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December 22, 2012

They're Suddenly Awake!

     I am pretty certain that PLW and I are not the only ones;  friends who used to look at us with a skeptical eye whenever we voiced our concerns about SHTF scenarios are now seeking our advice on a myriad of subjects.  They can no longer avoid the economic crisis that is literally two weeks away from impacting every American household.  The horrific tragedy in Connecticut has made them aware how quickly our Constitutionally-guaranteed rights can be threatened.  Suddenly they are concerned about securing their future; whether it be storing extra food, gaining firearms training, or becoming educated on such freedom-threatening topics as Agenda 21, ObamaCare or the National Defense Authorization Act.  Suddenly, they are willing to listen.
     While it may be tempting to say, "I told you so", that doesn't serve our nation.  We need everyone to wake up, and there's no time to waste to get them up to speed.  Frankly, I'm not interested in saving face.  I'm more concerned with helping people take the necessary steps to keep their families safe and secure.  So every phone call was a welcome one.  I'm just glad they have finally taken that all-important first step.

     In that vein, I'd like to share a quick story about a couple with young children that we have come to know through our church.  I will call them George and Mary.  They have three young boys, and Mary home-schools them.  You know how there is usually one out of a couple that is intensely tuned in, while the other prefers to avoid looking the monster in the eye?  Well, in this family, Mary is the one who is clued in.  She instinctively knows her family feels threatened.  With her husband's full support, she independently began preparing.  She took an extended course in identifying which natural plants could be used for medicinal purposes, as well as food.  She learned how to make antiseptics, tinctures and salves from native flora.  It took weeks of painstaking research to identify each plant and learn their properties.  But PLW has been the happy recipient of some of her liniments, and highly sings her praises.
     But Mary called the other day and is ready to take another big step.  She and George have had a serious discussion about how they would defend their family in case of attack.  Mary had long ago designed her plan of protection, should there be a home invasion while she was schooling the boys.  But after the recent shooting sprees, they have realized that Evil is on the rise and they need to be able to protect their family from a more sinister threat.  They have also perceived that Mary is more capable, both mentally and psychologically, to be the Protector should that threat arise.  And I applaud George for not letting his manhood be threatened by this reality.  They have determined that he will be responsible for getting the boys to safety, while Mary is prepared to cover their backs. 
     With that in mind, she took the bull by the horns, and located a firearms retailer that still had a handgun for sale.  As I'm sure you are experiencing, if you haven't secured a firearm for protection by today.... well, good luck with that!  Mary reacted quickly, placed numerous phone calls until she located one more than an hour from her home, and reserved it, to be picked up the next day.  Then, being the smart, perceptive woman she is, she didn't wait until the next day, but drove that night to secure her Second Amendment right.
     She has scheduled professional training and is moving forward with her plan to defend her family, should the need arise.  I am so proud of her and George!  Instead of sticking their heads in the sand, they identified what role each of them could best fill in protecting their family and they moved forward.  I am hopeful that conversations like that took place all over America.  If recent events and proposed legislation isn't enough to scare the pants off each and every citizen, then I'm not sure what delusion you're living under.
     So, if friends, family and even casual acquaintances seem to be waking up..... help them!  Let them come to you and then discern just how serious they are; what information you are willing to share; and in what direction you can point them so that they can do their own research and take the proper steps to meet their needs.  This holiday season is a time for sharing and giving, and nothing could be more important this Christmas than helping a family prepare for the future.

Proverbs 1:22    "How long will you who are simple love your simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge?"


  1. Could you find out more about the course, books, etc your friend used to learn about medicinal herbs? Thank you, that is on my list of skills to start learning!

    1. I will try to find out the books she bought. I do know that it was a local course taught by an individual, but perhaps she can give us a starting point for your studies.