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October 6, 2012

Saturday Morning Commentary: Are You Wavering and Undecided?

     Everyone's nerves are on edge.  Difficult decisions need to be made and there's no time to waste.  Inaction has consequences.  Repeated delays are causing relational friction.  Does all this sound familiar?  I have a strong suspicion that there are many people who feel caught in a maze.  They intuitively know that things are changing and we are very likely going to see a different America in the near future.  They know they need to fortify themselves against a range of crises and possible emergencies.  But it's so overwhelming!
     How fast is it coming?  How far do I need to go to change my circumstances?  Is my retirement secure?  Should I even take out that loan for college?  Do I hunker down in my present location or take a leap of faith and move someplace safer?  None of these decisions are easy or can be made lightly.  They are life-changing.  But guess what?  Life is getting ready to change, at least as we know it, and you need to pick a path and move forward.
     When fear has overtaken me in the past, I have found that the longer I delay in choosing my path, the more I find myself mired in confusing and contradicting arguments with myself.  I tend to just go around in circles, which of course, results in staying in the exact same spot.  The problem with this approach is that your present spot may not be the best place for you to continue to stay.

     I point out all this turmoil because I know friends, family and casual acquaintances that are dealing with these tough situations.  And I know how unsettled and unbalanced you feel.  More often than not, your decision doesn't just affect you.  Other family members become part of the equation; whatever you decide (or don't) will have an impact on them, too.  Whether you have children that must be considered, or aging parents, each generation may be crippled with doubt and apprehension about making changes. And there you are, stuck in the middle.  Neither really wants your opinion, yet when push comes to shove, you will be the one that will have to come to the rescue.
     So how do you come to terms with all these relationships and emotional states of uncertainty?  First and foremost you need to be patient and encouraging.  I know --- you've been through the same thought patterns and conversations more times than you want to think about.  Not everyone sees as clearly as you do, or is willing (or able) to act decisively and take that leap of faith.  Trust is a very scarce commodity these days.  No one trusts the future, and even though we are called upon to trust our Lord with all our mind, soul, heart and body; some folks still want and need that guarantee that if they move off center everything is going to be just fine.  I wish I could reassure everyone that the way forward will be easy, smooth and without trials or troubles.  I'm sorry, but I can't promise that.  Nothing is a sure bet.
     While I can't promise you a safe and secure future, I can assure you of one thing ..... failure to position yourself in the best circumstances possible, while you still have time, will result in missed opportunities and regret.   The time for hoping that things will get better is gone; and if you're still hoping that maybe things will at least stay the same, then I'm afraid you are deceiving yourself.  But only you can make the decisions.  No one can do it for you.  And if you choose to make no decision at all, then that IS a decision.
     I hope you will allow me one last piece of unasked for advice:  If you believe in the saving grace of Jesus Christ, then that's where I'd begin; where I'd place my trust.  You say you have faith in Him; then demonstrate it! Take the leap and hang on!  If you don't believe, then I can't imagine how hard these decisions must be.  But think about it .... you've put your faith in men who are leaders of the World, and look where it's gotten us.  Maybe you should consider the Man that millions of people are relying on to deliver us from this Evil.  He's the only thing worth betting on.

Romans 4:20-21      "Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised."

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