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November 27, 2021

"We are Well-Abled; We are Strengthened"!

The reason that I began writing this blog ten years ago, is part of why I continue to write it. In 2011 our national psyche was being tested; we instinctively sensed that our foundation was shifting and we were being herded towards unfamiliar ground. This transformation opened the door for the Enemy to sow seeds of fear into our inner man. It seemed as if overnight our national identity was under assault. And as I examined the 2300+ posts I've written throughout the years, I discovered that the spirit of fear still exists among Americans today. 

Recent events in our nation and the world have caused that emotion to spike; we are struggling to understand the orchestrated racial divide, the political deception, the class warfare, the border crisis, and loss of our freedoms. It's become increasingly difficult to recognize our country. Where did our guaranteed sense of security go? People fear for their health, their jobs, their financial security; and wonder if we will ever feel safe again.

So, do you live in such fear or dread? Do you know how to conquer this poisonous weapon of Satan? We only have to look back at the Biblical story of Joshua and Caleb, who were part of the contingent of 12 spies sent into the Promised Land to determine if it could be conquered. But ten of the spies came back and reported that they were defeated before they ever began. They were filled with fear and let that fear completely vanquish them.  But it was Caleb who said, "But my brothers who went up with me made the heart of the people melt; yet I wholly followed the Lord my God". 

I ask you to consider that we are experiencing this same phenomenon today. Believe me, I understand if you are unhappy with the direction in which our nation is moving (whether you believe God has a hand in it, or not). There is much that is unsettling. But we cannot yield to the tactics of those committed to defeating our way of life and the foundation of faith that undergirds this nation. We must not allow them to instill a spirit of fear in the general population. Because, you see, Caleb was free from fear, and he used his trust in God to try to help the people of Israel overcome their fears. And those of us who are like Caleb, and surrender to the will of God, have something to say to people who are afraid. Our surrender to God is the only answer to the problem of fear.   

I know it will be difficult to minister and serve others who do not have the same faith we do in YHWH. And it is a disservice to all people to pretend that there are no difficulties; we cannot and should not persuade others to escape reality.  BUT, we can listen to their fears, remain calm, report the facts, and look for ways to encourage them. We can share our testimonies of overcoming our giants, and how the presence of the Lord in our lives gave us the courage to stand. After all, Caleb did not pretend that the giants did not exist. But he was different from most of the men who returned from the Promised Land spreading their fear. He tried to report the good things, too.

 I know this may sound too simplistic or optimistic. There are haters who will never be convinced that any good can exist in the face of our current challenges.  But our entire nation would be well-served to remember Caleb's words. He said, "We are well able". This does not mean that he had confidence only in himself. Nor did he put undue emphasis on the military strength of Israel, either. No. He was emphasizing where their power really came from. It came from firm confidence in God’s power. Don't let anyone convince you to jump on "the fear bandwagon". We are well able! We are able to overcome our differences and work together for the good of the country.  We have incredible resources to help the next generation(s) reach new heights of prosperity. But we must teach them a robust work ethic and the fearlessness to take advantage of the opportunities put before them.  We must also give them a sound and solid moral foundation by which to live their lives; fundamentals by which they will lives that are pleasing to God, as they seek to serve others.  All this is available to every American, regardless of color, ethnicity, gender, or background. 

I'm not trying to diminish the fear that I know is very real to many of you. I understand that the word "fear" means more than just being afraid or scared. It has connotations of sorrow and grief and dread ... concerning people, things, and events. But it is exactly at these times, when everything around us screams "Defeat" and "End Times" that we must remain clear about the overall message of the Word .... we can be assured of God's final victory over the Anti-Christ forces in the world, and His faithfulness to see us be overcomers of this ungodly system. In these times of difficulties, there's a truth that we can cling to. In Isaiah 43, God declares that He is the Savior of Israel, to whom we have been grafted into. His words to His beloved people are true for us, too: Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you [from captivity]. I have called you by name; you are Mine! 

Throughout Israel's history, we have seen examples of how God's favored nation overcame their fears and struggles. But none is as powerful as our Lord overcoming his own moment of fear in the Garden of Gethsemane. His emotional condition was so severe our Lord sweated blood in that Garden before His crucifixion. But in that moment, as the gospel of Luke, Chapter 22, tell us, Then an angel from heaven appeared and strengthened Him.  In that moment of grief and dread -- and yes, we can call it fear -- Jesus felt the powerful presence of God with Him. There was a purpose for Jesus's life and it extended far beyond what was about to happen in this world. It was the power of God's love and presence that transcended what was about to happen in the physical. And it allowed Jesus to endure the evil perpetrated against Him. He was strengthened! We must follow in His footsteps.

If you are suffering the torment of Satan's fiery dart of fear, then you must remind yourself that God's judgments against the world are ultimately to wipe out evil, not harm the saints. Just as He did in the wilderness of Egypt, God will supernaturally protect and provide for us. Our faith demands that we trust Him in this! When the difficulties in this world increase, so will God's guidance and leadership. And should this world result in our physical death, there is no greater joy than knowing that the very next instant we will be in His glorious presence forever!

When we know what we believe about God and ourselves, then we have the confidence and faith to stand firm and follow Jesus's model of dignity and strength in our hour of need. We will not be afraid to voice our allegiance to Him or to choose to follow Him, no matter the cost. Here's the thing, Jesus never taught on "feelings"; He always commanded obedience. We must truly believe He is our Rock, our Fortress, and our Deliverer; that He is our Strength, our God in whom we can trust. He is our Shield, and our horn (Power) of Salvation. He is our Stronghold and we must praise His Name, for He is worthy to be praised. And we will be saved from our enemies! This is a passage from Psalm 18, and it is a Scripture that is never far from my heart or my lips. I believe these words with all that is in me!

So, I encourage you to face your fears and begin to declare the Truth of Scripture -- and believe it! Jesus tells us that we are not given a spirit of fear, but we have the Holy Spirit, who gives us mighty power, love [of God] and self-control. When we recognize the power that is in us, we do not fear anything [or anyone] else. And we have the ability to control our carnal emotions and fleshly behavior, as we walk in our spiritual identity. Fear has no place in the life of a Believer. Jesus conquered it; Caleb did, too. Trust in God's power inside you and watch Him deliver you of all sorrow, grief, dread, and fear. Then declare that you are ready to walk in the glory of God for the remaining days of your life.   

It is my prayer that this Thanksgiving and Christmas season, you will find increased faith in the power of our Lord to deliver you from the concerns of this world. Give thanks to our ever-faithful God who never takes His eyes off you. Praise Him for His enduring love! 

Psalm 34:4   I sought the Lord [on the authority of His word], and He answered me, And delivered me from all my fears. 

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