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April 5, 2012

Finally! A Good, Inexpensive Red Dot Sight

     "Good" and "Inexpensive" are mutually exclusive when it comes to red dot sights.  There are cheap sights, but they tend to be of lower quality.  And good red dot sights usually cost an arm and a leg.  So most shooters cut a corner and buy what they can afford.  And boy, that can come back and bite you hard!
      So, if you haven't heard, I want to introduce you to the Bushnell TRS-25.  If you check it out, Bushnell is getting some rave reviews on the net.  My husband, the Peace-Loving Warrior, just topped off my new Sig 522 with a TRS-25, and it has been amazing on this lightweight rifle. It performed flawlessly in a recent tactical rifle class I took.  But the real test was an all-day pounding on top of his last AK build (thanks to J.H.).  Even the beating of those .30 cal bullets didn't phase the little TRS.
     It's known for holding a solid zero and taking somewhat of a beating.  And it sure got put through the mill (and believe me, PLW is hard on equipment!)  So, at an average price of $100 (a bit cheaper on the net), the TRS is a good solution for a great price.  Here are some of the specs that make it worthy of your consideration:

1)   a 3MOA dot (size of the dot you're looking at in the sight)
2)   3000+ hour battery life with one 2032 battery (a little, flat watch battery)
3)   Waterproof and fogproof up to 10 feet
4)   Two-year warranty
5)   11 position rheostat control with O-ring
6)   Rubber lens covers
7)   Mounts on a standard picatinny rail
8)   Unlimited eye relief
9)   Great for shooting with either both eyes open, or just one

     For us women, the red dot sight means faster target acquisition and a generally simplified shooting format.  It's as easy as ..... Put the dot on the target; Press the trigger: Reset the sear (also known as catching the link); and Move to the next target.
     And my experience has shown that night shooting with my 522 was no problem.  Targets from 35 yards to 75 yards were easy hits.  (It may have taken a littler longer for my .22 to reach the target than a .30 cal, but the consistent "plinking sound" was evidence that I had hit my mark!)  And I give full credit for my accuracy to the TRS-25.
     In summation, there are better red dots if you want to spend more money.  And I'm pretty sure if you are a Navy Seal in the Sand Box, this probably isn't the sight for that tac op mission.  But if you're looking for a great red dot sight for your pistol, rifle or shotgun, you can't go wrong with the TRS-25.  Check it out and I think you'll be impressed.

Psalm 19:14    "May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer."

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