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May 31, 2013

Just Make Them Move!

     I couldn't believe my ears!  Some political and economic wonks appeared on the panel for Fox News Bulls and Bears program.  They were discussing the tremendous cost of cleanup after the devastation of the Moore, Oklahoma tornado.  They surmised that costs to the Federal government would be upwards of $2 Billion.  While giving lip service to the personal costs of those who lost their lives and their possessions, they were more concerned about how to "avoid" these tremendous dollar outlays in the future.
     Among their solutions?  Make Oklahomans pay to live there and rebuild their city, or the equally asinine suggestion, just have the government mandate relocation. After all, they know that this area is susceptible to damaging weather conditions, so why should they be allowed to rebuild when there's a chance this could happen again?  And why should the American taxpayer help foot the bill?
    What?!?  Here are just a couple of the comments:

We've gone beyond the pale here, and we really have to think smart about this, and consider moving these people out of harm's way. Look at California, we have active fault lines, and you can't build a home on an active fault. We have places in Florida; we have places in the northeast where there are repeated hurricanes. Here we have three major tornados in the same basic valley in a ten year period; they've had twenty over the last one-hundred years. I think it's time to do a little reality check and save some lives here.

People have a right to live where they want, but we don't have a right as taxpayers to continue to pay for it over and over again. Let the free market decide. You can't just keep dragging along the federal government and FEMA because you want to live in a place that isn't economically feasible for people to live in.

     So who made these guys God?  Can they accurately predict where the next tornado, hurricane or earthquake is going to strike?  Are they going to declare vast amounts of the American landscape "uninhabitable" because it has suffered a natural disaster?  And what will be the criteria?  Dollar amounts for cleanup .... number of occurrences in a ten-year, twenty-year period?
     These are people we are dealing with!  And these locations involve memories and family history and means of employment and yes, even the loss of loved ones.  And you're going to tell them they have to tear up roots and move somewhere else --- or pay extra to be allowed to rebuild and put their lives back together!  Can you guarantee that wherever you move them, they will not be struck with a similar disaster?  Or would you simply tell them, "Nope!  Sorry, you can't live here any longer.  We don't care where you go .... just not here."
     Once again, I'm seeing the unrealistic expectations of the Elite.  It is not a perfect world, folks!  This life is unpredictable, risky, and uncertain ... at best.  To even contemplate the thought that the citizens of Moore, Oklahoma should be penalized for choosing to live there is insensitive and implausible.
    As for the economic feasibility of living in Oklahoma, I don't think one tornado is going to hurt the healthy rank of the 14th most prosperous state in the Union.  Are you really worried about the monetary ramifications of this disaster?  Or is that, from your high and mighty glass towers, you just can't relate to simple, God-fearing folks?  Do you have the slightest idea of why anyone would think that the heartland of America is worth reclaiming and redeeming?

Psalm 37:29      "The righteous shall inherit the land and dwell upon it forever." 


  1. I was talking to my husband about living in an area that was prone to tornados and how scary that would be. Then I had to stop and laugh at myself because I live in high fire and earthquake area. Everyplace has something. We can't isolate ourselves from disaster.
    So I suppose the elites that live in Malibu should leave because of earthquakes, fire and mudslides.


  2. Right! We can't escape Mother Nature! But I'm sure that those in Malibu feel entitled to rebuild wherever they want to, and how often it's required.