A Modern Woman's Perspective On The Kingdom of God on Earth

August 3, 2014

Romans 8:1

There is therefore now no condemnation
 for those who are in Christ Jesus.

   This is one of the most meaningful and popular verses in Scripture for modern Christians ... and with good reason.  We are free from the debt to God that our transgressions demand.  Jesus paid the price that we rightfully owe, and we do not need to fear retribution for our sins.  Before Christ paid our debt, the Law condemned us and pointed out every sin we committed.  The very existence of the Law shines a light on how imperfectly we keep it ... the Law itself isn't sinful, and it doesn't cause Sin; it is there to make us aware of our disobedience to the commandments of God, and that awareness (recognition) is what condemns (incriminates) us.
     Now, I have heard this Scripture repeated many times by truly faithful Christians; Believers that know the full implication of this verse.  But I fear, in this modern Church age, that the implied meaning is not always expressed from the pulpit, or elaborated on to new Christians.  
     It is important to know that once you have been redeemed and accepted salvation through Jesus Christ, that you no longer need to suffer guilt over past, present or future sins ... because you will sin; there was only one person on earth who has been perfect and sinless.  BUT, I wish that we Christians would be careful to always include the essential factor for our "Not Guilty" verdict ... REPENTANCE!  
     Yes, it is true that once we become truly Saved, we can count on the fact that our sins will be forgiven ... if we repent.  We must acknowledge that we have been disobedient, committed the sin, and ask for forgiveness.  THEN, there will be no condemnation.  The verses immediately after this one tell us that if we live a life in Christ, we will be dominated by the Holy Spirit.  We will be convicted of our sins, and we will desire to confess them, asking for forgiveness and repenting of our disobedience.  But without that repentance, is there any real evidence to God that you desire to please Him and are deserving of His mercy?
     There are enough ways in which new Believers are being led down the "easy path" of Salvation.  Let those of us who are wise in the Word be vigilant in presenting the whole message.  We may take the message of this Scripture for granted, but I think we would do well to assume that others need greater understanding.  It's a great opportunity to illuminate God's Word!

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