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June 15, 2012

My Mind Just Can't Comprehend It All!

    The news of this week has truly been bizarre!  Just reading the headlines makes my head spin!  I read and watch a variety of news sources; mostly alternative news (I just can't stomach mainstream!), survivalist news sites, Christian news sources (world view with Christian insight), and podcasts of experts on everything from finances and the economy, to what world events say about the Second Coming of Christ.  I know..... it sounds like a hodge-podge of questionable material, but I'm no longer content to be spoon-fed whatever those in authority want us to know.  For instance, have you heard about any of these headlines from the last few days?

-- American's Wealth Collapses 40% Over The Last Three Years

-- Cannibalism on the Streets of Miami

-- Islamic Scholar:  We Hope To 'Raise the Banner of the Caliphate Over the Vatican'

-- Holocaust Museum Defaced With Graffiti Written in Hebrew Thanking Hitler for Mass Killings

-- Reports Coming From Family Members of Attack on US Naval Forces In Strait of Hormuz

-- Nuclear Coverup:  Explosions, Military Helicopters Filmed Near Blacked Out Radiation Zone

     The picture these news items paint is a far cry from the "everything is good; we're on our way to recovery" intellectual fare spouted by the talking heads at the major networks.  There are a lot of Americans suffering, and we are afraid.  That first headline tells you exactly why.  People are seeing their hard-earned savings disappear in their efforts to just keep their heads above water.
     We feel it in our household.  When you are self-employed, there is no weekly paycheck from which you budget.   Businesses and customers are cutting back, and everyone's bottom line has decreased.  There is no confidence among the American people that we are coming out of this economic slide, and everyone is on edge.
     Then you see the absolutely unbelievable news about cannibalism and you can't believe what you're reading!  Everyone just assumed that the CDC's warning about a "zombie apocalypse" was some kind of farce.  But this is real!  You can even look at a picture of the cannibalized victim if you want!  And the reports are on the increase!  But if it is mentioned at all, it's at the end of the broadcast; as a  bizarre "human interest" story.
     We are called racists and haters when we try to sound the alarm against the spread of Sharia Law and fundamentalist Islam, yet when the Dean of Koranic Studies at the Islamic University of Gaza, explains that the eventual goal of the Islamic Palestinians is to first reclaim their nation, and then go on to re-conquer Spain and take over the Vatican, not a single word is broadcast from our mainstream news sources.  But you can read his interview here.
     And if that's not enough, the Yad Vashem, the main museum in Israel commemorating the six million Jews who were killed by the Nazi regime during the Second World War was defaced by vile graffiti.  A group calling themselves "the global cynical mafia" took credit for the various slogans, all ridiculing the nation state of Israel.  Did you read about it or hear it on the nightly news?  And do you still think there is not a global hatred of Israel?
     The one story that has me really concerned is the story about the USS Enterprise in the Strait of Hormuz.  This story seems to have some legitimacy, yet after several days of stonewalling, the US Navy has now issued a statement that it is false.  Yet sailors on board had reportedly told family members of witnessing an attack by jets, and there were possibly injuries or even a death.  Centcom initially refused to comment, and then after pressure was mounted, finally made a statement denying the event.  But there is enough doubt associated with an article published by Stand Up America, to warrant further investigation.  Where are our journalists and news reporting agencies?
     And then last, but not least, is the crazy story that is just breaking as I type this blog post (June 12th).      Apparently radiation levels near the border of Indiana and Michigan registered several hundred times their normal levels, and witnesses reported hearing explosions and seeing military aircraft flying over the area.  The EPA quickly removed the site from scrutiny, and in spite of photos and eyewitness accounts, the whole episode is being ignored.  It seems so incredible, that at first I was inclined to disregard it.  But after reading the story and some of the comments from people who live in the area, there is enough of a legitimate question, that I'm wondering if any of the media outlets will investigate, much less report on this phenomenon?  It will be interesting to see if, by the time this post is published, there is any confirmation of this event, or an "official" explanation -- or will it just be shoved under the rug as further rantings by the "crazy conspiracy nuts".
     So, I guess my whole purpose for writing this post is to vent.  This is just one of those days where I feel the whole world is topsy turvy and nothing makes sense.  I find it hard to make idle chit-chat with friends of old, who I feel I no longer have anything in common with.  When they ask, "What have you been up to?" I just want to say "Nothing you would understand or even be interested in hearing about."  I don't care to hear their recipe for the latest "cool summer alcoholic beverage" or offer my opinion on how they are wearing their hair, anymore than they want to discuss any of these headlines or hear about my search for the optimal way to carry my concealed weapon.  And that doesn't even come close to the chasm that exists over our preparing for TEOTWAWKI.  How did we drift so far apart?  And the saddest part of it all is that I know in my soul that I will never reach them for the Lord.  I've tried in so many ways, and they just don't want to hear it anymore than they want to hear my warnings for the future.
     So today is one in which I find myself contemplating the "truths" of my life --- what is really of importance in my world --- not the superficial, "feel good" thoughts and events that everyone else wants to focus on, but what I can do (and what I need to know) to make my little portion of the world a better place for me and the people God has put in my life.   I will seek His will for my life, and not worry about meeting society's standards.  I will pay attention to what He puts before me, and ignore what the world wants me to see.  It may be a lonely path, but it will be so much richer with God as my guide. 

Proverbs 4:7      "The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding."


  1. Like you, BR, I have no friends or anything in common with anyone here, so I just do my daily routines, and now I am getting ready to can and process garden stuff or dehydrate what I can out of the garden. I live a very mundane existence according to everyone else, I do not speak of it to anyone.
    We are really tight on the budget, being retired but we are not deprived and do not go hungry. I am just trying to purchase items for my pantry, and have emergency supplies, lamp oil, and things I can afford, done slowly but surely.
    I try to keep up with the news, but sometimes I just can't take it anymore, and currently where I live, we have a two week festival that makes living around here nearly impossible, with the drugs and drinking, you do not go out too much.
    I guess, all we can do is just "do".
    Great post today.

    1. What I am realizing is that God is pointing me in this direction. I just spent all day canning (and my results will be posted next week). I don't seem to have any interest in the "social" things of the world anymore. I am just trying to get myself geared up for hard times. I keep asking God to reveal to me what he wants me to do and where I am to stand, but I think He is telling me to keep preparing and stay in His Word. So that is where my heart has been lately. And I can tell you are in the same place. So just keep forging ahead with your plans and stay strong!

  2. Your post really hit home with me. These are the same thoughts I've been having. Our world is indeed upside down.

    I think the only thing that can save our Country is for Christians to wake up and take the word of God seriously not just on Sunday but everyday. We need believers advancing to spiritual maturity. Then and only then will God bless this Country again.

    Piute Patriot

    1. You are so right! Those who are not Believers are running out of time. God is making it plain that He is not happy with our country or the world, for that matter. Evil abounds and we must turn to Him! And those of us who among the faithful, must prepare for hardships and persecution. Hopefully, we will be able to wake up others before it's too late!

  3. I feel the same way that you do. It is hard to find common interests with others who have no idea, and don't care to learn, about the realities around us. Once in a while I get little clues at church that tell me not everyone is oblivious, but that doesn't happen too often. I believe that God opens our eyes and minds to His purposes, but those who don't have a relationship with Him are blinded. It is hard when those you love don't see the truth, but I think all we can do for them is to pray.

    1. Yes, I'm so afraid that many I love will be filled with fear and panic when things fall apart. I have talked until I'm blue in the face and they still refuse to listen, so my last line of defense is like yours --- I will continue to lift them up in prayer. That's about all there is left to do. And I'm just so sad about the start of the American people!

  4. It's a difficult thing to take to heart the knowledge that -as the song says -" He Walks With You and HE Talks With You ", ... to REALLY have evidence that when you commune with your Lord, he finds a way to bring confirmation of His presence among your daily activities. Prepping is like that for us, we know the reasons we do it , wish that others would see the immediacy of it, and don't feel the slightest bit " Odd" about how we go about building a refuge for us for when the schumar occurs. Perhaps WE ARE TO BE THE LIGHT when the darkness begins ... ( and it will and IS ! ) and can only be a help to others at that time if we ourselves are SPIRITUALLY , Financially, Emotionally strong.

  5. I agree! I think these times are causing each of us to dig deep and really figure out what we believe and where we stand. While conflict with others is not the desired outcome, I am willing to cross some relationships and friendships off my list, if it means I have to compromise my faith. In the end, I want to stand before the Lord without shame, and with the knowledge that I served Him and his statues well. Thank you for your well-spoken comment!

  6. I know how you feel, straining to make idle chit chat when what you really want to talk about are things which are much more important. My friends and relatives listen to me good-humoredly and patiently sometimes, although in the past one relative told me not to be so negative.

    And get this - my pastor asked me awhile back to stop talking about "end times" in the church because it "scares people." First off, it may sound like I'm talking about end times but I have been talking about the present time, and what is likely to occur soon. Secondly, and I told the pastor's wife this, if someone is scared by the end times, they have a faith problem and need to deal with it. What are they going to do when things really start happening, these things that scare them? They need to get used to the idea now. Yeshua talked about end times, John the Baptist, and many of the prophets. It's almost like he's going against the Word when he doesn't want to talk about "end times."

    My pastor also thinks my preparing is a result of "fear" and he believes fear is a sin. I have tried to no avail to get him to understand that it's a matter of practicality. If he goes to the grocery store to buy food for the week, why does he do that when according to the logic he's using, he should just be able to say "here I am, God...I'm obeying your commands, so...provide for me." I've tried explaining that He provides by making sure we're employed and can purchase or grow food. So what's the harm in purchasing it a little earlier if it saves us money because of the coming hyperinflation? (He thinks I "fear" hyperinflation too.) God also provides by giving us the knowledge of what's coming and the wisdom to know what to do about it. The trick is to not put your faith in your provisions because anything could happen to them - flood, fire, theft, or you becoming a refugee.

    1. Lisa -- I, too, came into disagreement with my long-time pastor over the teachings of the Church. He accused me of holding on to an old "paradigm" instead of embracing a new, "emerging" paradigm, which of course is a code word for the apostate church of the end times. I'm totally on board with you, and we must remember, that the time of persecution for those of us who won't submit to the "world system" is just beginning. We must stand strong in our faith and listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. He will gird us for what is coming. And I contend that we are not full of fear, but being "watchmen" for the coming of our Lord. We are the 5 virgins who are filling our lamps in preparation for the Groom. Stand strong, Sister!