A Modern Woman's Perspective On The Kingdom of God on Earth

November 7, 2012

Press On

     I am writing this post as the truth is sinking in ..... the much-hoped for resurrection of America is fading from sight.  As an intelligent Twitterer just wrote, "Between free stuff and freedom, free stuff won."
     As much as this discourages me, I will not give in to fear, apprehension or panic.  While there may be a huge disconnect among a majority of the populace about the true state of our country, I am fully aware of what is at stake.  And I know you are, too.  When you think about it, we have been preparing for this over the last four years.  We have seen it coming, and told ourselves that maybe, just maybe, we still had time to change the course of events.
     Whether it is God's judgment or just poor judgment on the part of voters, the United States of America will clearly be a different nation in the coming months and years.  But there are two things you must understand.  First: The spirit of freedom is not dead.  Those of us who believe in the exceptionalism of America will not suddenly abandon our vision, give up on our goals, or adopt the entitlement mentality.
     We will do tomorrow what we did yesterday ..... continue to advance the ideas of personal liberty; support and defend the Constitution; and keep alive the ideals of our forefathers.  We will work harder at becoming more self-sufficient; expanding our skills and learning to live in a simpler manner.
     I will leave the second-guessing to the political pundits.  I will not waste one moment rehashing the campaign or the election, and I will not be looking to blame someone else.
     I will put my head down and work harder to secure my little corner of the world, while looking forward to educating others about how to protect theirs.  If we are honest with ourselves, we knew before this election, that the die had been cast.  The path we are on is unsustainable, and a different President was only going to buy us a short reprieve before it all unravels.
     So nothing has really changed.  What we have been preparing for is most likely going to happen a little faster.  You have been in training, so now is the time to get in control of your thoughts and your plans; and for lack of a better message .... deal with it!  You know what to do.  Just do it!
     The second thing we need to embrace, and most important, is that God is still in control.  It is time to move beyond the body politic and get in sync with the body of Christ.  No politician, nation, state or society can improve your life like a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Yes, we still have to get up tomorrow and go to work to support our families.  And we are obviously still concerned about the economy, rising taxes and the Middle East.  But there is a greater reality waiting for those who trust in Him to be their guiding light.
     We are at a crossroads, make no mistake about it.  And we are more than likely going to experience our future in a very different America.  But we have not changed!  We are still God-fearing freedom-lovers, with a never-give-up attitude.  I will still continue on the journey God has set before me, and work just as diligently for the things I believe in.  I will read my Bible each day, talk to Him more, preserve our history, not give in to despondency or tyranny, and get ready for some hard times.
     I suggest that you do the same.  Now is not the time to bemoan the situation we find ourselves in.  Now is the time to dig deep, know who you really are, and get prepared.  We are not defeated.  We are standing strong and going about the business of who God made us to be.  We will keep the flame of freedom alive, and we will endure whatever comes our way.  Never forget:  He will neither abandon nor forsake us.  We can do this!

2 Timothy 4:4-5     "They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.  But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry [work or service]."


  1. Thank you for your words. I need them this morning. I felt such sadness this morning when I saw the results. I don't know why I was surprised. I guess I just hoped for something different. As my husband left for work he reminded me God is sovereign in all. We need to keep our eyes on this truth and keep preparing. (Just as you have said) Lord help us remember to turn our eyes upon you and the truth of the scripture. The end has already been written and our God Reigns. He will never leave us or forsake us and one day those who have put their full trust in him will be with him. Our time here is just a vapor and we will be with him for eternity.

  2. Your husband is a very wise man. This life is temporary and we should definitely do everything we can to make it the best we can. That includes preparing for hard times, but also helping those who don't know Christ to come to a healing relationship with Him. His authority reigns over all, and when we stay centered in Him, we can remain calm throughout the storms and chaos of this world. Remember, we're one day closer to His return!

  3. I believe this:

    at the DNC convention - the delegates voted 3 times to include God and Israel in their platform (in an amendment) - voice vote was clear that they voted 'nay'... Yet the leaders of the party said the 'Yays' won - (a lie). So the Democratic party denied God 3 times (where have I read THAT before?), and supported a lie....

    I have read now that 4 states voted to support gay marriage - God deems that an abomination.

    A couple of states (including my Blue state of Colorado) voted *FOR* legalizing Marijuana....

    America voted for democratic principles - God sees that.

    We told our girls this morning as they were heading out to school (2 at a private Christian Highschool, one at a community college) that this is what 'guilt by association' is - we don't support what has gone on - yet America as a country has voted FOR being against God - we are all guilty..... oy....

    We are to work on our own little worlds - fighting for freedom.... yet, I still ask....

    Who is John Galt?

    May God have mercy on us....


    1. Rory, we need to remember that we are NOT alone! Half of the country feels as we do, and our Lord knows our hearts and has a plan.... so never give up hope! Keep your eye on the prize and teach your girls that you this country is worth fighting for. Show them that trials just make us stronger!

  4. I wanted to read your post first this morning because I knew it would be encouraging, thank you for that.
    I will continue to put my trust in the Lord, He stills controls human history. We can't step out of time and see the whole plan of God, but I know that "all things work together for good to those who love God."
    I will continue with my prepping, maybe a little harder now.


    1. And remember that He has a plan for those He calls His own ... a plan to prosper us and not harm us; a plan to give us hope and a future. The future may not look like we had planned on, but He knows best and we must never question His wisdom. Trust and endurance will see us through!

  5. This was helpful this morning. It's been overwhelming and at the same time, nothing to do but keep after it. Store more food and bullets, and pray.

    1. We are not the only society in the history of the world who has been disappointed with the direction of their leaders. But remember that our God is in charge of our history and has supreme authority over governments of the world. His will be done! Stay in His light and we will get through this together!

  6. Awoke this morning to hear my wife whisper the results. She couldn't sleep and checked the TV at 12:30 AM but didn't want to tell me the outcome until I awoke. I was just SO heart-broken and really had a difficult time processing what 50% of our nation believes. It bothered me until I reread Hebrews Chpt. 11. That did it for me ! Brought clarity to realize - come what may - it was time for us to really show what we are made of. FAITH ! Able, Abraham, Jacob, Sarah, Paul - so MANY ! I suppose there will be those that can't understand how WE " persevere " with faith as our bedrock belief - but that is what it must be ! Over and over He is telling us that FAITH is the one thing he expects of us .... especially us N.T. believers who have had so much revealed. I actually felt humbled by realizing how shallow my faith must appear to Him at times.
    To all who read this - FAITH in HIM is ENOUGH !

    1. You are absolutely right! We are moping around because our perfect paradise called the United States of America has lost its' bearings. But we need to have a serious talk with ourselves and come to the realization that our faith is not to be in politicians, political parties, the value of the dollar or even the Constitution. Our FAITH is to be focused on the One who created us and who will help us persist, suffer through, and survive, come what may. We need to take our eyes off what the world is telling us is important and commit ourselves to following His path, which is laid out before us. Our faith will then infuse us with confidence, conviction, optimism and hope. Where He is leading us surpasses anyplace we can imagine. Let's show the world how followers of Jesus Christ conduct themselves when exercising their faith!