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December 21, 2012

The End Of The World ... Are We Still Here?

     Twenty-six years ago today, PLW and I were married in a small, private wedding before a lit Christmas tree and a crackling fireplace.  As the preacher read us our vows, we were surrounded by family and friends. This marked the beginning of a life together that has taken us amazing places.
     We were oblivious to the fact that December 21st had any prophetic significance.  In fact, we were pretty ignorant of how our life would unfold in general.  All we knew was that we were two kindred souls in love, who were both independent and spontaneous.  We could be happy and content in the simplest circumstances, but also willing to take what some thought were risky chances.
     We believed in God, but in our youthfulness and inexperience, had yet to discover the rewards of fearlessly taking those "leaps of faith" to which He called us.  We little dreamed that our life together would take us down the paths He has led us, or that the world would be so different than we expected.
     We learned to trust.  One of the first "leaps" was to start our own business.  PLW knew that if he used his God-given talent to the best of his ability each day, that the Lord would take care of providing for us.  He has never questioned that provision.  My road was a little bumpier, having to overcome worry and anxiety about having enough to pay the bills.  (I've since learned not to beat myself up so much over this doubt; it's inherent in all women, I think).  But through the years, God has shown me that as long as we trust Him and are faithful to His calling, He will be faithful to us.  I'm so glad He has been patient with me!
     We have moved seven times .... from a newly-married rental house, to our first small home in a new neighborhood, to the perfect upper-middle class house in the suburbs.  We had what would have made most people happy and content.  But we were restless and seeking more from life, so God gave us the opportunity to see how much we would trust Him.  What followed were years of what some might call "wandering in the desert", as we left our "worldly" style of living to embark on God's plan, which included swapping good-paying jobs and multiple cars to once again living in rental properties and scraping by as we built our business.  Thirteen years went by. We spent one 7-year stretch leasing 129 acres with a 1930's farmhouse that we remodeled.  Those were perhaps my toughest years where God tested my faith the most. I had to learn to rid myself of all my own resources and support systems and rely totally on Him.  Once I finally got it .... what a relief!
     I'm sure there were times our friends and family doubted that our course was the wisest, or that our lives would ever result in what society labels as "successful".
     But in the back of my mind, I knew He was preparing a place for us; someplace that would be the perfect home for us.  I just didn't know when that would happen.  The year was 2008.  We bought a small piece of property and built (with our own hands, sweat & blood) a house and studio for our business, completing it two months before all hell cut loose in our economy.  Think God's timing isn't absolutely perfect?
     Since then we have stayed the course, listening for His instructions and strengthening our prayer life and knowledge of His Word.  Even in the midst of the uncertainty and the frightening implications for our nation, these last four years have been among the most focused and tranquil I've experienced.  God's provision has been steady and His blessings consistent.  I have come to realize that He wants to give me more than my limited human mind can even comprehend.  I just need to be open to receive it. His faithfulness has been overwhelming!  PLW and I both feel we were born for this time, and are sure of our path forward.
      There are those who say today will mark the End of the World.  I don't worry much about what others say; if my God decides it will be so, then I will be happy to celebrate not only 26 years of an exciting life with my soulmate and best friend, but the opportunity to look upon the face of Jesus.  If life goes on, then I can't wait to see what God has planned for us next.  As my favorite Christmas movie declares, It's Been A Wonderful Life!

Psalm 89:28      "I will maintain my love to him forever, and my covenant with him will never fail." 


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY FRIEND! I hope you both have many wonderful years together and continue to put your faith in God as you have to lead you where He needs you. Have a great day.


  2. Blessings upon you and PLW for your journey. May He bless your household for the next step into the adventure.

  3. Well Congratulations and HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY anniversary to you both! What a great commemoration and what a great success story.
    Have a wonderful day, a wonderful Christmas season and happy New Year. Here's hoping you'll be around to celebrate your anniversary for whatever the NEXT Mayan apocalypse thingy turns out to be. :-)