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September 17, 2013

Navy Tragedy

     Here we go again!  My mind is full of jumbled thoughts ... the deaths at the Navy Yard are another in a long line of recent tragedies that America has faced.  And once again the facts are not clear, which allows for all kinds of speculation and conspiracy ideas to take root.
     We hear comments like "It is clear at this point, that terrorism is not involved" ... "Multiple shooters a possibility" ... "Disgruntled former employee?" ... "How did he gain access?"  At this point, it is anyone's guess as to the veracity of these statements, or the relevance of the questions.  And guess is the operative word here.  So that's why I would appreciate the news media limiting their frenzied news coverage until the facts are determined.
     I would ask them to please not jump to conclusions about who the assailant is (or isn't), his motives, or how he accomplished this horrific deed.  I would also ask that different groups be careful about offering their theories ... which can be a deceptive manner in which to suggest and drive motives that might not be accurate.  In other words, we have arrived at a sad place in our history, where deception can be easily manipulated to look like the truth.
     I wish we could return to the time when TRUST in our officials was paramount, instead of SUSPICION.  I hate it that I question every statement and news conference, looking for hints of false narratives.  It makes us lose sight of the lives that were lost; almost desensitizing us to the fact that we have witnessed Evil, which doesn't really care about motive, methods or misrepresentations.  Evil just wants to chalk up another victory.
     And when the sides start trying to outplay each other, looking for ways to use this tragedy to their benefit, then we all lose.  The families of the victims lose -- the story becomes more about the reaction to the event, than grieving the dead and injured.  Law Enforcement, Investigative agencies, and Politicians lose -- either their reluctance to tell us the truth, or their rush to give unverified facts raises the doubt quotient. Consistency has been lacking of late.  And perhaps saddest of all, our nation loses --- These incidents are used to separate and isolate us from each other.  We start viewing each other with  mistrust and categorizing each other, based on preconceptions (and often misconceptions) of each others' ideals.  Our individual humanity becomes lost in labels.
     The truth is that anytime Evil uses one human to destroy another, we should mourn.  It is another picture of our separation from God.  To let it be manipulated beyond its genuine significance is to elevate Evil's objective above God's purpose.  
     I'm sure that in the coming days we will see many "experts" give us their excessively inflated opinions as to the "whys" and "hows." And they will generate thoughts as to "what does this mean" and "how do we prevent it in the future"?  That's what worries me.  Whatever the official line turns out to be, it would be nice if it corresponded to reality.  All I keep thinking is, "Thy will be done."

Isaiah 14:24    "The Lord of hosts has sworn: “As I have planned, so shall it be, and as I have purposed, so shall it stand..." 


  1. Woah there....

    The news story is a LIE! It could NOT have happened!!????

    EVERYBODY knows that Washington DC has laws that forbid guns in DC!!! There are LAWS about this... couldn't have happened.....

    /sarcasm off

    The call for MORE gun control is already happening... yeah, the 'laws' work - how about arming more people?

    We pray for all families and friends affected by this.... Come Lord Jesus quickly come....

    1. Rory, I have a feeling that you are speaking for millions of Americans ... both in your sarcasm and your prayer. Thank you!

  2. Very sad and very tragic.

    My personal take-away: our laws and regulations made sure that there was a large population of un-armed Americans in a concentrated target, while our laws and regulations failed to be enforced for a man who should not have had access to the base or to firearms.

    The ultimate blame is on the killer. And there was a failure on the part of our "leaders" to anticipate, prepare for and protect the Washington Navy Yard against a predictable threat.

    In a building full of many people who were trained and certified at some point to correctly and safely carry weapons, not one of them had access. Only the crazy man had a plan and access. And such was the case at Fort Hood. There is a hard truth to admit here.

    1. That is what is so amazing to me -- that our military is not allowed to be armed on their own installations! We are just making them easy targets and sitting ducks! Our culture needs to change!

  3. Of course, I still think the whole Navy Yard shooting story is a hoax. Nobody is allowed to have a fire arm in DC, so we know this couldn't have really happened. Right??!??!

    As we find out more from the scene, and all sarcasm aside, this sad, sad tragedy is what happens in Obama's world:

    - Our already overwhelming laws and regulations aren't enforced for a man with a long history of mental issues and anger problems.

    - He feels self-justified in extreme actions because he's been told and now believes that it's racism that is at the root of his difficulties.

    - All the while, a large number of people (many that are military-experienced and trained in the safe and correct manner to carry fire arms) are kept in a concentrated, gun-free zone.

    - During the attack, media know-nothings have to speculate and pontificate about "assault weapons," PTSD and rogue mililtary veterans.

    - After the attack, hack local and national Democrat politicians have to politicize the issue in terms that are revoltingly self-serving and justified through only the most twisted logic.

    - Politically tone-deaf during the attack, the President is more intent on bashing his opponents. And in the aftermath, he is still more intent on bashing his opponents and self-aggrandizement than actually considering any of the real information coming out of the crime scene.

    That is the sad situation in Obama's world. And it is odious.

    The reality of America that I know: we are helpful, generous and brave. Why shouldn't law-abiding, hard-working citizens be allowed to protect themselves, work hard and prosper through their own merits, and be able to count on our government officials to take the mundane parts of their duties seriously instead of grand-standing in front of sound-bite "journalists"???

    1. This is what bothers me .... It's the whole "voices in his head" theme that seems to be becoming a standard among these murderers. What's up with that? And the fact that the media come out with the wrong information ... AGAIN ... on what firearm the killer used, is not only unprofessional, but transparent in their motives. And I agree that it should be obvious to all that protecting yourself is a God-given right. I'm not sure which profession is more egregious ... journalism or politics.