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July 6, 2013

Renewal and Regeneration

     We are all tired.  It's not easy to adapt to this changing world and face a new and declining reality.  But face it, we must, and this post is a warning of sorts ... to the "sunshine" realists; those who purport to be awake and prepared for the times in which we find ourselves, yet so easily slip back into their normalcy bias.  We cannot afford to "coast" when things seem calm and routine.  It is exactly that conventional mindset that will lull us into a state of complacency; a feeling of uncritical satisfaction in which we tell ourselves "I've done enough" or "Maybe things will be OK."
     I'm seeing it everywhere; from friends and family, to business associates, to the church pulpit.  Folks are definitely aware that we have entered a new concept for our country and the world.  They sense that it is harder to live life freely and independently; that there are forces that want to limit a wide array of rights and privileges, not only here in America, but across the globe.  And yes, it is still frightening to many of our fellow citizens.
     But instead of standing and protecting those rights, they continue to go about their daily business, with one eye on the headlines and the other focused on maintaining their customary existence.  I know how hard it is to step outside that comfortable box; that not everyone can afford to fly to rally's across the country to register their objections.  I also know that it costs money to do the things that the "experts" tell us need to be done to secure the safety of our families.  Food, alternate sources of energy, a viable water supply, self-defense, getting in better physical shape, growing a garden ... they all take what seems like an insurmountable amount of time, money and will-power.
     And there is the inevitable heavy heart, as we ask ourselves, "how the hell did we get here?"  Not only do we need to find the ways and means to accomplish new tasks and develop new skills, but we have to fight the despair that comes from our new reality.  I'm not saying it is easy!  And it doesn't seem to matter if one has a big bank account or small.  I know those who would have no trouble outlaying the cash to prepare for the future, and yet they think their money makes them exempt from any hardship that's coming.  But money alone won't get you there!
     So we all have to do whatever our finances, skills and drive allow us to do.  If that means you can only afford a few extra dollars a month to allocate towards extra food and "How-To" books; or you have no extra money, but can spare a few minutes to make a phone call to your congressional representative -- then that's all you can do.  But we have to keep moving forward!  We cannot rest in our comfort zone!  If you are a teacher, continue your education; learn how to live a sustainable lifestyle, and then teach it to someone else.  If you are an outdoorsman or hunter, do you have all the instruments and tools to provide shelter and food for your family?  If you're an economist or businessman, do you see how the shrinking dollar will effect not only the nation's and the world's economies, but your own family unit?  Can you enlighten your neighbor and help them protect their assets?
     Believe me, I fully realize that there is no set of political solutions that will solve this nation's difficulties.  I know we have a Spiritual problem.  That is why, it is essential for Pastors and Church leaders to ask themselves this question ... Are you using your pulpit to tell your flock the truth?  And I'm talking about the Truth, with a capital "T", as well as the secondary truth of the decline of their nation.  Are you revealing the Truth of God's faithfulness through His coming judgments as spoken through the Prophets?  Or are you just tickling their ears with messages of love, mercy and grace?  Are you keeping His church holy by condemning abortion, defending marriage between a man and a woman, and calling out immorality throughout the land?  Or are you afraid to offend some government institution and endanger your tax status; or perhaps you have a major donor that will turn off the spigot if you bring up these politically incorrect subjects?  Maybe you should read the Book of Jesus's Revelation and see how he calls out the leaders of the First Century Church.  We, in Twenty-first Century America will be held no less responsible!
     I am not advocating that we all live our daily lives with a black cloud over our heads, and mire ourselves in doom and gloom.  But this is not the time to let up on perfecting our new reality, or growing our relationship with our Creator and being obedient to His calling.  I'm not promoting the idea that we all retire to underground bunkers and live off the grid, nor am I calling for a march on Washington or demonstrations in the streets.  But I am calling for a renewal of our minds and spirits to the truth of our circumstances.  We must consciously enjoy the blessings that God provides each day, while being prepared to manage a variety of difficult living environments, remaining in spiritual covenant with Him, and educating ourselves in regards to our rights, our representatives, and our redresses.
     God has not given us a Spirit of despair or complacency, but rather one that is hungry for increased knowledge of Him.  Let that hunger thrive in you and move you forward.  I think you will find that you can navigate this new reality with clarity, purpose and courage.

Proverbs 1:32-33      "For the turning away of the simple will slay them, and the complacency of fools will destroy them; But whoever listens to me will dwell safely, and will be secure, without fear of evil."


  1. Hi Belle, I just want to say thank you for your wonderful blog. I read it every day and always look forward to it. You're a great writer! Keep doing what you're doing. This reader appreciates it very much!

  2. Thank you! It's nice when readers take the time to let me know they are reading my blog. I often ask God if I'm accomplishing anything for Him, and He lets me know to keep going when I receive your comments.