A Modern Woman's Perspective On The Kingdom of God on Earth

April 19, 2013

How Are We To Cope?

     Multiple deaths and horrific injuries, all in a matter of a few days .... the Boston Marathon bombing and the blast in West, Texas have literally rocked our safe world.  Add to that, the lack of confidence in authorities as they feed us inaccurate information.  Then you have the highest government officials in the land bemoaning our elected officials actually listening to their constituents and voting down unconstitutional laws.  Isn't that what we send them to D.C. for?  It would be very easy to give in to the fear, the worry, and the paranoia.  But it's time to do a gut check!
     I realize that not everyone is at the same stage of spiritual awareness as Peace-Loving Warrior and myself.  We know that there is no political solution for what ails this country.  Politics cannot solve a spiritual problem.  In a way, we've kind of realized that it's wasted energy to go down that road.  We're tired of receiving the telephone calls and the mail asking for our support to help fight for the conservative cause.  I guess you could say we've checked out of the temporal realm and are putting all of our faith and reliance into some "higher" principles, if you will.
     I know how that must sound; as if we've gone off the deep end and aren't willing to do our part to fight for this country.  But that's where you would misunderstand.  We have just come to realize that no political position is going to fix the mess we're in, so we will just stand where we're supposed to.  We truly believe that we are here for a purpose; and while that means to uphold the freedoms and liberties we hold so dear, it also means that we are changing our focus and looking, with purpose, towards a deliverance that no man can give us.
     The speed with which this country and the world are changing is not lost on us.  We feel the efforts to "fundamentally transform" this country into something it was not meant to be, and most Americans would not agree with ---- that is, if they thought for themselves, instead of following the bread crumbs that leads them to totalitarianism.
     If nothing else, the last few days have made the following TRUTHS quite evident, and we will be hanging on to them as we prepare to face whatever comes.
     1)  The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.  No matter what the next few days, weeks, months or years may bring, the evil plots of Satan and man can never put an end to the beauty and excellency of the light of our Lord.  Both light and darkness; good and evil, cannot occupy the same location.  One will always displace the other.  So PLW and I have decided to walk in that light and simply try to live a more good and moral life.  As we continue to see the decay of our culture and our freedoms, nothing can stop us from doing what we know is right and virtuous and decent.  Call it "righteous" living.  We are not afraid of that term.  It may not change the world, but it will put us on a higher plane than the darkness all around us.
     2)  There is a Divine Order, even in the midst of the chaos we are seeing.  This is a hard truth to put my hope in, but I know it is legitimate.  NOTHING happens without God's authority and for His ultimate purpose.  It may seem as if Evil is in control, but God has a purpose for allowing these events to take place.  We may not see them in our lifetime, and we need to remember that God allows things to happen for His reasons, whether or not we understand them.  I choose to hang on to the truth that God is good, just, loving, and merciful.  And I will trust Him, because I most certainly cannot trust anything man is telling me.
     3)  There is great Power in the simplest of kindnesses.  Instead of concentrating on all the harmful, wicked things we are seeing in the world, we will try to be better, kinder people; to our family, neighbors and strangers.  I know that sounds Pollyanna-ish, but here's the reality --- can you or I stop the perpetrators of the evil we saw in Boston?  Or the pain and devastation we saw in rural Texas?  No!  But can we offer something as simple as a smile to a stranger; or a hug to someone hurting; or a few minutes of our time to listen to the problems of someone who just needs somebody to care?  What if we each stepped out of our own selfish nature and saw to the needs of just one other person today?  It could change their reality .... and ours.
     I'm not saying that hanging on to these truths is going to eliminate anymore bad things from happening.  Both PLW and I see what's coming and what's headed our way.  And we both know there will be days that we feel overwhelmed by the news and the events of the world.  And on those days we will call on God to shield us; to turn our minds and hearts away from the worries, stress and anxieties.  We will remind ourselves of these truths that we embrace, and gird ourselves to stand where He has placed us.  We have all been created for this time, and there is a purpose for each of our lives.  Our strength and our hope lies in letting God direct our lives for His glory.  Nothing else matters.

Proverbs 18:10    "The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run into it and are safe."


  1. " Politics cannot cure a spiritual problem ", rang a bell with me . I am close to the point of "disengaging " but then I think back to several instances where we were told in the old testament to GATHER THOSE TWELVE STONES AND PLACE THEM ON A PILE THAT FUTURE GENERATIONS MAY ASK THE PURPOSE THEREOF . We MUST be prepared to tell all those around us that spiritual darkness is the end result of taking the spiritual laws out of our schools, courtrooms etc. Nature abhors a vacuum.

    1. We must not disengage! Just participate and get involved in different ways. We cannot continue to act in the same way we have.... eliminating God from our culture and looking to the "knowledge" of man to correct our problems. It is time to act boldly FOR GOD, not the world! He will show us where He wants us to stand and how we are to act on His behalf. It will be different for everyone, but if it is for the glory of God, then perhaps REAL change can take place and that will benefit all mankind.