A Modern Woman's Perspective On The Kingdom of God on Earth

April 15, 2012

2 Corinthians 4:13

"It is written:  'I believed; therefore I have spoken.'  With that same spirit of faith we also believe and therefore speak."

The Apostle Paul

   Paul quotes Psalms 116:10, in which the psalmist speaks of a faith that moved him to call on the Lord when he was threatened.  Paul emphasizes that this same spirit of faith leads to our testimony.
     I have to admit that I am feeling terribly threatened in these times.  I fear the encroaching powers of the government upon my God-given liberties.  I feel threatened by the growing violence and racism that is being fostered by political groups with agendas.  I am disheartened by the lax morals and ethics I see displayed throughout our society.  I am increasingly dispirited over the falling away I see among my fellow Christians and Churches.  And I fear for the safety and the salvation of the nation of Israel.
     But like the psalmist, I know that man offers only a false hope for deliverance from these threats.  No national or world leader can fix these problems.  Therefore I rely and call on the Lord.  It is within His power and authority to deliver us, should He decide to do so.  And my faith urges me to speak out; He is the only way out of this mess.
     I hear a lot of talk about a Third Great Awakening in this country.  Lord knows, it is desperately needed!  And I am seeing a quickening of the Spirit among the truly faithful; those who are seeking guidance and direction from our Sovereign God.  People of the faith are becoming bolder and speaking out.  They are gathering in small private groups; delving into the Scriptures, seeking more knowledge and truth.  
     I am personally involved with two such groups.  And where, only a couple of years ago, I might have hesitated to invite others to join me in such spiritual pursuit, I have found people are just as hungry to know the Lord's will in these idolatrous times as I am!  And we are all speaking boldly because of the flame burning inside each of us.  We are gaining more insight and being renewed inwardly.
     We know that the experiences and circumstances of this world may become painful, but they are fleeting.  We are banding together to stay focused on the eternal.  And we pray for patience, strength and endurance; to be fearless in the face of trouble and intimidation.
     Make no mistake, I am not equating myself with the Apostle Paul.  He was a giant among Believers.  But I will take my place among the faithful of the ages, and proclaim my belief and trust in the Lord.  I believe, therefore I speak.        

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