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March 2, 2020

Faith In The Midst Of The Corona Virus

     My heart and my spirit are burdened today with a task from the Lord. I'm not burdened in the sense of anything negative or too heavy to carry; but rather with a serious responsibility to deliver a specific message to a specific group. And I don't want to fail my assignment.
      But I first need you to understand that I don't write this blog to gain notoriety or applause. In fact, I have come to realize that this website is inconsequential in a world where internet popularity is the goal. A couple of years ago, the numbers of people checking in to read the various posts plummeted drastically. I guess Google isn't interested in promoting the Gospel of the Kingdom. And at one point I asked God if it was time to quit; if my usefulness to Him had reached its conclusion. But I clearly heard, "If one person seeks Me through the words you are inspired to write, then there is still work to be done". Okay, God, I'll keep writing if You will keep telling me what You want Your people to hear.
     And that brings me to my task for today. I usually don't bother checking numbers of readers or the their countries of origin. But every once in awhile, I like to see if my message has gotten beyond the internet censors and what topics might be speaking the loudest. The last week or so I have been stunned to see the numbers rise steeply, with the predominate number coming from Hong Kong, which has outdistanced American readers by far! The only factor I could discern that would cause this effect would be the Corona virus.
     The purpose of this blog post is not to discuss the various theories or conspiracies regarding the virus. I personally believe that it is a far more serious threat to the population of the world than we are being told. Mind you, I pay little attention to the mainstream media or the information they provide. And I am aware of all the speculation and questions regarding the virus being weaponized, or manipulated to make millions off of a vaccine, or unleashed on the United States to take down our economy. [NOTE: if you are interested in considering the technicalities/theory of how this virus attacks our bodies, listen to this video from QuantumCommand.net].
     Could any [or all] of these premises be true? I think so, and I also believe the ultimate purpose of this Corona virus could be to become a potential demonic device of Biblical proportions. BUT, I also know that what the devil means for evil, our God means for His good (Genesis 50:20). 
     That is not simply a trite hyperbole intended to gloss over this serious situation. These are the words spoken by Joseph, the son of Jacob, to his brothers who had sold him into slavery in Egypt. They fear retribution from their brother, who has found favor in the midst of his captivity, but what does Joseph say instead? "Don’t be afraid of me. Am I God, that I can punish you?  You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people [my emphasis]". And regardless of the origin and/or intent of this deadly virus, that is the message I want to convey.
     You see, the word "Corona" is derived from the Ancient Greek word koroné, meaning "garland or wreath", and it means "crown" in Latin. Can you perceive that whatever the circumstances of the Corona virus's origin, that Satan seeks to corrupt God's purpose in all things? That he seeks to usurp Jesus's crown of Sonship and King, and use anything at his disposal to steal, kill, or destroy the spread of Faith in Jesus Christ across the globe? 
     And that brings me back to readers in Hong Kong. I am fully aware of what the prophets in the Church of America are saying ... that the Corona virus is Satan's answer to the global revival that is about to come upon the earth; and that no matter how Satan tries to engineer this virus for destruction, that God will have an antidote of His own, so to speak, that will drastically reduce the strength or effectiveness of the virus. And I do not discount either of these prophecies. Their accuracy remains to be seen.
     But what I do see, right now, within the community of Christians in China, is incredible faith in the midst of a rising death toll, and it is these followers of Jesus that I wish to encourage. It is well-known that the Christian faith is under extreme persecution in Communist China. In effect, the Church has been forced to go "underground", and the Home Church movement has exploded as Christianity has become the fastest growing religion in China. The Los Angeles Times reports that "Fenggang Yang, founding director of the Center on Religion and Chinese Society at Purdue University, predicts that by 2030 China will have more Christians than any other country." Is it any wonder that Satan might target this nation of nearly 1.4 billion people?
      However, as the Corona virus continues to spread across mainland China, it is the Christians who are continuing to do the work of Jesus. As donations from across the world have poured into China, it is the Christian ministries -- not the government -- who have brought hope to the epidemic-ravaged city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the disease, and at great risk to themselves. Although street preaching and public evangelism have ceased, the leaders in the Christian community are coordinating online sermons to combat the fear, frustration, stress, and trauma of the disease. They have also implemented a system of communication for those needing assistance and supplies.
     So, I want to encourage everyone reading this post to stop and take a moment to pray in the Spirit; to go before the throne of God and ask Him for compassion and mercy upon the people of China. Pray for Divine Hope to overcome despair; for the healing power of Jehovah Rapha to sweep over every city, village, and home. Let us come together in voices a million strong to demand that this virus be conquered in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ! Above all else, let us fast and pray that the deadly purpose of this virus be consumed by the increase of Faith, Love, and Hope exhibited by Christians around the world -- that not only will the Good News of Salvation in Jesus Christ come to millions, but the message will be expanded to declare the Gospel of the Kingdom.
     Jesus says in Matthew 24:14 that "this gospel of the Kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come". This is an opportunity for the Church in China to become the spearhead for the Kingdom message. Just as Joseph was brought to his position of Vizier, the second most powerful man in Egypt next to Pharaoh, so can the Christians of China be placed by God to take the lead in expanding His Kingdom gospel across the globe. 
     To that end, I bless the underground Churches in China, the Home Churches, and the individual Believers across Asia with Hope. And I remind you that theologian C.S. Lewis called Hope one of the virtues of a faithful Christian. And Dan Duval of Bride Ministries notes that the characteristics of "virtue" include strength and power that come from the Lord. So, I praise the Faith of all Chinese Christians as they bear witness of their Trust in the Lord to see them through this time of suffering, and I charge you with the desire to grow your message of Salvation to include the coming Kingdom of God upon the earth. 
     I am not a prophet. I cannot see what Satan plans to do with this virus. But I know my God. And He will not waver from His plan to see His Kingdom dominate and defeat the kingdom of darkness. God will see His plan for mankind fulfilled. He will see His Kingdom established upon the earth. And the ultimate goal of His plan is to see Himself glorified. So by His Mighty Presence in the hearts of Believers, may Hope reign in China and the Glory of the Lord shine bright for all to see!

Deuteronomy 31:6    So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you. 


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