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April 19, 2012

Product Recommendation: "The Puck"; A Multi-Purpose Tool Sharpener

     I decided to interview my husband, the Peace-Loving Warrior, for this post.  He was a knife-maker in a former life (both fixed blades and folders), and is really the expert on this specific product.
     "The Puck" is a compact multi-purpose tool sharpener and we both feel that it is an invaluable tool for the self-sustaining person, whether you are a man or a woman.  "The Puck" is made by Lansky, and in the interest of full disclosure, PLW wants you to know that he has generally not been impressed with Lanksy's products.  Here's what he has to say:
     "I think the Lanksy sharpening system is functional, and may fill a small void for the basic beginner, but all in all, I find Lansky products overly complicated and relatively expensive and gimmicky.  With that being said, Lanksy's newest product, called "The Puck" is outstanding for the niche it fills."
     For those of you interested in leading a completely self-sustaining lifestyle, as well as those who are weekend gardeners, "The Puck" is designed to sharpen large work blades .... hoes, shovels, axe blades, mauls, grubbing hoes, mower blades, hatchets and machetes.  They are all well-served by this simple tool.
     PLW wants to emphasize that "The Puck" is not a knife sharpener, it is a tool sharpener.  "What I like about "The Puck" is that it easily maintains the edge on your implements.  In the past, I've typically relied on a mill file or carbide pull-type sharpener for this kind of tool sharpening.  And there will be times when these two items are the best solution.  But the file and carbide sharpeners usually remove too much metal from your implement and shorten its life; especially machetes which have thin, flexible blades.  Files and carbides should be used to remove nicks and gaps, and preparing extremely dull blades for final sharpening with "The Puck".
     See why I relied on his knowledge and expertise on this topic? Instead of just passing on this information to you, I felt it was important for you to hear from someone who has had experience with the product.  And we all know that dull tools create more work and generally make your efforts more difficult.  I think we can all agree that if TEOTWAWKI hits, having your hand tools sharp and in tip-top shape will make short order of your work.
     Sharp hoes make weeding and maintenance a breeze; dull hoes only push offensive weeds deeper into the soil.  Sharp shovels, in even the most packed soil, lessens the pressure on your back and legs.  According to PLW, where "The Puck" really shines is with machetes, axes and hatchets.  "I like a sharp, but somewhat ragged edge for these tools --- much like sharp tin.  The Puck's medium grit side is perfect for those edges.  Let me explain:  The Puck has a dual grit; a coarse side for badly worn edges that need to be reshaped; and a medium grit side for finer blade work."
     As you can see from the photos below, PLW demonstrated the use of "The Puck" and he used a few drops of honing oil to make short order of his little Norlund kindling hatchet.  The honing oil serves to lift the tiny particles of metal that the stone is removing, and keeps them from clogging the stone and therefore, reducing its effectiveness. 

     "The Puck" is inexpensive (about $5-$8); compact and easy to carry in your pocket, toolbox, or backpack.  So I hope you will consider adding it to your stash of prep gear.  If the zombies breach your perimeter, a sharp machete might be the perfect answer, don't you think?  And according to PLW, "The Puck, a 10 inch mill file by Nicholson (with handle), and an AccuSharp carbide pull sharpener are the three necessary items to meet your tool needs."
     So take it from my expert and order "The Puck".  Your edges will be sharp and you'll never have another excuse for a dull blade again!

Hebrews 4:12     "For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart."

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