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April 22, 2015

Does Gender Really Matter?

     I have to admit, I wasn't sure if this topic was something I should approach.  I always try to speak my faith into the world, and there is no question how I would view this subject from my biblical foundation or worldview.  To be honest, I just wanted to ignore it, but it kept coming to the forefront of my mind (and the news); and one day I realized all the following headlines were screaming that it needed to be addressed ...
•  President Obama Opens White House's First Gender-Neutral Bathroom
•  Sweden Adds Gender Neutral Pronoun To Official Dictionary
•  All-Womens College To Admit Transgender Students for Class of 2020
•  Planet Fitness Revokes Woman's Membership For Speaking Out Against Man in Women's Restroom
•  Franklin Graham Speaks Out Against Transgender Restrooms
•  Pope Francis Meets With Transgender Man and FiancĂ©
•  Department of Education Says Title IX Applies To Transgender Students
•  Transgender Student Wins $75,000 In Legal Fight Over Bathroom
     I have tried to approach these circumstances from a Godly perspective and according to His sovereign standards.  Apparently it is not enough that our culture is forcing us to accept the gay lifestyle as mainstream, but now we must recognize those people whose self-identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender.  In other words, our culture is declaring that certain people should have the freedom to interpret their gender according to their desires, instead of on the basis of their reproductive functions.  In simpler terms ... and I do not want to appear crass, but ... just because a person has a penis, does not mean that this person has to be regarded as a man.
     To be honest, this is really foreign territory for me, and I am uncomfortable trying to speak for people who identify with this lifestyle.  So forgive me if I went to a source website to get the "official" answers.  Here's what I learned:  "Transgender" has become the politically correct term for what society used to refer to as "Transexual".  But apparently among this culture, it was decided that the new term was an easier sell to the general public, and sounded less scary.
    So, if this person determines that he desires to be a woman, then it usually involves a change from their physical gender to their desired target gender.  That means some sort of reassignment surgery changing their physical appearance, and/or hormone replacement.  In the strictest sense, a transsexual is a person who has had surgery to change their physical appearance to match their target gender and live fulltime as this new gender.  Some transsexuals move into society and live solely as their target gender and identify as only male or only female.  As with all labels, nothing is black and white and there is plenty of gray area.  In fact, there are some people who don’t identify as any gender, and prefer to be considered "gender free".
    OK, I hope that I have represented this emerging sector of our society in a fair and accurate manner.  But I cannot ignore the profound impact it is taking upon our education systems, our privacy, and, most importantly, on our faith.  We are being coerced, through federal laws, to accept something that is inherently against God's sovereignty as Creator.  He knits us in the womb ... He makes us ... and He has determined what sex we are, according to His divine plan.
     But now we are being asked to accept that an individual can proclaim his or her "preferred" gender based on "feelings and emotions", rather than on biology.  Federally funded schools, from kindergarten through high school, must allow students to attend single-gender classes (such as girls-only sex education/health classes) based on their declared “gender identity,” according to a Department of Education (DoE) memo issued December 1, 2014.  That means that your elementary school (and younger!) daughters will be exposed to boys who want to be girls during discussions on biological functions of the female body.  Do you think there might be just a little bit of confusion?  Not to mention that they will be exposed to the notion that this is normal!
     My God, how far is this culture willing to go to offend God?  When you have the highest God-appointed governing authority in the land (read Romans 13) promoting self-determination of gender identity by designating a Gender-Neutral bathroom in the White House, then it is a calculated affront to the Lord.  And when the Catholic Church's full, supreme, and universal authority signals his tolerance of transgenderism by granting an audience with a sexually reassigned man and his fiancĂ©, then might God not be insulted?  After all, the Pope is supposed to be God's representative on earth; and when other priests openly denounce this impression of acceptance, then it all smacks as a slap in the face of the Supreme Creator!
     How arrogant of the created to contravene the Creator; to violate His Wisdom and perfect knowledge; and to diverge from the Hand who has made all things!  It is Satan's greatest desire to cause disharmony, disorder, and confusion among the inhabitants of the earth.  Can you be anymore confused if you are uncertain as to which sex you are?  And the acceptance (and perpetuation) of this state of confusion as somehow defensible or appropriate just shows me that God is nowhere in the consideration.  When we, as a nation and culture, begin to blur the lines of creation (use the word "nature" if you need to), then we are open to any and all transformation; accomplishing it in ever more surprising and "magical" ways.  Transgenderism is just the first step towards shifting our focus away from being made in the image of God.
     I am not without sympathy for people who are so uncertain about who they are.  After reading articles on their different journeys, I realized that many report "strained" and "difficult" relationships, and a profound sense of loneliness.  What a burden it must be to, in effect, become your own creator.  We must pray for the spirits of confusion to be cast out of this world; and to be delivered from the coming abominations that Satan has planned.

1 Corinthians 6:20    "For you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body."



  1. I think that any day now they are going to have so many life-threatening circumstances to be worried about that which bathroom they can use will not be a matter of concern. Perhaps in the traumas they will be facing they will be able to rise above all of this in their fight for survival and learn what life on this earth is really all about. God has a unique way of stripping away all the dross in our lives in a matter of seconds. May 22-24 and Sept 22-24 are key dates cowing our way that may very well change everything on planet earth, if our understanding at this point is correct. Meanwhile, we occupy. Thank you for confronting this subject. I understand why it makes you uncomfortable. It is against our human nature. But understand that their god rewards them for self-corruption. How many gays have you noticed with very lucrative life-styles? This is also one of two
    choices that they are forces to make, the other being much darker.

  2. Just as in the days of Noah. We are now living in Sodom and Gomorrha with the latest medical "improvements" to assist any lost soul in their pursuit of happiness. Our culture are lovers of themselves. This also fits very nicely with the NWO Agenda 21, population control. Satan is once again using his four hidden dynasties to achieve his goals. He is using our political leaders, (Obummer installing a transneutral gender bathroom), the Pope is using religion to further it, our schools are teaching it is "normal" (I'm a farm boy and I never saw a bull breed another bull, so I find that one dead wrong), and if I'm not mistaken, a transgender operation was ordered to be carried out in the military recently, for free. And I believe these operations are covered under Obummercare, so we have economics as the fourth.

    This is just one more obvious sign we are definitely in the end times.