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June 7, 2022

John Connor and Jesus


We're all aware of the increased warnings regarding cyber attacks. And how many of us are receiving an unprecedented number of spam emails? Combine this with the accelerated use of automated [translation: robotic] fake accounts on social media sites which fuel social division with their inflammatory fake comments and you will find me recalling the Terminator movie franchise. Remember Skynet and the "rise of the machines"? The objective of Skynet and its self-aware computer network was to stealthily assume control of civilian computer systems under the guise of a computer virus. Patiently working towards its ultimate goal of world domination, the Skynet virus is able to infect U.S. military computer networks, leading the country and the world perilously close to nuclear annihilation. 

The reason I am injecting this movie plot into the conversation today is because I believe the parents and grandparents in the real world must adopt the attitude of the movie heroine Sarah Connor, who prepares her son, John, to become a leader of the human resistance against the machines; she prepares her son for a future in which the very existence of humanity is at risk. That may sound like the exaggerated vision of a conspiracy theorist, but in this hour of peril in our nation, there is not one person who is not being effected by the rapid decline of the economy, soaring gas prices, and food shortages, not to mention the attacks on our moral and family structures. So maybe some of you are struggling with your primary responsibility of preparing your children to thrive into adulthood. How does one do that when we have no idea what the future will look like?

Whether you are the mother of an infant who is frantically trying to buy infant formula, or the mother of teenagers trying to figure out the mindset of teens who commit mass murder, you may be trying to discern just how and what you should be training your children for. If you have teenagers, is college a good idea when the job market is so unpromising? Do you need to prepare them for a less prosperous lifestyle than they've enjoyed up til now? With the course this nation is on, will America, let alone the American dream, even exist in another generation?

The truth is, we need a generation of John Connors to realize the dire straits that the human race is in and be willing to become leaders in restoring this nation to a moral standing. But, I'm going to tell you the truth ... that can't be done without Jesus. We don't just need the movie model of John Connor; the fearless, dedicated warrior trained in weaponry, computer technology, and reconnaissance. We need the Jesus model of John Connor. We need men who are fearless; men who, like Jesus, are willing to stand fearlessly in front of their enemies and declare that they act in accordance to God's will. Anything outside that reality has no jurisdiction over them. 

We need to raise men who, like Jesus, are dedicated to a godly purpose for the betterment of all mankind, without seeking personal gain. We need men who, like Jesus, seek the counsel and wisdom of God in all they do. We need men who are not afraid to credit God with all they are in this world. And, yes, we need men who are warriors like Jesus. Our Lord came to conquer Satan's kingdom of darkness and reclaim the world for the Kingdom of God. We are in desperate need of a generation of John Connors who will fight in both a physical and a spiritual war against sin and evil. We don't need men who think they are Jesus, but men who are like Jesus... strong, compassionate, moral leaders who are incorruptible. 

 So, I just want to encourage all the parents out there, especially the mothers. You cannot only become a fictional Sarah Connor, but walk in the influence and power of the Biblical judge and leader, Deborah. In fact, I can imagine the character of Sarah Connor being modeled on Deborah. Sarah, like Deborah, realized that in order to survive, people had to stand up and fight against the depravity that was stalking her family. But we can take it a step further and become a Deborah --women of strong faith, vision, and resolve. Deborah saw how her people had become weak from years of oppression by idolaters, and when she received the promptings from God to be a deliverer, she did not question Him, but took action to free the weak from the iron grip of the oppressors.

Would you do less for your children? Deborah referred to herself, as the "Mother of Israel", although Bible historians are not even sure she was an actual mother. But she had that maternal instinct that all women have, and she longed to see her nation restored and re-established as it was intended. We can all identify with that! So if you are out there reading this post and feeling beat down or under a heavy cloud of despair, please know that there are thousands (and I hope millions) across this nation that feel we are in the middle of a spiritual battle. Do not despair! Instead look at your beautiful children and determine that you will instill in them the desire and will to develop independent spirits and become freethinking citizens; that you will teach them about God, His saving grace, and His moral ways; and that you will inspire them to seek wisdom and justice throughout their lives. You are not alone!  And you are worthy of this task! A mother's love is fierce and stubborn .... it can lead a nation to the victory in Christ that is our inheritance! 

Psalm 34:4,11     I sought the Lord, and He heard me, And delivered me from all my fears ..... Come, you children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the Lord. 



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