A Modern Woman's Perspective On The Kingdom of God on Earth

April 25, 2014

Gut Check

     Excuse me, while I give myself a pep talk.  It's always my intention when I sit down to write these posts, to give you my humble and honest opinion of what the world looks likes to me, the average American woman.  But I have to confess that I'm not sure if what I am seeing is real or manufactured; what is the truth these days?
     Is there a real possibility of a world-wide Ebola outbreak -- or is this just hype to prepare us for a global vaccination program?  Is the insane continuation of winter snow storms a product of natural climate change; a cycle that the earth has seen before --- or is it man-made with the admitted weather manipulation via drones?  What is the real reason we have troops on the ground in Poland?  Is Russia responsible for the unrest in Ukraine, or are we behind the scenes, pulling the puppet strings?  Were Cliven Bundy's recent comments about slavery delivered from a racist's heart, or were words added to his remarks and then quoted out of context?
     Folks, I've just barely scratched the surface of all the news stories and events that are hurled at us each and every day!  Never mind the predictions of massive earthquakes and tsunamis from the Ring of Fire; the Vatican exploring extra-terrestrial life; Canadian aborted babies being burned in an Oregon energy facility; and Russia, China and North Korea all flexing their muscles .... it's enough to send me scrambling to pull the covers over my head!
     How do you cope?  I can certainly understand those who are so overwhelmed or frightened that they just can't face it; or those who are on their knees in constant prayer.  But whether you see these headlines forecast in the prophecies of the Bible, or have no expectations beyond your short time on this earth, we share the bond of being concerned, observant human beings.  We know that these are unstable times, and we have no guarantee that we will traverse these troubled waters unscathed.  In fact,  everything is going "global", so it's pretty much assured that these big events will sooner or later affect us.
     I realize that we -- as single individuals -- cannot effect global events; but we can effect our immediate surroundings, right?  I just keep thinking about the people in my life who are just now realizing that they can no longer avoid the possibility of coming chaos.  I see it in their faces, and hear it in their voices.  They had hoped that I would be proved wrong, but the reality of the decaying world is staring them straight in the face.  And while they couldn't deal with their fears two, four, six years ago; they now realize that they will be forced to face them... and they are behind everyone else!  Which leads to more paralyzing fear.
     Perhaps the best thing we can do, not only for ourselves, but for someone else, is to help them forward.  Approach them with calmness and confidence, letting them know that we would like to put an arm around their shoulder, hold their hand, and ease them into this scary, new world.  Because you and I both know that it is coming.  We have to help them get ready, both physically and spiritually.  There will always be those who will resist to the very end, but I venture that there are far more that just need encouragement to take that step they've avoided for so long.  You remember what it was like, right?  That first step is terrifying, but as we support and embolden them, we will not only be inspiring a fellow man or woman, but we will be strengthening our own mind, body and spirit.  In the end, that is the best we can do for all concerned.

Romans 15:1    "We who are strong have an obligation to bear with the failings of the weak, and not to please ourselves."


  1. I truly believe that the famine of the end times is a duality. It is, I believe literal, as well as a famine for truth. As God tells us there has never been any times like this, nor will there ever be again. I also believe we have been chosen to be here at this time for a specific reason or task. My gut tells me I will never again, in this age, know the once secure, calm feelings I once knew as a child. I tremble to think of what my grandchildren will see in their childhood. I do not see them having the opportunity to experience a secure, peaceful, comforting life that I have known. I wish they could escape the coming tribulations. It is overwhelming at times to comprehend what we see in daily life. There are times I just have to go on an information fast for a few days to get my sanity back in this insane world. Turn off the electronics, watch the birds, work in my garden, play with my dogs, plant flowers with my wife, who cannot even talk about whats coming. I do alot of praying. Thank God it's Friday, I need a day of rest. Bless you for writing so we Christians can have a place of fellowship concerning these times. Jesus come quickly.

    1. My heart is in tune with yours! I just couldn't write about another discouraging headline, and I often find myself checking out and just enjoying the sounds of the birds, enjoying the blooms on the cactus in the field, and watching the antics of my chickens.... and thanking God for giving me a place to seek some rest and peace from this corrupt world. We Christians need to lift each other up and keep ourselves focused on what we know will be our triumphant outcome. Thank you for your words that make me feel not so alone! We are in this together!