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September 18, 2012

Determination over Despair

     OK, now it's time for us adults to give ourselves another pep talk! The headlines are enough to cause me to want to pull the covers up over my head; to just hide away from the world:

--- Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta Warns of War Between China and Japan  
--- U.S., allies in Gulf naval exercise as Israel, Iran face off 
--- Hardline Islamist TV spurs anti-Americanism in Egypt and beyond 
--- US Banks may have laundered money for Iran 
--- Major Volcanoes set to erupt in Japan, Nicaragua
--- Price of crude oil to skyrocket with chaos in Middle East
--- QE3:  Printing presses are wide open as U.S. economy flounders
--- Moody's Expects to lower U.S. rating ... Again! 
--- Congress told:  U.S. life "unsustainable" after EMP

     These headlines are just a small sampling of the hundreds that you can find on any internet news service.  And there's nary a positive news item to be found!  It seems the world is on the verge of complete and total implosion.  Heads of state are at odds; cultures are clashing over ideological differences; lawlessness reigns among political and religious fanatics; even the earth, itself, seems to be groaning and revolting against all this turmoil --- the rise in the numbers of earthquakes, volcanoes, and deadly storms is hard to ignore.
     So what are we, the people of this planet, to do to secure ourselves?  I wish I could say that we can insulate ourselves against the conflict and deterioration that seems headed our way.  I don't see how we can.  There are powers in unseen places that hold our future in the palm of their hands, and they don't give a damn about you or me.  Greed and Power and Hate have all combined forces and control our world under the banner of Evil.  
     But just because we can't imagine taking on this force by ourselves, we must never admit defeat.  We must remember that the darkest of nights always gives way to the dawn.  True, the Leaders of the World and the Elite Bankers seem to have their own agenda; and it has nothing to do with sustaining the freedom or success of the people.  But that doesn't mean that we give in to their system or give up on ourselves.

     You know, it seems funny, but I have been having these spontaneous conversations with unrelated groups of people, and the consensus is the same.  We have all unexpectedly found ourselves narrowing our vision, so to speak.  We have realized that the affairs of our nation and of the world are out of our hands.  We cannot control the economy, our foreign policy, or even the practice of our faith.  Do we really think that the upcoming election can bring the dramatic changes that are necessary to turn this ship around?  It seems as if the "Powers of the Dark World" are winning this battle we're engaged in.
     Although we cannot control "the big picture", we still have authority over how we react to this uncertain future.  I am finding a common denominator among these diverse groups of citizens.  It's called Determination.   This country may have gone too far over the cliff to recover its balance, but we are determined to get our bearings and stabilize our position.  Think of it as "cocoon-ing" if you will.
     We are pulling back and pulling in; we are retreating from the chaos that is the public forum and cementing our core beliefs.  We are surrounding ourselves with like-minded people; those who share our beliefs in Jesus Christ, the sanctity of life, the Constitution, and the freedom of every individual to reach his/her potential.   We are determined to take a stand for who we are; even if it means standing alone.  It will not be easy.
     Our determination affects every area of our lives.  Those who have union jobs, work for corporations funded by the government, and even the military/industrial complex don't see things the same way we small business owners and individual entrepreneurs do.  Our day-to-day existence has changed dramatically; we see it in fewer customer contacts, less cash flow, and fewer commitments on our calendars.  So we realize that we only have ourselves to rely on.  This economy is unsustainable if we don't change directions, and we are not looking for a handout.  So we're determined to change our dynamic and adapt our way of life in order to manage during what may become very difficult circumstances.
     Perhaps most importantly, we are realizing that our faith is what will see us through.  But even that is coming under assault.  God is being removed from every aspect of public life, and we are determined to make it an even stronger component of our private lives.   This last Sunday, as I worshipped in church, I was overwhelmed by the difference between the God I worship and the God that those who hate us worship.   Jesus Christ is greater than all the violence and hostility in the world; through Him I can overcome my own animosity and contempt and offer forgiveness; even to those who would seek to do great harm to me.  Without my faith, I would quickly dissolve into a state of fear, loathing and retribution.  "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends."  Jesus says we are His friends if we follow this command.  As hard as that might be, I want to get to that place; I am determined to make that a standard by which I live.
     So while I see much in the world that offers reasons for Despair, I also see the human spirit in all its greatness and magnificence .  We have been given a life force to sustain us; to give us strength and creativity and the ability to survive.  We have the power and the authority to determine how we will get through these coming days.  Call upon that inner strength; lean on each other; and avail yourself of the Master.  We need never give in to Despair.  We are in this together .... Determination combined with hope, heart and faith will rule the day.

Job 11:17-19      "Life will be brighter than noonday, and darkness will become like morning. You will be secure, because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest in safety. You will lie down, with no one to make you afraid, and many will court your favor."



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    1. Thanks! In responding to your comment, I re-read what I wrote in this post, and I stand by it even more today. This will be a good one to return to throughout the coming months.