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October 4, 2012

World Headlines Increasingly Ominous

     It seems that world events are hitting on all cylinders.  The economic woes of Spain are resulting in violence in the streets.  Hardline radicals on both the far-right and the far-left are clashing with authoritarian police during riots and protests, leaving many innocent victims caught in the middle.  A global economic slowdown is affecting the financial systems of both Japan and China, while the value of the Euro is still falling, and the U.S. dollar index fell by 4.3%; the most since the first quarter of 2011 (Bloomberg).  I saw a headline in BusinessWeek that read, U.S. Fiscal Cliff Endangers World Economy.  The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned that U.S. tax increases and spending cuts, set to take effect next year, pose one of the biggest risks to the world economy.
     The Middle East is poised for imminent warfare.  The situation in Syria threatens to pull the U.S, and its European and Arab allies into a conflict with Russia, China, Iran and Hezbollah.  In the midst of all this wrangling, Al-Queda is "bleeding through the cracks", and making its presence known in this civil war-torn country, as well as in Libya and other countries in North and East Africa.  The growing number of battle ships in the Strait of Hormuz and near the Persian Gulf is not a good sign for world peace.  A headline in The Jerusalem Post reads "Russia Warns NATO to stay away from Syria".  Another of their headlines quotes Iranian government officials as saying "To Annihilate Israel, We Just Need 24 Hours and an Excuse."
     But the Middle East is not the only hotbed of war rumors.  Reuters reported that Korean Peninsula Could Face 'Thermonuclear War'.  The hostility between North Korea and the U.S. continues to threaten the stability of the world.  Although North Korea is under UN Security Council sanctions for its nuclear tests, it has not backed away from using the threat of nuclear war to bolster the country's leverage among world powers.
     War and the Economy are not the only headlines that occupy news outlets.  Earlier this summer, the Washington Post quoted the U.N. in their headline, Famine In Somalia Is Killing Tens of Thousands.  Increases in food prices, drought and civil war have all contributed to the climbing numbers; mostly among children.  Disease usually accompanies famine, but you don't have to be a Third World country to become victim to viruses and illness.  CNN reported West Nile Virus Outbreak Largest Ever in U.S.  And The International Business Times ran the following story:  Vomiting Virus Outbreak: 8400 German Children Affected; Exact Cause of Outbreak Still Unknown.  Combine these headlines with those that proclaim outbreaks of Ebola and the SARS virus, and it's enough to make you want to stay in bed and pull the covers over your head.
     And lest we forget Mother Nature, earthquakes and volcanoes are grabbing headlines, too.  JapanToday, an online news outlet, reported just two days ago, Two Strong Quakes Jolt Northern Japan.  Both a 6.2 and a 5.1 magnitude quake shook the already-devastated nation, and set the world's teeth on edge as everyone keeps their focus on Fukushima.  Volcanoes are erupting in Central Indonesia; and all eyes are on the Canary Islands, just off the northwest coast of mainland Africa, as seismic and volcanic activity remains elevated.
     Maybe my pre-occupation with all these news headlines is just part of what some would call my "evangelical paranoia", but it just seems as if all these events are happening at a greater and faster pace, and are converging to send the world into a downward spiral.  I know that news of wars, and economic crises, and famine and disease, and geophysical events is not new.  But there are those of us who feel all these occurrences are happening on a supernatural level.  I know that sounds crazy and preposterous; and Lord knows I can't substantiate it.  But suffice it to say, that I have an awareness I have never felt before; a "sight picture", if you will, that is connecting the dots among all these events.
     Do I know where all these leads, or what will happen next?  Don't have a clue.  I just pray everyday that God will give us one more day to alter our course, and go down a different road.  I don't like to think about where we might be headed, and what we might be facing.  But everything in my heart, my mind and my soul tells me to "GET READY!"  So I keep one eye on what the world is telling me, and the other, focused like a laser, for signs of my Redeemer.  And I continue to listen to that still, small voice that tells me what to say to you.  I hope you're listening.

Isaiah 32:3-4       "Then the eyes of those who see will no longer be closed, and the ears of those who hear will listen. The fearful heart will know and understand, and the stammering tongue will be fluent and clear. "


  1. I only caution that the "events happening at a greater and faster pace" is probably more driven by our immediate and global access to news. Can you imagine the Hulagu Khan's Mongol sack of Baghdad in today's media? Our world couldn't handle the horror.
    And if events in Africa are bad now, when have they ever really been better? Take a look at the origins of the slave trade -- the practice was endemic is the original cultures there and was turned into an international business by the Caliphate. And as troubled as the history of its eradication, only the nations of the West had the (eventual) morality to say no and willingness to pay the blood price to end it.
    But, as we've discussed before, what's the worst thing that happens by Being Prepared? You have a basement full of tasty food and going for some more target practice is easy. To be prepared, aware and true to Freedom is still the very best advice ever given.

  2. I agree with everything you've said, and all that's true (more media coverage, things have always been bad in Africa, etc.) but you cannot discount those of us who have a spiritual awareness that others may not experience. Like I said in the post, I can't explain it or prove it, and I think I know A LITTLE bit of what prophets of old may have experienced. They had an "awareness" that others didn't have and were mocked and scorned .... "It's always been like this; You're over-blowing it; That could never happen." I am by no means putting myself on their level, but believe me when I say that what I hear, and am shown, by the Holy Spirit takes precedence over any man's opinion, and what "the world" or the Elites on the East Coast (D.C.) tell me. Because you see, the Word is the truth; not the media, the economists, the weather analysts, or any government official. That's a hard concept for most people to understand. I appreciate where you're coming from, (and like I said, I agree), but I am just adding a different dimension to the discussion.

  3. I too feel something is coming. I've been very motivated to get my house in order. I prep as much as I can afford.
    I feel the Holy Spirit is moving me to study scripture more intensely and to commit to memory more bible passages. There may come a time when I may not be allowed to have a bible.
    Certainly having immediate access to world news can make things seem to be moving faster but when you sort out all the sensationalism the world is in chaos. As believers we see the world through divine viewpoint not humanism.
    I feel as you do GET READY!


    1. What we are experiencing is so foreign to those who do not have God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as the guiding influence in their life. I do not know how to explain what I sense/feel/know so that they can view it through the world's lens. Maybe things won't decline as quickly as I think, but I just know in my soul that Evil is coming our way. Thanks for making me not feel crazy!

  4. Hello Belle,

    I am listening and watching and praying as you are. I stand beside you as a Christian sister and friend and feel the exact same way as the Holy Spirit has spoken to me. I keep that door open between God and myself. Believe me, I wish that I could turn my head and walk away from it as though it wasn't apparent and it would be so much easier by far, but I can't and I will not. I believe in the Word and that is where I go for my direction as well. Thank you for your belief in God, for sharing it and for your awareness and commitment. Having that is first and foremost and those who happen to have a basement full of food and any ammo, that's icing on the cake and I commend them for making a move that may save their hind ends during the times that are moving quickly towards us. God protect us from the disbelief and things of this world.

    Your friend,

    1. Wouldn't it be easier to just ignore all that we're feeling? I would love to tell myself that things are no different than they've ever been throughout history, but that's just too convenient. What we are seeing in the world is so much bigger than the headlines, or the history books. I pray that all people will awaken and hear their Maker telling them to prepare for Eternity. It helps to know that others, like you, are taking their stand and not shying away from proclaiming this truth. We are together in this fight!