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December 23, 2011

The Best SHTF Gun

     When it comes to personal protection, my motto is you can't have too much fire power.  My Glock .26 is the perfect carry and self-defense gun for me, but when it comes to a real-life SHTF (Sh** Hits The Fan) scenario, I really like my Ruger 10/22.  And at $199, it's a lot of dependable, shootable gun for the money.
     And there have been some improvements that rank it right up there as one of the best survival guns.      Prior to introducing the Ruger BX-25 mags, your only option was 10-rounders.  Ram Line and Butler Creek came out with extended mags, but for me, they were finicky and unreliable.  So now with Ruger's own line of extended mag, and the small 4-inch rail for a scope or Red Dot, this gun is just about perfect, from a woman's perspective.  Let me give you a few reasons:

1.  Cheap Ammo - For about $300, you can stock 10,000 rounds.  That's as cheap as it gets for preparing for TEOTWAWKI.  This allows me and my husband, Peace-Loving Warrior (PLW), to take a tactical rifle class for just the cost of the class.  Consider this:  A two-day class with a .223 (AR platform) requires 350-500 rounds apiece, or about $150-$175 each, just in ammo cost.  With the 10/22, we can get more training without breaking the bank.

2.  No Recoil - The gun is light, and with a bit of training, it allows women to become proficient with a rifle.  A woman who knows how to run a 10/22 packed with 25 rounds of CCI Stingers is not to be taken lightly.  I agree that the .22 isn't a man-stopper, but 4 women or kids with 10/22s could change the dynamics of an assault on your home.  Take the time to read this article about a 10-year old boy who rescued his mom from an attacker with his BB gun.  Imagine how much damage you could do with a 25-round mag and your 10/22!

3.  No Better Small Game for TEOTWAWKI.  The 10/22 is a very quiet gun.  Why ruin extra meat with larger centerfire guns and disclose your position or hunting grounds?

4.  Available parts - Parts are inexpensive and there is a plethora of aftermarket parts.

5.  10/22 lets you Practice, Practice, Practice. - "Nuff said!  It's a fun gun to shoot, and the more you shoot, the better you get.

6.  Only Drawback Has Been Remedied. - Now that the only real chink in the 10/22s armor has been hammered out, with Ruger's addition of the BX-25 extended mag, you can have confidence that you won't run out of ammo in the middle of the fight.  The magazines hold 25 rounds and function flawlessly.  We have several BX-25's and have not had a failure-to-feed yet.  Spend the extra money (about $25-29) and stock up on them.  They're worth every penny!

     When it comes to the look of your rifle, I have a definite preference.  Both PLW and I prefer the wooden stock, carbine basic gun at $199.  Synthetic stocks with stainless steel are available, but I like the traditional look and feel of the wooden stock.  For me, it just kinda says "Traditional American".  All you need to do is add a sling, and some white paint for the front sight, and Ladies, you are in the game!  So here's the bottom line:

Ruger 10/22                                                       $199.00
Ten 550-round packs @ WalMart                   $160.00
1 Sling                                                                $  20.00
1 drop of White Nail Polish                               ---------
TOTAL COST:                                                 $379.00 


Proverbs 18:15     "The heart of the prudent acquires knowledge, And the ear of the wise seeks knowledge"


  1. Great review! Can't beat the 22, and I really like your discussion of the Ruger in particular. This is a gun that anyone can shoot, and would be very good for anyone that is a little apprehensive with any kind of firearms; a very good way to start, and once you got going, I have no doubt that most people would actually have FUN shooting the 22. And the price of ammo....can't beat it...10,000 rounds is a lot, yet very do-able for the price. If you don't have one, what are you waiting for?

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