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June 14, 2013

Are You Ready For Epidermal Technology?

     Ready to take a trip into the latest technology craze?  Apparently Motorola is working on an electronic, or digital, tattoo that would house all your computer passwords .... you no longer need to memorize all those different protection codes.  Your body is now all you need to authenticate and gain access to any of your various software or applications.
     You may have seen additional press on these digital tattoos and digestible pills (nano technology) in relation to health care issues.  You know, all your medical records in one tiny tattoo or pill that can be read by any doctor or medical conglomeration in order to determine treatment and services.
     And as Motorola describes this new "epidermal technology", it is really all for your benefit.  Slashgear.com, a website that features all the latest gadget and tech obsessions, reports "The tattoo is made up of various sensors and gauges, such as for tracking strain in multiple directions (how the user is flexing), EEG and EMG (electrical impulses in the skeletal structure or nerves), ECG (heart activity), and temperature, as well as light and other factors. In total, it’s a mini-lab for your arm, the side of your head, or anywhere else on the body."  Just what I want!  How about you?
     Plus, now you can store all the access information to your computer files on this same tattoo, and your life is pretty much scannable.  According to Motorola, you get powered up from an external electricity source, using the embedded wireless power coil. It’s a similar system to the wireless phone charging Nokia and others have implemented in recent handsets, and it powers the tattoo’s transmitter. That’s all layered onto a sheet of water-soluble plastic that gets laminated to the skin; in fact, it can even be disguised with a regular temporary tattoo pattern, opening the door to potential branding and such.  (And other nefarious purposes).
     Further studies using the technology have found that they can also track muscle movements around speech.  When applied to the throat, the tattoo can potentially be turned into half of a wireless hands-free kit.  So let me think about this .... does anyone else see the potential for eavesdropping on every conversation we have?  Wouldn't the NSA love for this to become mainstream?
     As if that's not enough, these tattoos can even track brain signals with enough accuracy to control a computer, which might mean simply thinking about making a call and having your nearby smartphone place it.  Similar sensors have been used to fly remote-control planes and drones, something that Motorola's partner, a company called mc10, is working on replicating with its more compact tattoos.
     Just who is mc10?  Well, their company motto is We decided it was time humans stop conforming to electronics. So we’re making electronics conform to us.  They also proclaim that it is their "mission to extend human capabilities by making high-performance electronics virtually invisible, conformal, and wearable."  How about integrated?  The company is also working with the US army on embedded electronics in battlefield clothing, which could collect energy and convert it into electricity to power the gadgets soldiers carry.  How long until this technology is embedded into the soldier's skin?  How long until you would have electronically controlled robot soldiers?  This sounds suspiciously like Ray Kurzweil's theory of Singularity.  If you haven't read my post on this scary subject, I suggest you do.  I think you will see the similarity with these new innovations.
     Ultimately, I believe we can see the direction that technology is headed.  It seems pretty clear to me that the purpose of such electronic gear as the digital tattoo is to further break down the boundary between users and their devices .... until we become one.  It is essentially changing the essence of what it means to be a human being; a creation of Jehovah God.  We are dangerously close to altering or adding to our genetic makeup, and I don't have to tell you that this will be used for evil purposes.  Please warn your children who have become addicted to the latest and the greatest in electronic gadgets.  New technology is not always a change for the better.

Revelation 13:8     "And all who dwell on earth will worship it, everyone whose name has not been written before the foundation of the world in the Book of Life of the Lamb who was slain."

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