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October 16, 2014

Rethinking My Prepper Mindset

     The last couple of weeks, my thoughts keep returning to how quickly our world could change if we are confronted with a crisis situation.  The appearance of Ebola and the beheadings within our country have certainly got my attention.  These are two new "threats" that I just didn't think we would ever have to confront.  And it's got me thinking ...
      If you are like me, a few years back you faced "The Monster" and adopted a whole new perspective on the importance of preparing for the worst.  You read One Second After and How To Survive The End Of The World As We Know It.  We set about working out a plan, and making our plans work.
"The Book of Eli"
     We left our normalcy bias and gladly accepted the mantle of "Prepper".  We prided ourselves on being "awake" and "aware".  We have trained our minds and bodies to think differently and perform new tasks that will ensure our survival in adverse circumstances.  We have convinced ourselves that we will not be blind to potential threats; we will see it coming and be ready for anything that threatens our families.  We even take comfort in surrounding ourselves with "like-minded people" who share our mindset and survival skills.
    We might even consider ourselves more spiritually equipped than our Christian friends, who repeatedly reprimand us for "not trusting God to deliver us."  We tell ourselves that God gave us a brain to use while we occupy this planet, and being prepared does not mean you plan on abdicating your service to Him; and we might even personally believe that all our preparation plans and stockpiles might not even be for us, but will benefit someone else -- perhaps an unbeliever who may come to know God through our actions.  In effect, we are pretty satisfied with our Prepper status ... and that is what concerns me.
    This disquiet in my soul has come about because of a conversation my husband and I had with a new acquaintance the other day.  You know how it is ... we all do this "song-and-dance" to discover where a new contact fits within the spectrum of Awareness.  And once they pass the test, then both parties compare and contrast philosophies and beliefs.
     This new friend conceded that he had embraced the need to get prepared physically at the beginning of this nation's financial crisis in 2008.  He had carefully thought out all the possible scenarios we could face and had been financially able to complete an exhaustive and comprehensive plan to secure the safety of his family.  He had combined his resources with others who had similar attitudes and opinions, and they agreed to meet any future challenge together.
     But then I noticed a hesitancy; I could tell there was something that he was struggling with.  He admitted that he and his group of Prepper friends had a major fundamental difference in their thinking.  He is coming to terms with how he should handle hungry or ill strangers who come knocking on their gate for food or medical assistance.  It is important to him, as a Christian, how he responds to those in need.  His friends do not agree.  That will be a serious conflict for any group who have joined  together.
     But this is not a new concern among survivalists.  This conversation has been going on for years.  But something has changed ... or maybe I should say, we have changed.  In my Biblical worldview, events do not happen outside of the control of God.  Everything is in His timing and for His purpose.  I do not have the counsel of God, and ultimately my opinion counts for nothing, but I can't help wondering if perhaps God is taking His time with the events we have all been anticipating so that He could separate those who are His, and grow us towards greater service in bringing in His harvest?  And this question makes me take a look at the bigger picture.
     As time has progressed, we have all retreated somewhat from our initial level of enthusiasm and drive.  Six years of slow deterioration, with no extreme event, has deprived us of our "edge".  I might even be willing to say we have become comfortable in our state of awareness/preparedness ... and that's a contradictory concept!  The very nature of becoming a Prepper is not to be comfortable ... whether in the physical or spiritual aspect.  Our mindset must always be on expanding knowledge to save our lives; it's just that now, in the case of our new friend, his Prepper Mindset (and ours) is centered more on Spiritual lives, rather than Physical.
     When I look back over the last six years, I can see a shift in my thinking and my focus.  I still want to make sure that my larder is full, and I have plenty of medical supplies on hand.  I still want to be physically ready to defend myself, and am less wasteful and more innovative in taking care of our needs... I still fit the "Prepper" description.  There are still things that we have not crossed off of our physical "to-do" list, but I am less concerned with worldly strategies, and more preoccupied with heavenly pursuits.  I'm thinking more about God, and less about myself.
     Those initial fears have been replaced with a calmness; not that I have grown complacent towards the affairs of my country or the world --- it's just that I am viewing the part I am to play differently.  It's not so much about saving my life here on earth, but of saving souls for eternity.  All our stuff, training, and new skills will serve me and my family well while we are here; but I am now preparing for a much greater event -- and I won't even need a bug-out bag!

Proverbs 19:21     "Many plans are in a man’s mind, but it is the Lord’s purpose for him that will stand."


  1. Thank you for so clearly speaking what must surely be on a lot of our minds. I believe that we are currently being groomed for greater things to come. All of our physical preparations might end up being left behind, because God urges us in the middle of the night to run out the door and head east, or similar, leaving it all behind. Someone once said that the only thing that God has ever asked His people to do is to TRUST Him- He does all the rest. We are now embarking in our purification process, and then the Bride goes home for her wedding. How great is that?

  2. Thank you for putting into words what my husband & I have been thinking. Bless you abundantly!

  3. Heads Up: www.abeldanger.net
    View the article dated Tuesday, October 14, Ebola is not real. Please spread the Truth. The only ones to become sick are those who have been treated by the Red Cross or received vaccinations from them.

  4. We are still discussing about what to do with strangers, nonpreppers and the like 15 years after y2k. This mindset holds up more preppers than all others combined. If you can't make up your mind once and for all that they killed themselves by not preparing and that you are killing yourself by helping them then you need to have a big yard sell and get rid of the stuff you have saved. It is totally mindboggling to me that people still are worried about people that won't help themselve. Get over this once and for all, get your edge back, and become a prepper of 1.

  5. Do not open your door! I am located in Pennsylvania, about 120 miles as the crows fly from New York City, about 12 miles off the Interstate.The first 80 miles due West on the Interstate is uphill; I expect most refugee-hikers will turn off the Interstate perhaps 20 or 30 miles from NYC and die or settle in New Jersey. Those who make it this far - a hike of 120 miles that could take them two weeks - will leave half dead and the survivors, weak and starving. These few, and my unprepared local neighbors - without food - must move on if I don't feed them, to find another sucker. I intend to not open my door to them at all. First, it weakens my defenses. Second, it gives the cunning and starving lawyer on the other side of my door, the opportunity to send his 6 year-old through the partially-opened door to grapple with my feet and legs so as to give Dad the opportunity to push the door open and take me out, so as to feed his starving family, on my stuff. Don't open your door for anything!

    Should my home be approached and surrounded by a mob of scavengers, I plan to attack them directly with semi-automatic, magazine-fed 12 ga. shotguns, taking out as many as possible. Remember - these folks have never fought together, they are poorly armed, they are starving. Take out their leader(s) and they will break. Studies show that when 10% of an attacking force have been eliminated, the rest will break and retreat. Don't stay in your home like sheep to be burned out at their leisure - prepare to take them out.

  6. Preppers can not be unequally yoked with their bugout group.

    Its that simple.

    And this is largely spiritual.

  7. Before, I only prepared for food, survival, and guns. My wife tolerates it, views it like a hobby for me.

    Now, I have felt an intense call to prepare spiritually, study the Bible every night, take notes during the Pastors sermon, look for opportunities provided to witness.

    I have been studying the Bible every night and recognize God is not chronologically bound by time like we are. John saw the events in Revelation, God took him there to watch. So there may be benefits from studying the Bible the same way. So I read Revelation, then another book. I read Revelation, then Genesis, then Revelation, then Daniel etc. I am learning at an exponential rate.

    Also 2 Peter and 2 Thessalonians are vivid, Peter and Paul wrote those while awaiting execution.

  8. Once I got to the point that I felt prepared to house my grown children and their families for 1-2 months, I started feeling at peace. My children do not take my concerns about our civilization seriously. One believes in Jesus Christ, but says the government will take care of us. One lost his faith in college. The third, a spouse, was part of a Buddhist household. She was greatly relieved when the pastor of their "Christian" church said he didn't believe the Holy Bible was true and no longer was a Believer. They know how i feel. So I will be prepared to share my faith when the time comes and their fate will then be totally in their hands. I sound hard, but right now they do not have ears to listen. I finally stopped beating myself up over that. I still, however, hurt for my young grandchildren.

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