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November 29, 2013

All I Want For Christmas Is ....

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must admit that I detest the commerciality of the Christmas holiday.  In fact, I have a completely different perspective on the truth behind this religious holiday, which I may be bold enough to share in the coming weeks; but for now, this post will ask you to do some intensive soul-searching before you succumb to the excessive emotions of the season.   

     OK, yesterday you feasted on turkey and dressing, indulged in numerous football games, or maybe went to the movies.  Today is traditionally the day that the Christmas shopping season begins.  All the Christmas decorations are hauled out of the attic, and mobs descend on the malls for that perfect gift at a bargain price.  But before you give in to the addiction perpetuated by creative advertising executives, I implore you to stop and rethink your shopping list this holiday season.
     Push aside the nostalgia and sentimentality, and take a good hard look at the reality of our situation.  Do we really need to be buying extravagant gifts that we can't really afford?  Do your children need another technological narcotic to numb their brains?  Or do any of us truly need that shiny new toy to take our minds off what ails us and the country?
     I'm going to suggest that this year we put on our Big Boy pants and stop pretending that it is life as usual.  If you can't look around you and see that we are in a serious free-fall towards major change, then I'm here to tell you to PAY ATTENTION! 

     Between the disastrous rollout of Obamacare and the millions who are seeing their health insurance rates double ... or losing coverage altogether! ... to the less-than-honest portrayal of the Iran nuke non-deal ... to the increase in regulations and taxation while there is an attempt to decrease our freedoms --- it is all designed to reconstruct the very foundation of America.  So, don't you think it might be a good idea to rethink how you want to spend that hard-earned dollar?
     No one can deny that prices are sky-rocketing at the supermarket; in fact, everything is getting more expensive.  Why not rededicate this holiday season to shoring up your family's foundation against possible adversity?
     As a family, agree to allocate your funds to items that will help you endure some hard times.  Think about what you would need if you lost your job and couldn't afford the price of groceries.  Might it not be a good idea to have some long-term food storage?  Or possibly buy a wheat-grinder and stock up on buckets of wheat?  Home-made bread will seem like a luxury if trouble comes knocking at your door.  And what about purchasing a pressure canner and some seed packets for next summer's garden?
     If we have a grid-down scenario --- and believe me, there are any number of events that could contribute to that picture --- what are your plans for water; for cooking; or for light?  North Korea has threatened more than once to carry out an EMP attack.  And let's not forget all the solar flares and geological occurrences that are daily fodder for the web.
     Instead of that big-screen TV, wouldn't it make more sense to think about purchasing a hand-pump (remember that your well needs electricity to operate)?  Other items to consider are a Deadwood stove or Dietz lanterns and good quality sleeping bags.  Let your imagination wander ... I know this is the season to be jolly and light-hearted, but I urge you to set aside the frivolity for a few days and seriously contemplate preparing for that rainy day.  Once you've hardened your survival preps, then treat yourself to a "feel good" trinket.
     If you are serious-minded and willing to face reality, I think you will agree that this is the year to do a little less of Santa and a little more of SHTF Preppin'.  It's time to get our priorities straight and our plans in place.  By the time Christmas rolls around again next year, it might be a whole new world.

Jeremiah 10:2-3     Thus says the Lord: "Learn not the way of the nations, nor be dismayed at the signs of the heavens because the nations are dismayed at them, for the customs of the peoples are vanity."

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  1. For me, I also detest VERY MUCH what it's turned into. I think people have been made fools, honestly, and they continue to go down that path willingly. I look forward to what your views are on the truth of this religious holiday, which I have to say that I don't even feel anymore that it's actually religious to many by what I hear and people's actions! To me, it sure looks very PAGAN as the years have passed and I think if people look a little deeper they will find that in the truth. I acknowledge Jesus EVERYDAY, His birth, which we truly do not know the real date, and mostly I acknowledge and give great thanks and honor and love to Him for his sacrifice of His life through His death on the cross for all of us who accept Him and realize that ONLY through HIS GRACE and acceptance of Him and His love and to have faith in HIM can we truly appreciate the GIFT. We cannot buy our way to Heaven with those kind of gifts that people are now so worried about purchasing and if Christmas was suppose to be anything, it sure wasn't meant to be like it is now. Just my two cents.