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September 19, 2013

Endurance vs. Giving Up

     While I am taking a temporary vacation, this begins a short series of thoughts on the American character and what we can do, as individuals and a nation, to hit the reset button.  We have gotten off-track and lost our identity; and I'm hopeful that these brief discourses will start our creative juices flowing and stimulate action on our part to revive this nation.  These are character traits that will strengthen future generations and glorify our God.
     I'll be checking in from the road and look forward to your thoughts and ideas!

Endurance:  The capacity of something to withstand wear and tear.  
     Boy, does that describe our current state of affairs, or what?  This nation is about as ragged and tattered as I think she's ever been.  We've been turned upside down, and inside out, to where I hardly recognize America anymore.  Endurance also implies the ability to last.  So that begs the question ... will we last?  Can we get through this unpleasant and difficult situation (and process) without giving way to destructive forces?

Giving Up:  Relinquishing an attitude, a point of view, a belief, or a position. 
     Have we, as Americans, dropped the ball and become too lazy and too self-centered to fight for the principles that this country was founded upon?  Has it become too difficult in our busy, hectic lives to stop for one moment and make a small effort to regain our footing, or to reinforce the cornerstone of our nation?

Questions:  So which side of this comparison do you find yourself on?  Are you going to endure for something and Someone who are worth fighting for?  Or are you willing to let it all go because of the personal hardships it will cost you?  Do we, as individuals [and a sovereign country], have the inward strength to withstand the necessary stress to accomplish God’s purpose in our existence?  I am asking myself how much do I love my God and what this country stands for.  I am challenging myself to bolster my spiritual and physical reserves long enough to make a difference and restore both to their proper places .... God as the Ruler and center of my life; and America as a shining beacon of hope and opportunity to the world.

In what ways do we need to ENDURE, and what are you unwilling to GIVE UP on?

Galatians 6:9    And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.

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