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April 17, 2012

Striking A Balance

     I don't know if any of you can relate to my post today or not, but I suspect there are many of you just like me.  In these crazy times we live in, I find myself split among several different groups of friends.  There is the faction I will call Survivalist/Prepper.  They have no problem recognizing the political and economic state of the world, and the need to prepare for hard times.  That means they are storing up food, the means to defend their families and property, and "see" that we are headed for some level of collapse. They have their bug-out place, BUT they have no spiritual appreciation of these events.  God does not play a part in their plans, and they don't even want to hear His name mentioned.
     Then there are the Spiritually Ready, who foresee God's End Times revelations in world events and are preparing their souls for eternity.  But they have no interest in preparing for the here and now.  Talk to them about buying a little extra food, or having a plan in case of a national emergency or crisis, and they roll their eyes and look at you like a horn is growing out of the middle of your face.  Their reasons are varied:  They will just trust in the Lord to take care of them, reasoning that we aren't to worry about earthly circumstances (to them it shows a lack of faith); or they are too scared to face the monster, and decide to block out the world's chaos and hope it passes them by.
     The third group is one I will call Finally Waking Up.  These are usually the Generation X-ers, in their early to mid-40s who work to live; they have extravagant lifestyles, and have rarely known any hardships.  "Things" came to them easily and they have surpassed their Baby Boomer parents in earned income, way of life and cultural experiences.  Many of them have never seen the inside of a church, and think getting into heaven only involves "being a good person".  After several years of trying to mentor them about what I and my husband have foreseen as our future (and being laughed at, because after all, nothing had curtailed their trips to Europe, expensive cars, or high-salaried jobs), they finally are no longer able to deny what every MSM outlet they revere is telling them....something is wrong!  Now we're starting to receive phone calls like this...."So what do you think I should stock up on?" and "What's going to happen to us if China calls our debt?"  "What do you think I should do?" is probably the most asked question.  First thing is "Get right with God!", but that's not the answer they want!
     The last category is Almost There.  These people have long had the Spiritual and Eternal part of the equation mastered.  Their faith is unquestionable and they recognize the signs that have been predicted.  No preparation is necessary in this area---they are set to go!  They have known that it is not a sin or a lack of faith to take necessary steps to protect your family in this life.  After all, God told Noah to gather the animals, store up food, and prepare a worthy shelter to protect his family during the coming Trouble.  This group just didn't know what to do!  But they were astute enough to recognize others who could help them prepare in every way that's needed.  They are eager for information and are enthusiastic learners.  With the right information, and pointed in the right direction, they will be the best positioned to endure the trials that are an inevitability.
     And how do Peace-Loving Warrior and I manage to interact with all of these kinds of friends?  We treat them all the same.....we share our information on how to get ready for both this life and the next.  We try to instruct, train and feed each, according to his needs, and with the help of the Spirit.  We don't have all the answers (not even close!), but we just love them all and hope we can be of some kind of help when they need it.  We will leave the rest to God.

Exodus 18:20    "Teach them his decrees and instructions, and show them the way they are to live and how they are to behave."

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