the stars. He decided when you would be transformed from spirit and transferred into this suit of flesh. And He will determine how long you will be on the earth to accomplish His will for you in "this life" before you return to your "home" in His heavenly Kingdom.

You see, for each one of us, "this life" is not about meeting the expectations of a world that is centered on self-idolatry, self-indulgence, or self-glorificaton; it's not about comparing oneself to those perceived as  powerful or important or popular. We are here to fulfill a destiny recorded in Heaven. We are here to point a self-absorbed world towards a relationship with their Creator; to share the true sense of "belonging" and acceptance that comes from knowing Jesus, whose love is beyond description, and the depth of which cannot be matched on this earth. It is that amazing love that will strengthen and protect and fight for us through whatever our nation is destined for in the coming months and years. It is the only thing that will get us through the difficulties of life and the only thing that fills that emptiness inside us when we feel we don't matter to the world.

So, if you are worried about this election and are fearful or anxious; or you're feeling depressed and suffer from self-loathing because you don't "measure up", I want you to know that your Creator, Jesus Christ, sees you. He hears what you tell yourself, and He sees your anxiety, your migraines, and your sleepless nights. He wants you to know that unlike what is projected across your computer and TV screens, HE IS REAL. And He has the answers if you are willing to stop seeking your value from the world. If you are ready to know who you were made to be, what your purpose is, and all He has planned for you, then take a chance on Him. He won't force Himself on you; He just wants to show you who you really are. He's not about religion -- He's about relationship! I promise you that all the world has to offer is nothing in comparison to that intimate relationship. 

Now, more than ever, you need Jesus. He's the answer to the world's problems, and He's your answer to becoming all you are meant to be! And if you don't how to begin that relationship, it's easy -- just ask Him to come into your life. Tell Him you want to begin that relationship and you want to know Him. Ask Him to make Himself known in your heart. And then wait and listen. Shut out the seductive voice of the world, and get quiet. Talk to Him like He's your best friend [because He is]. All the love and acceptance you've been seeking from the world is found in Jesus. All you have to do is begin and take that first step. And I will be praying for you.... 

NOTE: As many of you know, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I have written a book entitled, Through A Kingdom Lens: Re-discovering What The Church Lost. It is about helping Christians understand the greater message Jesus came to bring ... that the Kingdom of God is here on earth and our Salvation is just the first part of our purpose in our faith. We are to move from our Salvation experience into the Kingdom of God as Ambassadors to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom and defeat the kingdom of darkness controlled by Satan. But the Holy Spirit has put it on my heart that this book is not relevant for the millions who don't yet know Jesus. The circumstances of this world are frightening and too many people don't know where to turn to feel safe and secure. They need to be introduced to their Creator and why it is important that they know Him and develop a relationship with Him. The Holy Spirit has given me my next assignment to write a book to help make that introduction -- not in a religious manner, but in a personal, welcoming and non-threatening way, so that they desire to know their Creator, and He becomes their Savior. We must find a way to reach these people who will otherwise become victims of the Enemy with what's coming on the world. And so I begin this new assignment. Please pray that my obedience will touch the hearts of the lost. 

Zephaniah 3:17    The Lord your God is in the midst of you, a Mighty One, a Savior [Who saves]! He will rejoice over you with joy; He will rest [in silent satisfaction] and in His love He will be silent and make no mention [of past sins, or even recall them]; He will exult over you with shouts of joy.


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