A Modern Woman's Perspective On The Kingdom of God on Earth

January 3, 2013

We Must Rise Above It All

     As I made another circle around the perimeter of our property, my morning walk took on a feeling as somber and dreary as the gray winter sky.  The New Year is supposed to enthuse us with thoughts of new beginnings and fresh starts.  Instead, as I talked to God while I trekked over the hard, cold ground, all I could see was a future that screamed of more loss and a downward spiral into more taxes, regulations and promises of less freedom.  My spirit matched the dull and dismal landscape, and I searched for any sign of hope.
     I had not been surprised at the failings of our Congressional leaders.  I knew that whatever "deal" they came up with for avoiding the Fiscal Cliff would not solve our problems.  For every $1 their Bill raises in revenue, they propose to spend $41.  And the Senate received the Bill three minutes before they voted on it.  What a joke!  This is just one more nail in the coffin of "the America we used to be."
     But I'm not willing to accept our early demise, nor will I give in easily to these momentary lapses towards despondency.  That's not who I am!  Because in spite of all that I see happening around me and in the Halls of Congress, I know that my destiny is to fight for something bigger and more consequential than any man-made law or policy.  While I am a citizen of the greatest country that has ever existed on this planet, I owe my allegiance to the One who brought this country into existence, and for whom it has been dedicated from its very foundation.
     So, I refused to give in to the bleakness of my thoughts or the gloom of the overcast day.  And just as I decided to concentrate on trusting in my Lord's plan, instead of leaning on my own understanding and perceptions of current events, I looked ahead a few yards and there sat the most beautiful Cardinal; a brilliant splash of color against the dull grays, browns and ashen palette of winter.
     I laughed out loud.  "Thank you, God!"  I knew He was showing me that nothing is ever as dark and desolate as we project.  So I decided that I would spend this day seeking stories that promised hope.  I didn't listen to one word of the endless commentaries on the Fiscal Cliff negotiations.  What difference would it make?   As an individual, I can have no influence in this matter, nor change the outcome.  My God knows my circumstances, and I will rely on Him to provide.
     Today will be the day that I turn away from worrying about the domestic Debt Crisis, the attacks on our Constitutional rights, or the erosion of our national sovereignty.  Instead, I will rejoice in the news that a dear friend of ours has made the decision to be baptized.  She has earnestly and longingly sought the spiritual knowledge that resulted in asking Jesus into her heart and to reign as her Savior.  I will delight in her hunger for that relationship, as she learns to rely on Him instead of the world.
     I will also celebrate the news that 60,000 college-age students are gathering this week in Atlanta for an event called Passion 2013.   The purpose of this conference is to encourage young people to make Jesus the focus of their life's goal; to make Him known in their generation.  Considering that the vast majority of the approximately 20 million college students don't have a clue as to why they are on this planet, I applaud this effort to embolden our youth in their faith.  The cornerstone of this conference is God's ability to accomplish "immeasurably above" one's highest expectations.
     Because let's face it; our expectations for the future of this country, let alone the world, are not too high.  I see moral decay, corruption, bondage to all kinds of sins, lack of leadership, persecution and threats of civil unrest and tyranny.  But I know in my soul that our God wants to give us more than we can ever imagine in all areas of our lives .... more provision, more peace, better health, increased faith, and greater courage.  All we have to do is believe Him and claim it!
    So, instead of mourning the setbacks and giving in to the fears, I have decided that I will delight in the signs He gives me; the tokens of His presence, whether it be a new and unexpected revelation during my daily Bible study; a much needed word of encouragement at the moment I need it; that unexplained but tangible stirring of my soul as the Holy Spirit convicts me through a song, a photo, a spoken word ..... or the simple sighting of a spectacular redbird in the middle of winter.  Any, or all of it, shows me that there is always hope and that He can accomplish more than I can ever imagine.  My future lies in His promise!

Ephesians 3:20-21    "Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen."


  1. Good for you, Belle! I, too, have had enough of worrying about all the bad things happening in our world. I intentionally do not listen to the endless news anymore. Instead, I turn on Family Life Radio, or another Christian station, realizing that my Heavenly Father holds everything, EVERYTHING, in his very capable hands. I have given the worries of this world over to Him. I sleep better, having a better outlook everyday, trying to learn to see His beauty in this world. I am spending more time in my Bible, in His unchanging word, and trying to concentrate on His goodness and mercy. After years of worrying, I now am treasuring each day, looking forward to the future that He has in store for me and my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. And what about Passion 2013? Is that not something to be so thankful for!! As the song goes, My God's not dead, He's surely alive!!

    1. Even in the midst of all the negative press, we can still find evidence of our Lord. He never leaves us or forsakes us! Stay in the Word, my friend, and you will stay focused!

  2. Whereas last year (2012) many of us had great foreboding as to what the year would bring - and many of us knew that "something big" would happen (it did) - and I do believe that God has taken his protective hand off this country......

    2013 I simply do not feel any foreboding at all - this is a year to Worship Him - continually and always - God will separate His own - and will provide abundance for His Own.... There will be awful times - it is definitely growing and spreading - yet His own people will be protected.

    Glory of Zion ministries (Denton Texas) had a conference right before the new year that talked about this - they are re-broadcasting (one a day) each session starting today - (Starting the year off with worship!)

    Our replay schedule is:

    Thursday, January 3:
    Barbara Yoder . Carrying the Shalom of God!
    Friday, January 4:
    Robert Heidler. Understanding the Year of the Camel!
    Saturday, January 5:
    Chuck Pierce and the GZI Worship Team . Ascending in Worship: Overthrowing Thrones of Iniquity!
    Sunday, January 6:
    Ché Ahn . Moving from Faith to Faith: Let Healing Arise!
    Monday, January 7:
    Island Breeze . Worship Across the Pacific Islands: Loosing the Warrior Within You!
    Tuesday, January 8:
    Jacqueline Del Rosario . Understanding Profit and Gain in God's Kingdom!
    Wednesday, January 9:
    Mary Glazier: . Preparing to Leave the Threshing Floor with Power!
    Thursday, January 10:
    Pamela Hardy & Chuck Pierce: Ascending in Worship: Building New Worship Altars!
    Friday, January 11:
    Aaron Smith, Isaac Pierce and others . The Next Generation Leading Us Forward with a New Sound!
    Saturday, January 12:
    Cindy Jacobs . Dream Again: Preparing to Prosper Like Joseph!
    Sunday, January 13:
    Peter Wagner . Overcoming the Spirit of Religion!

    2013 is a year to WORSHIP HIM!

    1. I know what you mean! In the past, I might have been consumed with worry, and when you take a look at all the things going on around us, it is surely grounds for sleepless nights. But I am more calm and centered than I have ever been. I'm not fooling myself into thinking it won't get rough ... and downright ugly .... but I really have no fear at this time. I keep praying for protection and wisdom. And what a great way to approach the year of 2013 ... constant worship!

  3. Shalom
    Thanks I needed that post. Your words made me smile. :) Thanks

  4. Had to smile at your " laugh out loud " moment. My wife and I have both resigned ourselves into " letting go " of this nonsense that is perpetuated by the media. Not ones to stick our heads in the proverbial sand however - just that we know God will ultimately bring the BELIEVER through this time of testing.

    Recently I had made a few messes while doing the husbandly chores that I do and my wife teasingly suggests that I should be more watchful. That evening I was doing my Bible studies when I came across a few words chosen by one of my heroes - Paul.

    In 1 Cor. 15: 10 he states that " I am what I am " ! Now I use that to such an extent that when I was on the ski lift this morning... - I was the only one on the chair - and I thought of this verse.... and like the beginning of this note - just burst out into laughter ! Bottom line is : what a joy to reflect on the WORD continually !

    Peace - be still !

  5. I agree with you! As a Christian, the MSM has nothing to say to me. I know that my ultimate security comes from God, but I also know that He tells us it won't always be smooth sailing. We will encounter trials and tribulations and the world will see wars, famine, drought, and much evil. But through it all, He will never abandon us, and I choose to hang on to what is fast becoming one of my favorite Scriptures: Proverbs 18:10 .... "The name of the Lord is a strong (fortified) tower; the righteous run to it and are safe."