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November 14, 2013

Your Wood-Burning Stove Is Coming Under Fire

    Sorry, readers!  I went out of town for a couple of days and thought I scheduled this to run at 7 am, but was mistaken.  I will let this post run until 10:00 am tomorrow and then schedule the next one.  

     PLW actually ran across this disturbing bit of news on the Off The Grid News website.  Did you know that wood-burning stoves, which have been used for centuries in this country, are now under attack by the Environmental Protection Agency?
     Yes, the use of these trustworthy and dependable heating devices is being seriously scrutinized.  According to the article, the EPA has banned the production and sale of the types of stoves used by about 80 percent of those with such stoves. The regulations limit the amount of “airborne fine-particle matter” to 12 micrograms per cubic meter of air. The current EPA regulations allow for 15 micrograms in the same amount of air space.
     It probably won't surprise you to find out that most of these stoves, which are in use in cabins and homes across the land, don't meet the new requirement.  And the EPA is so determined to convince you to give up your stove, that they have launched a “Burn Wise” website to help convince the public that the new regulations were needed.  Burn Wise is a partnership program associated with the EPA that is tasked with emphasizing the “importance of burning the right wood, the right way, in the right stove.” Information shared on the website, operated by the federal government, also states that both state and local agencies are pursuing ways to improve air quality that relate to wood-burning stoves.
     According to a Washington Times review of the wood stove ban, the most dangerous aspect of the EPA proposed guidelines is the one-size-fits-all approach to the perceived problem. The same wood burning stove rules would apply to both heavily air-pollution-laden major cities and far cleaner rural regions with extremely cooler temperatures. Families living in Alaska, or off the grid in a wilderness area in the West, will most likely have extreme difficulty remaining in their cold, secluded homes if the EPA wood stove rules are approved.
     In fact, the Editorial Board of the Times had this to say .... “Alaska’s 663,000 square miles is mostly forested, offering residents an abundant source of affordable firewood. When county officials floated a plan to regulate the burning of wood, residents were understandably inflamed. ‘Everybody wants clean air. We just have to make sure that we can also heat our homes,’ state Rep. Tammie Wilson told the Associated Press. Rather than fret over EPA’s computer-model-based warning about the dangers of inhaling soot from wood smoke, residents have more pressing concerns on their minds such as the immediate risk of freezing when the mercury plunges.”
     While this may have been written somewhat tongue-in-cheek, it points out the ludicrous philosophy of this insane idea.  It's part and parcel of the whole global warming charade.  More than likely, it is another way to regulate preppers, and by the comments this article received, there are plenty of people who are capable of being fooled by this nonsense.  What will be next?  The banning of campfires?

Hebrews 12:29       "For our God is a consuming fire."

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