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September 21, 2020

The Lion Heard Us and He Roared!


I cannot state it enough ... God loves working with His children! And this past weekend Mark and I had the opportunity to come together with a remnant of the followers of Jesus and watch the Lord convey us into His Ekklesia. And I have deliberately chosen that word convey because it means "to transport or carry to a place; to make an idea, impression, or feeling known to someone; to communicate a message or information; and finally, [in accordance with Law] to transfer the title [to property]". And let me tell you how all that happened.

At our gathering last month to teach on Freemasonry, the New World Order, and the Anti-Christ spirit, we left that assembly with one of the attendees asking, "So, where do we go from here?" In the ensuing days, the Lord instructed me that we needed to congregate again to answer any questions that might have occurred as a result of people meditating on what they had heard. So, I sent the word out, and as I expected, once the original information had been disseminated, there would not be as big of an interest in attending a follow-up. That is not said in condemnation; it is just the reality of human nature and I knew that people would have other obligations. Whatever it would be is what the Lord intended.

So, we were 15 in number and to be honest, my spirit did not feel encouraged to prepare in the same manner as for the first assemblage. In fact, days and weeks had gone into the primary presentation, and I felt that the Lord wanted me to trust Him with a plan He had for this subsequent gathering. So He gave me a few bullet points He wanted me to cover and then I felt I was just to turn the reins over to Him and watch what happened. I couldn't wait!

So, we began our follow-up meeting with Communion and the blowing of the shofar, which calls together a solemn assembly. We also blew the shofar in honor of The Feast of Trumpets, which commemorates a future [and hoped for] event when "we will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory" (Mark 13:26). We also announced that we were prophetically walking in the "Ten Days of Awe", in which the Lord will open the Books in Heaven to review what we have accomplished for His Kingdom. We are to fast, pray, and repent as we wait for the Feast of Tabernacles, when the Lord will one day dwell among us upon His earthly throne for 1,000 years, inaugurating the Millennial Kingdom.

We then set the meeting in motion with the Lord's first bullet point: that it is imperative that the Body of Christ understand that our spiritual warfare battles take place in both the physical and spiritual realms. For instance, it is important that we clearly discern what we see in the physical -- that the legitimate and peaceful assembly of movements like Black Lives Matter have been hijacked by BLM, Inc; of which the founders boast that they are "trained Marxists". It is imperative that we understand the importance of that statement and what aligning oneself with the ideology and political philosophy of Karl Marx really means (see this post to begin your own research). In addition, when we are able to see the danger of combining Marxism with the anarchy of Antifa, we can get a clear picture of what we're up against in this physical realm. But, as Christians, I discern that the Lord encourages us with the same words He gave Israel in Deuteronomy 20:3-4, Right now you are advancing to wage war against your enemies. Don’t be discouraged! Don’t be afraid! Don’t panic! Don’t shake in fear on account of them, because the Lord your God is going with you to fight your enemies for you and to give you victory.

 Then I discerned it was important to make a distinction that we did not make in our initial presentation. We had diligently researched how Satan had managed to infiltrate the government of our nation from the very beginning. Using the Parable of the Wheat and Tares as our precedent, we showed how Freemasonry and it's connection to false Egyptian gods, and ungodly oaths, curses and rituals had seeped into the secret societies that are woven throughout our country's framework. Like the tares (weeds) in the field Jesus sowed, Freemasonry has remained hidden and worked its "majik", uniting with the Illuminati and New World Order to corrupt this nation and call it away from the foundation that was laid when it was first discovered. 

So, we made it clear that before the events of 1776 and the formation of the United States of America, there was a covenant made by God with men He chose to set the spiritual destiny of this nation. One of these men was John Winthrop, a Puritan and leading figure in the founding of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Here are his prophetic words: "Thus stands the cause between God and us. We are entered into covenant with Him for this work … The Lord will be our God and delight to dwell among us, as His own people, and will command a blessing upon us in all our ways, so that we shall see much more of His wisdom, power, goodness and truth … We shall find that the God of Israel is among us, when ten of us shall be able to resist a thousand of our enemies.”

But there came a warning with this prophecy ... Winthrop also said this: “If we shall deal falsely with our God … if our hearts shall turn away … so that we will not obey … but shall be seduced and worship other Gods, and serve them, then our blessings will cease to exist”. And we can all discern those "gods" which are so evident in our society: profit, greed, power, material possessions, lust, etc. And it's not hard to see that our blessings are in grave danger of being eradicated.

Once the important concept of a covenant with God for our nation was affirmed, the Lord wanted us to establish the importance of understanding the spiritual realms and our position in the battles that occur there. After a brief review of the realms of First and Second Heavens and the demonic activity that is orchestrated there against us, we confirmed that the battles that ensue are the Lord's, and He directs our participation from His dwelling place, in Third Heaven (I will present a more comprehensive examination of this concept in the next post). 


At this point we were coming to the conclusion of our management of this gathering, and the Lord instructed us to make clear the understanding of what it means to be an Ekklesia. We all needed to be on the same page in order to move forward. So we explained that an Ekklesia is an assembly of Christians acting as the governing body of the Kingdom of God on earth; instituting the government of Heaven so that the earth resembles Heaven – no abortion, no racism, no pedophilia, no evil, no sorrow, no murder, no poverty etc. We all have a part to play, an assignment, a calling as the Body, (one is an arm, one a leg, etc), but we operate in unity, joining our forces to defeat Evil. We have been given keys, such as prayer, fasting, binding and loosing [as in Heaven]. Jesus gives us that mandate in Matthew 16:18-19.


That is when I heard in my spirit that Jesus wanted to take over from there and do something powerful with this group. So, He gave me new insight to reveal that as part of our weapon of prayer, we should ask God to reveal the kingdom of darkness's strategies and trust Him to give us a battle plan to outflank them with strategies He would supply. And from that moment on, the Holy Spirit filled that room with testimonies of direction and strategies that the Lord had given individuals to war in the spirit for their children's schools, for the nation, for their health. 


And then the most powerful and beautiful thing happened ... I clearly heard in my spirit, "Now it's time to BE the Ekklesia", so without any preamble, I announced, "Let's stand together and become a true Ekklesia. Let us pray as the Lord leads us." What emerged was a powerful movement of the Spirit as we asserted our power and authority as the Ekklesia to transfer our prayers into the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of God, that they might be delivered to the Throne Room so that the Lord and His heavenly host could act on them! We declared that we were putting on our spiritual armor to join the Lord in His battle against the evil forces that were threatening our country, our schools, our communities, our health, our families and everything under our dominion. We decreed that we were taking back territory from the kingdom of darkness and we would bring the Light of Heaven to destroy the strategies of evil men. We cried out that we were being restored to our Genesis 1:26 and Psalms 115:16 dominion over the earth and we will not tolerate the usurping of our authority! We prayed for vision and clarity and wisdom and power and battle plans and tactics. We declared that the victory is the Lord's, but we are prepared to enforce it!


We may have been small in number, but we were mighty in spirit and purpose! And maybe we didn't appear to make much of an impact by the world's standards, but Father God, His heavenly host, and the Lion of the Tribe of Judah heard us ... and He roared! A faithful friend and member of our Ekklesia, Tami, saw an explosion happen in the spirit, and later shared that as our group stormed Heaven with our prayers, she and her husband, Keith, felt the atmosphere shift and it was powerful. She said, "I have been a part of an intercession group, and it usually took hours to accomplish what was done in 10-15 minutes". And my husband, Mark, saw a ball of fire with rotating parts form in the room as we prayed. Praise Jesus! We were not a necessarily polished and accomplished group of prayer warriors, but our hearts were sincere and pure, and like I said, our Father loves to work with those who come boldly before His throne (even if we are not particularly experienced or gifted in expressing ourselves). He took our voices and manifested them in the Spirit, and I can't wait to see the structures and strategies of the Enemy begin to crumble and fail! 


This was the first time this particular group of individuals gathered together, but I know it was ordained by God and it is not the last time the Enemy will recognize our small Ekklesia. We are going to continue to meet for contending prayer, to listen to the Lord for new strategies and new targets to direct our prayers towards. I thank the Lord for gathering us together, for taking over and leading us into a powerful display of the effects of our purposeful prayer. We were all changed by this experience as the Lord molded us into His Ekklesia ... we know that the gates of Hades will not prevail against us and that we are prepared to take back territory for the Kingdom of God with righteous and violent prayer; with eager and vigilant and relentless zeal in order to obtain the promises of God's heavenly government on earth. Thank you, Jesus, for taking the reins of your government on earth and showing us who we are and how You want to work with us!


James 5:16     The heartfelt and persistent prayer of a righteous man (believer) can accomplish much [when put into action and made effective by God—it is dynamic and can have tremendous power].









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