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January 2, 2013

A Stranger In A Strange Land

     I found myself in a peculiar situation these last few days while the world around me celebrated the New Year.  As I'm sure many of you experienced, this is a time when PLW and I typically reconnect with friends whom we see once or twice a year.  It's the holidays and there is a certain sentimentalism that occurs among acquaintances we see infrequently.
     But this year I felt strangely detached and isolated from these people who have always held a special place in our lives.  This didn't occur during just one visit, but throughout the long weekend and across a broad spectrum of friends and associates.  After the first few minutes of pleasantries and catching up on their kids' lives, I found myself tuning out to the reports on the new Mercedes; the second home that would be built in a well-known resort in Colorado; the updated diamond in the wedding set.
     When this friend brought up the subject of people turning their guns in for money, I was hopeful that our conversation would turn to something that had some real relevance.  But I soon learned that this younger woman didn't really want to know what it meant; she was totally unaware of the proposed legislation that would limit gun ownership.  When she proclaimed that things just felt real scary in the world, I hoped she would listen to some calm advice about what to be looking for and how to prepare for different scenarios.  I realized that I would get nowhere when she asked, "EMP, what's that?" When I explained it as simply as I could, her response was just as I expected.  "I can't deal with that.  I know I'm in denial, but I just can't go there."
     We then switched to a topic that gave me a small amount of hope.  Their young daughter was doing well in her first year of school.  Although she and her husband have enrolled their only child in a religious private school, I sadly noted that, as a family, there is no real spiritual foundation.  Private faith-based education is just the social paradigm that qualifies one to be a part of the upwardly mobile Generation X.  Needless to say, I felt completely disassociated from this once close friend.
     Another get-together found us in the company of several families for an old-fashioned sleepover at the country lodge of one of our oldest friends.  Kids of all ages ran and played outdoors; we sat by a fire pit and enjoyed the events and exploits of "we, the common folk."
     Inevitably, the talk turned to current events, and such topics as the Fiscal Cliff, Gun Control and the future of our country.  All of these folks are professed Christians, but when the discussion went deeper and PLW and I shared some of what we have discerned from our extensive Bible study, one of the women commented, "You make it sound like the End of the World."  We assured her we were in no way making any kind of predictions, but the Bible does say to "Watch" and "Be aware of the Signs."  One of the men, who has recently been hungry for Biblical knowledge and is actively seeking answers, jumped on this conversation, and it just spilled out of him --- he had a strong desire to share what is being revealed to him as he gets closer to the Lord.  Once again, his wife made it clear that she doesn't want to deal with "any of the bad stuff" and will just go to heaven before it all happens.  When I gently reminded her that there is no promise in the Bible that she will escape such "bad times", she insisted that she was better off and happier if she just kept her head in the sand.
     The rest of our visit revolved around pretending that life is going to go on as usual .... if you just refuse to acknowledge the possibilities, you won't have to deal with them.  Preoccupy yourself with your iPhone, iPad or iMac and you can easily find some distraction.  Needless to say, I ended our New Years reconnections with these various friends in a disheartened state.  Not for me, but for them!  These are all people that I care about, and who have had some significance in my life.  But I realized, perhaps for the first time, that I feel set apart from these people.  And I'm pretty sure God has done this on purpose, and for a reason.  I don't feel sealed off or lonely; just separate, if that makes sense.  Like I am on the outside, looking in.
     I know this may sound delusional, but I'm wondering if that's why He took me down some of the paths I've traveled.  I've always been unconventional and taken the solitary path; I've never been a follower or needed to be "part of the crowd."  I seem to see things clearer than most, and am simply unable to pretend that "it's all good."
     I don't claim to have a direct line to God and His plan, but I do have a sense that He is speaking to those "who have ears to hear and eyes to see."  My responsibility is to stay tuned in and listen for His direction, whatever it may be.  As this long weekend has shown, that obviously means I may not be on the same wavelength as others in my life.  But I am extremely blessed that somehow God managed to bring PLW into my life; another drummer that marches to a different beat.  Fortunately, we have both arrived at the same forks on the same path at the same time.  I'm not sure what roads our friends are traveling, but I wish they would realize that closing their eyes to the potholes and their ears to the alarm bells means they will most assuredly miss God's signposts and deliverance.  What a shame to ignore God's voice while listening to the Enemy's whispers of contentment and security.

Ecclesiastes 11:9     "You who are young, be happy while you are young, and let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth. Follow the ways of your heart and whatever your eyes see, but know that for all these things God will bring you into judgment."


  1. I gave up friends, and relatives many years ago, because I "marched" to a different drummer also and I have never looked back. I do not bother to talk to people anymore as they do not want to listen anyway, and my breath is best spent on my energy.
    I find people are dazed and confused and stupid,using the Iphones, the cellphones and tablets as a pacifiers forlife and the lure of the "Dancing with the Stars" has more appeal.

  2. Belle, I have been noticing this feeling of "separateness" or "being outside" for a few years now...it happens the closer you get to the Lord and allow Him to lead your life, and start paying attention to what His Word says especially about letting go of worldliness and focusing on Him. At first, I felt sad about not being invited to parties, gatherings or travel with friends and acquaintances, but as you noticed, the chit-chat, shallow thinking and materialism saddens you.

    I believe He is calling His people to a closer walk with Him, because we are really going to need His protection and provision in the coming dark days facing our beloved country. I believe there is no comparison in US history to what lies ahead. Although I don't have leadings from Him on the "specifics", over the past few years the Lord has given me general guidance on stocking up on food, water, lights, being prepared for living on less...putting up much larger quantities of canned goods from the garden and orchard...getting a wood stove and stocking up on firewood...gaining skills for current and future use...being prepared to take in people who are lost, scared or displaced.

    I wish you lived down the road from me, I would love to visit with you in person! I am blessed with several Christian friends with similar viewpoints on preparing for hard times, and a husband who is pretty tolerant of what I am doing...he envisions himself as a "Jeremiah Johnson" type whenever he is in the mountains hunting, and was happy with our family gift of a new chainsaw for Christmas. I am taking a beekeeping course this spring and he mentioned he'd like to learn about natural ways of tanning leather.

    Keep up your wonderful blog, I especially treasure the Scriptures you post and how they tie in to your topic. Your blog has a wide range of topics presented, many of which I have seen reference to in other writings, but you always put a biblical worldview into the subject. Excellent work, keep it up. We need encouragement and edification to continue along this narrow path. God bless you!

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement! I don't think that I am any different than the multitude of Believers who feel the same way I do. I just listened to that little voice in my head that said "speak to my people". I don't claim to be channeling God, but just share my journey of thoughts and experiences as I try to glorify Him in these dark days. I love hearing from readers, such as yourself, who are on the same path. We can support and lift each other up!