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January 9, 2013

Finding Our Place In This Time of Fear

     I would imagine that those who read my blog are well aware of the state of our country and the precipice upon which we teeter.  I have my personal opinions as to where the strategies behind the new health care guidelines, economic policies and proposed gun legislation will lead us.  And it is not pretty.  I can feel the palpable fear that is taking hold among our fellow countrymen; there is good reason for it.
     Bloggers such as Matthew Bracken and Bob Owens have spelled out what history has shown to be true and what they see coming.  I invite you to read their honest and outspoken hypotheses.  They are not afraid to represent the voices of millions of Americans who vow to honor our heritage and the sacrifice of those who died to safeguard our liberties and the freedoms for which this country stands. Yet, in the midst of their resolve, and that of the countless citizens who have commented on these posts, I still sense a sadness that we have come this far.

     It is to this point that I wish to write my thoughts today.  I spent yesterday morning in a Bible study about the life of King David.  Our study was interrupted, due to the holidays, and I found myself a little disconnected as to where we were in the storyline.  To be honest, the events of the last few weeks have occupied my mind with serious questions about our future, and the hard decisions that we might soon have to make.  I wasn't sure my heart or my head were in the right place to give God's Word the attention it deserves.  But I knew that, as always, I would receive guidance if I just listened.
     Our Ladies group is engaged in a Beth Moore video study and, as always, I find her perspective inspiring and thought-provoking.  As it were, we were at the point where God spells out His covenant with King David, and the Shepherd-Boy-Turned-King asks, in wonderment, "Who am I ... that you  have brought me this far?"
     And it suddenly dawned on me, that I, and every other red-blooded American, could ask this same question!  Instead of surrendering to our fears and apprehensions, we should be asking ourselves, "How is it that, I, among mankind's long history, should find myself at this turning point in civilization?"  How is it that I have been given this awesome responsibility and this task of representing the rights given by God to all men through the founding of the United States of America?  Therefore, there should be no sadness or fear that we have come this far; instead there should be a sense of privilege and pride that we have been appointed to this place and time.
     As Beth Moore pointed out, at no other time in history, has man been more armed with the Word of God than in this generation.  So, why aren't we using it?   Evil is desperately trying to stamp out the last vestiges of individual liberty and replace God with the false idols of sexual immorality, social equality and dependency upon Authoritarian rule.   Through the internet, through the missionary field and even through visions and dreams, more of the world knows who God is than ever before.  So why are we seeing the decline of this once great country, founded on His principles and promises?
     Could it be that we have failed to discover our place and role at this crucial time?  And that's where the fear comes from?   Should we not embrace the truth that God has brought us into existence at this time; each with particular gifts and specific work to do for His kingdom?  And in undertaking what we have been called to do, we will not only be fulfilling His will and purpose for our lives, but fighting to preserve the goodness of this great nation.  
     Make no mistake!  We will need warriors, for the fight God calls us to will be ferocious.  But we won't all be called to the front lines; there are many battles in which we can serve.  Whether it be parenting and teaching Godly principles to our next generation, modeling the pride that comes from self-sufficiency, or offering hope and encouragement through a helping hand; we all can find our place in His plan.
     This is no time to give in to Fear.  There is no reason to listen to Fear's seductive whispers.  You have a place to stand and a purpose to fulfill.  As for me, I am in awe and filled with wonder that I might possibly bring honor and praise, not only to my country, but ultimately to my God.  Whatever role He calls me to, I will approach it without fear and in full confidence that this is where I'm supposed to be.

Psalm 118:5-6     "From my distress I called upon the Lord; The Lord answered me and set me in a large place. The Lord is for me; I will not fear; What can man do to me?"


  1. This post is why you are a first read every morning. The truth is sometimes hard to see behind all the fears of the age and outside of God's Word. This is the light that I need to see the reason for the training in Evangelism our church is putting in place.
    Prov. 27:17 is true.

    City Dude

    1. "Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." You are so right! During these times in which we find ourselves, we can help lift each other up and encourage ourselves that we are indeed here, at this time, for just such a purpose. And that purpose is to represent God in a sinful world, and stand for His principles. It may sound corny, but we can truly be a light in the darkness. Kudos to your church for honoring our God!