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January 1, 2013

A New Year & A New Slant On Gun Control

     I could not end the year and begin the New Year without recognizing the shattering effect that the violent acts in Aurora, Newtown, and now Rochester, NY, had on our American soul.  The nation mourned as innocent lives were lost to the actions of mentally unstable men who chose to use a gun to murder defenseless victims.

     As we expected, there followed a national (and governmental) debate over gun control.  We've heard all the arguments, both pro and con.  And now it seems that in just a couple of days, Senator Feinstein is set to introduce what amounts to the most iron-fisted and oppressive limitations we have ever seen on our Second Amendment rights.  
     Taxes, registration of gun ownership, and all-out bans on many firearms appear to be just the beginning of the government's campaign against gun-owners.  I don't have to tell you that this means each legal gun owner has some decisions to make.  In that vein, I want to share an email that I received from an anonymous reader.  I think it brings a unique point of view to the discussion.  Here is the email in its entirety:

Dear Belle,
     I thought you might like to hear a different angle on the current gun control debate.  As was expected after the recent string of gun-related deaths, the public rushes out to buy every gun and box of ammo they can find.  The shelves are literally empty!  Frankly, I am growing weary of the paradigm battle that starts with every ammo sell-off.  
     I also know that the media will never look at these "active shooter" events for what they really are.  They like the sport of stoking the fires of the moronic 51% of the country that can't think in a critical capacity.  Conspiracy theories orbit around this new brand of "crazy", and I'm inclined to jump on board any number of the crazy trains, but the truth is, at this late stage, it doesn't really matter.
     The current administration is pushing the outcome.  The 51% who have no skin in the economic game or the Fiscal Cliff, don't really care about your gun rights.  As long as they continue to get more free stuff, then let the Second Amendment disappear.  Then you have patriots like the NRA, who are standing relatively silent and dumbfounded, offering no solutions to this outright attack on our rights.  Consequently, we have seen the fear-buying start, and the sell-off cycle repeats itself.
     When retailers like Dick's Sporting Goods and Cheaper Than Dirt folded and removed their inventory from shelves, the response from Gun Culture 1.0 was swift.  This portion of the citizenry who has grown up around guns made their opinion known: "You'll get no more of my business."  But Gun Culture 2.0 is where the real influence lies.  These are new people to "the gun game"; a high percentage of them being women who recognize the importance of being able to defend themselves.  Both of these groups need to pull together and yield nothing to this latest gun grab.  
     Americans need to understand what is at the heart of this Feinstein Bill:  High capacity rifle magazine bans lead to high capacity pistol magazine bans.  Assault Rifle bans lead to every other gun you own being banned.  Even Michael Bane (the head of the Outdoor Channel's gun show line-up, and  most listened to gun podcast) had to endure a waiting period of sorts.  His weekly podcast, which normally airs on Wednesday was pushed back to Friday, so corporate brains could pick the appropriate footsteps in the minefield of public opinion.  No doubt his intentions are good, but he needs to realize that whatever Gun Culture 1.0 was in the past, it won't cut it in this new dynamic.
     2013 is going to be a brawl that our currently intact Second Amendment rights might not survive.  These latest shooting episodes have rocked the world of preppers, shooters, and anyone who is a self-thinker.  And thus, the fear-buying has begun, because I surmise that the writing on the wall just got a whole lot clearer.  The truth is, we can't deny these are pivotal events, and whistling past the grave-yard isn't going to work this time.  

     The NRA fired a weak salvo, that in my mind, hit nothing.  We better get some leadership, and fast, on this issue.  I see the beginnings of a hemorrhage that the NRA is moving too slowly to address.  I can't help but think that if the money we, as a collective, threw into P-mags just these past couple of weeks had been channeled towards a real message, with real leadership, then Mr. O would have to put a cork in Biden, Feinstein and the Moron 51 crowd.  Here's a thought:  Let's say Feinstein gets her $200 tax and registration on every gun you own.  All those who lay low will become instant felons.  There goes the voting rights of the cornerstone of the country.  Can you see that Obama and the Progressive Left are playing 20 moves ahead, and the patriot with his M-4 is no factor at all?
     So we better realize that we have some decisions to make.  Are you willing to risk a felony to maintain your Second Amendment rights?  Because if you are, you better wake up to the fact that a felony will take away your license or your credentials; and if you need a license to conduct your business, well, there goes your livelihood.  Attaching a felony to even 5% of the gun crowd will devastate the Conservative Right.  You can bet that there will be someone at that voting place making sure, that as a felon, you don't get to cast your vote.  
     Could you decide between becoming a felon and keeping your unregistered M-4?  Stop and run the logical argument in your head; look at where the Supreme Court numbers will be in the next four years.  Will the possibility of a felony on all gun owners change their ability to put food on the table, make a living, change our lifestyles?  You damn right it will!  The gun crowd needs to put this possibility into their hard drive and let it compute.  
     I'm beginning to feel as though we are at Bracken's first chapter in the yellow book.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's time to get off your butts and start entertaining some very ugly possibilities.     (Check out www.enemiesforeignanddomestic.com).  Yes, I will agree that it's time to buy more food, ammo, P-mag-30s, and a Belgian Malaois named Spike.  But all that won't preserve our rights.  The time to stand is now.  If not now, when?

Old School

     This email really hit home for me, and made me see the Big Picture.  There's been a plan to rid this country of the Second Amendment for quite awhile, and we are seeing it play out before our very eyes. We have been complacent, thinking that the anti-gun lobbies were not strong enough to defeat over two hundred years of tradition and the overwhelming number of lawful gun owners.  But threaten our livelihoods, our voting rights, and the fear of a criminal record, and how many citizens would be willing to throw in the towel?  Old School is right.  Each of us have some decisions to make.  And those decisions could profoundly change who we are as a free citizenry and the future of our republic.   Where will you draw the line?

Jeremiah 6:16     "This is what the LORD says: “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. But you said, ‘We will not walk in it.’"


  1. Hi Belle,

    I have to agree with the post today whole heartedly, that you posted from Old School. This person couldn't have said it better, but I have a question that I would like to pose, maybe two. I'll say this upfront first, I don't plan on giving in or giving up, but I have to tell you, in conversations with some aquaintances about this very issue lately there is a lot of mixed emotions and I'm feeling that they're ready to throw the towel in and this worries me. That's exactly what these people who are trying to take our rights away want, but how does someone try to make others realize what they're about to give up, when they're tired of it and want to move on or forget about it all and 2012. My last comment to them was, it isn't all about them and "right now" that this is going to affect, but it's about our children and grandchildren and the future for them. It's like they're so stuck in this little box and can't find a way out! Why are people willing to just give it away. Are we so selfish as to only be concerned about ourselves and the moment? I'm seeing and starting to get a different feeling from them and starting to feel alone. Stocking up food, ammo as this person stated, that is great and I truly am a believer of that, but I'm also a believer about the spiritual end of it. That's where the faith and strength and belief of what we're doing will come into play. We are going to see a lot of persecution not only with things like this, but as our beliefs in God and that God given right is one of them. So, my question is to you and to anyone else who reads this, as a Christian, how are you able to explain to others how important this is. I just feel like it's been a six lane highway straight uphill on loose gravel and I just feel like I'm not making any progress with this very subject. Personally, I feel exhausted, but I keep telling myself that I believe that God has pushed me to include and to involve others in what is ahead so they won't be caught off guard and to make them understand it's a very real reality of this day. We are living in the latter days, but that doesn't mean that we can't make a difference and live as God has asked us to without giving into those who wish us harm and are so deceitful in their ways. I've had people say to me, just worry about yourself and don't worry about others. That really burns me up! I care about people and I care about their welfare and their walk with God. I'm not perfect believe me, but I think together we can make a difference if we make "that stand", but how can we when we have more that seem to sway to "the other side"? I'm also seeing some groups come together that I'm beginning to wonder what exactly their mission is and is it for their glory or for God's? And also another thing that has really bothered me is the fact so many websites have jumped up on the internet that talk this and that and people seem to be making a whole lot of money off of people's fear and honestly, I would say that more than half of these people talk to talk, but when it comes right down to it they don't know the ground from the sky. We have to be careful out there where some of these so called good intentions are taking us. It's good to know how to do these things, how to live in the world we're about to be faced with, but you can have all the stuff, but if you don't have a backbone or a belief and faith of something bigger than ourselves, namely God and His Word, our Lord Jesus, then I would say the result of that is a useless endeavor. I pray that we all come to realize the "reality" of the days we're in today and in our near future and hopefully will be able to gather with those who are believers and live accordingly to His will and help one another in what will need to be done so we can survive the coming days. Your friend in Christ....


  2. Lisa, as always, you express a deep and heartfelt opinion of where many people are on this subject, as well as their faith. PLW and I see that same scenario with people around us who are gun-rights people, but have no God in their life. They have put themselves in that "little box" you talk about and can't see that there is a bigger picture that involves God, and that is our true mission. I think all we can do is sow that little seed about our faith and then let the Holy Spirit work in them. One thing I know for sure .... God has put you here at this time to glorify Him. I believe, without a doubt, that you are doing that with your efforts to talk to people and share both your faith and skills. That's all you can really do. Just keep doing what you're doing. God will put the people in your path, and the words on your heart.

  3. Belle,
    This is Old School. Lisa's comment is a good one. I truly think there will be an event shortly that will push a bunch of fence-sitters off their comfortable position. Many will land on our side of the fence and have the scales lifted from their eyes. This is when we must be ready to teach them and lead them. Until then, Lisa is right. They are stuck inside their self-imposed boxes and will not hear us. We must be vigilant.

  4. What a great blog, sure gives a person a lot to think about. Thanks Old School, for writing that letter. Will have to give what you said a LOT of thought. I am one of those who requires a license to do what I do for a living. I love and cherish our 2ND Amendment rights. It's easy to see right "quick like" how I could be left in the cold with any kind of gun ban that may take effect. I will have to give this considerable thought. I really agree with Lisa's post as well. God is the single most important thing and I have to keep the faith and work very hard for it to grow stronger. I do not plan on caving in, maybe I will have to find a second career, who knows, I have no idea what that would be. We live in ever more interesting times, and I don't have a good feeling about them right now. I have a hard time saying "Happy New Year" and meaning it. Pray for each other and all of us.

    1. CZ, the time for contingency plans and decisions about second careers is right now. Also, we must decide how we are going to behave when the inevitable collapse occurs. We must be running scenarios of how we will move forward right now, because once it starts it is too late. We must act and not react.