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April 7, 2021

The Lord Will Remove The Strongholds Over The Nation! Listen For Your Instructions!

Do you feel it? The heaviness that lies over our nation, as if we are slowly drowning, trying to keep our head above water. We sense that our global enemies are biding their time, waiting for us to implode from oppressive debt, or explode from internally orchestrated tension. Christians are feeling the pressure and praying for God to rescue us. I can only imagine how non-believers are coping. But there is something every man, woman, and child in this country needs to understand ... we were created for this time and sent here to earth to partner with our Creator to defend and uphold the ground we've been given authority over!

Did you know that you existed in Heaven from the foundations of the world? That you were created before the world even existed? And did you know that God determined when He would send you to this earth to a specific place, for a specific purpose, and in a specific time? I know it's kind of a weird thought, but consider that, in a way, we are placeholders, if you will, for the territory we occupy. And we are to hold it until Jesus returns to claim ownership and dominion [authority] of the earth. In other words, we are a symbol or expression of Him, who has the right of possession of the earth because He created it. That's our assignment ... to hold the ground until He comes.

But what do we do when an ancient spiritual Enemy also claims dominion of the earth, and men are only too willing to cede ownership of ground that doesn't actually belong to them? That's a story that is as old as the earth itself and one in which our nation finds itself mired in today. And I can tell you that there is no ground that is more embroiled in that ancient battle than our southern border. Whatever you are hearing on your nightly news doesn't even scratch the surface of what we are experiencing regarding the smuggling of drugs and human trafficking. The violence is too horrific to report and there is a very real concern that the public would panic if they knew the truth. So, again, what do we do about it? We look to the Word for the ways the Lord has fought for His people -- and we pray and declare that the Lord will break demonic strongholds -- and we war in the spirit by anointing the land and applying the blood of Jesus as a boundary to keep out the Enemy and his hordes. 

We exhort our fellow citizens to believe and declare, just as Joshua did before he led the Israelites into the Promised Land ... The Lord our God is even now providing this land as a place of rest and He will give it into our hand. Please join me in praying through the following strategies, as I listen to the Lord encourage us to see Him as our stronghold; our place of safety that is inaccessible by the Enemy. He tells me that we will not be frightened nor will we be dismayed for, as Jehovah Nissi, He goes before us into battle with the enemies of this land. 

Lord, just as You did for the Israelites at the Red Sea, destroy our enemies who seek to overtake this land, and we declare that You will deliver the innocent from the clutches of the Enemy. Dry up the resources that fund the evil ones and rule over them with Your Holy Justice because You are the God of both Heaven and Earth, and all belongs to You!

Lord, You are the Living God, who created this land to be lived under Your dominion and rule. Drive out the lawless and the violent; drive out those who trade in human souls and bodies, and free the captives, Father! Let Your Holy blood, Lord Jesus, redeem the human blood that cries out for justice. Cleanse the land, Father, and set a blood boundary around this country, that will repel the Enemy and turn back the wicked from entering.

Father, You are Jehovah Sabaoth, Commander of the Army of the Lord, who leads the angelic legions in victorious battle so that we might declare, "This land belongs to the Lord Almighty!" Father, stretch out your hand and redeem this land and bring it into the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of God. For You are Jehovah Gibbor Milchamah, the Lord, strong and mighty; the Lord mighty in battle; King of Glory; the Lord of Hosts. You cause us to be part of this generation that seeks Your return. 

Sanctify this land unto Your Holy Name, Jehovah M'Kaddesh, who consecrates and sets us apart for His holy purpose. Likewise, return this land to holiness; set it apart for You!  Show us the ways to partner with You. We do not want to merely cower in the corner, praying for help and safety, but we also know the battle is Yours! You will fight against the principalities and powers and rulers of wickedness on our behalf. But we have a part to play, too! So show us how we are to pray in the spirit; where to tear down the altars in the spirit; where to stand and blow the shofar to summon the Heavenly Host! Give us discernment and wisdom. Lift our spirits to be courageous and bold. Guide us into effective partnership with the angels of Mercy and Might! And it is in the powerful and sovereign name of Jesus Christ, the King and Ruler of the Universe, that we bless this land to be a beacon of hope and light until His glorious return! AMEN!

 Exodus 15:6-7      Your right hand, O Lord, is glorious in power;  Your right hand, O Lord, shatters the enemy. In the greatness of Your majesty You overthrow and annihilate those [adversaries] who rise [in rebellion] against You; You send out Your fury, and it consumes them like chaff.

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