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October 25, 2012

How Are You Holding Up?

Sorry about the delay in the post today!  For some reason, I didn't set the time for the post to publish, and I was traveling today, so it went unnoticed.  That is until a friend and faithful reader texted me to make sure I hadn't disappeared.  So glad that someone is watching out for me!     

     The signs are everywhere.  The stress of an uncertain future can be seen in troubled marriages; anxiety over the loss of jobs and reduced retirement; worries over health care issues and policies; uneasiness due to media overload; confusion over whether to spend limited assets on prepping, and even more disconcerting .... just how and what to prepare for!
     We hear it on the nightly news or read about it online ..... Economic Analysts Predict Fiscal Cliff .... European Debt Crisis To Spill Over To U.S. .... Al-Queda Making a Comeback; Threatens Israel and U.S. ... Mysterious Meningitis Outbreak .... Government Stockpiling Ammunition .... all these headlines seep into our national consciousness and result in fearfulness, distress and sleepless nights.
     We have a national election on the horizon that will determine the fate of our country and the world. It's less than two weeks away and everyone is on edge.  This must be how it felt before the Civil War; the most devastating time in our history.  You can feel it in the air -- we are a polarized nation and it doesn't seem as if we can find our compass.
     You worry about how you will protect your family from a crisis that could come at any moment, and from any direction.  You are awake and have your eye on national and global events, knowing that the world's stability is fragile.  You have a growing realization that you only have yourself to rely on.
     Sometimes you feel alone.  Relatives and close friends don't have the clarity you do, and you fear that they will be caught off-guard; lacking the means to defend or provide for themselves.  That weighs heavy on your heart.  You've talked til you're blue in the face and they continue to see through rose-colored glasses.  How are you going to respond when they expect you to share your hard-earned reserves?
     Who do you trust?  The conspiracy nuts tell us that every phone call and keystroke are monitored.  Could that be true?  Are you on some list that declares you a threat?  Should you take the stand that your inner voice tells you is the right and moral thing to do --- or should you play it safe and hope someone else will be willing to pay the price?
     If the worst case scenario happens, and TEOTWAWKI becomes our new reality, how will the young and the old fare in these extreme circumstances?  What if we are facing a crisis in the middle of winter?  Our most vulnerable members of society need to be safeguarded.  The responsibility for saving your family, the nation and your soul is essential.  Failure is not an option.
     So, if some or all of these thoughts have flashed across your consciousness, you should know that you are not alone.  It's how you choose to cope with these concerns that will determine your level of success in managing them.  We are all different, and I do not suppose that I can give a one-size-fits-all solution.  I can only tell you how I keep it all together.
     Instead of being led by a divergent array of news sources, I have researched and made a determination of those that I feel provide an honest and trustworthy version of world events.  My time is too precious to fill my brain with non-essential or wildly speculative information.  I just want to keep my finger on the pulse, not be hooked up to a news-IV.
     I rely on a very small group of like-minded friends who allow me to release steam and keep me from being consumed by an over-active imagination.  We keep each other grounded and reminded that life still  has to be lived.  There is still joy in watching wildflowers blooming in the pasture and listening to rain on my tin roof.
     I take great comfort in taking action; preparing in small, yet significant ways.  Planting a garden and then canning my yield is visible evidence that I have moved towards self-sufficiency.  Stocking up on essential medications, extra toothpaste and peanut butter give me a peace of mind.
     Admittedly, these are all small things and will not change the course of events.  I figured out quite awhile ago that circumstances are out of my control.  But there is lots I can do to insulate myself.  My faith is the most important security that I have.  I am a child of God.  He is Sovereign and in control of all His creation.  Ultimately, my destiny is in His hands and its my job to live my life, no matter under what circumstances, in a way that is pleasing to Him.  That includes living a moral, ethical life; standing up for His principles and giving glory to Him in all that I do.
     That doesn't mean that things will go smoothly or the way I desire.  But maybe, just maybe, I can live without compromising my values, help a person or two along the way, and stand for something that will leave my mark on this planet.  If I can accomplish that, I will be satisfied.

Psalm 91:1-2        Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.  I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”


  1. Belle,
    Your post today has hit spot on with every emotion I have. I am stressed with daily living at home here, taking care of elderly parents, dealing with how to put meals on the table, and pay the little household bills I have. Then to deal with the bombing of all of the news, and election and worldwide events, I feel like a hamster in a wheel going no where.
    Some nights I do not sleep. I get up, I go into my pantry/storage room, going over what I need to add to my supplies and what I would like to add if I have enough money to do so. I get to the point of should of, would of, could of emotions.
    I guess I am at the point of thinking that I am somewhat ok at this point. I have no idea what will happen, or when. I just have to be in my faith and be ok with that.
    Thank you for being the rock that we all look to to help in these times of uncertainy.
    Hold Fast

  2. I thank you for the compliment, but believe me, I am no different than anyone else. I have my good days and my bad days, and even when I'm down in the dumps there is a certainty deep within me that I am on the right path and I am not being delusional about the state of the world. I had a sleepless night last night, too, and when I feel like we're just floundering and about to sink, I just hold on tight to my realization that I can't fix it.... only God can. I just stay focused on Him and know that what I'm feeling is normal and to be expected for those of us who are "watchmen". I have 4 or 5 Bible verses that I recite to myself over and over, along with a personal "testimony" about who Jesus is, and before you know it, I am granted peace of mind and fall into a deep sleep. Please know that you are not alone! We are all feeling the increased pressure and stress, but we ARE the ones who have been placed here at this time to take a stand. Whenever you feel exhausted, lean on Him first, and then in the knowledge that there are millions just like us; each taking it one day at a time. We will make it through this!

  3. Hi Belle,

    I'm so glad everything is okay! I always come back in from the barn in the morning and jump on the computer and go right to your blog and when there wasn't a new post today, I thought to myself, I hope all was well and maybe you were traveling. Just me, the miss worry person that I am! Your post today, as you said, is what so many of us are feeling. Thanks again as your other reader implied for helping us all wade through this together.

  4. Whew...a small taste of "Grid Down" when my first-check-in-the-morning blogger hadn't updated yesterday. What to do when there's no new information? Glad it was just a glitch and not a zombie break-out in the Heartland.
    See? Now there's proof for PLW that cell phones do have some practical utility. Just tell him it's 'sexist' that you're the one who has to carry it! (Doing my part for marital harmony today.)
    Have a great weekend. - GEJ

    1. OOOH! Good argument to take to PLW! Maybe he'll listen to you! And I'm going to try to not miss anymore post schedules! This next week we are going to be serving our Wounded Warriors at Fort Sam in SA, so I will be writing posts late at night after being on my feet for 15 or 16 hours. I really want to share our experience with everyone, so hope my fatigue doesn't show through my words. Have a good weekend, too!

    2. Way to go! I really look forward to hearing about your time there. These young men and women are our Nation's finest. Just don't stay too long so you can get home to vote. I can tell you that American Veterans will be very well served if we see a change in the Administration.