A Modern Woman's Perspective On The Kingdom of God on Earth

October 24, 2016

The Power of "Seeing" Jesus

     I am always humbled and amazed and awestruck whenever I experience someone "seeing" Jesus during a deep healing and deliverance session.   My mere words cannot come close in describing the emotional and spiritual impact that can have on a person who is hurting.
     Imagine, if you can, that you are asked to recall a memory of the most traumatic event in your life.  You may be a Believer and have prayed countless times to Jesus and God, the Father, to help you deal with the agonizing consequences in your life that were a result of another's free will decision.  You may have buried those feelings so deep, that you can't even identify that event as the source of your current pain.  But having asked the Holy Spirit to be present and to help you heal, you find yourself back in that moment, with all the terror, pain, and torment of the event.
     Then you are asked to see if Jesus is present in the situation.  A majority of the people that we have been blessed with ministering to have a tremendous emotional breakthrough and exclaim, "He is right here beside me, holding my hand!"  Or, "He is kneeling beside me, crying along with me!"  Or, "He is standing behind me, supporting me!"  For each individual person, there has been a separate, distinct, and personal response.  Some have been quite unusual:  "I can't see Him... Wait, He is outside the window watching me!"  And, "I see Him standing by the mailbox, and He is letting me know He is not leaving".  But almost to a person, they can't help saying, "He has been there all the time!"
     So, how does that happen?  Can we explain it in terms that our human minds can comprehend?  To be honest, I'm not sure.  As my husband and I continue to be obedient to the Lord's command to "do the things He has done", and to be in agreement with Him and to be His agent in "setting the captives free", it has become quite clear that it is the eyes of our spirits that can see Him.
     You see, each of us has been a victim at one time or another in our lives of the Father of Lies.  He's a master at his game, and he's been at it a very long time.  He's so good at what he does that he can twist the reality of our lives and make the Truth look like a Lie, and his Lie look like the Truth.  He works his plan [so well] to keep our hearts and souls in chains and bound to his misery,  that we can't tell the difference between Truth and Lies.
     But when you invite the Holy Spirit to help show you the healing power of Jesus in your life, He can open the eyes of your heart and your spirit, and remove the dirty veil with which the devil has obscured your spiritual sight.  His lie that Jesus didn't really hear your prayers or cries for help; or that He didn't really care about you, are suddenly revealed as deception, and you clearly see your Lord  present and active, while experiencing His power in destroying the demons who have held you in bondage.  Through His Sovereignty, God gives us our imaginations as a tool whereby we can cooperate with Him to participate in securing our freedom that Jesus died for.
     This vision of Jesus in the midst of traumatic life events is powerful to demolish the strongholds in a person's life.  And it happens in the spirit realm, which Jesus is quite capable of overlaying on top of this physical realm.   We are part of His Kingdom of God on earth, and as such, He wants to work with us and interact with us to accomplish His Father's will "on earth as it is in Heaven".  He wants to show us how we can defeat Satan's lies by "seeing" the power of Jesus as He comes in contact with the events of our lives.  Just think how different your life would be if you could see the spirit of fear or anger that has plagued your life, submit to the Name and Power of Jesus and "see" Jesus drop it into a fiery pit.  One person even saw Jesus drop kick the oppressive spirit over a cliff in the abyss.  Another saw Him hurl a spirit like a javelin.  I kid you not!
     Who says Jesus can't do whatever He pleases with Satan's agents?  Are those methods any more outrageous than letting demons enter a herd of pigs and driving them off a cliff to drown?  And if we encounter a particularly stubborn spirit who thinks he doesn't have to surrender to Jesus, it has empowered people to know that we can ask Jesus to send part of His spiritual army to force them to comply.  Seeing a towering warrior angel with a fiery hot sword compel a demon to obey our demand to enter a lockbox to be handed to Jesus, is an image that is not likely to be forgotten!
     But here's the part that gives me such hope for the growing number of people who aren't willing to stay in their bondage ... after seeing Jesus "in the spirit", each person possesses a powerful tool of the Kingdom to prevent recurring enslavement.  Once they have seen Jesus, they know He is present and available and that He can send His warring angels at our request, anytime and anyplace.  These people are able to recognize the old pattern of Satan's attacks, and instead of succumbing to the onslaught of lies and the resulting turmoil in their lives, they quickly close their eyes, ask Jesus to send warring angels to protect them, or rebuke the spirit "in the Name of Jesus", and command it to go where Jesus sends it.
     Remember the story in Luke 8, of the man who had been plagued for years by demons?  He had believed the lies for so long that they had oppressive power over him and he had lived in a state of desperate and hopeless agony.  Then Jesus showed up.  The demons, who before had seemed unconquerable, were reduced to cowering wimps, begging Him not to torment them.  That is the Power of Jesus and the power that is available to all of us, if we are willing to let Him interface with us.  And He can, in the spirit!
     The demons know Him and are afraid of Him.  When we let them know that we have the authority to call on Him and His host of heaven, and that we know we have access to the presence of God, we have real power at our disposal!  The Power of Jesus is His Truth that exposes the Lies of Satan and his demons.  His Presence and that Truth sets us free, and once free we don't ever have to go back to a life of slavery.  And you know what else?  As we exercise our authority and see Him in the spiritual battles of our lives, that sense of freedom increases, deepens, and propels us to bear fruit and greatly impact the Kingdom.
     I want to conclude with this thought ... we are more than flesh that must succumb to the Prince of this world and his followers.  We are spirit beings, as well, who are seated with Him in the heavenly realms from the moment we accept Him as our Savior.  We are united with Him, and a partner in taking back territory from the Enemy.  That is far easier to accomplish when we are able to "see" Him exercise His power in our lives, and show us that we have the authority to use it, too.  I can't wait for the next captive to see Him in the spirit and experience the freedom that will make them a spiritual warrior and an effective ambassador for God's Kingdom.
     Finally, there is a popular contemporary Christian song that says it perfectly:  Open the eyes of my heart, Lord, I want to see You ... Pour out your Power and Love...".  May all the captives "see" Him, feel His love healing their wounds, and watch His Power defeat the Enemy's authority in their lives.

Hebrews 7:25   "Wherefore also, He is able to save completely those that draw near to God through Him, seeing He always lives to make intercession for them."


  1. My soul came out of my body and then it was pulled back into my body into a tunnel of light to the throne room of God. All around me in the distance I could see beings singing and there was a glowing presence on every thing. Jesus among other things told me to "Go Back" in that instant I was back in my body, no tunnel, and started wondering if what had happened had happened and then I felt the same pull on my soul and started to hear the same singing that I heard in heaven and in the instant I realized what had happened had truly happened every thing came back to normal.

    1. Your experience resembles so many others I have heard, and I think we would be amazed to know how many Christians have had similar "in the body, or out of the body" quandaries (just like the Apostle Paul). In our small home church gathering this last week, out of 15 people present, there were 10 who had "in the spirit" events in their life. None had felt comfortable sharing it in a church setting. How in the world can we expect Christians to withstand what is coming on the world by satan and his minions, if we can't even share or express it? Can you see how the Body of Christ has been misled by not acknowledging that God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit want to work with our spirits? It is my prayer that once captives are set free, their testimonies will be shared among the brethren and we can begin to act with the Power and Authority Jesus has given us.

  2. This is very real work in the spirit. I get it Belle, but this is very experimental and scary stuff if your in a doctrinal box.

    1. And I do not recommend that anyone "experiment" with confronting demons in the spirit. My husband and I have spent many hours in prayer with God making sure that it is His will that brought this ministry to us. We have studied the Word to confirm that God does wish to work with us in the spirit, and then studied with Godly people who have spent 30 years applying Biblically sound methods of letting Jesus "set the captives free" as He proclaims is His desire (Luke 4:18). And you are right, this scares the Church, and I believe it is because we have lost this part of our commission as representatives of Christ. Our seminaries are all about teaching new pastors how to keep people in their seats and dropping money in the offering plate, not to mention perpetuating the doctrinal box. I think Jesus simply wants to work with us to see as many people spiritually healed as possible.