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November 9, 2012

Where Do We Go From Here?

     As the days pass, we try to grasp the dynamics of the American people and what values they voted for during this Election.  We're beginning to hear all the different explanations and excuses:  we are changing from a society of workers to a nation of victims; there was widespread voter fraud; people saw no clear-cut choice between the two candidates -- if you actually studied the records of both, they were eerily similar; both have embraced Big Government; therefore people stayed home.  The actual turnout for 2012 was less than that of 2008.
     But the time for dissection and analysis is over.  It is the time to regain our center of balance and plot our way forward.  This is not a time to feel defeated or dejected.  We are at this point, whether we like it or not, and we need to make the best of it.  Make no mistake, I'm not spreading a "lollipops and roses" outlook.  Things are going to get unpleasant, to put it mildly.  This will mean rising costs in everything ..... taxes, food, utilities, housing, commodities.  There will be more regulations on everything .... our businesses, our healthcare, our retirements.  Our Constitutional rights, especially the 2nd Amendment, will come under extreme attack.  The religious freedoms of Christians will be restrained, while we will be forced to accept gay marriage, abortion and Sharia law.
     I am not pointing out these troubling implications from the Election to further depress you.  These are not new issues --- we saw them coming over the last few years.  So now that these issues are more than likely going to be our new reality, we must steel ourselves and create a shield against further encroachments on our beliefs and standards, and ready our spear to defend the last bastion that is our God-given freedoms.  If we won't stand now, then when?
     I heard an excellent commentary today that pointed out this interesting aspect:  what we do during the coming years, and how we regard the changing culture of our country, will determine our success in overcoming this hostile environment in which we find ourselves.  If we have a chance of recapturing the essence of America, then we must figure out a way to navigate the coming "wilderness" and become an advocate for reform.
     Just like Jeremiah warned the Israelites just before they were taken into captivity and marched to Babylon, the re-building of America will be neither short-term, nor easy.  We already see a divided populace; we are far apart on so many issues, with neither side willing to compromise their values.  Indeed, as Christians, we cannot compromise our Biblical principles and beliefs.  So what do we do when finding ourselves facing such a foreign and alien landscape?
     I referenced Jeremiah in a post, way back last December, with this specific Scripture about God's plan to give His people in exile hope and a future.  Reread this quick post.  It is most applicable in our current circumstances and was echoed in the commentary I heard today.
     In a nutshell, here is where I think we go from here .... we continue to do what we know is right; what we have to do to survive exile in our own country.  We strengthen our families.  We reinforce our Christian roots and fortify our Churches with God's Truth, not the world's.  We begin taking our schools and educational systems back.  We stepped away from our duty to safeguard our history and our Judeo-Christian principles, and let the likes of Madelyn Murray O-Hair and godless Communistic influences dictate what our children are taught.  We build up our communities at the grass-roots level; teaching and modeling a strong work ethic and pride in self-sufficiency --- teach our citizens how to achieve, rather than how to receive.  We also need to toughen up and become bolder in representing our conservative values; we can no longer sit on the sidelines.  Get involved in everything from your School Board to your local elections to joining an activist group.  Speak up and speak often.
     As the commentator stated this morning, "It took the Progressives 100 years to accomplish their goals.  They were patient and picked away at our institutions while we stayed silent and let it happen."  Do not get discouraged!  The Tea Party didn't exist just four years ago, and they made dramatic inroads on the political scene.  Let's not lose this momentum.  Let's play it smart and play it for the long-term.
     But I want you to be clear on this concept:  we are in for a long period of repair and reconstruction.  This erosion didn't happen overnight, and our liberties will not be restored quickly .... perhaps not even in my lifetime.  But we can begin to build on the foundation and vision that have been reawakened in the American psyche.  We can instill in the next generation a respect and hunger for what our God planted on this continent over 230 years ago.  And we can show both our misguided countrymen and our enemies that we don't give up.  We believe in fighting for freedom, and recognize that while our God has allowed us to continue along this path, He will toughen us and temper us into a people who will one day reclaim our heritage.   Let's begin today!

Psalm 80:7     "Restore us, God Almighty; make your face shine on us, that we may be saved."

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