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June 3, 2015

"Rome, Final Days" Is Fitting Epitaph For Our Culture

     If you haven't heard by now, Fox News host Neil Cavuto is being ridiculed across every liberal and progressive website for his blunt comments on the transgenderization (if there is such a word) of Bruce Jenner.  Because it is the "hot" story in the latest news cycle, Cavuto was forced to comment on it, and when he shouted "What the hell is going on?", I can imagine that there were millions of Americans who agreed with him.  When a guest on his show stated, "It's just the era that we're living  in," Cavuto acerbically remarked, "Rome, final days" and signed off.
     So, it is not surprising that he has been called everything from "transphobic" to "vile and hateful" to "disgusting and unprofessional".  But just because his opinion doesn't agree with the minority view of the loud and vocal transgender and Hollywood crowds, doesn't mean his comment doesn't have merit in its own right.
     In a fitting article titled, Top Ten Reasons Ancient Rome Was A Pervert's Paradise, we find out that the Roman Emperors were ... well ... a little preoccupied with aberrant sexual behavior.  Nero, for example, had his favorite boy castrated and attempted to turn him into a woman. Caligula made his horse a senator, converted the palace into a brothel and pimped out his sisters; while Elagabalus spent more time cruising Rome’s red light district dressed in drag than anything else.  And it is this latter Roman Emperor that most closely resembles the transformation of Mr. Jenner and the trajectory of our modern culture.  
     The Reddit website, which is essentially an online bulletin board system where the community generates answers to questions, has an interesting opinion on Elagabalus.  Admittedly, this description must be accepted with a certain cynicism; but if even a small percentage of it is true, I think you will see why it lends some credibility to Mr. Cavuto's perspective.
Emperor Elagabalus
     Elagabalus was born in 203 AD, and died before his 19th birthday, in 222 AD. Ancient historian Cassius Dio wrote numerous books on the history of Rome, and the 80th book of his chronicles was written in about 229 AD, and makes for some interesting reading.  According to Cassius Dio, Elgabalus may have been one of the first transgender world leaders.  Here are just some of the passages:
     "My Lord Emperor, Hail!" he bent his neck so as to assume a ravishing feminine pose, and turning his eyes upon him with a melting gaze, answered without any hesitation: "Call me not Lord, for I am a Lady." -- Dio Cassius 80:16
     These passages suggest Elgabalus had gender dysphoria and desired to have Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) and facial hair removal:  "He carried his lewdness to such a point that he asked the physicians to contrive a woman's vagina in his body by means of an incision, promising them large sums for doing so."-- Dio Cassius 80:16
     "He had planned, indeed, to cut off his genitals altogether, but that desire was prompted solely by his effeminacy". -- Dio Cassius 80:11
     "Once, indeed, he shaved his chin and held a festival to mark the event; but after that he had the hairs plucked out, so as to look more like a woman."-- Dio Cassius 80:14
     Although Elgabalus successively married five women, he remained childless; ultimately marrying a male partner.  The "husband" of this "woman" was Hierocles, a Carian slave ". -- Dio Cassius 80:15.
     Now, those of the transgender persuasion, and those of the liberal and progressive communities who applaud the rights and freedom of Bruce Jenner to become the woman he desires to be, can hail this era as valid, and honest, and liberating all they want.  It still does not erase that such practices, along with slave sex (regardless of gender or age); lewd and graphic public pornography; sex-obsessed and X-rated literature; pederasty (man-boy sexual perversion); and mass infanticide (babies born from all that sex were simply discarded on the dung-heaps -- an extreme form of abortion) all contributed to the downfall of ancient Rome.  
     Whether you think that God played a part in it or not; you cannot deny that this was the picture of Rome in her final days.  And I find it extremely interesting that the Godless of today attempt to "normalize" this behavior and lifestyle by pointing out that it was acceptable in ancient Rome.  They say it is just us "phobic" Christians who are exhibiting an irrational response.  But, "acceptable" to whom?  Those who practiced it?  Does that really give it credibility?  Isn't that like saying those involved in ritual child sacrifices accept this practice among their tight little group, so that makes it normal for society?
     Can they at least admit that "the decline of the Roman Empire" happened; characterized, in part, by the debasement of its emperors and wealthy elite, and their obsessive self-gratification?  The emperors may have called themselves Christian, following in the footsteps of the pseudo-Believer Constantine, but they surrendered to the oldest temptation in Satan's playbook ... sex.  
     So, what does all this have to do with Bruce Jenner and Neil Cavuto's bold sentencing of our culture?  It just proves that the story of the downfall of both men, and nations, is as old as history.  Nothing has really changed, and the outcome (without God) will be the same.  "Rome, Final Days" ... it really says it all.

Romans 1:24       "Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves..."

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