A Modern Woman's Perspective On The Kingdom of God on Earth

September 18, 2013

A Brief Intermission

     I have often expressed that I have periods of weariness, both physically and spiritually.  Am I doing the best I can, for both my Lord and those who give of their precious time to stop by this blog each day?  I have written non-stop; every day for nearly two years now, and I need to revitalize my thoughts and my mind, as well as my commitment to write from my heart about what I see happening in our world.
     Soooo .... I am going to take a mental break and enjoy some much-needed downtime!  I will be taking a couple weeks off to attend to a little business, and visit with friends, and take a vacation from my daily grind.   I want to look at something other than my computer screen for a few days!  My soul is always restored when I'm in the midst of God's majestic scenery, so I possibly see some mountains in my future.  I absolutely know that the smell of pine trees and cool, crisp mornings in the mountain air will revive my tired spirit.
     In the past, I've tried to take a few days here and there when PLW had some travel time, but I felt it was my duty to continue to offer a post each day, and work in some writing time during those trips. But I think it will do me more good to take a real vacation and come back to this blog refreshed and renewed.  I always want to offer you the best of the talent with which God has blessed me.
     That being said, I have worked overtime to provide a daily snippet of random and reflective opinions for you to consider while I am absent .... just some thoughts I've been having about the nature of our American character. These are qualities that seem to be disappearing from our consciousness; qualities that could restore us to a society that pleases God.  We need to have a change of heart!
     So tune in tomorrow morning and see what I think we've become as compared to what we need to be.  I will be checking the blog periodically from the road, so feel free to comment.  I will answer and perhaps we can get a dialog going.  I'd love to see if we are thinking along the same lines and if we can begin a movement towards becoming a nation with a regenerate heart.  I truly believe these simple steps could set us back on the right path!

Matthew 6:31    And he said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.”


  1. Thank you Belle for all that you do. Enjoy and relax on your "time off" and it's a good thing to stand back and give our hearts and souls a break, especially these days. It wears on all of us and in order sometimes to stay on top of everything, we need to allow ourselves to take these kind of breaks. It makes us stronger in the end. Blessings to both of you.

  2. Enjoy your time away! I feel the same way. I have to periodically turn off all the news and get away mentally and physically from all the noise of the day. I have found that this is the only way to really be able to hear that "still, soft voice" that sustains me. I pray that you will return refreshed and renewed! Know that you are appreciated for all you do, being a voice of reason in an increasingly unreasonable world.

  3. Please take time and be at peace with your soul and PLW. It is a must.
    I have been absent somewhat as I am in difficult times with elderly dementia parents and I have to take down time as well, from the doctor though, to continue my battle. I am soooooo weary, both mentally and physically, I cannot think anymore.
    Please take care, please recharge, and please be careful.
    Blessings upon both of you.

  4. God be with you in this time of reflection, relaxation, contemplation, etc. There is nothing like being in the midst of His great creation to calm one's soul...may He grant you that Peace and restoration you are seeking.

  5. Thank you, EVERYONE, for the kind words and warm wishes! I am already feeling rested and wanting to talk to y'all, but am committed to giving myself a true restoration period. Please know that I carry you in my heart and am praying for all of you! Friends who share our hearts are truly God's blessings!

  6. Happy vacation! Recharge, relax, renew yourself. We'll be here when you get back.

    1. Thanks! I'm taking notes and getting some good ideas of things I want to share. I appreciate your good wishes!