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March 29, 2013

The Effect of Anti-Gun Laws in Colorado

     I have a feeling the Legislature of Colorado is going to regret their push for gun control laws.  Besides the obvious backlash from citizens who see their Second Amendment Rights being violated, the economic impact is sure to devastate The Centennial State.
     Did anyone stop to think of the fiscal consequences to this state?  Besides vacationers who will now find themselves violating the law if they possess a high-capacity magazine or illegal firearm to defend themselves, you have have hunters that will no longer spend their dollars in Colorado, and major industries that will be forced to move to friendlier states.  The hunting industry alone brought $800 million into the state, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation.  That's nothing to sneeze at!
     Then there is Magpul Industries, one of the giants in the firearms industry, which makes firearms parts and high-capacity magazines.  Magpul suddenly finds itself in the position of manufacturing goods that would be illegal in Colorado.  Not surprisingly, they have announced that they will be pulling out of Colorado "immediately".  Did anyone in Colorado stop to think about just what it will cost them when this multi-million dollar industry packs up and leaves?  Not to mention all the supporting businesses such as metal, tool and plastic companies?  Oh, wait, perhaps no one in Colorado did think about it!  Because you see it appears as if the Colorado gun laws were drafted by (surprise!) Michael Bloomberg and the Brady Center; backed by full-time Bloomberg lobbyists in Colorado, and supported by flown-in Bloomberg experts.  It was easy for these East Coast bureaucrats to dismiss the hundreds of thousands of Colorado residents that showed up to oppose the laws.  Once again, "We the People" don't figure into their equation.
     But the effects haven't stopped there.  Michael Bane, Executive Producer of the Outdoor Channel, which includes such shows as Shooting Gallery, The Best Defense, Rapid Fire, Gun Stories, and other special projects, has moved production of his shows out of Colorado.  As he pointed out in his letter to the Colorado Legislature, it is the opinion of his attorneys "that these proposed laws are so dangerous to hunters and any other person, be they a fisherman or a skier who brings a handgun into the state for self-defense, that we cannot recommend hunting, fishing or visiting Colorado."
     So besides the hunting and firearms industries, the tourist industry is going to be devastated.  I don't know about you, but I would be hesitant to travel through the state of Colorado with a legal firearm and  high capacity magazine that I bought in Texas, only to find out if I am stopped for any reason in Colorado, they could find probable cause to arrest me for violating the law until I could prove that such magazine was purchased prior to their cutoff date.  You are talking about possible confiscation of your car and firearms, not to mention attorney's fees to fight the case.  Nope!  We will be taking a wide path around Colorado!
     I guess what scares me the most is the number of our Colorado friends that didn't see this coming.  I have to wonder if the Bloomberg machine swept in undercover, put all their minions in place, wrote the bills and then sprang it on an unsuspecting populace.  We have friends that didn't know this legislation was up for consideration until mere days before it was voted on; and others that didn't know about it until after the bills were passed.  If my hunch is correct, then all of us in Second Amendment supporting states need to be on guard against these wolves sneaking in the back door.
     I'm also thinking that the Governor of Colorado and other legislators are second-guessing their rush to pass these bills.  The backlash and consequences were swift and decisive.  Major industries are pulling out and their lucrative tourist activity will be hit hard.  In effect, there has been a groundswell of grassroots response to these impulsive and rash pieces of gun legislation; a response that will impact not only the fragile Colorado economy, but shape the future and traditions of this once proud and free state.

 Job 20:28     "The increase of his house will depart, And his goods will flow away in the day of His wrath."



  1. I know the hand of God is in judgment on this land. Shear stupidity could not account for all that is going on.
    Thank you for pointing out events of the day so that we may see how God's judgment is being worked out.

    City Dude in Texas

    1. And don't you feel that these judgments are becoming more clear and coming at a faster pace? I feel Jesus is very near!

    2. If that is the case then why are you prepping? (wink, wink) We will be out of here when SHTF, God will take care of us as He did the Jews in the Exodus, we are to be under the authority of rulers as Romans 13 says, I'd rather die than go through all that. Or are we to pray for God's guidance and then work like it all depends upon us.

      City Dude

    3. I know .... the Christians who somehow think they can escape the judgment that is coming upon this land are naive, in my estimation. Our security is guaranteed in the next life, but we have to live in this evil world so a few cans of extra food just makes sense to me. And of course, I rely on God to guide my every step. Works for me!

  2. I was in the process of purchasing 120 acres in Colorado to start a non-profit rescue and retire from the military. I backed out of the sale indicating that that current legislature would make it impossible for me to protect my ranch from large predators or packs of wild animals attacking my rescues. The state of Colorado lost my sale, lost the potential of me hiring up to 25 people and the potential revenue that the organization would bring. The sale of the property alone was a half million. Thanks for keeping us informed.

    Leigh Ann Erdman

    1. And I can almost guarantee that there are thousands of stories just like yours! I come from a long line of Coloradans, and I don't recognize the state anymore!

  3. Belle, sure enough American is being torn apart from within. America was divided into 10 Fema regions, we now have over 4000 Fema Concentrantion Camps in America all next to the rail road track just like Nazzi Germany. They call them "Interment Camps" (http://www.examiner.com/article/is-the-us-army-really-building-internment-camps-here)
    We now have Obama's Council Of Governors And The "Remaking" Of America (http://www.morningliberty.com/2010/07/28/martial-law-10-regions-for-u-s-are-ready/)
    We now have the "Federalization of the police" and the military executing policing duties (totally against the law). TSA grouping us all. They call them agents but they did not take the oath to defend and protect the constitution. We now have a country which has been almost total des-industrialized. We have politicians who are selling America to the UN. But again I will say that in all this we have to blame no one but "We The People" Why? Because we let it happen. We grew complacent and we did not get involved because, of course, it was 'politics'. I live in Baltimore and I was totally appalled to see over 200.000 people most of them Baltimorians but many drove hours to attend to attend the Baltimore Ravens Parade after they won the superbowl. Now considered that this took place in a "Could" "Rainy" "Work" day. They
    did everything possible to leave work and everything else to attend. Now when we rallied in Annapolis to defend our 2nd amendment right just a couple of 100 people showed up. It made me sick to my stomach. Because of this so prevalent apathy in the minds and hearts of the so very well entertained so call themselves "AMERICANS" who don't give a hoops and who are very well controled under the influence of all the great FLUORIDE they drink every day I think America is nothing more than a SINKING SHIP and we now live in AM3RIKA. Well, this does not mean that we are throwing the towel. Rather we keep on fighting to the end. Thanks for being involved and for informing us all. Keep up the good work.

    1. Leon, like you, I'm afraid America is in the midst of a battle for its soul, and the future doesn't look good. Everything you have listed leaves me saddened and discouraged .... then, as always, I have to turn to God for the hope that gets me through the day. Without Him, we are truly lost!